Chapter 452: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 452 Alienate he and she

Growing up in happiness?

Anna Xie shook her head and laughed, “Then how about you enjoying it by yourself, huh?”

Qiaoqiao Su thought Anna was mocking her, she couldn’t help but clench her fist and questioned, “If these are mine, do you think I can let you snatch them away?”

Jealous appeared in Qiaoqiao’s face, mixed with a disgusted look, that made Anna laugh, she said, “You all treat it as a treasure, but you don’t know what the truth is.”

“You, just don’t take it for granted when you get a bargain, who knows how happy you are in your heart.”

Jesus, this is called cast pearls before swine, right?

Anna didn’t want to talk to Qiaoqiao about this issue, so she said, “You don’t have to come to accompany me tomorrow.”

Qiaoqiao is such a proud girl, she was willing to get down off her high horse to accompany Anna, but Anna refused her, that made Qiaoqiao feel humiliated.

However, in order to achieve her goal, Qiaoqiao could only speak nicely and said, “That’s not possible, I promised Qiqi that I would come here and keep you company until you get well.”

“Qiqi’s here, she can accompany me to relieve boredoms. But you …… you are too good, and so good at study, I feel under pressure seeing you here.”

“Isn’t that great? I can teach you when you don’t know how to solve problems.”

Seeing that hints didn’t work, Anna could only be frank and said, “To be honest, I just want to be alone.”

Qiaoqiao couldn’t maintain the smile on her face, she was a bit furious and asked with a darkened face, “After all you’ve said, you mean Qiqi can be here, but I can’t, is that right?”

“Whatever you like, just, don’t come to bother me again.”

At this moment, Qiaoqiao only wanted to curse her.

But she couldn’t mess with Anna yet, this bitch was still useful, so Qiaoqiao could only hold back her anger, she stood up and said, “I’m going out for some air.”

Qiaoqiao walked to the garden alone, looking at all those delicate flowers and fresh plants, she really wanted to burn these eyesores with fire.

But when she noticed a figure by a glimpse, Qiaoqiao’s eyes turned red and she began to act like a movie queen.

Wiping the corner of her eyes with a tissue, Qiaoqiao sighed, “Anna, I’m pissed off by you, there is a good man Young Master Xiao to care about you, but why do you still think about that scum! How precious a woman’s springtime is, why waste your time on that kind of person?”

“What were you talking about?”

“Who is where?” Qiaoqiao made a frightened expression and turned back to look over.

When she saw Yulin Xiao, she patted her chest, let out a long breath, and said, ” Young Master Xiao, it’s you.”

Yulin looked so serious, he asked, “I’m asking you, what scum did you say?”

Qiaoqiao was a little anxious, she waved her hand hastily and said, “Nothing, I’m talking nonsense.”

“Do you think I will believe you? Tell me everything you know now, my patience is wearing thin!”

Yulin still looked very angry, Qiaoqiao seemed to be in a difficult position, she hesitated a while before she said, “Okay. I can tell you, and I hope that Young Master Xiao can also persuade Anna not to be so stupid.”

Under Yulin’s gloomy gaze, Qiaoqiao continued to speak.

“In fact, Anna has a boyfriend, only their relationship is a secret, no one else knows it. I bumped into it by chance, so I can know about their relationship.”

“That man is much older than us, and he already has a family, their relationship, for sure, will not be accepted. Anna will only get herself hurt if she continues to indulge in it, and it won’t work out.”

“I have talked to Anna about this before, hoping that Anna would wake up in time. But Anna didn’t listen, even if she knew a good man like you, she refused to leave that man.”

“Young Master Xiao, I see that you and Anna are good friends, can you help to persuade her?”

Qiaoqiao finished speaking and looked at Yulin with an earnest face.

After hearing Qiaoqiao’s words, Yulin narrowed his eyes and concluded, “A married man’s mistress ……”

Yulin got it very well, and this was what Qiaoqiao wanted Yulin to see.

But Qiaoqiao pretended to be Anna’s friend at the moment, she still has to say a few good words for Anna.

“Don’t say that about Anna, she may just like mature and stable men and feel that kind of people can give her a sense of security. But Anna certainly doesn’t want to destroy other people’s families, probably, she is also painful, and she need others to enlighten her.”

Thinking of Anna’s attitude towards him, Yulin snorted coldly and said, “She doesn’t need others to enlighten. She knows better than anyone about what she exactly wants!”

Qiaoqiao didn’t understand why Yulin said that, but she could tell that Yulin was angry.

This was a good sign.

Lowering her head, Qiaoqiao hid the smile under her eyes deeply and said in a mournful voice, “Oh my, I hope Anna can give up early and not waste her precious years.”

“Whether she wasted her life or not, what does it have to do with me!”

After Yulin said that, he turned around and left.

Looking at Yulin’s back, Qiaoqiao revealed a smug smile.

“Anna, who do you think you are, and are you worthy of what you have gained? I will make you wake up from your dream and fall down hard!”

At this moment, Anna was still oblivious to the fact that she had been involved in a new trap, she was calling Qiqi.

“Qiqi, what is going on, why is it Qiaoqiao here today?”

“Oh, don’t mention it, when I was leaving, I was suddenly called by someone from the club, saying that they were going to hold a photography exhibition soon and wanted me to help. I had no choice but to go, and I let the driver know.”

“She overheard my conversation beside the car and volunteered to go there, she said she can review with you.”

“I didn’t agree, but Qiaoqiao was faster than me, she got in the car and let the driver drive. The driver, too, was perplexed by Qiaoqiao’s words and drove her away.”

Speaking of which, Qiqi asked with some concern, “Anna, Qiaoqiao didn’t cause you any trouble, right?”

Anna, who didn’t know the truth, said confidently, “Don’t worry, she doesn’t dare to do anything here.”

“Phew, that’s good.”

“I’ve told Qiaoqiao to stop coming here, she wouldn’t bother me anymore.”

Qiqi said with a guilty look on her face, “I’m sorry, Anna, I said I would stay with you, but I couldn’t leave temporarily.”

“It’s okay, I don’t have emergencies here, so having more people with me will only make them boring.”

“But you’re sick, won’t it be lonely without me to talk to you?”

“Can’t we talk on the phone? Besides, I have Mrs. Chang with me, so don’t worry. I’ll be well soon and then I can go back to school.”

“Then you need to get better soon, I’m in our dorm room, it’s really boring.”

“Well, don’t worry.”

Hanging up the phone, the smile on Anna’s face slowly disappeared.

After reading in her room again for a while, Anna went out of her room to get some air.

But at the corner, she heard the sound of an argument.

Looking around, Anna saw the back of Mrs. Chang, and Yulin who’s leaving.

What are they arguing about?

Anna walked over with a suspicious face and asked, “Mrs. Chang, what’s going on?”

Raising her eyes to look at Anna, Mrs. Chang said with a frown, “Young master said, you can go back to school.”

Anna felt conflicted that her heart sunk.

It was a good thing to be free, so why did she feel so lost?

It seemed that she was also a greedy woman. Knowing it well that Yulin didn’t belong to her, but she still held a fluke.

Now that the dream is end, she should stop pretend anymore.

Lowering her eyes, a mocking smile appeared on her face, Anna said, “I have to leave sooner or later, it’s not bad to go back now.”

“But you haven’t fully recovered, what if your condition recurs?”

“I just have a cold, it’s not like I have a terminal illness. Besides, I’m almost well, staying here all day would be so boring.”

“But ……”

“By the way, did Yulin say when I can leave?”

Mrs. Chang pursed her lips and said, “…… now.”

It seemed that Yulin was not sending Anna away, but kicking her out.

Laughing at herself, Anna said, “Then I’ll go back and pack my things first.”

But Mrs. Chang tugged her and said, “Anna, you should go tomorrow.”

“No, I want to go back early, Qiqi is still waiting for me.”

After said that, Anna turned around and went back to her room. Mrs. Chang let out a deep sigh, but there was nothing she could do.

Turning around, Mrs. Chang happened to see Yulin who had returned.

In fact, he was just saying thoughtlessly words before to ask Anna to leave immediately.

Seeing that it would soon be dark, Yulin changed his mind again and wanted to let Anna stay one more night.

But unexpectedly, it made him overhear Anna’s conversation with Mrs. Chang.

Looking at Yulin’s serious face, Mrs. Chang asked, “Young master, you obviously like that girl, why did you drive her away?”

With his hands in his pockets, Yulin said stiffly, “Who said I like her, I just thought she was interesting and I want her to be here for fun. Now I’m not interested in her anymore, so of course I have to drive her away.”

“No, I’m here ever since you were a baby, how could I don’t know what you’re thinking? You, you’re just asking for trouble.”

Slightly lowering his eyes, Yulin said, “You said you know me, you should know how I am, I am not likely to let others lead me by the nose. Besides, it’s a woman who doesn’t like me at all.”

“How do you know she doesn’t like you? If she thinks you’re just a stranger, she wouldn’t be hesitant all day long.”

Deliberately ignoring the heartbeat, Yulin said stiffly, “She thinks too much, who knows what she is hesitating about. I’m too lazy to guess, there are so many good women out there, why should I waste my time on her.”

“But you like her.”

“I don’t like her!”

“You’re a man, if you like her, what are you afraid of admitting it?”

“I’m not interested in her at all, so why should I admit it.”

“If you don’t like her, why do you let me to take care of her, just find someone randomly.”

“That’s because …… that’s because ……”

Yulin, who had been bold and assured, ran out of words.

Seeing him like this, Mrs. Chang was affirmed, “She’s a different girl in your heart.”

Yulin knew that, and he could not deny.

He could not change what happened in the past. But from now on, Yulin would no longer be led by the nose.

Yulin lowered his head, he said, “From now on, she is just an ordinary person to me.”

“Although I don’t know why you suddenly change your idea, but I think, things can’t be decided hastily, otherwise, you will certainly regret later.”

“For that kind of woman, it’s not worth it.”

After saying that, Yulin no longer hesitate for her, no longer reluctant for her, he turned around and left.

Mrs. Chang did her best to convince him, but Yulin still refused to change his mind, which made her helpless.

Anna didn’t have many belongings here, and in a short while, she packed up everything and ready to leave.

Standing at the gate, Anna looked at Mrs. Chang who had come to see her off and said, “Granny, thank you for taking care of me these days, I hope we can meet again sometime.”

“We will definitely, I still want to make you some snacks.”

Even they said so, Anna knew that she and Yulin would never contact each other again, and naturally, she and Mrs. Chang would not have the chance to meet again.

The bottom of her heart was a bit sour, Anna nodded her head, then turned around and bent down to get into the car.

Pressing the window, Anna waved her hand to Mrs. Chang, and then, followed with Mrs. Chang’s eyes, she left the apartment.

It was not until the car drove far away that Mrs. Chang turned around.

With a glimpse, she saw a person standing beside the window upstairs.

There was no need to guess who it was.

Mrs. Chang sighed helplessly and muttered to herself, “Oh, young men, what’s the point of say yes and mean no.”


Qiqi came back from work and found Anna in the dormitory unexpectedly, she could not help but show a surprised expression.

“Anna, why are you back?”

Looking at Qiqi with a smile, Anna said, “I heard that you missed me, so I came back.”

“But, how could Yulin let you go?”

“Why wouldn’t he let me go, I had nothing to do with him since the beginning.”

“But ……”

“Do you have anything to eat here, I’m hungry.”

Knowing that Anna didn’t want to say more, Qiqi had no choice but to stop the topic, she turned around and took out bread from the cabinet and handed it to Anna.

Both Anna and Qiqi love to eat the bread.

But now, Anna found it hard to swallow.

It seemed that it is her stomach had been spoiled.

This was a very dangerous sign.

She was just an ordinary person, not qualified to enjoy those things of rich people.

Never forget her identity, otherwise, what awaits her is only to be smashed.

Looking at Anna’s unappetizing appearance, Qiqi sighed and muttered in a small voice beside her, “I told you that nothing good would come from meeting Qiaoqiao, she is simply a Jinx.”

Hearing what Qiqi said, Anna’s heart moved slightly, she thought she had catch something, but she let it go.

Back at school, it seemed that everything was back on track.

The rumors in the school had completely dissipated, and when people saw Anna, they still thought she was Yulin’s girlfriend and treated her with both respect and fear, keeping a proper distance.

Although people misunderstood her relationship with Yulin, but this was good, no one came to bother her, Anna enjoyed the short period of peace.

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