Chapter 454: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 454 Duel

Di di di…

The cell phone rang and Anna picked it up.

“Anna, where did you go to buy the food? I’ve finished, why haven’t you come back?”

Oh dear, she forgot her roommate.

Anna said apologetically, “I’ll be right back, wait for me.”

Hanging up the phone, Anna turned around and ran back.

But just as she ran into the school gate, a person rushed out all of a sudden.

Anna only had time to see a shadow, and then she bumped into the arms of that person.

Instantly, a familiar smell filled her nose.

She recognized the smell of men’s perfume and her heart softened.

But on the surface, Anna still made a fierce expression.

“Why do you have to stand here on such a wide road?”

Yulin Xiao stared at Anna Xie like a lion breathing fire.

“Are you dating that guy?”

“Nonsense, what date?”

Yulin hadn’t been in touch with Anna for several days. He wanted the girl to have a good self-examination.

However, Anna was too quiet. For so many days, she didn’t make a single phone call nor send a single message, as if she evaporated from the world.

After thinking about it, Yulin still couldn’t help but decide to come to Anna personally.

He was thinking that as long as the woman had a better attitude, took the initiative to admit the mistake and say that she had him in her heart, he would be generous and forgive her.

But he didn’t expect that Anna was not lonely at all. In the evening, there was a man who invited her to drink.

What was the matter with her? That kind of drinking was all additives. Wasn’t she afraid of suffering from diarrhea after drinking!

After all, she had been with him. How could her taste be so bad!

Yulin thought of a bunch of excuses, but the moment he saw Anna, he forgot them all.

At the moment, he just wanted to ask one question.

“Have you ever thought about what you would do if his wife knew about you?”

Anna was confused because she couldn’t understand Yulin’s words.

“Have you been drinking?”

“None of your business!”

“Anna Xie, you don’t want me such a good decent man, and addicted to a married man? Do you like that kind of dark feeling so much? Do you have to be a cheap woman?”

Anna was very angry. She didn’t get in anyone’s way, however, she was scolded for no reason, which might be pure bad luck.

Holding back her anger, she said, “If you come here just to scold me, then you have achieved your goal, go away now.”

Saying that, Anna was about to leave.

“Stop!” Yulin stopped Anna, frowned and said, “I mean it. Stay away from that man.”

“Which man?”

“The guy you just had drinks with, don’t play amnesia with me.”

She thought for a moment and showed a sudden understanding look, which soon became angry and embarrassing.

“Are you insinuating me and Mr. Wang? Yulin Xiao, are you crazy? How can you say such things!”

“You can do it, why can’t I say it!”

“I don’t understand what’s going on in your mind and what you are thinking every day!” Anna explained patiently, “Mr. Wang is the parent of my tutor student. Besides that, I have nothing to do with him!”

However, Yulin did not believe it.

“If you really have nothing to do with him, why do you drink together in the evening?”

“He had a quarrel with his wife, and he came out to relax a bit, and then we met. He wanted to drink the old milk tea, so I took him there.”

“When does a quarrel between husband and wife become your business?”

“Tiantian is my student, is it none of my business to let him have a stable learning environment?”

“Is that true?”

“Or what do you think? Am I, Anna Xie, really willing to be some man’s mistress?”

Yulin thought what she said made senses, and he tried hard to control his laughing out.

He still muttered, “You have no intention for him, who knows if he has any intention for you.”

“You are full of nonsenses, so annoying!”

Anna didn’t want to waste time with Yulin anymore. She turned around and went towards her dorm.

“Hey, I haven’t finished. Where are you going?”

Anna no longer paid attention to Yulin and went away decisively, ignoring him.

While Yulin was not angry, on the contrary, he was relieved a lot by Anna’s words.

From what he knew about Anna’s characters, she would not lie. It seemed that she didn’t like that Mr. Wang at all. Everything was just a misunderstanding.

Anna pushed open the door of the dorm. Qiqi was lying on the bed, looking at Anna with a weak breath.

“Anna, what took you so long? I’m starving. Where’s my food?”

“Here it is. Come on to enjoy.”

Putting the food on the table, Anna hung up her schoolbag with an unhappy expression.

Qiqi’s eyes shined up when seeing the food. She took chopsticks right away, “Are there many people on the snack street today?”

“Not so many, it’s just that I met two people, which delayed some time.”

“Who did you meet?”

“Mr. Wang and Yulin Xiao.”

In a daze, Qiqi looked puzzled. She asked, “How did the two of them show up in the same place?”

“Who knows, oh dear, forget about them. I take a shower first.”

Anna went to the bathroom, leaving Qiqi’s more questions outside.


After breakfast, Anna and Qiqi went to class together.

But on the way to the teaching building, Anna saw a familiar figure.

The figure wore a loose baggy skirt, her hair was held at will, and the expression on her face was a little impatient.

From her face, the beauty of her youth could be seen.

But time had stolen her innocence and happiness, only vicissitudes remaining.

It was Mrs. Wang.

At the moment, Mrs. Wang stopped people to ask where Anna Xie was, making people puzzled.

However, she was lucky today. Without asking a few more people, Anna Xie in person bumped into her.

“Mrs. Wang, why are you here?”

Hearing Anna’s voice, Mrs. Wang froze for a minute. Then, she turned around, raised her hand and gave Anna a ruthless slap!

This sudden incident made Anna freeze as well, and the people passing by also had looks of shock.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

Qiqi guarded Anna behind her and glared at Mrs. Wang.

But Mrs. Wang didn’t seem to hear it. She glared at Anna and yelled like a maniac, “Anna Xie, I was so kind to you, but I didn’t expect that you should seduce my husband!”

Anna covered her face and defended herself angrily, “What are you talking about? I didn’t seduce your husband!”

“You didn’t seduce him, then why did he come to see you in the evening. Why did he date you? I never believed that you would do such a thing before, but in front of the evidence, you can’t deny it!”

“Mr. Wang said that he had a fight with you. He came out to relax his mind and happened to meet me. That’s all.”

“Where are so many coincidences, the city is so big, even if he wanted to relax, why did he come here?”

“Because he said you met each other here.”

Mrs. Wang’s eyes were illusioned for a second, but soon she was occupied by madness again.

“Calculating bitch! Anna Xie, I won’t believe you anymore. Today, I’m going to take you to see your school leaders, letting them see what on earth are you like!”

With that, Mrs. Wang reached out to pull Anna.

Anna dodged out of the way. She stressed, “I repeat, don’t tarnish my reputation!”

“Ha, tempting other people’s husbands, do you really mean it that you have a reputation? You’re a bitch, low, cheap and shameless bitch!”

Seeing that Mrs. Wang keeping attacking herself, Anna lost patience. She frowned and said: “Mrs. Wang, I have always respected you, but if you can’t get yourself up together, I’ll have to treat you other ways.”

“It was you that have done the shameful thing, how dare you frighten me? You were just making use of your young age to sell your body in exchange for money! Today, I’m going to teach you a lesson. I’ll see if you dare to go out to seduce men anymore in the future!”

As saying, Mrs. Wang stretched out her hands to grab Anna’s hair and pulled it down hard!


For a moment, Anna was not prepared for this, so she staggered, nearly falling to the ground.

Qiqi, with sharp eyes and quick hands, held Anna, meanwhile she patted Mrs. Wang’s arm to ask her to let go.

Although Mrs. Wang was quiet usually, when she got angry, she was as powerful as a cow. Even in front of two people, she managed to handle them.

“Crazy woman, let go!”

“Shut up, it’s none of your business. Get out of here!”

When Mrs. Wang threatened like this, Qiqi really went away.

However, Qiqi was not running away, but went to the security.

Anna was not Mrs. Wang’s match originally, and now she had no Qiqi, and she was even more helpless.

Her clothes were torn by Mrs. Wang, her face was injured, and her body was like a rag doll, which was shaken around by Mrs. Wang.

There were many students nearby watching, but none of them came forward to help.

They discussed the matter with each other, and some even took pictures of this unexpected drama with their mobile phones.

Just when Anna was on the verge of despair, Qiqi came with the security.

Two security guards worked together to subdue Mrs. Wang, but Mrs. Wang was still swearing, clamoring like a lunatic.

“Anna Xie, you whore, I won’t let you go. You dared to touch my man, I will ruin you! I will let you lose all standing and reputation! I have nothing but my husband and my son. If you dare to take them away, I will fight you to death!”

Mrs. Wang was dragged away. Anna looked in the direction they left and squinted her eyes slightly.

“Anna, forget that crazy woman, let’s go back to the dorm.”

Qiqi said and turned to help Anna up.

But Anna suddenly dodged Qiqi’s hand.

Qiqi paused and asked, “Anna, are you ok?”

Anna lowered her eyes and covered up her expression. She said in a light tone, “I’m OK. Let’s go.”

The farce was over and the crowd dispersed.

Jing Wu and Qiaoqiao Su were in the crowd, with smug looks on their faces.

Holding her arms, Jing said with a smile: “The scene just now was really wonderful. I believe it won’t be long to spread all over the campus. I told you, a scum like Anna Xie should live like a bereaved street dog. That’s her life.”

Qiaoqiao hooked the corner of her mouth, arrogant like a princess.

“This is just the beginning. Anna Xie, you’ll have to suffer a lot this time!”

Just the thought of the humiliation under Anna, Qiaoqiao wished she could skin Anna herself.

Now there was a chance finally, Qiaoqiao would not let Anna go and must make Anna pay ten times the price.

In the dorm, Qiqi helped Anna to deal with the wound. She was still murmuring, saying that Mrs. Wang was just a shrew.

But Anna didn’t have any response, as if she was not the one who had been humiliated and beaten.

After changing into clean clothes, Anna said, “Qiqi, please ask for a leave for me later.”

“OK,” Qiqi agreed without hesitating, and asked, “Do you want me to accompany you to the hospital?”

“No, I’m going out of campus to do something. I’ll go by myself.”

“Anna, you…”

Giving Qiqi a soothing smile, Anna said, “I’m OK. Don’t worry.”

It was better soothing if Anna did not smile. Actually, her smile was as if showing a determination for retaliation or something, making people feel disturbing.

When Qiqi was still wandering, Anna had already left the dorm, carrying her schoolbag and ready to leave.

Standing on the busy street, Anna took out her mobile phone, looking heavy-minded.

“Yulin Xiao, where are you?”

At this time, Yulin was preparing to attend a party.

Receiving Anna’s call made him laugh a bit.

“I’m going to Merton Manor. You can meet me there later.”


Then she hung up.

Yulin, however, noticed something different.

Why the girl’s voice was so low, did she catch a cold again?

After thinking carefully, it was quite possible.

Well, Anna didn’t say troubles for him at all. She was a big girl yet she didn’t know how to take good care of herself.

It seemed that she couldn’t do without him.

In that case, he had no choice but took over to take care of her.

After finding himself a safe and sound excuse, Yulin couldn’t help slightly curse up his lips.

Outside the manor——

The design of Merton Manor was grandly magnificent, and it had great fame and prestige in the capital city.

The people who could get in and out of here were all dignitaries with high social status.

Therefore, when Anna was arriving at the gate, the guard expectedly stopped her.

“Miss, this is a private estate, you’re not allowed to come in.”

“I’m looking for someone.” She said, with a gloomy complexion.

“Who are you looking for?”

“Yulin Xiao.”

The guard glanced up and down at Anna, thinking that how this kind of ordinary girl had anything to do with Yulin Xiao.

Was she holding some agendas and trying to sneak in?

Staring at the guard, Anna lost her patience. She frowned, “You don’t understand what I said? If I can’t get your approval, let Yulin Xiao himself talk to you.”

Seeing Anna taking out her mobile phone and about to call, the guard said: “I’m going to Mr. Xiao now, please wait a moment.”

The guard left in doubts. However, when he came back, his attitude changed 180 degrees.

“Excuse me, it’s a mistake in our work. Sorry to have you kept you waiting. Miss, this way, please.”

Anna followed the guard with no expression on her face, not knowing whether she was in joy or in anger.

Yulin in the manor heard that someone was looking for him and knew that it was Anna.

Well, the girl was punctual this time.

As a reward, he would let her see his handsome side today.

Straightening his collar, Yulin involuntarily draw up the corner of his mouth.

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