Chapter 455: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 455 Destroy Me When You Can’t Get Me?

Jingyan Ye looked at Yulin Xiao, his fingers supporting his cheek, “Why do I feel you today…”

Turning to look at Jingyan, Yulin asked: “Very handsome, right?”

“No, very seductive.”

“Nonsense, you just don’t know how to appreciate beauty.”

Hearing this, Chuxue put down the cake in her hand, looked at Yulin askew and said, “I didn’t see handsome, I just feel you have more laughter on your face. Yulin, is something good happening today?”

“It doesn’t count as a good thing actually. Just in a while, I’ll introduce someone to you.”

Seeing Yulin’s attitude, Yiyao said with a smile, “It’s a woman, is it?”

With a finger snap, Yulin said: “You are worthy of being the queen flower in the army before. You guessed it right.”

Today was a family reunion. It was unexpected that Yulin would call a woman over. It could be seen that this woman had an extraordinary position in Yulin’s heart.

Zhao Nangong patted Yulin on the shoulder and said, “A woman who can be brought you out to meet us is definitely not an ordinary woman.”

“Of course.”

“This time, for serious?”

“Yes, I’m serious about every relationship.”

Upon hearing this, everyone booed him in unison.

“Hey, what was that for? Do you think I’m lying?”

“We don’t think you are lying, just feeling that your emotions are overflowing everywhere like a flood.”

Ignoring these guys, Yulin turned his head to glance over at the door, seeming to be looking forward to see Anna.

At the moment, the towering door was pushed open. The crowd heard the sound and immediately focused on the doorway.

They saw a thin girl standing there, against the light.

At first, everyone couldn’t see Anna’s face clearly.

But when everyone got used to the light, they were all taken aback.

Anna’s face was full of injuries, bruised and scratched. She was in a mess.

There were also scars on her exposed naked limbs. It looked like she had just been scratched.

Yulin quickly stood up and walked to Anna’s side, “What’s the matter with you? Is it the make-up for a play?”

As he said, Yulin reached out to wipe the wound on the corner of Anna’s mouth, thinking that even if this girl was anxious to see him, she couldn’t come without removing her makeup.

Anna couldn’t bear the pain from his wiping and patted away Yulin’s hand.

He didn’t expect that it was a real wound. Yulin was shocked for a moment, and then said angrily, “Someone dares to hit you! Who is it?”

With a sneer, Anna said sarcastically, “Who is it, shouldn’t you know best?”

“What are you talking about? How should I know?”

Anna looked at Yulin coldly, “Yulin Xiao, stop pretending. Just because I don’t listen to you, you’re going to ruin me, aren’t you?”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Well, since you want to hear it, I’ll enlighten you.” Anna sneered, her eyes full of disappointment, “Just now, Mrs. Wang went to school for me. In front of everyone, she beat up the so-called mistress of her husband. It was really exciting. The beater only cared about letting herself feel satisfied and happy and refused to listen to any explanation. Those who watched the drama only cared about the excitement of the show, and they didn’t care about the truth. Only the beaten one had no idea why it was happening and bored all this in disbelief. Is that fair? It’s not fair at all. In this game, you’ve always been the leader. I’m like a puppet with strings controlled by you. When you are happy, you call the puppet over to play with you. When you’re not happy, you just torture the puppet to death.”

Anna told herself to be strong, but as she was saying, she was unable to bear the shedding tears.

She thought Yulin was different. He was rich, he was rebellious, but his heart was kind.

But now, it seemed that all was Anna’s self-indulgent imagination.

In Yulin’s eyes, she was just a plaything.

Thinking of this, Anna’s tears fell off like strings of pearls.

Such Anna touched Yulin deeply.

Now he understood. Someone was looking for Anna’s trouble, and she thought that he was the mastermind.

Anna didn’t trust him, which made Yulin upset and irritating.

But at the sight of Anna’s embarrassed appearance, all the anger disappeared in smoke.

Yulin just wanted to comfort Anna properly, and didn’t want her to shed another tear.

Seeing such a scene, everyone was shocked.

Was this Yulin’s special girl?

They must have quite a long history.

However, with Yulin’s temperament, he never tolerated others yelling at him, even the former Wei Yu.

So, everyone got ready for Yulin being losing temper. In a moment, they might need to stop a fight and protect the girl.

Even though they hadn’t known the truth of the matter, the girl had been injured, so they couldn’t let Yulin use violence against her any more.

However, an unexpected scene happened.

Gently stroking Anna’s long hair, Yulin said, “Anna, I didn’t do that.”

“Not you, then who else can it be?” Anna stepped back, keeping the distance between the two. She accused, “Yulin Xiao, I told you, I just want to live a simple life, don’t come to play with me, why can’t you let go of me? When will you finish torturing me?”


“If you want to continue to play, all right, I will use all my life to play with you! Yulin Xiao, beggars are not afraid of nobles. If you force me into a desperate corner, I will do anything to defend myself!”

With these words, Anna turned around and left.

“Wait a moment, Miss.”

A clear and firm voice rang out. Anna stopped slightly and looked back.

Yiyao stood up and nodded to the girl with a gentle smile.

Originally, Yiyao didn’t want to get involved in this matter.

But she had no choice, Chuxue had been pulling her sleeve by the side, asking her to keep Anna stay. If she didn’t do something, Chuxue would do it.

With Chuxue’s temperament, as soon as she opened her mouth, she would only make things more complicated, so Yiyao had to do the tough job.

“You’re hurt, and the wound is on your face. You’d better have it treated as soon as possible, otherwise it will leave scars.”

Chuxue echoed on the side, “Yes, yes, you are so pretty, if you have a scar on your face, how pitiful it will be. Come on, sit down first. We have a doctor in the manor, he can take care of it for you.”

“No troubles, I can take a taxi to the hospital.”

“In that case, a lot of time will be wasted on the road. So, you’d better listen to our suggestion. Take care of the wound first. After you recover, we’ll help you deal with Yulin Xiao. This guy is always wild and rebellious, and we’ve long been disliking him.”

As saying, Chuxue stared at Yulin with a look of finding a new best friend who had the same enemy and hatred.

Chuxue was good-intentioned, but Yulin was ungrateful at all.

If Anna accepted this condition, wasn’t it equal to admitting that he was the disgraceful informer?

That was enough. Where were these people’s brains? Were they eaten by zombies! And this Chuxue, was she here to be his helper or an enemy!

Walking a few steps to Anna’s side, Yiyao said in a tone of no rejection, “The doctor will be here in a minute, let me take you to a room to rest and wait.”

“No, thanks.”

Closing up to Anna, Yiyao lowered her voice to kindly remind her out of “goodwill”.

“Miss, I believe you know Yulin well. Obviously, he doesn’t want to let you go now. Even if you want to leave, he will try his best to make you stay. If you two really got into a fighting, I don’t know what the guy will do. You’d better join us. He doesn’t dare touch you at least for the sake of us.”

Lifting eyes to look at the woman in front, Anna was a bit moved.

She was so good-looking. Her eyes emitted firm perseverance and her whole body exuded uplifting spirits, making people can’t help but believe what she said.

But she knew Yulin well, which showed that their relationship was not simple.

Could she believe such a person?

Seeing that Anna was still hesitating, Chuxue began to lobby, “We are people you can trust, and we are different from Yulin Xiao.”

What? This Chuxue Ye, she’d better not open her mouth. When she did, she could piss him off in a second.

Yulin wanted to sew her mouth on.

Realizing that Yulin was going to be angry, Zhao Nangong pulled her hand hurriedly to signal her to stop talking.

Chuxue’s lips moved, but before she opened her mouth, Yiyao spoke first.

“Miss, it doesn’t matter who I am. You just need to remember that I’m the one who can keep Yulin under control.”

“It’s true. Sister Yiyao is a big shot. No one dares to disobey her.”

“Come on, both of you need to calm down.”

With that, Yiyao took Anna away in a manner of not taking rejection for an answer.

In order to watch the show, Chuxue followed up.

Yulin was about to leave but stopped by Jingyan, “If you don’t want things to get worse, for the time being, leave the girl to Yiyao.”

Yulin felt angry. He didn’t do anything yet he was labeled as a bad man. Who could he talk reason with?

Seeing Yulin’s anger, Zhao said with the tone of an onlooker: “Take it easy, don’t be impatient. As long as it is a misunderstanding, it will be solved, and Yiyao is on it. There will be no problem.”

With that, Zhao pressed Yulin back to his seat and continued to persuade him.

On the other side.

The doctor dealt with the wound for Anna and gave her some oral medicine, saying, “The wound is no big deal. Just have a good rest. Take medicine on time these two days. Don’t touch water.”

“Thank you.”

Taking the medicine, Anna wanted to leave right away.

But the doctor said, “Miss, you’d better have a rest before you go, so as not to be harmed by the wind to slow up healing the wound.”

“Oh, I see.”

After the doctor left, Anna looked at the doorway every now and then, with worries and uneasiness.

Just now she was in the peak of anger, so she was fearless to scold Yulin harshly in public.

But now calming down, she realized how much trouble she had caused.

With Yulin’s temper, she was sure that he would come in later to kill her himself.

Well, in order to save her own life, she’d better find a way to leave.

Seeing that Anna was worried, Yiyao said, “Relax, Yulin dares not come in here without my permission.”

Chuxue assisted on the side: “Yes, unless he doesn’t want to live. With us here, Yulin can’t never get his hand on you.”

Looking at the two women besides her, Anna could feel their kindness.

In these two people, there was an amazing aura of good education emitting out, letting people know from the first sight on them that they must be ladies from famous families.

It was just why could such kind people get involved with Yulin Xiao?

Gently biting her red lips, Anna asked the question in her heart.

On this subject, Chuxue was speechless.

She sighed and said, “We don’t want it either, but we are sort of relatives, it’s hard to get rid of him.”

“I see.”

Yiyao had been looking at Anna. She slightly tilted her head and said, “Although Yulin is a dandy dude with a bad temper, but his characters are OK. I just heard your accusation against him, it seems that you think he did something to betray you?”

“It’s not what think, it’s the truth.”

When Anna thought of it, her anger came back.

“He’s a man who is happy for the previous minute and angry in the next, and he needs to be surrounded by obedient people. If I don’t obey, he will try various means to torture me, and damage my reputation on purpose. Such an abominable person is simply disgusting.”

Yiyao and Chuxue looked at each other and thought to themselves that the two indeed have stories going on, which were worth digging and exploring.

Handing a glass of water to Anna, Chuxue said, “Miss, can you be more specific?”

Holding the glass of water, Anna took a breath lightly, adjusted her mood and spoke slowly.

“I had been working as a tutor in a family, teaching the child of the family English. The man and wife of that family were nice to me. But today, the wife heard some rumors not knowing from where and went to school for me, saying that I seduced her husband and fought with me. As for the rumor, I’m sure it had to with Yulin.”

“Why are you so sure?”

When mentioning this matter, Anna’s eyes across the light of indignation, “Because the night before, Yulin found me and talked about it. He used dirty words to warn me. He threatened me the day before, and it happened the next day. It’s obvious that Yulin Xiao did the dirty trick!”

Yiyao, holding her arms, said: “With my understanding of Yulin Xiao, he hates evil as his enemy, and he will never take the initiative to frame others.”

“You are his relative, of course you speak for him.”

“Miss, don’t jump to a conclusion. Let the truth speak.”

“What truth? What happened is the truth.”

“What you see may not be the truth.” Yiyao said, “Leave it to me. If Yulin really did it, we’ll make him apologize to you. If not, I hope you to stop being angry with him and make up with him.”

After consideration, Anna nodded, “OK.”

Seeing Anna nodding in agreement, Chuxue hurriedly added, “Now that you have agreed, you can’t go back on your words.”

“I, Anna Xie, never regret on my decisions.”

“Well, good.” Yiyao came to liking this girl. She nodded with a smile, “Well, give me your contact, I’ll let you know as soon as I find out the truth.”

Anna went to her bag for the pen and paper, and saw a review book for elementary school students.

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