Chapter 451 – 452: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 451: Another Transaction

When his flying swords were a meter away from Kris, they stopped and sank into silence. Long found it amazing that he couldn’t even take any control of his flying weapons.

Who did this?

Just then, his uncle, the man who he admired yet feared, stepped out of the way.

At this time, Guangcai’s look was as terrible as the bottom of the old pot, and what he wanted to was nothing but to give his nephew a good lesson.

However, Long was still not aware at the reality and then rushed to his uncle and cried, “Uncle… you must help me out! These assholes almost killed me in my shop.”

On hearing this, Kris was totally amused by Long.

What a poor liar Long was.

“Pa!” Guangcai could no longer bear his stupid nephew and then he slapped heavily on him, which broke Long’s teeth again.

Long was stunned with his hands covered the face.

“Uncle, you… why do you beat me? I think you should beat them …”

“Pa Pa Pa!” The crisp sound came one and again.

Guangcai’s huge body soared into the sky like a rocket. He rushed to his nephew and gave him dozens of slam and shouted, ”You asshole, just take a good look at them! They are the VIP visitors of the Seven-treasures House, the ones you should never bother!”

” For my dead brother’s sake, just get out of here right now.”

“Or let me shut you down for our VIP visitors.”

Guangcai, of course, gave his nephew a good lesson with his fists and scolds. However, all he did was to get rid of the hatred of Kris so as to save his nephew.

Kris was generous enough to spare the poor young man, for he knew Guangcai loved his nephew deeply.

Moreover, it seemed that Long got a really good lesson from his uncle.

Long was dragged ahead like a dead dog by his uncle and was threw in front of Kris.

“Mr. Zhang, I am so sorry that my nephew dare to offend you. It is all my fault. But I, I want to beg for your mercy!”

In fact, it was not a big deal for Kris at all. All this was because the rampant attitude of Long and his fellowmen.

Guangcai was nervous to find the dead silence between him and Kris. He was afraid Kris would kill his nephew for revenge.

“Asshole, go kneeling down and thank Mr. Zhang now!”

Long now realized that Kris and his servants were the big ones that even his uncle had to pay his respect to.

He was now totally another person as he knelt down on the ground and cried bitterly, “Mr. Zhang… I’m so sorry to offend you, please forgive me this time.”

Dignity was nothing but dirt compared with the life.

Ironhead was so excited to realize that Kris could handle the trouble even without pointing a finger and saying anything.

Kris knew the ways of the world much better than him, that was one of the reasons why Kris could be his master.

Tu Guan was also surprised about the worldly wisdom Kris had showed.

It was a secret that Kris could be the VIP visitor of the Seven Treasures House and won the respect of the Manager Yang .

He felt good that Long was badly punished finally。

As for Liangwan, he was too young to understand these things.

“OK. I’ll spare you today for the sake of Manager Yang.” Said Kris,” But keep it in your mind that you may be guarded by your uncle at a time, he could not guard you forever. Be careful about what you say and what you do, or I will kill you at anytime in this city! And I am sure no can guard you next time.”

Guangcai’s pupil shrank. He knew it was a warning to him from Kris… And it seemed Kris felt still dissatisfied about the result.

“Asshole, say thank you to Mr. Zhang now.”

Guangcai gave Long a kick, which helped him kowtowed in a hurry.

“Thank you, Mr. Zhang.” Said Long.

He breathed a sigh of relief after this.

“Go back and reflect on your mistakes for three months. Without my permission, you are not allowed to come out. Your shop will be closed too!” Said Guangcai.

After that, Guangcai kicked him out.

“Mr. Zhang,sorry to bother you so much.”

Guangcai bowed to Kris with a bitter smile on his face.

Kris nodded as if nothing happened just now.

However, what made him curious was that people around them turned a blind eye to the big noise they had made, as if other visitors didn’t ever see and hear anything special.

It might be the excellent function of the pagoda.

Since Kris had learned how to refine weapons, he could knew the secret of the building.

But why he came here was because of another thing.

“I came here today mainly to buy some goods and get some news by the way.”

Guangcai’s eyes brightened in an instance. For a VIP consumer like Kris, to buy some goods mean a big deal of business.

“Please come with me!”

As the voice fell, their surrounding changed and where they stood in now was an antique private room. Kris’s fellowmen were all shocked while Kris kept calm as usual.

It was a untold secret that the magic room treasure could have such function.

Guangcai once again showed his curiosity about Kris since he didn’t expect Kris could stay calm when he experienced the magic function of the magic room treasure.

Kris gave Guangcai a note where materials and miraculous herbs he needed were listed.

Guangcai took the note and had a good look.

It said:

Miraculous herb of at least 300 years old, and the Precious herbs of at least 500 years old.

There were more than 100 kinds of materials and most of them were the expensive ones.

After a rough calculation, the good on the note was worth 700,000 Superior Spiritual Stone.

Only a VIP consumer could afford 700,000 Superior Spiritual Stone at a time. His transaction amount alone was equal to the total transaction volume of the Seven Treasures House in a single day.

“Just a moment please, Mr. Zhang. I’ll get everything prepared for you.”

Kris nodded and took a small sip of the tea Guangcai had offered.

When Guangcai left, Ironhead came up and said, “My master, how wise you are!”

“Your wisdom about the world is more than all of us!”

Kris glanced at him and said, “Do you really know what is wisdom? Let me tell you, the real wisdom is even the master in the stage of accumulated spirit and even the materialized spirit who are much stronger than me should kneel down to me and show their respect to me.”

The master in the stage of the accumulated spirit and actualized spirit?

The stage in the world of actualized spirit meant the monster emperor and monster saint, which was a daydream for the two monster servants.

However, Kris was the one who could put it into practice. He had the ambition to be the best fighter in this land.

Soon, Guangcai took the good asked by Kris.

Money and goods would be delivered at the same time for the equality of the deal.

Kris directly gave Guangcai a storage, where there were tens of millions of Inferior Spiritual Stone, millions of medium spirit stone and superior spiritual stone.

Guangcai didn’t even take a look at the ring for he believed Kris was able to pay off the 5 million at a time.

And Kris was also satisfied to the materials that could support his training for two months.

“By the way, do you have transaction about magic weapons here?”Said Kris.

“Yes, of course.”

Guangcai nodded. He knew that a good fighter must be well-equipped good magic weapons.

But since numberless magic weapon couldn’t improve one’s internal ability, the value of weapons was lower than that of materials.

“But, we have transaction about Spirituals weapon, Taoism weapons… or Spirit weapons!”

The rarer a treasure was, the more expensive it would be.

This was a common truth in this world.

After thinking for a while, Kris took out a storage ring full of magic weapons he had got from the Desert Bandits.

There were hundreds of spiritual weapons, including swords, spears, axes and halberds, and even two Taoist weapons. They were magic weapons from Feng Huang and another vice leader.

It’s no surprise for Guangcai that the magic weapons that Kris brought out and he gave Kris a proper price:

An Inferior spirit weapon was worth 1000 superior spiritual stone; A medium spirit weapon was worth 5000 superior spiritual stone; A superior spirit weapon was worth 10,000 superior spiritual stone; A supreme spirit weapon was worth 15,000 superior spiritual stone.

An Inferior Taoism weapon was worth 100,000 superior spiritual stone; A medium Taoism weapon was worth 300000 superior spiritual stone; A superior Taoism weapon was worth 700000 superior spiritual stone. A supreme Taoism weapon was worth one million superior spiritual stone.

Spirit weapon was the tool for the fighters in the stage of Pill formation while the Taoism weapon was the tool for the master in the stage of primal spirit.

However, some poor master in the stage of primal spirit could not afford a Taoism weapon for an Inferior one might cost all the money he owned.

Kris had offered Guangcai 70 pieces of Inferior spirit weapons, 30 pieces of medium spirit weapons, 15 pieces of superior spirit weapons, 5 pieces of supreme spirit weapons, and 1 piece of inferior Taoist weapon.

After a careful calculation, Guangcai paid Kris 820,000 superior spiritual stone, in which 5000 was the gift for the mercy Kris had showed to his nephew.

The manager was also the one with wisdom of ways of the world.

Chapter 452: Lockdown Period

There was an old saying “Evildoer usually can get temporary wealth.” So after this event, Kris Chen became rich again, even got 120 thousand spiritual stones

Kris exchanged these spiritual stones for Superior Spiritual Stones.

When he was practicing, spiritual stones still had some effect but not good enough. Only the Superior Spiritual Stones could support his anima.

Exactly speaking, he was only now achieving Pill-formation Stage. Superior Spiritual Stone may lose its effect when he stepped into a higher level, and then he must rely on God-level spiritual stones.

He could only convert his worldly wealth into less than one hundred God- level spiritual stones.

Just thinking about it made him desperate!

He had to make more money.

Soon, Kris Chen would achieve the Fulfilled Period. Surely it would be very easy for him to break through the Primal spirit.

But at present, Kris still needed to practice systematically. He didn’t forget why he came to the Infinite Sea. That was because he wanted to join the Sect and practice systematically.

“Mr. Yang, this time I come to the Holy Coastal City mainly because I want to know about the Recruit Conference. I have been admiring the Three Sects, so…”

Guangcai Yang immediately got it. Kris came from long distance just in order to apply for a position in Three Sects.

As far as Guangcai concerned, Kris was also a powerful person whose primal spirit has at least reached Middle Period. This kind of powerful man had already met the recruit requirements of all Sects.

So the only position he wanted might be the external presbyter.

There were many people like Kris who couldn’t find the new way of practicing, so they hoped the gifted offspring could help.

Many of them were primal spirit Practitioner, bringing with them several family members and then joined the Sect. They formally were external presbyter, but in fact they just wanted to continue their practice.

This also meant that kill two birds with one stone.

This kind of thing, in those small Sects was quite common.

But Kris Chen had ambitions to join the Three Holy Sects, which was a little bit more difficult.

To join the Three Holy Sects, even the external presbyter also needed to reach the primal spirit Later period. Even if so, he was not sure to join it.

Every year, thousands of men with powerful primal spirit came from all around thousands miles away, even millions miles away.

There were so many people, but the number of positions was limited. The the Three Holy Sects wanted only elites, about 100 external presbyters.

This almost meant pick up one from a hundred people.

The one who could stand out from thousands of powerful men must be the best with the most powerful primal spirit. He would be more likely to achieve accumulated spirit.

If the Pill formation was the basic stone for one Sect prosperity, the stronger with primal spirit would be the tower of strength of one Sect. The stronger with accumulated spirit could experience the changes in void in order to achieve actualized spirit.

As for the men with actualized spirit, he would be definitely regarded as the founder of the Sect.

He would be the hot shot that was talked about in Infinite Sea.

This kind of men has practiced to the end of Taoism. They were so powerful beyond description.

They could remove the mountains and seas, change the position of stars, contract the earth into small one, and reach anywhere in second…

“Sorry, it goes too far!”

Guangcai grinned at Kris.

But Kris liked to listen it, because it was what he didn’t know.

“Well, you said the man with actualized spirit can go freely across the universe, is that right?”

Kris aksed.

“Yes. If you want to practice the actualized spirit, you need too much resource. Even in Devil Land, demand outstrips supply, so you need to look for it beyond the stars.”

Guangcai said, “It’s actually wrong to say that Devil Land has a boundary, but the boundary is very, very far away. In my Stage, I can’t see the boundary of Devil Land even if I keep flying for a lifetime without eating and drinking.”

That’s a lot. A strong Primal Spirit could fly with all his strength. It’s not hard to fly thousands of miles a day.

Moreover, the primal Spirit lived a long life, so if he spent hundreds of years of life flying to the boundaries of Devil Land but still couldn’t find it. It would an exaggeration and hardly different from infinity.

Kris felt excited. He hoped he could visit the borders of Devil Land one day.

Most importantly, the actualized spirit could cross the universe, and he…Could he find the Earth in the universe?

How about setting a small goal and breaking through the actualized spirit?

Chatting with Guangcai a little longer, Kris has known the details about the Recruit Conference.

A half month later, on the southern sea of the Holy Coastal City, all Sects in Infinite Sea would set a stage. There would be an ashram on the sea, a test of talent, a challenge to beat.

Of course, these Sects referred to the three Holy Sects and the Top tens.

As for those small sects, as long as they had the talent of practice, they could join them.

“Thanks a lot, Mr. Yan!”

After that, Kris Chen left with the three demons!

Guangcai sent them out of the chamber of Secrets, and until the four of them disappeared in sight, he turned in.

On the way, Kris Chen was thinking. He had become a disciple who already achieved Pill formation. No sect could accept him even as an ordinary disciple. They could only accept the new who haven’t achieved the Pill formation and was under the age of 30.

Thinking of this, Kris could only fight for the presbyter.

For Kris Chen, neither the presbyter nor the disciples mattered. He mainly wanted to sort out what he had learned, carry on systematic practice, and obtain some benefits.

The Nameless Sword Tactics he major in was enough for him to practice actualized spirit. When he broke through the Primal spirit, he must search for the remaining two volumes of secrets in the tomb of the Sword.

He thought the Nameless Sword Tactics could help him achieve the actualized spirit.

He didn’t lack of practicing method, but the secrets, and the attack skills. He preferred the Infinite Sword Sect among the Three Sects.

After all the killing skills of sword cultivator was so powerful. He majored in Nameless Sword Tactics, it was impossible that he could be the Pharaoh.

He thought if possible, he went to learn the Divine Spiritual Power. This would be perfect.

“Our master has been laughing foolishly. Is there anything wrong with him?”

Ironhead pointed at Kris and said.

Tu Guan rolled his eyes and said to Kris, “ Master, Ironhead spoke ill of you!”

Kris came to his sense, a hard fist with love was hit on the head of Ironhead, which made him dizzy.

Surprised by this, the two demons grinned at Kris.

“You dare speak ill of me. You won’t have meat to eat today, and the monthly payment will be doubled.

Ironhead felt very depressed with tears hidden in his heart, saying “Tu Guan, I won’t forgive you!”

Kris went to an agency. The owner was also a Pill formation Practitioner.

He didn’t say much, and directly put a packet of Superior Spiritual Stone in front of the owner, saying, “Help me find a quiet villa with private houses.”

Looking at the shining Superior Spiritual Stones, the owner squint a brilliant smile.

Within two hours, Kris has rented an elegant villa.

It was not so expensive with the monthly rent 30 superior spiritual stones.

Because it was in the inner city, Practitioners were living around. The villa could resist being spied with the special method of formation.

But the method of formation was low-grade and too shoddy.

Kris instantly embattled several powerful formations, covering the whole villa, so that he could practice without any worry.

“You guys can’t make any trouble in these days. I need to isolate myself to practice for a period of time. So if there is nothing special, don’t bother me!”

After he finished it, Kris took out a ring containing thousands of pounds of Supreme Beast meat, which was enough for those demons to enjoy for three months.

After that, Kris closed the door and embattled the warning and protection formation.

He started to practice.

He took out a small Copper (a magic weapon). It appeared to be very small, but in fact, if it worked together with primal water, it would change hugely.

This small magic weapon would be put on thousands of pounds.

Except that, there still was Dragon Iron Coner, which was so hard and known for its weight. It was said that it was turned from a dead Holy Dragon. But no one was sure about it.

Kris was powerful and he wanted a weapon suitable for him. Adding the weight of Sword Fetus, when he stabbed the sword, with the weight of millions of pounds, whether you were Primal Spirit or the Supreme Monster couldn’t resist it at all.

He liked to fight a quick battle, but not a dogfight.

No matter what attack others made, he just used one sword to against it.

So he called his dagger: Kill Qin, but the dagger was a little anxious.

It had close connection with the body of the sword. If it was carelessly peeled off, the soul of Jingke would be damaged.

In the thousands of years, the soul of Jingke had already been destroyed, and the new intelligence had no relation with Jingke at all.

The material of making the dagger Kill Qin was really precious. However, it was ordinary in Devil land.

The reason why the dagger: Kill Qin was powerful was that it could automatically absorb the grievance, which turned an ordinary iron into a powerful weapon.

But it could only be a superior weapon. Limited by its ordinary iron body, it couldn’t be further improved.

Kris also considered the damage of the soul of the sword.

The soul of those Supreme Monsters could exactly repair his digger Kill Qin. This was what he had thought about.

So he comforted his dagger: Kill Qin, and without any pity, he peeled off the soul of it.

In the air, there were shining red light, the sword soul that almost form its real body became so weak now.

This was the first time that Kris had seen the soul of Jingke.

The pure soul looked like nothing. Kris had thought that it might look like a man with mustache.

Luckily it looked like nothing, or Kris would feel disgusted.

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