Chapter 45 – 46: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 45: Secrets That Cannot Be Found Out

Venus Mu shivered all over her body, her eyes staring at the table, a man died there?

Was that man with purple pupils? Was it really she saw a ghost?

But…how it be possible that there was ghost in this world? Yet felt so clear and vivid?

The part of the body where she pinched herself still hurt!

Venus shook her head firmly. “Kerry, no, I was not dreaming. I just saw it. His eyes were purple and luminous. He could fly. The teapot, cup, and table could fly. The treadmill and basketball… Ah, you hurt me!”

Before she could finish her words, Kerry seized her chin and squeezed it fiercely, making her gasped with pain at once.

“Well, if you say you weren’t in dreams, tell me why there is nothing flying now? Why didn’t I see it? Where is the man you talked about who had purple eyes that glow? What about him? Where is he? I was upstairs and didn’t see anyone coming out of this room! ” Kerry roared in a low voice, the hand that held her jaw pressed harder and harder.

“It hurt me… ” Venus frowned her brows into a knot. This man’s strength was so irresistible!

However, Kerry did not let her go, but grimly sneered and said, “Venus, don’t act crazy again. In this world, no one’s eyes are purple and able to shine. No one can fly, nor teapot and the teacup table can fly. If you go crazy again, I will send you to a nuthouse immediately!”

Done with his words, he shook off her coldly and left.

Venus gasped a deep breath. Just when Kerry shook her off, her back inertialy bumped into the railing. It had already healed a lot but now cracked again.

However, Venus didn’t mind the wound. Her eyes examined the room blankly, still feeling like a dream. She wriggled her brains to figure it through.

She was genuinely confused. She couldn’t tell the real from the illusion.

Lowering her head, Venus once again carefully went over all the things that happened. She was sure that she didn’t go crazy. She was absolutely right. She couldn’t possibly dream up such things. They were all too real!

Kerry didn’t believe her, did he?

Next time, she would directly break into this room and caught the man with purple eyes. No matter it was a person or a ghost, she must prove it to Kerry that she was not lying and she was not crazy!

After making up her mind, Venus got up from the ground and went downstairs bearing the pain. She was going to look for Servant Qin to check on the cracked wound on her back and wipe the ointment more.

Kerry the asshole, she had just married to him for a few days, but already covered with wounds and bruises.


While Kerry himself, after yelling and warning Venus, he went back to his study room.

Closing the door of the study room, Kerry was still in bad moods, upset. His pair of blue pupils exuded dazzling lights.

Yes, his eyes could shine, blue lights, just..

Kerry pondered, the more fierce his eyes looked, the more dazzling the blue lights exuded from his eyes.

It was time for him to do something. He couldn’t let Venus come near to the room again. What if she did find something next time…

No way! No absolute way!

No one could ever find out the secret about the man with purple pupils. Or for Venus, he could…

Chapter 46: Don’t Touch My Design Drawing

The wound on Venus Mu’s back cracked, luckily not serious, so she did not ask for Dr. Han.

After Servant Qin applied more ointment on Venus’s back, she fell asleep. Tomorrow she would go back to school. She must get better soon. Fortunately, the design drawing has been prepared and was on the desk.

Venus dozed off while thinking.

In the dream, she suddenly felt her body sink and something pressed on her body heavily.

“Mm…” Venus moaned a little, feeling uncomfortable. She turned over and continued to sleep.

However, she did not expect to be turned back by someone again, and her hands were caught.

What a disgusting feeling…Venus frowned, and then she was separated in a big font. This posture made her deeply uneasy, trying to struggle, but was forced by a man.

Venus opened her eyes painfully. What she saw was not the ceiling, but a handsome face.

“Ah, ah, ah” She scream out loud, “Kerry Ye, what are you doing? Let me go.”

“No!” The man refused bluntly, and the corners of his lips curled up, “What am I doing, don’t you know? Servant Qin said that you were much better, then we should settle our matter now! “

“What matter?” Venus became nervous at once.

“Oh, you forgot what I said yesterday? Bad girl! ” Kerry said, biting at her neck.

Venus gasped with pain. In her mind, she instantly went back to what he said yesterday, it was about the untrue matter of her affair with Zihang Lu.

“I didn’t, Kerry. Listen to me. I didn’t cheat on you. My uncle said that there was news about my brother, ah…”

Before she finished her words, Kerry lowered his head and bit her again. This time, it was her lips. Venus tasted salt. He bit her to bleed!

“You let me go, you psychopath!” Venus struggled.

Kerry laughed, his eyes shining with dazzling light, “Since you remember, let’s settle down one by one…”

He grinned evilly, regardless of her resistance, and then…

Afterwards, Venus was paralyzed on the bed, staring at the ceiling, split pain all over her body.

She was chewed by Kerry from inside to outside and from top to bottom. He was satisfied and then let her go.

“It tastes good, and that’s all you can do!” Kerry got up with a slight smile. Perhaps because he was too satisfied, the luster on his face was much softer.

“Kerry, you bastard! Son of a bitch! I curse you, I curse you!” Venus suddenly roared, lying on the edge of the bed and staring at him fiercely.

If eyes could kill people, she would have tore Kerry apart.

Hearing the speech, Kerry couldn’t help frowning. He spat out: “I didn’t expect that you still have the strength to curse me. It seems that the lesson is not enough…”

Then, he came to her side, Venus’s body immediately shuddered, dared not to be stubborn again, staring at him, subconsciously moved to the inside of the bed. Her body really couldn’t bear again tossing.

He went closer and closer. Venus was so scared that she said, “Ke…Kerry, please, no, I can’t, really… Ah!!!”

As Kerry’s hand touched Venus’s cheek, she screamed. Kerry drew up the corner of her lip, as if satisfied with her reaction, and said with a smile, “if you dare to talk back tough next time again, you should be careful of your fate!”

Venus clenched her teeth and didn’t dare to make a sound any more. Kerry picked up his clothes and put them on.

After he was dressed, he regained his elegant appearance.

Venus was extremely resentful and her eyes were full of hatred. What a human-shaped animal!

Feeling Venus’s eyes on him, Kerry turned his head and looked at her. Venus immediately retracted into the quilt.

He liked her lips so much. He decided to leave her alone and ready to leave the room. As he passed by the desk, the wind outside the window blew up the design drawing pressed on the desk, making the sound of clattering.

This was the design drawing that Venus redesigned!

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