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“What kind of special man?” Chuck Cannon asked while lying on Logan’s lap.

Why is Logan’s smile so gentle?

What a special man is this? Chuck Cannon is a little bit…envious and disappointed.

However, Chuck Cannon has dispelled such thoughts, he can’t think about it, he must respect Logan!

Logan is so good, perfect, and able to take away her first kiss. She must be a man who can match her!

Yes, Logan really thought of that night, when Chuck Cannon was outside his bar, when Chuck Cannon pulled herself out, wearing a cat mask, and Chuck Cannon kissed herself.

That feeling was very electrocuted until now Logan understood that it seemed to be a feeling of the heartbeat.

“It’s very special anyway, very special.” Logan looked down at Chuck Cannon.

In fact, Logan’s feelings are very simple, because she hasn’t tried it. In Logan’s eyes, other men don’t have a feeling of heart, but why do you want to think about Chuck Cannon more and more?

She understood now that in Logan’s heart, Chuck Cannon was a pure boy, and she was innocent of feelings. In this respect, they coincided…

But if Chuck Cannon knew Logan’s thoughts, he would vomit blood because of guilt, because what did Chuck Cannon do at that time?

He secretly watched Logan’s back and even dreamed of Logan at night, more than once, even when he came here last time, he sneaked into Logan’s room and saw her usual clothes…

However, Logan didn’t know. Even if she did, what would she look like? Uh, it should be shy, most embarrassing…

“Then you didn’t plan to be with this special man?” Chuck Cannon asked.

“This…I…” Logan was silent for the first time.

How do you say this, with Chuck Cannon? Logan thinks it’s impossible. Logan is a person who doesn’t like to force and doesn’t ask for rewards. She thinks that she can give, so she will do so instead of pursuing giving in return.

So, she will let Chuck Cannon and Yvette break up? Then be with yourself in an open and honest way?

Logan didn’t even think about such a thing. All she thought was to give in silently. When Chuck Cannon needed comfort, she could be by his side and meet all Chuck Cannon’s requirements. The rest, let it happen.

This is Logan’s idea.

“Is this man who doesn’t want to be with you Aunt Logan?” Chuck Cannon was angrier. Is this because he didn’t admit it?

Logan, such a beautiful woman, that man actually kissed Logan and didn’t recognize her?

To be honest. If this man was himself, he would definitely recognize, what a perfect woman? How can he bear it?

“No, I, I don’t know either,” Logan said softly.

Lost in her heart, Chuck Cannon didn’t have any evil thoughts in her eyes. She didn’t think about these things, but she didn’t have any evil thoughts. Then it meant that she was not interested in herself, how could she like herself?

At this time, the reason why he leans over and likes to lean on himself is because of his comfort, his habit, and even because… he is his aunt, relying on what he should…

“Who is this person, I’ll find him!!” Chuck Cannon was annoyed.

“No, why will you be looking for him?” Logan was embarrassed to the extreme. At that time, you took the kiss away, yes, but you regarded me as Yvette!

“Why can’t I find him? Aunt Logan, I want you to be happy.” Chuck Cannon was very serious.

This kind of woman should be loved and not spoiled by men.

She shouldn’t have been single for so long, because the person who can kiss Logan must be the man who has already walked into Logan’s heart?

Even his own kiss, Logan’s reaction, Chuck Cannon can think of, definitely will be very angry!

“As long as he is happy, I… will be happy too,” Logan said.

Chuck Cannon sighed, unable to continue speaking, what else could he say? Logan was too considerate of others, and Chuck Cannon felt sorry for her.

“It’s late, go to sleep,” Logan said.

Chuck Cannon closed his eyes and leaned her head on Logan for a long time before falling asleep. Logan kept watching, and she suddenly smiled, “Chuck’s sleeping is so interesting. This little snore… has a sense of rhythm…”

Early the next morning, Chuck Cannon woke up. Logan watched him get up before going to make breakfast. Chuck Cannon washed out and saw Lara.

She didn’t sleep much all night, mainly because she couldn’t sleep. She felt that it was too out of place to be here, so she wanted to go back. Why not ask other brokerage companies in Beijing?

Lara has made up her mind, she must be a star and make a lot of money.

“Chuck Cannon, I, I will go out later, thank you this time.” Lara was disappointed. In fact, when she slept last night, the door was not closed.

She was thinking, would Chuck Cannon be lonely without a woman beside him? So she thought, if Chuck Cannon opened the door and came in last night, she would not mind.

But in the middle of the night, Chuck Cannon didn’t come in. Lara felt that Chuck Cannon was not interested in herself? Well, he’s not interested, so he hasn’t come in.

“Where are you going? Why did you go to the agency? You want to be a star?” Chuck Cannon looked at her weirdly, what Lara said, her appearance is definitely not better than Yvette and others, but her body is comparable, but being a star may be Positioning as the kind of female, female figure, etc., if you are filming, you will miss the figure and attract the otaku. It should be more difficult to get ahead.

Unless she has acting skills, she…when she is crying, she makes Chuck Cannon feel a little bit that acting skills can be honed, and talk to Director Yue Buying for whom trying to arrange roles for her should be possible. This is just one sentence.

“Well, I will be a star,” Lara lowered her head.

“What type?”

“I want to make movies, TV shows, and sing songs,” Lara whispered.

Chuck Cannon laughed, Lara asked, “What are you laughing at? I want to do it.”

“Let you shoot the fruit, the play, do you shoot?” Chuck Cannon tested Lara’s bottom line.

When Lara heard this, she thought of the photo she took to Chuck Cannon. She blushed and shook her head, “No, but if you want to see it. I can take it for you alone.”

Anyway, Chuck Cannon has watched it, so there is no need for Lara to hesitate?

Chuck Cannon coughed, “This…If you want to be a star, then I can give you a chance,”

“Really!?” Lara was pleasantly surprised.

“Yes, my Auntie Logan has a film company. I can let you in to shoot some, but at the beginning, it must be a small role. You can make your own efforts and let other directors take advantage of your acting skills.” Chuck Cannon isn’t busy. He can help.

“En, thank you, thank you very much.” Lara almost cried in surprise. She knew Chuck Cannon had such a relative and should have looked for him a long time ago. If she had looked for him, then she would not have encountered such a thing.

“It’s okay. After breakfast, I’ll take you to see.”

“it is good,”

Logan’s breakfast was ready. When the three of them were eating together, Chuck Cannon said. Of course, Logan said that it’s okay. In fact, Logan also thinks that Lara has potential in this area. If she works hard, she should be able to get ahead. Open a movie company. This kind of resource is a matter of her one sentence.

After dinner, Logan drove Chuck Cannon and Lara to the company to solve Lara’s problem. Logan also wanted to solve her company’s affairs.

When she arrived at the company, Logan took Lara to meet the director and asked Lara to perform at will. It was really interesting. Lara could play that kind of violent female and unreasonable roles.

Logan made such an arrangement, and the director immediately said that Lara could act, and Lara was very happy.

Chuck Cannon shrugged and answered a call, Betty’s.

“Hey, Sister Li.”

“Master, you have to be careful. Black Rose did not show up near the hotel yesterday. She should have gone to the capital to find you.” Betty said concerned.

This black rose is really cunning.

Betty wanted to bring someone over to find Chuck Cannon.

“Well, I know.” Chuck Cannon had murderous intent in his eyes, he was about to meet this woman.

“What’s going on with the Qian family?”

“Master, I have found the loopholes in several large companies of the Qian family, and I am ready to start rectification.” This kind of thing, Karen Lee’s network information can easily find these loopholes of the entire company, That is fast!

“Then the whole money family will start, I want to see the money family become pauper!” Chuck Cannon said expectantly.

Now, let me see where Qian Yueying’s superiority comes from!!

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