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Chapter 453: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 453 Misunderstandings

Anna’s life continued as usual, dormitory, cafeteria and classroom were the three places that she often went.

Although life was calmer, she became poorer. She only got a hundred yuan in her pocket.

If she hadn’t miss the last role, she might have earned a lot and even paid the tuition of next semester.

But now, she couldn’t eat well, she had to find a way or she would be starve.

Anna put those review materials in her bag and then left. Then she came to a cafe outside the school.


“Well, do you need part-jobs here?”

“Please wait here, I’ll ask the owner.”

“Thank you.”

A minute later, the waiter came back and said, “Sorry, we have enough staff now.”

Hearing this, Anna felt a bit disappointed but still answered with a smile, “Fine, thank you.”

Then she left and was about to enter the next cafe.

While she was walking, someone asked her.

“Miss Xie?”

After turning back, Anna found it was her acquaintance.

“Mr. Wang.”

The middle-aged man standing in front of Anna dressed well and looked gentle.

Anna used to be a tutor in his home, his son was her student.

After raising his glasses, Mr. Wang said, “I saw you in the cafe, are you looking for a part-time job?”

“Yes, I’m poor now, so I need to earn some money.”

“Well.” Mr. Wang smiled and said, “Tiantian did bad in the recent English test, My wife and I want to find a tutor for him, do you have time?”

Anna didn’t expect to hear this, so she quickly answered, “Of course!”

“Okay then, what about three times a week and two hours each time?”

“No problem.”

“I’ve moved to the new house, and this is my address. Come over when you’ve arranged your time.”

“Well, it won’t take long, I’ll come before tomorrow night.”


After Mr. Wang left, Anna felt very happy.

She was so lucky today. Then she turned back but collided with another person.


However, as soon as she saw the man’s face, she yelled, “Yulin Xiao?”

“Why do you act like this?” Yulin Xiao was sullen and he stared at Anna, “Why do you treat me like this? It seems that you look happier when talking with that man.”

That man?

After thinking for a while, Anna knew who he was talking about.

Then she frowned and said, “It’s none of your business? What are you doing here?”

“I’m eating around!”


Seeing that Anna didn’t trust him, he said louder again, “Yes, do you have any questions?”

“Well, I dare to say nothing.”

Yulin Xiao ignored Anna’s words and asked, “Who is he?”

“A friend.”

“What friend?”

Anna didn’t like his tone, so she said with a frown, “It’s none of your business.”

“I just want to know, tell me quickly!”

“I don’t want to tell you!”

“You don’t dare to say that?”

“Don’t talking nonsense!”

“You must have a secret!”

Yulin Xiao was very angry and yelled, “No wonder you’re ignoring me, do you like him? He’s already married! You can’t be together.”

“Shut up! Don’t talking nonsense!”

Anna didn’t want to talk to him so she turned to leave.

“I haven’t finished talking, just stand there!”

Yulin Xiao blocked Anna’s way, he was so angry, as if Anna was a mistress.


Anna only thought that Yulin Xiao went crazy, so she warned, “Yulin Xiao, calm down okay? Don’t do this to me!”

After saying this, Anna slipped away.

“Stop right there, Anna!”

Yulin Xiao yelled crazily, however, Anna ran even faster.

Yulin Xiao grew sullen and yelled, “Damn, how can you like him? I’ll give him a lesson.”


After arriving at Wang family, Anna pressed the doorbell.

“Waiting for a minute.”

After seeing Anna, Mrs. Wang wiped her wet hands on the apron and said with a smile, “Anna, come in quickly, Tiantian is waiting for you.”

Then Anna followed Mrs. Wang to Tiantian’s room, then she greeted him with a smile.


Hearing Anna’s voice, Tiantian immediately smiled and said, “Anna, you’re coming.”

“Well, I’m here to instruct you, can we start now?”


Anna knew Tiantian’s level before she came. So she had a focus.

Tiantian listened very carefully and took notes from time to time.

Seeing that, Anna felt happy and she was very careful too. They cooperated with each other well.


Someone knocked the door, and then, Mrs. Wang walked in with a plate.

“Anna, have some fruit.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Wang.”

After chatting with Anna, Mrs. Wang said to Tiantian again, “You have to behave better the next time, your father and I don’t want to be blamed the next time.”

Tiantian was a bit impatient and said, “Well, I know mom, don’t bother us.”

“Fine, thanks a lot, Anna.”

“You are too polite.”

Then Mrs. Wang left, seeing that they cooperated well, Mrs. Wang envied Anna a lot. She was so energetic that even Tiantian liked her.

However, she was only a housewife that knew nothing except the housework. Although her husband said that she should enjoy her life at home. She felt very anxious and nervous.

She would live happier if she hadn’t given up her job. After a short sigh, she left.

While in the room, Tintian complained and ate the fruit.

“Tiantian,” Anna looked at him and said seriously, “don’t talk to your mother like that, she would be unhappy.”

“I’m just want to express my feeling, she always blames me in front of others. I don’t like that.”

Anna wanted to say more, however, since she was just a tutor, she’d better say less. Then she continued the class.

When the class was over, it was already dark.

Anna was ready to go back to school when Mr. Wang called her.

“It’s dark, it’s not safe for you to go back alone, I’ll drive you there.”

Anna quickly waved her hands and refused, “No, it’s convenient for me to take the bus. I don’t want to bother you.”

“Well, don’t be that polite, what can I say to your parents if something really happens.”

“This ……”

“Let’s go, don’t waste time.”

Mr. Wang said and then walked out with car keys on his hands.

Anna had no choice but to follow him.

Just as they left, Mrs. Wang came out.

Seeing that the weather was bad, she prepared an umbrella for Anna in case of raining.

But when she walked out, she found that Anna was left, and so did her husband.

So she turned to looked at her son and asked, “Where are Anna and your dad?”

“Dad said it was getting dark and he had to send Anna back to school.”

Hearing this, Mrs. Wang held the umbrella tighter and said nothing. Then she went back to her room.


Life continues as usual, although Anna was busy, she was pleased.

Perhaps, this was what she liked.

All the previous experiences were just a dream.

Now that she should be awake and be more diligent.

After the evening study, Qiqi left early for she had a stomachache. Before leaving, she asked Anna to buy a cold noodles for her.

What a greedy girl.

Anna had no choice but to go to the food street in front of the school. Although it was dark, many students came there to buy good.

After buying the cold noodles and takoyaki, Anna was about to leave.

But she found a man smoking in front of the at school door.

“Mr. Wang?”

Mr. Wang a bit surprised to see Anna, then he snubbed his cigarette and smiled at her.

Seeing him, Anna’s first reaction was, “Today is not time for teaching.”

“I know, I’m just hanging around, don’t be nervous.”


“Do you have time, I remember there is a tasty milk tea store around the school. But I don’t know where it is, can you help me to find it?”

“Milk tea?” After thinking for a while, Anna said, “There are many milk tea stores around here, I don’t know which one do you refer to?”

“That’s the one that specializes in sticky rice.”

“Then I know, they’ve moved to the shop near the North Gate.”

“No wonder.”

“I’ll take you there.”


After arriving at the store, Mr. Wang said, “What would you like to drink, I’ll treat you.”

“Then I won’t be polite.” Anna directly said to the owner, “A cup of hot red bean milk tea, thanks.”

Mr. Wang also ordered a cup of milk tea, then they sat in the store together.

After looking at the man across the table, Anna said, “Mr. Wang, you seem to be unhappy today.”

“I had a quarrel with my wife.”

“It’s inevitable, just be more patient.”

Mr. Wang took a deep breath and said, “I’ve been very patient, however, she is bad-tempered now and often suspect me.” Then he looked at outside and continued, “We met at the school, she was very gentle and kind, I fell in love with her in the first sight.”

“But when does she become so weird? I can’t relax at home, and even need to comfort her when I’m already worn out.”

“Once she is dissatisfied, she would cause trouble. She is not a kind mother and wife anymore.”

Mr. Wang was a dumb man, he must be very depressed for he talked a lot this time.

However, Anna grabbed her head and felt helpless, “I don’t even have a boyfriend, and I don’t know how to comfort you.”

After saying this, Mr. Wang felt better.

But Anna’s words made him smile.

“Really? I often see your pictures on the financial newspaper.”

Anna was a bit embarrassed and said, “That’s just gossips, how can a playboy likes me?”

Mr. Wang nodded and said, “You are right, status is very important, you have to protect yourself.”

“I will.” Then Mr. Wang looked at her with a smile, “Thanks for listening.”

“I should be the one to express my thanks for you treat me the milk tea.”

“It’s very late, you should go back.”


After sending Anna to the school, Wang waved his hand and was ready to leave.

But Anna suddenly called him, “Although it’s inappropriate for me to say this, since you and your wife feel unhappy now, why don’t you have a talk? That will be the best way.”

Mr. Wang was a bit confused and then smiled, “Maybe.” Then he left.

Seeing his back, Anna sighed, it seemed that everyone had his difficulty.

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