Money to the cloud!
The tenth young master of the Qian family was only eighteen years old, but he was cruel, and he was already famous!
He is here, then he was beaten up just now, so he can take revenge.
Qian Fangyun is not tall, even a little thin, but it’s kind of cold, as if the air conditioner is on!
This is the young master of the Qian family!
The manager greeted the past with a sneer, “Master, it’s the three of them!! Especially the man, with a horrible pen, knocked out Mr. Qian, and beat me just now, saying that the Qian family is worthless… “
“Got it!” Qian Fangyun was boring just now, and now he comes over to have fun, but this fun seems to be vulnerable!
The manager looked at Chuck Cannon triumphantly in his heart, seeing your wicked manners, your nightmare has come!
“What’s your name?” Qian Fangyun walked over and unquestionably ordered.
The voice was so cold, Lara’s face turned pale suddenly, and her body trembled, feeling that death was coming.
For people like herself, this Qian family is the god of death.
However, Qian Fangyun saw Logan behind Chuck Cannon, and his eyes appeared astonishing. This woman is so beautiful!
But how come you look so familiar?
Where have I seen you?
Qian Fangyun couldn’t remember anymore.
Yes, this is normal. When Logan was in Beijing, she was extremely low-key, and basically did not attend any activities. This Qian Fangyun has only seen her in a distant place once.
He still wanted to go over and strike up a conversation, but when he walked over, Logan left.
But what about such a beautiful woman!
Qian Fangyun smiled slightly, thinking that it was particularly interesting to come over today.
Chuck Cannon will not answer such questions, “I asked you, are you trying to stop me?”
Just ask cleanly.
No need to talk nonsense.
“Yes, I want to stop you.” Qian Fangyun smiled. There are more than a dozen people behind him. These are good bodyguards!
With a word of his own, this person has to lie down today.
“You don’t know what you did, it doesn’t matter, I’ll tell you,” Qian Fangyun said with a smile.
“No, I know it very well,” Chuck Cannon shrugged, Qian’s family? Haha!
“No need?” Qian Fangyun frowned and his eyes became gloomy. “Abandon his hand for me first!!”
Dare to talk to me like this? Don’t know how to praise!
Here, no one dares to do this yet!
A few bodyguards passed by, fierce and vicious, Chuck Cannon’s face was expressionless, these bodyguards just let him practice.
Chuck Cannon fisted out. Lara was terrified, it was over.
Logan smiled softly, Chuck Cannon’s attack method was very good, and she wanted to see where Chuck Cannon was.
Several bodyguards fisted over. They were good fighters, and they were ordered to protect Qian Fangyun. How can they do it without the skills? ?
Chuck Cannon was able to stop them from punching and kicking, and he became more excited as he fought. This shows that his strength has improved and it is great. Chuck Cannon is happy!
Suddenly, a big foot kicked over. Chuck Cannon didn’t notice that he was kicked. He stepped back several steps and hit the coffee table in a panic.
Lara was frightened.
Qian Fangyun sneered, “Hit! Give me his hand!”
Several bodyguards came with punches and kicks, Chuck Cannon seized the opportunity and punched out!
The bodyguard was holding his stomach. Squatting on the ground, the severe pain made his face pale, Logan told Chuck Cannon, hitting someone, where the pain is the most painful, Chuck Cannon is very clear now, just hit the position with a punch.
Chuck Cannon didn’t stop either.
How did these bodyguards think that Chuck Cannon was still a good fighter, and when they were shocked, they besieged angrily!
Chuck Cannon grabbed a vase and hit his head, then kicked!
In a few minutes, Chuck Cannon was out of breath, but these people all fell to the ground, injured to varying degrees, and temporarily lost the ability to attack.
Qian Fangyun frowned, raised his hand and snapped his fingers, “Come on, unload his hands for me and see how he fights!!”
It’s really a little bit unexpected.
The rest of the bodyguards gathered around, and Chuck Cannon was serious. These ten people should not be able to beat them. There are too many people, and they are all good fighters.
But Chuck Cannon didn’t back down either.
Crackling, Chuck Cannon was beaten with a fist and kicked, especially embarrassed. Logan felt distressed. She wanted to make a move. However, fighting is useless by training. It must be improved through actual combat.
This is the only way. She couldn’t help. If she helped, Chuck Cannon would not continue to improve.
She can’t bear to look at her beautiful eyes, Chuck, don’t blame me, I’m doing it for you.
Logan’s strength really didn’t have any problems with these people.
Chuck Cannon vomited blood on his lips. He grabbed an ashtray and smashed it. The man covered his head in shock and fell to the ground.
Chuck Cannon has already repelled six people, and there are four remaining. Chuck Cannon is full of fighting will and must improve himself!!
“You are looking for death!” Several bodyguards punched and kicked Chuck Cannon, and Lara cried sadly, “Chuck Cannon, Chuck Cannon…”
Chuck Cannon was out of breath. In the end, he hit more than a dozen people. His whole body was aching, but his face was ten smiles. He was beaten and beaten others. In the process, he was promoted and he knew his shortcomings.
Fighting is not good, so then practice fighting!
Practice speed!
Qian Fangyun frowned and said calmly, “I didn’t expect you…”
Chuck Cannon slapped Qian Fangyun when he came over!
Qian Fangyun was stunned. The manager was dumbfounded. What is this silly pen doing? ? This is the young master of the Qian family!
Lara was stunned.
Logan breathed a sigh of relief. Chuck Cannon’s fighting will was very strong and he refused to accept defeat. Even if he was so embarrassed just now, he would not ask himself to take action. If Chuck Cannon called, then how could Logan stay still? ?
As long as Chuck Cannon said a word, even if he looked back at him, Logan couldn’t be cruel, and would immediately solve these people.
“Do you dare to beat me?” Qian Fangyun was so angry that this person dared to beat himself? Do you know who you are?
Chuck Cannon slapped again!
Qian Fangyun screamed and sat on the ground, “You, you!!”
“Aunt Logan, Lara, let’s go.” Chuck Cannon was a little tired as he has beaten more than a dozen people. This is his own improvement! But he has to rest.
Logan smiled slightly, Lara stayed till she couldn’t recover.
“Remember, my name is Chuck Cannon!” Chuck Cannon said lightly.
Walked out with Logan and Lara.
Qian Fangyun got up from the ground, and the manager hurried over, “Master, are you okay?”
He lied, how could he want to get it, Chuck Cannon actually dared to beat Master Qian, this is simply a desperate move.
“Ah!” The manager covered his head because Qian Fangyun grabbed something and hit him on the head. The manager lay on the ground in disbelief and was shocked. How could the young master beat himself? ?
The other bodyguards gathered around, and Qian Fangyun sneered grimly. “Dare to hit me? Huh, Chuck Cannon? I will let you know what will happen to you. You hit me!!”
He took out his phone, “Track this license plate number for me!”
Qian Fangyun saw Logan’s license plate number. After he said it, someone inside said, “Master, are you sure?”
“Yes, sure!”
“This is Logan’s license plate number.”
“Logan? Logan… Oh, it turned out to be her, I said she is so familiar with it,” Qian Fangyun suddenly found out that Logan was familiar with Logan, it turned out to be Logan!
This woman is the number one strong woman in China!!
“Do you want to continue tracking?”
“Chasing, you must chase, this Logan person, if he hit me, can I let him go?” Qian Fangyun mocked. Of course, he knew that Logan’s strength was about the same as that of the Qian family, so Chuck Cannon dared to beat himself just now.
However, my own money family is not easy to provoke, so when I deal with myself, nothing can happen to me? This Logan must apologize to him personally! Must apologize, or break with you Logan! The strength of the Qian family is not comparable to you Logan!
That Chuck Cannon? Humph!!
Who is this Chuck Cannon? It is definitely not Logan’s relative, but probably a friend, so this person must pay the price even more! Logan would definitely be pressured to hand over this Chuck Cannon. It’s that simple. Just watch Chuck Cannon be tortured.
The phone hung up, and he made other calls, “Call a hundred people to wait!”
He was about to speak this tone now, he wanted Logan to bow her head and let Chuck Cannon die in front of him!

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