Chapter 456: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 456 Another Way to Make A Living

Seeing that file, Anna Xie sighed helplessly.

“Hay! Another way to making money got blocked. Does God want to destroy me?”

Hearing Anna’s sigh, Chuxue asked with concern, “What, anything else?”

Writing her number down on the paper, Anna shook her head, “Nothing. It’s just that life has been really tough lately. I really need a job because I am in desperate need of money, but the result always turns out frustrating. I won’t hold long. Soon I’ll be penniless.”

“You need money?” Chuxue snapped her fingers and smiled, “that’s easy. Come to mydessert shop and work for me. I am in need of a helper.”


“Of course! When did I lie to you?” Chuxue looked Anna up and down then said, “you are so pretty! A lot of people will come for your beauty!”

Chuxue wasn’t sure about other people, but she was quite certain that Yulin Xiao would be the first one to come.

After saying goodbye to each other, Yiyao Duan had someone send Anna back to her school.

The other side, Yulin was waiting anxiously when Yiyao and Chuxue came back.

Seeing that the two came back without Anna, Yulin frowned, “Where’s she?”

Yiyao said slowly, “I had someone send her back to school.”

“Why did you do that? I should be the one to send her. She’s my lady.”

Yiyao laughed scornfully and said, “Your lady? Does she think so too?”

Yulin said with a guilty conscience, “There’s some misunderstanding.”

“You think it’s misunderstanding, but she doesn’t think so.”

Yulin said worriedly, “What did Anna say to you?”

“Long story short, someone went to her school and found trouble for her. She thinks you are responsible for it.”

“I really have nothing to do with it. I am better than that!”

“We trust you, but she doesn’t. You have to find some solid evidences to prove yourself.”

Yulin clenched his fist and said angrily, “It’s easy. I’ll find out who is making up this story!”

Hearing this, Yiyao said, “Let me do it. It’s more convincing.”

“No need…”

Before Yulin finished, Jingyan Ye, who had been standing by the side started to say, “What, you don’t trust my wife?”

Hay! Yiyao was a pain in the ass. Yulin was not sure if he could handle both Yiyao and Jingyan.

So, for his own good, he had to shake his head unwillingly, “No no, I trust your wife.”

“Fine. It’s a deal. Let’s go home, Yiyao.”

Then Jingyan held Yiyao’s hand and was about to leave the mansion.

Chuxue hurriedly said, “Brother, wait, we’ll go with you!”

Chuxue grabbed Zhao Nangong and went out.

Yulin was left alone in the restaurant.

He sat in the chair and rubbed his face.

He had wanted to introduce Anna to Jingyan and the others. But those troublesome things just happened, and he did not see it coming at all.

“If I find out who’s behind this, I would skin that person alive!” he swore.

The medicine that Anna applied to her face really worked.

By the time she came back to school, the red scratches on her face had almost all vanished.

But the scratch on her heart healed way much slower.

Anna knew that she was bound to face more challenges this time.

More rumors and hurtful words about her would spread.

It gave her a headache when she thought of this.

But she was unable to escape. She had no choice but to face it herself.

Standing in front of the school gate, Anna took a deep breath and walked in.

As she expected, the students all stopped to look at her.

But it felt quite different. The students were just looking at her without saying anything to each other. They looked a bit terrified.

“What, the scratches on my face scare them?” Anna touched her face and paced up. She wanted to go back to her dorm and check herself in the mirror.

As soon as Anna entered the dormitory building, the two bodyguards following her stopped.

It turned out that the two guards got people scared, and that’s why they did not dare talk rumors about Anna.

One man in black took out his phone and dialed a number.

“Yes, Miss Anna has entered the dormitory building, okay.”

Then he nodded to the other guy and they both left.

Hearing that someone’s opening the door, Qiqi hurriedly ran over to the door and found it’s Anna. She asked, “Anna, how are you? I’ve call you so many times today! Why didn’t you answer?”

Anna put her schoolbag on the table and said weakly, “I muted my phone. Sorry I didn’t hear the phone ring.”

“I am so worried about you! You didn’t pick up my calls and it made me anxious! But now you seem to feel a lot better than this morning.”

“Life needs to go on. I can’t always be depressed. By the way, there must be a lot rumors around about me.”

“There were some. But since lunch time, no one has ever talked about it.”

Anna frowned, “It feels strange.”

“That’s a good thing! Maybe they just don’t think it as something big deal. You need to stop thinking about it.”

Anna dared not be too optimistic about it. She had seen so many dark sides of human, so she’s always alerted.

As they were chatting, Qiqi saw the screen of Anna’s phone lit up. So she reminded her, “Anna, your phone is ringing.”

Anna took a glace at the number on the screen and her pale got pale suddenly.

It’s Mr Wang.

Anna had no wish of having any further connections with this man.

But she felt it necessary to answer his call because what happened today had something to so with him.

Anna said to Qiqi, “Excuse me, I need to get this.”


Anna came to a quiet corner in the corridor and answered the call.


The man in the phone sounded tired. He said with a tone as if he felt guilty, “Anna, I heard that my wife gave you hard time today. I am sorry about it.”

Anna looked down and did not accept his apology. She said, “Rather than apologize to me, I suggest you solve your family problems first. Mrs Wang will keep hassling me if the misunderstanding are not settled.”

“Let me handle it. I will make her apologize to you. I…”

Before he finished talking, Anna heard a sharp scream in the phone.

“Who the hell are you calling? Is she that bitch?”

“Enough! Do not talk nonsense!”

“I am talking nonsense? You know it in your heart! I am telling you, don’t you want to dump me for someone younger after all that I’ve done for you!”

“You are being so irrational!”

“Mom, dad, stop arguing, please!”

The sound of arguing, crying and smashing things really made Anna upset.

She felt a headache so she hung up the phone. She knew it’s not the end yet.

Anna leaned her body against the wall and sighed.

The following days were quite peaceful, which was out of Anna’s expectation. No one talked rumors about her at all.

Mrs Wang did not come to her any more. Anna guessed that Mrs Wang must have been stopped by Mr Wang.

But was that really so?

Actually, what Anna didn’t know was, while she was not noticing, the two men in black stopped Mrs Wang from entering the school.

Mrs Wang felt so angry and started to curse Anna outside the school gate.

The two bodyguards had no choice but to take her away and taught her lesson, and warned her not to come again.

As for inside the school yard, the guards were everyone too.

Whoever talked rumors about Anna would be taken away and taught a lesson.

That’s why when Anna went back to school, no one dared say anything about Anna. They all looked intimidated.

Thus, nobody dared talk rumors any more. They all avoided Anna.

Seeing that things didn’t go as she planned, Qiaoqiao Su felt resentful.

Jing Wu frowned and said, “What’s going on? Looks like there are someone protecting Anna Xie in secret. Qiaoqiao, what do you say? Could they be Yulin Xiao’s men?”

“Whoever they are, they won’t be able to save that slut!”

“Are you going to fight against Yulin Xiao? We are not his match. Forget about it!”

Qiaoqiao showed a tricky smile and said, “I don’t have to do it myself. I am not that stupid.”

“Then what are you going to do?”

“You don’t have to know. Just enjoy the show.”

Qiaoqiao laughed and walked away. Jing did not understand Qiaoqiao’s words but she knew Anna was going to suffer.

And that’s exactly what she wanted to see.

Being called to the dessert shop by Chuxue, Yulin looked impatient and unhappy.

He sat in the chair and had a sip of water, then he asked, “What do you want me here for?”

Chuxue looked calm and teased him, “What a bad temper! Can’t you talk nicely now?”

Seeing that Chuxue looked calm, Yulin assumed that there’s nothing urgent. Sp he stood up and said, “Well, if there’s nothing important, excuse me.”

“Wait! I invented a kind of cake with a new taste. Why don’t you have a taste of it?”

“I am not a dessert person.”

“Come on! Have a taste! It will make your jaws drop,” before Yulin agreed, Chuxue hurriedly said to the waitress in a loud voice, “A moon forest, please!”

Since Chuxue asked, Yulin had to return to his chair and got seated. He complained, “The name sounds beautiful, but I assume it’s nothing different from the black forest cake.”

“Moon forest, please enjoy.”

The waitress put the cake in front of Yulin and said lightly.

But her voice stunned Yulin.

He looked up and saw the woman standing in front him. Then his eyes were stared round.

Anna Xie?

Anna could felt that Yulin was looking at her. But she kept her head lowered to avoid making eye contact with Yullin. She just put the dessert on the table and hurriedly left.

Seeing that Yulin had been staring at Anna, even when she had already disappeared from his sight, Chuxue laughed and waved her hand in front of Yulin’s face, “Come back!come back!”

Yulin got himself back and his reason back. Then he frowned and asked Chuxue, “Why is she here?”

Chuxue shrugged, “She works for me.”

“Why doesn’t she go to any other place? Why does she choose to work here?”

“Because she’s in need of money and I of a helper. That’s simple.”

Chuxue looked innocent but Yulin didn’t but it.

He knew Chuxue too well – she loves to get herself involved in all kinds of things. Now that she knew about Anna, she wouldn’t just stand by and watch.

Yulin squinted his eyes and asked, “What’s going on in your evil mind?”

Chuxue said with a righteous look, “Nothing! I just want to help you.”

Apparently, Yulin didn’t believe her words at all. He stared at her, “You just want to have something fun because your life is too boring, don’t you?”

“Come on! Don’t be so direct! I do hope you and Anna can clear the misunderstandings between you.”

Yulin crossed his arms and looked serious, “Whatever plan you have in your mind, do not bully Anna.”

“Yulin, you know me well enough, and you shouldn’t have said that. Don’t worry, she’s being taken good care of here. No one can bully her.”

Chuxue said and at the same time she was observing Yulin’s expression on his face.

Chuxue had wanted to ask him the last time but there were too many people.

But now, Chuxue could ask as she wanted, “Yulin, are you serious this time?”

“Stay out of my business!”

“Your business? You think I am just a nobody to you? If you think I should stay out of your business, I’ll tell your parents about it! See whether they’ll stay in or out of your business!”

Yulin warned right away, “One word, Chuxue, if you tell them one word about this, I’ll kick your ass!”

“Come on! I don’t even have to say! They’ll know anyway. What, you think they don’t read newspapers? You caused quite a big trouble last time!”

“I’ll handle it. You will only make things worse.”

Facing Yulin’s warning, Chuxue shook her head, “Yulin, you cannot not clap with one hand. Don’t you know that? Anna is avoiding you now. If you can’t get the support from your family, you will be stuck. Having an ally is very important. Now, what do you think?”

Yulin squinted his eyes and said, “What do you want to say?”

Chuxue looked at Yulin with a poor and cute look, “I am bored anyway. Let me help you.”

“Will you be that kind-hearted?”

“What your words! I am your sister anyway! And I like Anna. She’s different from those skin-deep beauties. You are getting older and older, so I need to keep an eye on any good girls for you.”

“Okay, I’ll believe you this time,” Yulin knew that Chuxue had got a point. So he continued, “Notify me of anything concerning Anna. She got herself in trouble the other day. Be careful.”

“I am here. Don’t worry.”

“By the way, you said you would help me find the evidence. How is it going?”

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