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Chapter 45 – 46: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 45: A brand new silver M8

Colin Ward replied to him calmly, “I have a vehicle.”

“Wow, you mean like a bicycle?” Barr Martin snorted, “What brand it is, tell me?”


“The fuck is BMW, I never…” Then quickly, Barr realized Colin was saying BMW, “What? BMW?”

While both Eva Gary and Baker Lee was stunned.

Doris Lee knew about the car and saw the way Barr was shocked, she could not help being proud of Colin.

“The honorable Barr Martin from the Martin group never heard of BMW…Hmm, that’s new.” Colin glanced at Barr and said.

“Well, since when did BMW have bicycles?” Barr stared at Colin, “I knew little about the low-end products.”

“Oh, what about an M8? You didn’t know that, too?”

“M8?” Barr did not believe him, because this series could easily cost millions, “Okay, show me then.”

“It’s out there.” Colin pointed to the yard.

They followed him out, and just at the direction he just pointed stopped a brand new, silver BMW M8.

Barr looked at the fancy car with his astonished eyes, which was seen by Colin, but he turned to Eva, “Oh right, didn’t I just bought you an Audi, Eva? How’s that?”

“Um…” Eva was still in shock, “It’s fine. It’s fabulous.”

“Au…Audi?” Barr repeated unconsciously.

“Yeah, an Audi,” Colin glanced at him, “Don’t tell me you didn’t know Audi, too, Mr. Martin.”

“Of course, I know!” Barr yelled. “But some Audi cars could be bought only at the cost of two or three hundred thousand, don’t let him fool you, Eva!”

“You’re right.” Colin agreed, “So I bought Eva the custom car. It’s not expensive either, hmm, about two million, huh? Don’t worry, Eva. When you’re bored with that, I’ll get you something better.”

His words shocked everyone.

“I…I can get another one? Better?” Eva spoke to him excitedly.

“Yeah, you have my word.” Colin said calmly.

“No way! How can you afford so many in a so short time!” Though Barr knew that Colin became the manager of the Marquis now, that was impossible that Colin could have so much money so quickly, “Where did you get the money!? You must have done something illegal!”

Eva started to doubt him as well, “Is it real? I’m warning you, Colin Ward! If you did do such things, Doris would divorce you right away!”

Baker Lee was hesitating, but he did not offend for Colin at last.

“Mom, he did nothing illegal,” Doris held Eva’s hand, “He earned what he spent. I knew that.”

Doris did not quite believe what she was saying right now, because to be honest, Barr’s judgment was logical, but that was her husband there, she needed to offend him.

“Eva, I guess Doris didn’t tell you yet,” Colin also knew that he was dubious, but there was no way he told them the truth, “I’m the manager of the Marquis right now. Some of the money was my salary, and the others were a bonus.”

“Manager? The Marquis Group?” Eva then turned to Doris, “Is he telling me the truth?”

“Yes, he is.” Doris nodded.

Barr clenched his fists and was getting angrier. Colin Ward was not the same, old loser, and it increased the difficulty for Barr to get Doris.

“Oh dear, finally he was no longer a loser.” Eva was pleased.

“What are you talking about, mom? He never was a loser.” Doris said to her mother.

“By the way, since you’re the manager now, did you meet the chairman?” Eva asked, “How’s he? Did he marry? How old is he?”

“Mom, what are you trying to say?” Doris frowned.

Yet everyone knew exactly what Eva was implying.

“Eva, the chairman was married. He’s doing good with his wife.”

“Huh?” Eva remembered the chairman treated Doris well, and not to mention the precious gift his father sent, “How did you know all this? Are you sure it’s real?”

“I’m sure. I saw them with my own eyes.”

“What about me, Eva? Doris?” Barr cut in, “I’m not the chairman of the Marquis, but at least I own Martin Group.”

He was saying this on purpose. The chairman of the Marquis was married, which made him the perfect candidate.

“Ah, you’re right, ” Eva smiled to him.

“Barr Martin!” Colin finally was pissed off, “I warned you about this!”

Chapter 46: A hug

“So what?” Barr Martin pointed to Colin, “You think you’re some kind of big deal now? You’re still a fucking peasant even if you become a manager! Doris will divorce you someday, and you will be…”


Before he could finish the sentence, Colin Ward punched him on the left face and knocked him down on the ground.

“You dare to hit me?” Barr got up quickly and glared at Colin.

“I wanted to do that long ago!” Colin stared at Barr and said, “You’ve been testing my limit for too long. Actually, you should thank me for not punch you in the nose. ”

While Eva Gray considered Barr as her son-in-law for always, “Colin Ward! How dare you lay hand on Mr. Martin! Apologize to him! Now!”

This time, Colin gave her no response.

“I’m talking to you, Colin Ward!” Eva was angrier, “Apologize to him now! Or Doris will divorce you right away!”

“Mom!” Doris tried to held Eva’s hand while Eva shook her hand off.

“There’s no way he can get through this easily! He must apologize!”

Colin sighed slightly before turning to his mother-in-law, “I won’t apologize to the scumbag who harassed my wife! As Doris’s husband, I’m responsible to her! And don’t bother her for him again, Eva. ”

Doris nodded her head firmly as well, “He’s right, mom, I’m not getting divorced.”

Eva was shaking with anger and was going to say something more but was interrupted by Barr, “Don’t be mad, Eva. I could wait till the day Doris finds out who’s really the one for her.”

“That day will never come to you even after your death.” Colin snorted,

“You!” Barr was so mad but he was speechless.

“I said apologize! Didn’t you hear me!?” Eva yelled at Colin.

“We’re leaving, Eva.” Colin ignored all of them and held Doris’s hand to the car, leaving the villa.

“COLIN WARD!” Eva shouted to the car in a sharp voice.

Baker Lee patted her back and said, “Alright alright, just let them be. ”

“Oh, shut the fuck up, you! You are just a loser like him!”

Hearing her reply, Baker withdrew his hand and looked down on the ground, silently.

“Easy Eva, easy,” Barr was thinking of cutting Colin into pieces, but still, he pretended to be polite in front of Eva Gray, “He isn’t worth to be mad at.”

“You’re right,” Hearing his comfort, Eva calmed down a bit, “Sorry for you to go through this, Barr.”

“Don’t say that. We’re families and that’s what a family does.” Barr smiled to Eva, “Okay, it’s getting late, I’ll visit you guys next time.”

“Sure thing.”

Colin and Doris arrived at their own house, while Doris held Colin’s hand just after they went in.

“Colin, please don’t be mad at my mom, she’s just…”

“I won’t, Doris.” Colin smiled and comforted her, “At least Eva’s your mom, and I guess things would be very different if I wasn’t being a loser back then.”

“Thank you, Colin, thank you so much,” Hearing his words, Doris felt both guilty and sweet.

After that, they went to brush teeth, and when Colin was going back to his bedroom, Doris stopped him.

“What up?” Colin turned around, and Doris squeezed into his arms.

Colin froze. The warm, tender body of hers was pressed against his, and he could feel her nervous breath and heart-beat.

This was the first time they hugged and the closet action Doris ever did to him.


He was going to put his arms around her body while all of a sudden, Doris slid away to her bedroom as she spoke, “Consider it as a comfort!”

Having shut the door close, Doris leaned against it and covered her blushing face with both hands.

Outside, Colin’s hand was left in the air.

After a few seconds, he recovered to himself and smirked like a three-year-old child.

The second day.

Colin found Lenard Wang waiting outside of his office as he walked over.

They came in and Lenard handed a pile of papers to him, “These are the developing plan of those companies we acquired. Oh, and Belle Moore is doing a great job. She’s now ahead of the others in the business.”

“I trust your decision.” Throwing these papers back to Lenard, Colin said: “By the way, restructure those companies and factories and then register them under your name.”

“Me?” Lenard looked at Colin in astonished eyes.

“Yeah, ” Colin nodded his head, “You’re the only one I trust here.”

“My man, I give you my word, I’ll run them well!”

Lenard understood, he should pay Colin back with excellent performance than his gratitude.

Speaking of that, Colin entrusted him with an important position for his own purpose as well.

Abe Ward said before that he met some problems, and with the arrival of Gerd Ward, Colin had an instinct that something bad was happening.

He needed to put Lenard on the surface so that he could handle the incoming problems in the dark.

After thirty minutes later, Lenard Wang left before discussing more details with Colin.

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