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Chapter 451: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 451 A Helper

Qiqi couldn’t understand Anna for she was too innocent. However, it seemed that Anna didn’t want to bother Qiqi as well.

“Knock!” Hearing that someone was knocking the door, Anna said, “Come in, please.”

Mrs. Chang walked in with a glass of juice in her hands, and then she smiled, “Girls, come to drink some juice.”

“Thank you, Granny.”

After putting down the drinks, Mrs. Chang looked at Qiqi and asked, “You’re Anna’s classmate?”

“Yes, we’re roommates.”

“You look so young and energetic! That’s great.”

Hearing this, Qiqi rubbed her head and smiled plainly. Then Mrs. Chang held Qiqi’s hand and said, “Come to play with Anna as often as you can if you have time, you can read together. Although it’s a bit remote, I’ll have cars to pick you up.”

Hearing this, Qiqi felt happy.

She hadn’t enjoyed such a nice environment before, so it would be her pleasure to do so.

However, as Anna’s best friend, she should act more elegant or others would look down at Anna. So she replied politely, “I feel embarrassed to do that.”

“It’s okay, Anna will recover faster if you can accompany her. Am I right Anna?”

Anna thought that if she felt better, then Yulin Xiao had no reason to ask her to stay, so she nodded her head and said, “Qiqi, come to study with me if you have time, the cakes taste delicious here.”

Actually, Qiqi wanted to agree, hearing that there were many delicious cakes, she quickly nodded her head and answered, “Fine, it’s more comfortable than the library. I don’t need to take a seat in advance.”

Hearing this, Mrs. Chang quickly said, “Then it’s a deal, I’ll have the driver pick you up tomorrow.”

“Don’t be that polite, I’ll just take the bus.”

“It’s quite a long way, since you are here to accompany Anna, just listen to me, I don’t want to bother you.”



Under the kind invitation of Mrs. Chang, Qiqi became a regular guest in this apartment.

They took the apartment as a study room where they could read, eat and chat together. Life continues as usual.

However, Anna seemed to be very depressed. After reading for a while, she stared at outside again.

Qiqi bit her pen and looked at Anna. When Anna regained her thought, she noticed Qiqi’s gaze.

She was stunned and then smiled, “What are you looking at, is there any knowledge on my face?”

Qiqi was confused and asked with a frown, “Anna, why do you seem to be unhappy?”

Hearing this, Anna was a bit nervous and answered quickly, “The exam is coming, but I don’t remember all those knowledge. Of course I’m unhappy.”

However, Qiqi leaned her body and looked at Anna from a close distance, then she asked, “No, I can see gloom in your eyes, you are not distracted by study.”

Anna just pointed at Qiqi’s forehead and pushed her away, then she said, “It seems that you are good at analyzing people’s emotion.”

“My intuition is very accurate, Anna, just tell me.”

Anna lowered her head and said faintly, “I’m thinking ways to keep away of Yulin Xiao.”

“You are……”

Before Qiqi could finish her words, she was warned by Anna.

So Qiqi changed her words and said, “I mean, both of you are single, why can’t you accept each other?”

“That’s wrong. We are not suitable for each other, so we’d better keep distance.”

Hearing this, Qiqi felt speechless.

“Well, how can you be so stubborn? You have to pursue your own happiness. It’s all depends on you.”

“But, I don’t like Yulin Xiao.”

Qiqi snorted and said, “You are lying.”

“I’m telling the truth.”

“Well, I know you well. Although he looks like a playboy, he really cares about you. He is a nice man.”

“But that doesn’t mean that he likes me, maybe ……” Anna suddenly stopped and said in a depressed manner, “Maybe it’s just a game for him to kill time.”

After looking at Anna for a while, Qiqi tilted her head and said in confusion, “Anna, you were more positive before.”

Yes, she used to be brave and energetic. However, since she met Yulin Xiao, everything had changed.

She was afraid of been hurt, she couldn’t even suppress her feelings.

So, Anna kept telling herself that she and Yulin Xiao were not suitable, they’d better keep distance.

Anna lowered her head and hid her determination, then she said, “Many things happen recently, I’m just a bit alert.”

“That’s not good, you’ll refuse those who really care you.”

Anna didn’t want to continue this topic, so she looked at Qiqi and said with a smile, “Well, let’s continue reading.”


Seeing that Anna was in bad mood, Qiqi stopped talking but just glanced at her occasionally.

After finishing today’s plan, Qiqi packed her bag and was about to leave.

When she walked to the door, she ran into Mrs. Chang and greeted her with a smile.

“Mrs. Chang, I’m going back.”

“Thanks a lot.”

“Don’t be polite, I feel comfortable here.”

“Well, will such hard work affect Anna’s recovery?”

“It’s okay.”

However, Mrs. Chang suddenly sighed and said with concern, “Anna looks unhappy these days. I thought she was a bit weaker.”

Hearing this, Qiqi quickly asked, “Grandma, do you also feel that?”

“Of course.” Mrs. Chang frowned, the wrinkles on her face deepened, she was very worried and asked, “You are Anna’s classmate, do you know what happened?”

Qiqi thought for a while and said, “She seems to have a secret.”

“Well, we have to help her, or she would be more depressed.”

Hearing this, Qiqi quickly nodded her head and said, “I will talk to her.”

“In fact, it is herself that matters most.”

“I know, but it’s hard to convince her.”

“Well, I can also help, as long as you know what she is thinking. I can find ways to help her.”

After feeling Mrs. Chang anticipation, Qiqi nodded her head and said, “Then I’ll try.”

“You should try your best to help Anna and Yulin Xiao.”

“Well, is there anything to do with Yulin Xiao?”

“Young Master would be happy if Anna feels happy, or vice versa.”

“That’s true.” Qiqi pulled her bag and looked at the sky with a sigh, “Yulin Xiao treats Anna so nice, so what’s exactly her thought?”

“Only Anna can tell us about this, fighting!”

“I will.”

After Qiqi left, Mrs. Chang narrowed her eyes and smiled.

With the help of Qiqi, Mrs. Chang could know Anna’s thought. Only after this could Anna and Yulin Xiao be together.

Well, the young people now were really hard to understand. Why couldn’t they figure it out themselves.

Mrs. Chang strolled back with her hands crossed at back.

After walking a few steps, Mrs. Chang noticed a figure, so she smiled and thought, “When does he learn to eavesdrop?”


According to Mrs. Chang’s plan, she wanted Qiqi to help her know Anna’s feeling towards Yulin Xiao.

But before she could find the answer, something happened..

On this day, Qiqi was supposed to study with Anna. But she didn’t come at noon. So Anna called her.

“Miss Xie, someone is coming.”

Hearing this, Anna put down her phone and walked out.

Before she could see the person, she said, “Why are you coming so late, I was just about to call you ……”

Before she finished, the person standing in front turned to looked at her with a smile.

Looking at the well-dressed girl opposite her, Anna frowned and asked, “Why are you here?”

It was Qiaoqiao. Qiaoqiao smiled politely and said, “Qiqi asks me to help her for she has something to deal with.”

Anna still remembered her mockery, so she said indifferently, “We’re not friends.”

“Don’t say that, we are classmates, I want to see you since I know that you are sick. However, I’m too busy to do that.”

“Since Qiqi is inconvenient today, I take her part, you won’t drive me away, do you?”

“I ……”

Before Anna finished her words, Mrs. Chang came over happily.

“Anna, I heard that Qiqi is here, I prepare some fruits and snacks for you.”

After putting the tray on the table, Mrs. Chang turned back and then looked at Qiaoqiao. Then Qiaoqiao smiled politely and said, “Thank you.”

Mrs. Chang was stunned and said, “You are not Qiqi.”

“Qiqi is inconvenient today, so I take her part.”


Mrs. Chang was a bit disappointed, after all, only Qiqi could help her.

After taking a glance at Qiaoqiao, Anna walked back to her desk and started reading again. They had no more communication.

Qiaoqiao was very enthusiastic, she kept talking with Anna, but Anna was indifferent, which made Qiaoqiao felt angry.

How dare Anna to treat her like this, without Yulin Xiao, she was nothing.

Qiaoqiao picked up the snack next to her and ate, then she smiled at Mrs. Chang, “It tastes good and seems to be a brand from Hokkaido.”

“You are such a smart girl. You are right.”

Qiaoqiao pretended to be surprise and said, “Really? I was just guessing.”

“Well, it seems that you know much about food.”

“Yes, I’m interested in it because I like to eat, do you make it yourself?”


Qiaoqiao acted surprised and said, “You are awesome, I want to learn from you if you have time.”

“No problem, as long as you don’t think I’m annoy.”

“Of course not, I respect you so much.”

Although Qiaoqiao acted modest and flattered Mrs. Chang, Mrs. Chang didn’t like her. She had seen such girls who were smart but shrewd.

Compared with them, Anna was more pure that made you want to protect her. Thus, what Qiaoqiao did was all in vain.

However, Qiaoqiao didn’t think so, she though Anna was just a bit lucky, if she showed up, then Anna was nothing.

After Qiaoqiao finished eating, Mrs. Chang left with the tray.

Since no others were in the room, Anna asked indifferently, “Just tell me, what exactly is your purpose?”

“I’m here to visit you. You don’t treat me like this since we are classmates.”

Hearing this, Anna lowered her head and snorted, “Don’t you remember how you and Jing mocked me?”

“Well, Jing didn’t mean to do that, I’ve already blamed her, just forgive us.”

Then she walked to the window and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

Qiaoqiao narrowed her eyes and said, “It seems that you are more arrogant now. Is it because you are rich now?”

Anna kept reading and asked casually, “Why do you say this? I’m more like a prisoner.”

“How can you say that? Yulin Xiao treats you so nice, he even finds such a beautiful place for you to recover. You are really very indifferent.”

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