Chapter 453 – 454: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 453: A Disaster for the Weapon Soul

At this moment, the soul of Jingke, no, it should be the soul of the weapon.

It became weak, because peeling off its soul damaged it a lot.

“Now you can swallow the souls of Supreme Monster to make up for your weakness.

Yang Sun took out a magic weapon that looked like a stove. All right, it was just a stove.

Without thousands degree high temperature, the Mountain Copper and the Dragon Iron Corner couldn’t be melt at all.

Kris dug several grooves, implanted the Supreme Spirit Stones into them and set the Fire-Control Formation.

As soon as it started, big fire would burn out. If without the protection of the Formation, only the high temperature could instantly burn everything in the house, even melt it.

Although it was troublesome, there was still no better way. And to find the soul fire also should be put on the agenda.

For a good hour, the Copper started to melt, and one more hour later, it thoroughly melted into copper water. Kris immediately set a magic art to prevent it being solid.

And then he hurried to put the Dragon Iron into the stove. Its melting time was a little shorter than the Mountain Copper. Only with an hour, it melted into the iron water.

Kris put dozens of precious materials into the stove without any delay.

After 12 hours, the anima of Supreme Spiritual Stones has been used up, so Kris had to stop and change some new ones.

For a full two days, Kris has burnt out more than two hundred of precious materials.

In the meanwhile, the weapon soul has swallowed and digested dozens of souls of Supreme Monsters. Its soul became much strong and steady. At this moment, Kris set several magic arts to smelt all together those two hundred of precious materials.

The next was a long period for smelting.

Drawing out all those impurity from all kinds of precious materials was a thing that could consume much energy.

Luckily, Kris’s Divine Spiritual Power was strong enough. Anyone else would be exhausted both physically and mentally.

So not everyone could be a refiner.

There were also Array Masters and Runes, who all needed strong souls and Divine Spiritual Power to support them.

Ironhead was never a patient fellow, even though the countyard was full of anima, food and drinking, but he was one of those bitches who couldn’t resist fighting against others.

Fighting has been his nature because Gold- swallow Beast was born this way.

Guantu and Liangwan didn’t dare to do anything because of being afraid to annoy Kris, and the two gangs up on themselves.

There would be no end of beating.

“Let our three get around?”

Ironhead said.

“No, we only strangers here. What if we were in danger?”

Guangtu knew what Ironhead meant, and this Seaside Holy City was more than a hundred times bigger than Wuwei City.

The bottom line was that there were groups of practitioners, but who know if there were rages of people who wanted to wipe out ghosts and bring down demons.

Kris was still in seclusion, so he wouldn’t be able to come if something bad happened.

Moreover, the power of Guangtu had risen to its peak, and there was a feeling that it could not rise.

But these are delusions caused by swallowing a lot of Beast King Dan.

Beast King contained pure demon power, but it was not cultivated by himself after all. Demon power seems surging, but in fact it is inflated.

Without firm basis, he couldn’t conquer the Supreme King Beast.

Ironhead looks unhappy, saying, “Coward, Coward!”

Guanhu didn’t like to quarrel with him, so he turned around and carried on his practice.

As for Liangwan, he would follow Guantu.

Guantu just break through and achieved Beast King, but it needed to be consolidated.

Ironhead had no choice. He was afraid to go out alone. It was no joke if something really happened.

So he turned his grief and anger into appetite, took out the barbecue, and began to devour it.

Meanwhile, Kris was at a critical juncture in his treasure production, revamping his furnaces and using Divine Spiritual Power to form the outline.

Then the mass of liquid condensed into a sword three and a half feet long, and two and a half inches wide.

It was then that Kris took the spiritual water and dipped the sword into it.

Purr, purr!

The water boiled, and it was sucked into the sword, which shined brightly.

“Right now, hurry into the sword.”

Kris yelled, and the weapon soul turned into a light and shot into it.

At this moment, Kris squeezed a few drops of blood onto the sword.


The body of the sword shook violently, and the iron shell on the surface fell, revealing the whole red body of the sword.

Powerful forces spread from the sword, and if it hadn’t been for Kris Chen’s protective array, the small courtyard would have been flattened in an instant.

The psionic device entered the sword, and Kris immediately felt pleasant.

It didn’t take long for Kris to have some connection with the sword.

This meant that the soul was slowly merging with the body of the sword.

Kris Chen didn’t know what the final result would be. Although he had practiced many magic weapons and accumulated rich experience, this time it was not Tao weapons…It was a Spirit Weapon on top of Tao.

The Tao was the instrument for carrying on the Tao and becoming the Tao.

Spirit Weapon was literally called soul weapon.

It sounds powerful, but in fact, the reason why it was powerful was that Spirit Weapon contained essences of Tao.

Low-grade Spirit weapon contained one essence of Tao, Middle-grade Spirit Weapon contained three essences of Tao, and Superior Spirit Weapon contained seven essences of Tao, and Supreme Spirit Weapon contained nine essences of Tao.

Nine is at the top of the number.

Breaking this top limit needed Regular Spirit Weapon. The essence of Tao evolved into rules, which is what everything in the world needs to follow.

Spring, summer, autumn and winter are the rules, thunders and rains are the rules, days and nights are the rules.

The rules made the fellows to obey.

This was the beginning of The Tactics of The Magic Weapons. This was said by Zhenqi Wu.

He may be called a master of weapons refining, but he only produced one low- grade Spirit Weapon in his life.

In addition to incorporating formations into magic weapons, developing rules has been his lifelong pursuit.

Not knowing how long it took for Kris to find his soul. He knew it was done.


At that moment, a thunder burst, and without any sign of the sky split down over the sword body.

In one stroke, many iron filings fell from the sword.

Kris Chen didn’t do anything. It was a battle between the soul of the sword and the thunder of the sky. If not serious, it falls into the lower Stage; if serious, it would be totally destroyed.

For Kris Chen, it was the prying eyes of others that mattered.

Thousands of Divine Spiritual Power were stolen from the Seaside Holy City at the moment of falling thunder.

“Thunders! Who was going through the disaster?”

“No, this is not a disaster for a Practitioner, but for a weapon soul!”

“Look at the demeanor of the lightning bolt, is it…The Superior Weapon?”

“No…It’s not the superior device. This is…I’m afraid it’s a Supreme Spirit Weapon!”

Numerous Divine Spiritual powers were interwoven into a web that covered half the coastal provincial capital.

Massive amounts of information were transmitted in a flash.

Supreme Spirit Weapon!

How could that be!

There were groups of Practitioners who showed signs of greed.

There were even a few Spiritual demons in old age who unbridled extend their Spiritual Power to the small countyard.

If it was a Supreme Spirit Weapon, they didn’t mind taking a risk.

It was the Supreme Spirit Weapon! If someone can acquire the essence of it, they would be more likely to accumulate their spirit.

The big devil Heifeng, a Practitioner in Infinite Sea, occupied a small island. It looked like a Sect, but in fact they often made troubles to and robbed others secretly.

If you think they were recruiting the new, you would be wrong.

They wanted fresh meat.

Heifeng was a Practitioner who has achieved the Fulfilled period. He was very violent and powerful with a high status in Infinite Sea.

He has been stuck in the Fulfilled Period for hundreds of years. So if he could get the Supreme Spirit Weapon, he could accumulate his spirit.

After that, he didn’t need to be the head of pirates. He could go to the Three Holy Sects to be a inner Presbyter. That would be awesome!

Even if he couldn’t make it, he could also create a real Sect and become a founder of it.

As he stretched out the Divine Spiritual Power, an unfeeling voice called in his ear, “You dare pry! Go to hell!”

Then his mind was split in half, and he was badly beaten in one blow.

It was also the Divine Spiritual Power injury that was most difficult to recover from.

“Forgive me please. I was wrong…I will leave at once!”

A few miles away, in a dark and remote room, Heifeng’s face was filled with fear.


He went straight out of the house, his soul and brian almost burst.

A chill rose from the soles of his feet and made him cold all over.

With the death crisis looming, Heifeng knew that today was the day to meet a hidden powerful man.

The Divine Spiritual Power definitely was the accumulated spirit.

Run. If not, he would surely die.

At that moment, many Primal Spirit practitioners saw him through The Divine Spiritual Power.

“You want to escape, can you?”

A voice full of majesty resounded through the whole sky.

“Go to hell!”

Within a few miles away, the sword with Divine Spiritual Power cuts directly.

Heifeng had not even uttered a scream, and he was still in the sky turning up dead fish’s eyes and

falling from the sky like a dead dog.


Falling hundreds of meters, Heifeng’s brains burst open, dead.

Although the Seaside Holy City had the forbidden air formation law, but the recruit conference was about to begin, and the City Lord has ordered to withdraw the forbidden air formation.

Most of the Heifeng’s power lay in his escape, and now he was not even in a position to escape.

There was no fighting, or even any living. He really fell to death!

After seeing this, those Primal Spirit Practitioners lost their temper completely.

Chapter 454: Awesome

Was Black Wind Old Devil crazy, falling down by himself? Or was he indulged his own sexual proclivities?

No one was a fool. The owner of that house was definitely a powerful one.

Of course, there were some guys, bold and fearless.

Kris cut them off directly.

After dozens of Later period primal spirits and several fulfilled period primal spirits were cut, no one dared to release divine power.

It was so strong that killing the primary spirits was like killing chickens. It must be the strong one of accumulated spirit?

No one dared to peep. The couldn’t get the Spirit Weapon from the accumulated spirit, which was impossible.

“Hum! They want to be killed.”Kris snorted and sat in the courtyard, surrounded by murderous air.

The celestial thunder was still falling. At this time, there were six celestial thunder.

In the meanwhile, a figure in the City Lord’s mansion suddenly opened his eyes with curiosity.

“Who was the Taoist friend that was going through God’s test in the city?” the magnetic sound came to Kris.

Kris frowned, “Who are you?”

“Let me introduce myself. My last name is Wu, my first name is Mudao.”

“Mudao Wu? I haven’t heard of it! What’s the matter?”

Now Kris didn’t have time to chat.

Mudao stunned, that sounded interesting, Kris did not know who he is, he must come from the outside.

“I’m the City Lord of the Seaside Holy City!”

City Lord, so what?

Kris frowned, “I’m pretty occupied. If you want to talk about something, please wait. I don’t have time to talk to you at present.”

With that, he directly cut off the Divine Spiritual Power.

Kris seldom gets angry, but once he’s irritated, he dares to fight anyone.

Don’t he know that Kill Qin(the dagger) was going through the soul of weapon’s test?

In the City Lord’s mansion, Mudao frowned. It was the first time that someone didn’t give him face in the Seaside Holy City. For he was a strong man of primal period accumulated spirit.

But on second thought, he believed that the other side must also be a strong one of accumulated spirit. Therefore he should be so mighty.

Mudao took a deep breath, considering that he can kill the primal spirits of the Practitioners, which was just unpredictable. This man’s strength must be extraordinary.

He and Kris did not know each other and had no grudges. Since Kris was also a practitioner in the accumulated spirit period, it’s better to make friends with him.

As for the reason why Kris was so irascible, it must be those who were beyond their means coveted Kris’ Spirit Weapon, which made him furious.

He didn’t think that Kris was wrong. There were no rules in the Devil Land, but it is believed that the dignity of the strong can’t be offended!

The celestial thunder was still falling. The sword was covered with thunder patterns. It seemed that in the next second, it would crack.

Kris was also worried. This was the first time he refined spirit weapon, and he had no idea.

“Boom!”The eighth celestial thunder fell, and the sword had cracks on it!

It was not a good thing, which meant the sword can break at any time. Kris was anxious.

“Hold on, hold on!” exclaimed Kris silently.

Kill Qin has been following him from the earth, helping him through several crises, so they had affections.

His own cultivation has always been improving, and he also hoped that Kill Qin would continue to accompany him.

Although the real body of Kill Qin has been destroyed, the soul of the weapon as its core remained.

“Boom!”The ninth purple thunder came, and the heavy “creaking” sound was heard on the sword.

But… It went through. After the ninth thunder, the soul of the weapon survived.

A golden light fell from the sky and covered the sword.

All the cracks on the body of the sword have been repaired. The whole body was bright red, emitting a strange light.

As soon as the brilliance dissipated, Kris waved his hand and the sword flew over.

Holding the handle of the sword, Kris speculated that it weighed no less than 200,000 Jin, which was not easy to imagine.

“I will rename you. It’s not appropriate to call you Kill Qin again!” Kris thought, “Just call Red Blood Sword.”

The blade vibrates, and two small characters of Red Blood appeared at the handle of the sword.

The soul of Red Blood was also very happy.

Having just been promoted to spirit weapon, the soul of Red Blood also needs to comprehend Taoism. He explained the reason to Kris, who later nodded and took the sword into his body.

Celestial Thunder split the house into powder, and the three monsters who were roasting meat were stupefied.

At this time, divine spiritual power came, “Would you like to come to the City Lord’s mansion for a talk?”

It’s no one else. It’s just Mudao.

Hongmen banquet( a banquet that aims to kill the guest)?

Kris didn’t think so. If the City Lord wanted to make trouble, he would do it when the weapon were going through God’s test. He can definitely destroy the Red Blood Sword.

Kris also felt that it was not suitable to make such a big noise on other people’s territory.

“All right, I’ll be right there!”

Kris was not a man of affectation. He flew up to the sky with three monsters.

It’s not Kris’ recklessness, but his confidence in his own strength.

As long as they are strong enough, they would not be afraid of dangerous places?

Soon, Kris took the three monsters to the City Lord’s mansion and flew directly in from the sky.

There was no obstruction along the way. It must have been Mudao’s arrangement in advance. He could not have made such a low-level mistake.

The City Lord’s mansion was extremely big, which was more like the king’s palace!

It’s too extravagant.

“Taoist friend, this way please!” Mudao led Kris to the main hall to show his respect.

But when he saw Kris, Mudao stunned.

One man with three monsters, a gold swallowing beast, a pangolin, and a wolf, who are supposed to be the pets of Kris, which are very common in the Devil Land.

What really surprised Mudao was that he found Kris was the later period of Pill formation?

How could that be possible?

Mudao narrowed his eyes slightly. He thought Kris have practiced some kind of cultivation to hide his real stage. It is impossible to kill the Fulfilled period primal spirit in the later period of Pill formation.

“Taoist friend Wu!” Kris greeted him, and the three monsters behind behaved as well. They felt that the man in front of them was powerful.

Even Ironhead, the most powerful iron head, became honest at this time.

“Welcome!” Mudao looked at Kris with a smile, “Do you have a Taoist name?”

A Taoist name? Kris thought for a moment, “You can call me Zhatian Diao (Awesome).”

“Zhatian Diao? What is it? “

Mudao felt strange and embarrassedly smiled, “Taoist friend Diao, come here, I have prepared delicacies, please take your seat!”

He pointed to the table beside, which was filled with dishes. It was steaming and full of spirit.


Kris would respect the one who respect him, which was his principle.

The three monsters looked at the feast in front of them and swallowed their saliva together.

They eat barbecue every day, even if the supreme monster meat is delicious, they are fed up with it.

Flood Dragon meat, thousand-year precious medicine, doughball made of the powder of fire Ganoderma, vermilion paw and a three meter long dragon carp were placed on the table.

At a glance, Kris was surprised. This meal might cost tens of thousands of superior spiritual stone.

It was too luxurious!

Three minutes later, Kris nibbled at a sauced elbow. “It’s delicious!”

What they eat was not meat but tons of spirit Qi.

In fact, this is a big meal for Kris when he came to the Devil Land.

One person and three monsters ate happily, and Mudao was also very happy. He didn’t think Kris was impolite.

On the contrary, in Mudao’s view, this was a sign that Kris has reached to the return-to-nature stage.

For a strong man of accumulated spirit, he must have lived for three or five hundred years. What kind of food has not been eaten and what big scenes have not been seen.

However, Mudao was wrong. Kris was not a strong man of the accumulated spirit. He was only around 40 this year. After coming to the Devil Land for such a long time, he did not eat well in Yuan’s mansion. What he ate was barbecue all the time.

Seriously, he was tired of that.

Later Mudao asked, “Taoist friend Diao, where do you come from and where do you want to go?”

“I’m from other places, I want to go to the Three Holy Sects.”There’s nothing to hide.

As expected, they came from other places. Mudao nodded, “Do you have family members in the Three Holy Sects?”

“No.” He didn’t have a single relative on this land.

“That friend you…”

“There’s no secret. I came to the Seaside Holy City just to join the Three Holy Sects and be the elder of the sect!”

Mudao suddenly realized that he became accumulated spirit on his own.

He envied the Three Holy Sects that even the strong ones of the accumulated spirit came to them. Unfortunately, although he was the Lord of the city, and he wanted to win over Kris, he can’t afford to hire or support the accumulated spirit.

However, there were many ways to invite him over.

“I really admire you that you can come and go freely!”

Kris shook his head with a smile, “I’m a loner, I have nothing to admire. I also admire you could be the master of a city, enjoying power and beauty.”

Mudao smiled bitterly,” You are kidding. Though it seems luxurious outside, I have to be very cautious every day. A small mistake may lead to disaster.”

“I have lived a hard life!”

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