Chapter 455 – 456: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 455: Just Bring out the Ultimate Move

That guy was implying something in his words. What did he want to talk about?

Moreover, the two people had just met, and they were not so good.

How would Kris Chen care if he had been suffering?

If he flattered just for no reason, he must be planning for something secret.

Kris Chen smiled, “The process of practicing is like a long journey of sailing against the current. If you do not move forward by yourself, the water will push you back. The path of cultivation is naturally bitter.”

“Come on, fellow Wu, let me toast you!”

Kris Chen raised his glass and said.

Mudao Wu was slightly unhappy, why didn’t this person give an answer to his words?

He picked up the wine cup and drank it all in one gulp.

They chatted for a while, Mudao Wu couldn’t stand it anymore, and directly said: “My friend, would you like to be a Gongfeng in the City Lord’s mansion? I am willing to pay tribute of millions of spiritual stones to you!”

“This guy is definitely planning something secret.” Kris thought.

Although millions of spiritual stones were a large fortune, for Kris it was nothing. He thought about it, and he didn’t rush to refuse, “Gongfeng? What does that mean? Does it mean I will be at your service?”

Mudao Wu waved his hand, “Of course not, you and I are fellow friends, how could you be under me?”

Kris smiled, “You mean, I can get spiritual stones without doing anything?”

“That’s naturally…impossible.”

Mudao Wu said: “If a strong enemy come to invade the city, I need you to lend a hand.”

To put it bluntly, he needed Kris to be his high-grade paid killer.

Kris Chen touched his chin, “But I’m going to visit Three holy Sects.”

“It’s Ok.”

MuDao Wu said in his heart that it would be even better for you to go there. If the elders of the Three Holy Sects could come and support him, he would be the City Lord forever.

An accumulated spirit powerhouse could always become the senior of the Inner Gate of the Three Sacred Sects?

Even if it was just a retired elder, his deterrence wouldn’t be ordinary.

It would be a future investment.

“If my fellow would be able to enter the Three Holy Sects, I will offer considerable bonus to you.”

Eat and drink with no paying, and even take rewards. And all of this was given by the City Lord. Kris thought that he would feel sorry if he didn’t accept the offer.

At this time, the three monsters also stopped eating and drinking, looking straight at Kris Chen, because they also wanted to see how would Kris Chen answer.

“All right, you’ve been like an old friend to me, and I agree to be the Gongfeng in the city.”

Kris Chen looked that he had no choice.

Mudao Wu was overjoyed, “Well, you will be another anchor in the City Lord mansion!”

Counting Kris Chen, there were only three accumulated spirit Gongfeng in the City Lord’s Mansion.

Accumulated spirit almighty was not ordinary people, even in the Three Holy Sects, he would be a senior.

“Come on, prepare wine and food, and invite the other two Major Gongfengs, and other Major Gongfengs!”

The Major Gongfengs were accumulated spirits, and the Minor Gongfengs were primal spirits, and some of them were pill formations.

With great ambition, Mudao Wu apparently organized a small sect in his City Lord’s Mansion.

In a while, there were more people assembled in the hall. The Pill formation come first, and then the Primal spirit. Even though, the hall with hundreds of people still looked like pretty empty.

Hundreds of tables were spread out, filled with spirit wine and delicacies.

Of course, there were differences. Pill formation ate a little bit not that better than the primal spirit, and they sit in good seats.

It was not purposely arranged by Mudao. Actually, it was the reality that made it.

If he let Pill formation sit right next to primal spirit at the same table, wouldn’t the primal spirit feel losing face?

It was like a primal spirit, a junior, treated Mudao Wu as an equal friend, Mudao would just slapp him in the face.

How dare you provoke the respect of a powerhouse?

The two Major Gongfengs of the Seaside City Lord’s Mansion were not native. One came from the North Luzhou Great Qin Empire and was at the early stage of the accumulated spirit, and the other came from the remote West Shazhou and was also at the early stage of the accumulated spirit.

The two were late, and Mudao Wu was not mad at them. The powerhouses were always a little arrogant.

These two people came to the coastal province to join the Three Holy Sect.

Moved by Mudao Wu’s words, they finally agreed to join the City Lord’s mansion.

Before all of the people were present, the banquet had not begun.

Kris Chen felt okay about that, but the three monsters couldn’t help it. The spirit wine and spirit dishes were even better than just now!

None of the people sitting here were ordinary persons of no insight, and they could easily see through the three monsters.

The people sitting below showed sarcasm.

“Fellow Wu, I’m late!”

At this time, a middle-aged man wearing a blue robe and a long crown flew inside over the hall directly.

He was Taoist Qianyu, one of the two Gongfengs.

“Fellow Qianyu, let me introduce you a new fellow Taoist.”

Mudao Wu took Kris Chen’s hand and said, “Fellow Diao, this is Taoist Qianyu, a powerhouse in the early period of accumulated spirit.”

“Fellow Qianyu, this was Zhatian Diao (Kris’s pseudonym, meaning Awsome than Heaven), Taoist Diao, and also the new Gongfeng of the City Lord’s mansion, and also an accumulated spirit…”

Only the Mudao Wu realized that he hadn’t known which stage Kris Chen was at.

Kris Chen’s didn’t feel nervous about it at all, and even his heart was not beating faster: “In the early period of accumulated spirit!”

How could he only be at the early period of accumulated spirit, now he was not even at the early period of primal spirit.

However, with his super powerful combat power, even the Half-Stage Monster Emperor couldn’t be his opponent.

He has strengthened a lot these days, so he estimated in his heart that his attack method was probably not lower than the accumulated spirit.

Anyway, none of them knew his background. Why would he be afraid?

Taoist Qianyu raised his head slightly, said a light ‘um’, and then sat in his seat. His arrogant attitude seemed to look down up Kris.

Kris didn’t care. Where people gathered around, there was a society. And his arrival certainly would affect the status of Taoist Qianyu.

Taoist Qianyu had just sat down, and a sage-like old man flew from the void step by step by a bull.

He was the Senior Qingniu, an early period powerhouse of the accumulated spirit from West Shazhou.

“Taoist Wu, I’m too late, please forgive me!”

The bull landed, the Senior Qingniu folded his hands at Mudao, with a smile on his face.

“Taoist Qingniu is here! Please take your seat!”

Mudao introduced Senior Qingniu and Kris to each other, and they nodded. Now they were no longer strangers.

The banquet began. People of Pill formation became drunk and danced swords in the hall, hoping to show their talents and be supported by the primal spirit or the accumulated spirit. .

But seeing their flashy techniques, let alone the accumulated spirits, even the primal spirits didn’t think highly of them.

After being scolded by a few primal spirit bosses, these Pill formations went back to their place in anguish.

Do you think the banquet would be left out like this?

Of course not!

Several primal spirit bosses sat there and began to ramble incessantly.

They would not say anything meaningful at this kind of banquet, in short, they were just bragging!

Kris Chen laughed.

The three monsters were even more uninterested in listening to them bragging. They kept eating and drinking, trying hard to empty the dishes in front of them.

Hearing Kris Chen’s laugh, Taoist Qian Yu said, “Why was my fellow Diao laughing?”

“Oh, just thinking of something interesting.”

“Really, why don’t you share it with us?”

Taoist Qianyu said.

“I guess I’ll choose not to!”

“Come on, let us have some fun.”

Taoist Qianyu said, “I believe my fellow Taoist is not a selfish guy.”

“Sorry, I’m pretty selfish!”

How could he dare me to do it? And in such a low-grade way? Kris thought.

Hearing these words, Taoist Qianyu’s face sank slightly, and that thought that Kris let him lose face.

Senior Qingniu glanced at the two, and sighed slightly in his heart, thinking that there would be some dramas to watch at this banquet.

“City Lord, we have nothing to eat, can you give us one another round of course?”

Mudao Wu looked at Ironhead, slightly unhappy in his heart, were these three pig monsters?

They were more edible than the pig monsters. After eating so many courses on the large table just now, three rounds of meals had been served. They hadn’t eaten enough?

Were they reincarnated from starving ghosts?

Since Kris Chen was there. it was hard to open his mouth to say no.

He smiled, and was about to let his servants serve another round for the three monsters, Taoist Qianyu who was sitting aside began to say something.

“How the hell is that! How could the three little monsters enter this grace hal, sit with us at the same table and eat like hungry ghosts? Just get out of here.”

He seemed to be scolding Ironhead and the other two monsters, but in fact he intended to scold Kris Chen.

Was he abusing Kris by ostensibly pointing to his monsters?

The Seaside Holy City was the city of practitioners. It maintained a neutral attitude towards monster beasts, but sitting with monster races definitely would lower their status.

The Pill formation and the Primal Spirit sitting below had already been uncomfortable with that for a long time, and many of them immediately agreed with Qianyu’s words.

“Yes, let them get out.”

“These beasts, how can they be with us?”

Ironhead was not afraid of them at all. With Kris Chen present, he was very confident.

He transformed into beast body on the spot, grinning at the people below.

“How dare you!”

Taoist Qianyu was furious, “Today I will teach you a lesson on behalf of your master!”

The spirit in him burst out, showing the strength of the accumulated spirit powerhouse.

The momentum was combined with the general trend of the heaven and earth, and everything was crushed away in an overwhelming manner.

Under this general trend, everything must be turned into powder.

How could this be a fucking lesson, it was clearly a murderous intention.

The Senior Qingniu’s eyes flickered, and Mudao sat on the seat without taking any movement.

He actually wanted to see how Kris Chen would respond, and he also wanted to see how much strength Kris Chen had.

Kris Chen’s eyes became cold, and his momentum was naturally no stronger than Qianyu.

Then how about killing techniques.

The blade of Divine Spiritual Power was condensed. At that moment, everyone felt that there was a big sword hanging above their heads, and it might fall down at any time.

Pill formation only felt the threat occasionally, but the Primal spirit felt that they were locked in by a bitter killing intent, unable to escape or resist!

As for the Accumulated spirits, they had mastered the rhyme of Taoism, and they could fell insubstantial existences like Divine Spiritual Power.


That was… the sword of Divine Spiritual Power!

The powerful Divine Spiritual Power sword was like the sickle of the god of death.

“Fellow taoist, wait a minute!”

Mudao Wu shouted, but unfortunately… it was too late!

Chapter 456: Intense Fight


The knife of Divine Spiritual Power directly cut down, destroying the momentum of Taoist Qianyu.

Taoist Qianyu had a great alarm in his heart, and he quickly removed his momentum and took out his Divine Spiritual Power defense magic weapon, the Golden Cymbal of the Controlled Soul.

Practitioners were most afraid of the injury of Divine Spiritual Power. It is very troublesome to recover from the injury of Divine Spiritual Power. Severe injuries may make practitioners unable to improve their practice.

The golden cymbal envelops Taoist Qianyu in it. This was an extremely high-quality Taoist weapon with strong defense capabilities.

Then… the knife directly slashed the defense of the Cymbals.


The Golden Cymbal directly collapsed, and Kris Chen’s Divine Spiritual Power was also shocked a little.

In Mud Pill Palace, the little man of Divine Spiritual Power opened his eyes, using magic tricks, and the knife of Divine Spiritual Power became more powerful again.


The golden cymbals exploded directly in everyone’s view.


This magic weapon was linked to Taoist’s Qianyu’s Divine Soul, and the damage already seriously injured him.

He flew out suddenly, vomiting blood.

People in the level of Pill formation and primal spirit were shocked.

A hint of jealousy flashed in the eyes of Senior Qingniu, and Mudao Wu was overjoyed.

Soul Practitioner!

This Zhatian Diao turned out to be a mysterious and powerful soul practitioner.

That powerful Divine Spiritual Power broke the golden cymbal of the Taoist Qianyu with just one strike. Without the golden cymbal, the Taoist Qianyu would have been killed by Kris with one strike.

He was astonished that he actually found such a powerful practitioner as the Gongfeng.

After beating up the Taoist Qianyu, Kris Chen was still angry. He stepped down the steps and walked towards Taoist Qianyu, “You dare to hurt my demon? Who permits you that?”

The sword of Divine Spiritual Power hovered above Taoist Qianyu’s head, deterring him, making him not dare to have the slightest movement.

“Joke, it’s all a joke…my friend Diao…”

Taoist Qianyu has suffered heavy harm to his Divine Spiritual Power at this moment, so fighting against Kris had no good outcome.

“Joke? Who is kidding with you?”

Kris had no expression on his face. This Taoism wanted to teach Kris a lesson when they first met, and even fucked with his own demon, wanting to step on his face?

Shame on him!

Practitioners are in fights against others all their life. The only power is the truth.

Fearing that Taoist Qianyu would escape, Kris directly condensed four thousand and five hundred spiritual swords, and the lightsaber exuded an alarming vigor.

Is this the Spirit Weapon?

Mudao was shocked, and thought that Taoist Qian Yu was really playing off this time: Taoist Wu really had a murderous intention.

Taoist Qianyu was extremely angry. This daunting Taoist couldn’t forgive him just for the sake of a little monster. Did he really think he was a coward?

He called out his own thousand feather fan. This thousand feather fan is his ace magic weapon, and every feather contained the ultimate killing aura.

Kris felt his temples bulging, enveloped by the ultimate killing aura!

Seeing that the battle was about to start, Wu Mudao gave Senior Qingniu a wink, Senior Qing Niu knew his meaning and hurriedly walked over to hold Taoist Qianyu.

Wu Mudao grabbed Kris, “My friend Diao, calm down, calm down!”

“Qianyu, hold back, hold back!”

The Senior Qingniu grabbed Taoist Qianyu and shook his head at him, telling him not to be impulsive.

To be honest, Senior Qingniu is not optimistic about Taoist Qianyu. Once the fight started, Taoist Qianyu will definitely lose, and even… will die!

Everyone has been practicing for hundreds of years, and finally achieved the current level of cultivation. It was not worth it because of impulse and ruined one’s own way.

“If you want me to calm down, you ask Qianyu to apologize to them”

Kris pointed to the three demons.

Ironhead, Guantu, and Liangwan had tears all over their faces. This is their master, who with only a word of disagreement directly fights against the practitioner with accumulated spirit.

Ironhead felt like cotton was stuffed in his throat and couldn’t say a word. He was still too useless. If his practice stage was higher, he didn’t need Kris to help him.

“What? Do you want me, such a powerful practitioner of accumulated spirit, to apologize to the three little monsters?”

Taoist Qianyu was furious, “Don’t push too hard! You’ve crossed the line!”

“What about a powerful practitioner of accumulated spirit?”

Kris insisted: “A dead practitioner will be worthless!”

Threats, threats with no euphemism.

Taoist Qianyu was angry. Senior Qingniu also felt that Kris was too stubborn. Mudao had a headache. He should’ve done something earlier so that the situation wouldn’t become so terrible.

“You… come on! I admit that you are a very powerful practitioner, but it isn’t certain yet who will die and who will live!”

Taoist Qianyu’s ferocity was also aroused, and he threw away Senior Qingniu’s hand and flew directly outside the temple, “I want to fight you until one of us is dead. If you have balls, come!”

“You’ve seen it, Mudao. He provoked me repeatedly. I have given him a chance. He doesn’t cherish it and you can’t blame that on me!”

Mudao was also annoyed that Qianyu was not sensible. He was obviously not his opponent, and he kept provoking him again and again. Now he faced such a problem. How can he solve it?

No matter who wins or loses, it is a loss to Mudao.

But he is not in the position to stop this fight, otherwise even Kris would be offended, and that would really outweigh the gain.

“Why bother!”

Mudao released the hand of Kris. Kris flew to the outside of the temple, and the two great practitioners of accumulated spirit fought till death. When did these condensed pills and primal spirits watch such a scene? They all rushed out to watch.

Mudao hurriedly activated the protective shielding formation. Powerful practitioners of accumulated spirit were fighting. If there was no protection, the entire city lord mansion would be crushed by them.

The three demons also rushed out, no one dared to stop them along the way, or even the three of them too close.

In the sky, Kris and Taoist Qianyu were standing against each other. Kris did not hide the murderous intent in his eyes.

Taoist Qianyu had anger and killing intent in his eyes, and a little hidden panic!

Kris was too powerful, he had only a 30% chance sure to kill him.

Thousands feather fan is flying around him with extremely killing aura covering his whole body. even if it is Divine Spiritual Power, it can corrode.

Kris is relaxed on the surface and very nervous in his heart. This was the first time that he fought against practitioners of accumulated spirit, and it happens that through this battle, he can become familiar with the accumulated spirit’s way of fighting

Neither of them took the first shot, but their momentum had already accumulated to the top.

Taoist Qianyu took many magic potions, temporarily suppressing the wound of Divine Spiritual Power.

At this moment, Taoist Qianyu moved, “Extremely Killing Furthers!”


The thousand godly furthers turned into streamers and flew towards Kris, and the extreme killing aura contained in it filled the entire sky without leaving a single gap.

Taoist Qianyu hadn’t stopped yet. He had another sword in his hand filled with extremely killing aura.

That shocking Tao aura directly penetrated the protective array to disperse the clouds in the sky.

This is how the accumulated spirit fought? Once the fight started, there would be no room for the opponent to rest.

Tens of thousands of sword lights split across the body of Kris and flew away to meet the furthers.

“Boom boom!”

The sword sabers and thousand furthers collided with splashed sparks and the splashing aftershock plowed the earth apart, collapsing the city wall. Only the power splashed from their fight was not what practitioners of pill formation and primal spirit can take.

“Go back to the hall, this battle is not something you can watch.”

They were not eligible even for watching the battle, because the aftershock of the battle would kill them.

As for the three demons, Mudao threw a magic weapon to cover the three of them, preventing them from being injured.

“Kill him!”

The sword light in Kris’s hand flew out, and the lightsaber condensed by four thousand five hundred swords had unpredictable power.

Kris’s sword light faced Sword Energy and sent out an earth-shattering explosion.


The violent wind rolled around, and a deep pit of hundreds of meters wide appeared directly on the ground.

The battle was too fierce. Mudao quickly took out a magic weapon and threw it into the air. A soft light curtain reinforced the protective array.

This way they are not afraid of destroying the City Lord’s mansion.

Fortunately, they did not target the Great Array, otherwise, the City Lord’s Mansion Array would not be able to resist.

“The young men are really scary”

Senior Qingniu slapped his tongue. This level of battle was really terrifying.

City Lord is also powerful, with one after another magic weapon thrown out, like a practitioner with so many treasures.

Kris’s eyes became serious and fierce. Of course, the accumulated spirit is not so easy to deal with. The sword light of four thousand five hundred swords can’t be resister by the half-step Monster Emperor, but Taoist Qianyu blocked it.

The slightest error would cause huge problems, and the Tao cannot be calculated.

There are also those tens of thousands of feathers, each of which is comparable to the full blow of the primal spirit’practitioner.

His Sword Power needs to condense a hundred to be able to resist one further, which means in two moves, he had consumed more than 100,000 Sword Power.

One-fifth of his sword powerful was directly used.

He can’t let this happen continuously and must fight quickly. God knows whether Taoist Qianyu has any hidden moves.

The higher the stage one enters, the more difficult it is to challenge someone in the higher stage.

It’s not that he had few moves, but that he was too weak.

At this time, Taoist Qianyu’s fear toward Kris reached its peak.

Those two moves just now were his killer moves, and Kris took them and judging from his expression, it seemed to be very easy.

He was really going to vomit blood, the Divine Spiritual Power’s wound almost broke out, so he had to fight quickly.

“Accumulated for me!”

Taoist Qianyu combined Thousand furthers together, and a Suzaku full of flames soared in the air.

“Suzaku kill!”

Taoist Qianyu shouted, “Die !”

Suzaku uttered a loud voice, and Tao aura was condensed to the extreme.

Extremely killing aura is not too strong among many kinds of aura, but it is considered at least the middle class.

Mudao was secretly frightened, even he would be seriously injured by this strike.

The accumulated spirit was really not simple.

Kris was shocked. Is this the strongest attack of the accumulated spirit?

Under the Tao aura’s crush, he felt the powerful pressure, and the space was full of murderous intent, which made his mind fall.

This had nothing to do with the attack power, this was the gap between Taoist stages.

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