“No, it’s useless if Qian Yueying comes, you can go.” Logan shook her head.

Are you kidding, let alone Qian Yueying, if it was the Patriarch of the Qian family who came over, and everyone in the Qian family came over and asked them to hand over. Logan couldn’t hand over Chuck Cannon.

Logan said that the only purpose was to prevent Chuck Cannon from contacting Qian Yueying.

This woman, Coff, is also a man!

Rather than believing that there is nothing, be careful!

What if Chuck Cannon is unlucky??

At that time, regrets are useless!

“President Logan, please think carefully! Don’t complicate simple things.” Qian Fangyun’s expression was a bit ugly!!

There is a fire in his heart!

This is not to put the Qian family in his eyes! Do you want to know what Logan is? The strength is worse than the four big families, dare to be rampant in front of my Qian family?

“No, leaving this time is the simplest solution,” Logan said.

In business, she did not have any contacts with the four major families, and she could turn her face at any time. Even when Chuck Cannon just said she wanted to give the Qian family some colour, Logan would immediately go to the Qian family’s head!

She can go alone!

After all, Logan was before a tycoon, she had the experience of entering the place with hundreds of mercenaries at will and successfully killing the leader!

As long as Logan wants to go, it’s not difficult at all.

Now that Qian Fangyun is leaving, it depends on what Chuck Cannon meant. If Chuck Cannon wants to be held accountable, then Logan will pursue it, if not, then Logan will not pursue it!

“Ms. Logan, are you insisting on this? He is just one of your subordinates and a driver. I advise you to consider it carefully!!” Qian Fangyun snorted coldly. At this time, he brought more than a hundred people. , The momentum is amazing!

Of course, he knew that there must be more than this for Logan’s security in this place, there must be other people. However, when Qian Fangyun brought people over, he came with the majesty of the Qian family but Logan didn’t give a face to him.

“So, you don’t plan to leave, are you?” Logan looked cold.

She is still cooking, Chuck Cannon is still waiting to eat, Logan really doesn’t want to waste time here.

“It’s not that I don’t leave, but you, Ms. Logan, don’t give me face!” Qian Fangyun said.

“You…” Logan was talking. At this moment, a sports car came over, the car stopped, and a superb beauty came out with long legs, beautiful and perfect!

Qian Yueying!

Logan frowned slightly, she came here so soon? ?

“Cousin.” Qian Fangyun smiled and hurriedly turned around to greet him. Qian Yueying glanced at Logan. Her eyes were cold, and she saw that there were slap marks on her cousin’s face. How heavy was the slap??

Qian Yueying suddenly became angry!

“Cousin, how are you?” Qian Yueying cared and felt distressed.

“Cousin, I’m fine, but this President Logan won’t give him to anyone.” Qian Fangyun looked at Logan in the distance.

“Well, it’s okay, I told her in the past, dare to defend the person who beat you?” Qian Yueying showed anger, and she couldn’t bear it!!

Qian Fangyun was pulling her, “Cousin…”

“What’s wrong? Is it painful?” Qian Yueying felt distressed.

“Don’t do that to Ms. Logan…” Qian Fangyun’s eyes lighted up. He had never seen such a beautiful woman as Logan before. He is the eldest master, who has never seen a woman? ?

But Logan, that kind of unique beauty really attracted him.

“What do you mean?” Qian Yueying found out that her cousin Qian Fangyun’s eyes were wrong, but she was a person who came over, and she immediately understood that her cousin was interested in Logan.

For the family, Logan is worthy of her own money family, but at a different age, how old is Logan? How old is his cousin? Not at all!

“I, I kind of like Ms. Logan, she’s so beautiful,”

“Your love, at first sight, is a change of heart, do you know how old she is? As old as me.” Qian Yueying sighed helplessly.

“I know, but she’s so beautiful, I like her very much, cousin, don’t make her too ugly, I want to ask her for dinner tomorrow!” Qian Fangyun said, improving? Yes, Qian Fangyun really got up.

Logan is such an extreme woman, if a man is innocent, that is not normal.

“Cousin, just let me try.”

“Hey, can you chase her?” Qian Yueying was sceptical, at least she would not like being younger than herself, not to mention that no one would dare to like her.

“Yes, I have confidence.” Qian Fangyun is confident, at the very least, chasing Logan crazy, she will definitely be moved by herself!

“Then you can do it by yourself.” Qian Yueying sighed. In fact, she couldn’t be too much. After all, she knew that Logan suspected that he knew Karen Lee who killed the Zhao family!

I can only say it well, it will definitely not work to force it, but it’s just one subordinate. I personally told her that she should agree!

Qian Yueying came over. Qian Fangyun is proud.

“President Logan, look at that person and let my cousin take it.” Qian Yueying walked over and said, Chuck Cannon, this person, she hated to the extreme after the last time!

He beat Ouyang Fei and asked Ouyang Fei to pay for the house. The key is to say that Karen Lee is his mother without shame? A small driver’s hand, such words can be said!

How shameless is this to say? What’s more, at this time, he actually beat his cousin. This is intolerable and must be severely punished! !

“No, you leave!” Logan’s face was very cold.

She didn’t hear what Qian Yueying and Qian Fangyun said just now, but it was obviously not a good thing.

“President Logan, you don’t need to do this. He is just your driver. If you are short, I can match a few for you but hand him over!” Qian Yueying said.

“Chuck, why did you come out? Hungry?” Logan was about to speak when she saw Chuck Cannon walking out of the villa.

She didn’t want Chuck Cannon to contact Qian Yueying, so she walked over.

“Aunt Logan,” Chuck Cannon frowned. Have they come here to ask someone? He just heard the movement and came out. He didn’t expect so many people to come.

“It’s okay, you go in and rest, your injury must be very uncomfortable, go in and rest for a while, I will immediately cook for you,” Logan said softly.

“Aunt Logan.” Chuck Cannon was moved. Logan obviously wanted to solve this problem alone!

“You!! Come here!” Qian Fangyun pointed at Chuck Cannon!

Dare to come out? Well, you have no chance to go in again!

Chuck Cannon glanced at him, then at Qian Yueying.

“Ms. Logan, leave him to me.” Qian Yueying stared at Chuck Cannon, disgusted to the extreme. You lied to yourself before and didn’t care about you, but you dare to beat your cousin. This is touching your own negative scale. , Make you regret it!

“It’s just a small attendant, Ms. Logan, you have to think clearly!” Qian Fangyun sneered and walked over.

“So you don’t go, right?” Logan said coldly.

“President Logan, you don’t have to do this, protect him, you will lose a lot of money!” Qian Yueying advised.

“No, it’s you! I’ll tell you, he is not my follower, he is my Chuck, I am his aunt.” Logan said.

“Auntie?” Qian Yueying frowned. Is this to protect him to the point of lying? Qian Yueying was angry.

“Haha. Ms. Logan, you can really make a joke, isn’t he the driver you call to and from? How come you are his aunt again?!” Qian Fangyun laughed.

Two people are not alike at all, how could she be an aunt?

Of course, Qian Fangyun doesn’t believe it!

“President Logan, what are you talking about?” Qian Yueying was particularly angry.

“Am I not clear yet? I am his aunt. Do you think I will hand him over to you?” Logan said coldly. “Also, stay away from my strategy!!”

Logan said bluntly.

To be honest, Logan was worried that Chuck Cannon would be drawn to bad luck so close.

Qian Yueying was angry, “Logan, you are too much! What are you talking about?”

Of course, Qian Yueying knows what this means. This is saying that she is damaging a man, and she will go to damn such a trash man? Such a trash man has failed in his life, so she still needs to overcome it??

Qian Yueying felt that she was greatly insulted.

“I said you leave here right now!” Logan became angry. She really rarely gets angry. At this time, she is still cooking, and she was disturbed, and she keeps talking about Chuck Cannon. How can she endure it?

Chuck Cannon said, she wanted to deal with Qian’s family.

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