Chapter 457 – 458: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 457: Kill Taoist Qianyu

There was no way out, so Kris Chen had to call out the Red Blood Sword. The sword’s whole body was red in his hand, and there were tens of thousands of sword energies around the sword.

Kris Chen could feel that the soul of the weapon was still asleep at this time, apparently comprehending and absorbing Tao aura.

When his mind moved, twenty thousand, thirty thousand, forty thousand, all the way to eighty thousand sword energies appeared, and it was still not to his limit.

The gap between the Supreme Taoist Weapon and the Spirit Weapon was too large, but the Zhuque of the Taoist Qianyu was coming towards them. It was too late to stack the sword energy, and Kris Chen waved the sword.

Only the sword energy remained in the world.

The weight of millions of kilograms, with intense kinetic energy, exceeded ten million kilograms under the impact.


The Zhuque was directly blasted to pieces, and then the sword was still lighting, and the Taoist Qianyu came out through the sword.

Taoist Qianyu vomited blood violently, and his magic weapon was ruined!

This Zhuque Sword has half-footed into the category of Spirit Weapon, as long as it could fully integrate with the Ultimate kill Tao area, it would be a Spirit Weapon.

It was a pity that it was broken now.

Taoist Qianyu’s injury of the Divine Spiritual Power couldn’t be suppressed, and he quickly took out the Ultimate kill Sword to resist.

However, it was useless to resist it by the sword.

The Ultimate kill Sword was divided into two pieces, and it directly beheaded Taoist Qianyu, even the primal spirit did not escape and was killed by it!


The remaining sword light bombarded on the array, the first array collapsed directly, and the second light curtain trembled violently, and then the sword light finally dissipated.

The power of the 80,000 sword spirits was so terrifying, and the quantitative change led to qualitative change, which was also in the expectation of Kris Chen.

After he passed the Heavenly Punishment that day, the sword spirit’s attribute had a remarkable change. It was no longer a pure earth attribute, but with a hint of thunder attribute, which significantly increased the power of sword energy.

However, it consumed too much sword spirits, and he must continue to improve his strength, and his safety came from the sword spirits in the acupuncture points.

He consumed a third of the total five hundred thousand sword spirits. If he didn’t hurt Qianyu with the Divine Spiritual Power Sword initially, this battle would be dangerous.

He moved his hand, and he captured the primal spirit of Taoist Qianyu that was about to dissipate, and he directly put it into the Red Blood Sword body.

The primal spirit of the accumulated spirit’s powerhouse was much stronger than the Supreme Monster.

Then Kris Chen took back his sword. Kris Chen also took the Zhuque Sword and Qianyu’s storage ring.

It was really common to see that people killed others and took away their weapons.

The Senior Qingniu almost pulled off his beard. Mudao Wu had a mixed feeling. He was happy because he has attracted a powerhouse from accumulated spirit, but he was worried because he lost one Gongfeng.

However, he quickly adjusted his mentality. One strongman was better than thousands of good-for-nothing.

After taking off the protective shield, three demons greeted him and looked at him with worshipful eyes.

Wielding the sword to kill an accumulated spirit, Kris Chen was so handsome.

“You are so powerful, and I admire you for that!”

Senior Qingniu stepped forward to congratulate.

“Don’t flatter me. I was lucky then to kill Taoist Qianyu.”

Senior Qingniu didn’t take it seriously because he knew Kris Chen was humble.

“Mr. Wu, it was my fault to act recklessly.”

Kris Chen apologized to Mudao Wu.

“No, no, no. That Taoist Qianyu was so arrogant, and he should be killed.”

Mudao Wu blamed the death of Taoist Qianyu on his own and showed the cruelty of the spiritual world to the fullest.

Kris Chen smiled and said nothing. If he died today, he was afraid Mudao Wu would say the same to Taoist Qianyu.

“Please come in, Mr. Chen!”

Mudao Wu made a gesture.

Kris Chen walked into the hall.

His gaze swept across the hall, and no one dared to look at him. The three monsters followed him behind, also sneered at them.

These guys were rampant just now. Why was everyone scared now?

No matter where you were, the man who was the strongest, had the right to talk.

The banquet restarted again, and someone would clean up the mess outside. It was a matter for mortals, but it was only a day’s work for practitioners.

“Come on, everyone, let’s propose a toast and welcome Mr. Chen to join our City Lord’s Mansion and become the second-largest Gongfeng of the City Lord’s Mansion.”

After speaking, Mudao Wu drank the wine in one sip.

Others also stood up together and toasted to Kris Chen.

Well, Kris Chen was from accumulated spirits, and he killed an accumulated spirit in front of everyone. He was terrible.

Everyone was afraid that Kris Chen would kill him directly if they did something wrong.

In the spiritual world, the weak did not have the right to speak.

“Thank you, Mr. Wu.”

Kris Chen smiled and took a sip of his wine and thought in his mind that Mudao Wu was so cunning, and he just tried to test his strength at the beginning. Otherwise, why didn’t he welcome him just now?

Obviously, he was so hospitable after seeing his strength.

When the guests all left, Mudao Wu pulled Kris Chen and said, “Mr. Chen, I told you before, that I don’t think it’s appropriate to worship a Superior Spiritual Stone. It should be doubled.”

Mudao Wu was not a fool; he said it as a compensation for Kris Chen.

Kris Chen knew what he meant, Taoist Qianyu was dead now, and if Kris Chen had a grudge with him, then it would be a significant loss for him.

Wasn’t it just some Superior Spiritual Stones? Mudao Wu had plenty of them. What he wanted was a master who could suppress others.

And Kris Chen has proven himself with strength.

Kris Chen gladly accepted, “Okay, but it’s better to replace the superior spiritual stones with spiritual stones.”

Two million superior spiritual stones were no more than 20,000 spiritual stones.

Mudao Wu thought for a while, “No problem!”

With that said, he took out a storage ring, inside which were twenty thousand spiritual stones.

“Thank you, Mr. Wu!”

“Mr. Chen, your previous residence, has been destroyed under the bombardment of the thunder. It is better to live in the City Lord’s Mansion, and I can show my hospitality!”

The accept apprentice meeting would start in seven days. Although he was not 100% sure to enter the Inner Gate of the Three Holy Sects, the Outer Gate was no problem for him with Kris Chen’s ability.

Of course, he had to take advantage of this opportunity to know more people.

“Well, then, thanks for your invitation.”

Kris Chen did not refuse. At the moment, the City Lord Mansion was the safest place.

The two talked for a while, and Mudao Wu called the chamberlain and personally sent Kris Chen to the residence.

After walking for a while, Kris Chen came to a bijou courtyard, where the aura was abundant, and there was a small lake in the yard where the spirit carps swam.

“Mr. Chen, under this small courtyard, is the spirit spring, where you can practice with less effort!”

The chamberlain said respectfully.

Kris Chen nodded and sent the chamberlain away.

This small courtyard was lovely, and there were also formations to cover here outside.

But these were all arranged by others. After setting up a few large formations by himself, Kris Chen was finally relieved.

“Well, you three, each of you pick a room.”

With that, Kris Chen walked into the largest room, set up a formation, and took out the storage ring of Taoist Qianyu.

Kris Chen could easily erase his spiritual imprint.

Space inside the storage ring was huge, with thousands of cubic meters full of things.

There were elixirs, medicines, and even a holy medicine for thousands of years.

There were also hundreds of magic weapons, basically spiritual weapons, and dozens of Taoist weapons. It also contained precious equipment materials.

It also had more than two million superior spiritual stones, while the spiritual stones were not much, only less than 10,000.

But besides those spiritual stones, there was also a pile of spiritual stones the size of a human head.

Kris Chen took those spiritual stones from the box.

Almost instantly, the surrounding spiritual energy rioted and was continuously being sucked into it.

It was a divine spiritual stone!

Only a divine spiritual stone could actively absorb spiritual aura.

Kris Chen was so sure because the divine spiritual stone had acupuncture points like human beings.

The lowest-level spiritual stone has one acupuncture point, the middle-grade had three acupuncture points, the high-grade had five, and the divine level had seven acupuncture points.

It was said that the holy spiritual stone had nine points, and it had a high chance of generating a fetus. It was the top treasure for refining the external incarnation.

Kris Chen rummaged and found these spiritual stones only had one point; it was the lowest-level divine spiritual stone.

However, the price also required tens of thousands of spiritual stones, and few people could be willing to sell it.

Because the divine spiritual stone can be reused, as long as it was placed in a place with spiritual aura, it would absorb the aura and store it by itself.

Kris Chen counted, there were nine divine stones.

He had a large harvest.

The people from accumulated spirit had lived for hundreds of years, so there must be plenty of things in his storage ring.

In addition to these things, there were also magical techniques, all of which were divine-level power techniques, but they were all useless.

Kris Chen collected all the useful things, stored other stuff in another storage ring, and went to Seven-treasures House to sell them next time.

Since he had divine spiritual stones, he would not use the supreme spiritual stones to practice. With the divine spiritual stone in his hand, Kris Chen recovered himself at ease.

The pure spiritual aura without any impurities, the spiritual energy was quite abundant.

The three thousand acupuncture points all over his body were opened, absorbing energy continuously.

Within half an hour, Kris Chen had fully recovered, and he only used one-third of the energy of the divine spiritual stone!

This feeling was so cool.

Kris Chen calmed down to practice Nameless Sword Tactics, Sword Energy opened up acupuncture points, and Kris Chen continuously absorbed energy to replenish sword fetus.

During this time, the sword fetus was moisturized, and it was stronger than before.

Kris Chen never knew how to use this sword fetus, whether to make it into a sword or to make it his incarnation.

That’s right! Sword fetus can refine not only magic swords but also be an incarnation.

The Nameless Sword Tactics had a way to refine the incarnation of the sword.

However, refining incarnation for sword was not useful for Kris Chen. He already has Red Blood Sword. Although he did not know what level the Red Blood Sword was, it was enough for Kris Chen at this stage!

Chapter 458: Recruiting-Apprentices Meeting

Kris Chen started to practice without any distractions, and the three demons began to practice honestly after eating and drinking.

The battle that took place today was too shocking for the three of them. For that level of fighting, they didn’t even have the qualifications to watch.

Had it not been for the magic weapons of Mudao Wu to protect them, they would have been injured.

And they also felt Kris Chen’s strength. He was already so strong and worked so hard. So they have to work harder as his pets.

At the same time, Taoist Qianyu, one of the Gongfeng of the City Lord’s Mansion, was beheaded by the new Gongfeng, also spread.

And there was a mixture of gossip, lies, and half-truths. Later, some people even said that the City Lord attracted a powerful man in the later period of the accumulated spirit.

If someone from the actualized spirit did not come out, the accumulated spirit was the strongest in this sea. Who dared to offend him?

This news was circulated deliberately by Mudao Wu to remind those who had evil thoughts. If they wanted to do something, they had to think it over.

This matter intensified under the impetus of Mudao Wu, and it caused heated discussions in the whole city.

No matter where the strong was, he would be the focus of discussion.

“Captain, what shall we do?”

A man of the middle class said.

“First, find out if the news is true or not. If it is true, we have to stop.”

The man didn’t have a mustache, and his voice was high-pitched. He was a eunuch!

“I will tell the lord, don’t worry.”

With a population of more than one trillion, the Zhou Empire was one of the largest empires in Seaside Holy City, with a land area of hundreds of millions of miles. The Seaside Holy City has always been a city under the jurisdiction of the Zhou Empire.

But fifty years ago, after Mudao Wu came to power, he suddenly announced that the Seaside Holy City was out of the Zhou Empire’s control and would not pay tribute.

It used to be the largest bridgehead of the Zhou Empire, and the daily wealth was more than hundreds of millions yuan. This city was worth hundreds of cities.

Not to mention, there was a Recruit Apprentice Meeting every year, where practitioners from all over the world gather here.

This city had a considerable force.

Did the Zhou Empire have the ability to capture the Seaside Holy City?

Of course, they could, but they couldn’t bear the consequences.

In other words, the Zhou Empire couldn’t afford it, so they could only plan to kill the leader of that city, that was, Mudao Wu.

They had planned to do it in these two days, even if Mudao Wu had attracted two accumulated spirits in their early stage, they were confident that they could kill Mudao Wu.

But in the later period of accumulated spirit, this gap was too large.

The further they practice, the each stage of improvement was challenging.

But once you promoted, your strength would be significantly improved.

The eunuch Wuhua was very upset. An accumulated spirit in his later period should observe the world’s operation and experience the mortal world. Why you joined in the fun here?

In addition to the Zhou Empire, there was also the leader of Desert Bandits, who also coveted the position of City Lord, Shadao Wu!

Shadao Wu was Mudao Wu’s brother, and he became a member of Desert Bandits because of Mudao Wu.

That’s why the Desert Bandits were so rampant but have not been wiped out by the City Lord.

It took him fifty years to get promoted to the accumulated spirit.

He didn’t want to be a thief that everyone shouted and beat because Mudao Wu promised him that when he was promoted to the accumulated spirit, it was the day when he could recover his actual body.

A few months ago, he went to Mudao Wu and mentioned it, but Mudao Wu was very perfunctory.

He couldn’t give up his position. He had said that they would take turns to take the City Lord’s seat, but now his brother regretted it.

In the past fifty years, he had lived a miserable life.

But Mudao Wu didn’t know, so he wanted to regain the position that should belong to him.

He also received the news that Mudao Wu ingratiated himself with an accumulated spirit in the later period, which made him more and more jealous. All of these should be his.

Mudao Wu was a villain, a hypocrite.

The better Mudao Wu lived, the more painful he was, and he vented all his dissatisfaction and anger on women.

“Bring me more women!”

After speaking, the woman who had lost her breath was beaten into ashes.

A few days have passed. With the blessing of divine spiritual stones, Kris Chen successfully opened his acupuncture points to three thousand six hundred.

In his heart point, the little red sword also changed from three inches to nine inches.

To this day, Kris Chen still did not know what this little sword was.

Was it a particular Pill formation?

Kris Chen did not dare to test its power. What if it was damaged?

After withdrawing the formation, walked out of the door, the yard was quiet, he used his Divine Spiritual Power to see that the three demons were all cultivating.

Kris Chen was delighted that these three guys were hard working.

“The Recruit Apprentice Meeting has started, let’s go for a walk!”

When the voice fell, and the three doors opened almost at the same time.

“Master, you finally finished practicing. I have been practicing hard these days.”

Ironhead held up his head with a proud face as if saying: “Praise me, quickly!”

Kris Chen glanced at him, ignored him, but looked at Liangwan, “Did you get used to the sixth level?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Well, I will open the seventh level for you.”

After speaking, Kris Chen raised the level for Liangwan.

The spiritual aura continuously melted into Liangwan’s body and bones.

This kind of self-cultivation feeling was incredible. Liangwan didn’t need to do anything, even if he fell asleep, he was continually absorbing aura.

Therefore, the stage of Liangwan has improved rapidly. At this time, it has reached the Beast King’s later period, and he would be at most six or seven days to be the Beast King of the fulfilled period.

Tu Guan also envied him. He had cultivated for decades and worked so hard to cultivate to where he was now.

This kid was still beasts with greater intelligence a month ago, and a month later, he would enter the fulfilled period of the Beast King. Tu Guan was unwilling to accept this fact.

He also wanted to ask Liangwan how he could do that, but he still kept it a secret and didn’t say anything.

Even if Liangwan didn’t say it, Tu Guan knew that Kris Chen must have trained Liangwan personally.

Walking with Liangwan, they could feel a steady flow of spiritual energy digging into his body.

Tu Guan also wanted to get special attention from Kris Chen.

As soon as Kris Chen left the room, Mudao Wu received the news immediately.

“Mr. Chen, congratulations! I am waiting for your good news!”

Mudao Wu did not accompany Kris Chen because he had a more important thing to do, guarding the city wall.

If there were something wrong with the Recruit Apprentice Meeting, he would be blamed, and those who make trouble would not end well.

Mudao Wu was afraid that they would die together, so he had to sit on the city wall to be safe.

As long as these days passed, he would be safe.


Kris Chen waved his hand and left with the three demons.

At this time, the entire Seaside Holy City was crowded.

To the south of the coast, there were thousands of large and small arenas.

Among them, the most famous ones belonged to the Three Holy Sects.

They were Penglai Holy Sect, Wuji Sword Sect, and Moke Sect.

Kris Chen doubted whether they had moved the entire sect here.

The arenas of the three sects occupied almost one-third of the sea.

The top ten top sects also accounted for one-third, and the rest of the corners were those second- and third-rate sects.

As for others, they didn’t even have an arena. A group of people was on the shore, and when they saw someone, they would say: “Hey, guys, you have a predestined relationship with my sect, and you should join us.”

Abduction and deception, coercion, and temptation were all excellent ways to let others join them.

As long as you signed your name on the introductory book, it was too late, even if you regret it. It’s a taboo to change the sect.

That was also the unspoken rule of the major sects of the Infinite Sea.

Of course, the Three Holy Sects and the ten top sects did not follow this rule.

They were the makers of the rules, and when they came across talented individuals, they could grab people without saying anything. If you were unwilling to go with them, they would beat you.

Those big sects had a profound background, high levels of cultivation, and many magic weapons. How could those small sects fight with them?

It was great if they could find some talented people to join them. Sometimes it would be an honor for them to find some powerful person.

Talents mean the future of sects, and it was about the inheritance of Taoism.

As long as the orthodoxy was involved, it would be a big deal.

Therefore, the Recruit Apprentice Meeting was a battle between apprentices and a battle between sects.

It was crowded with people on the coast, and small sects were flattering and asking people to join them, like a salesperson on earth.

Kris Chen was also amused by seeing it.

These were all small sects, and Kris Chen was not interested at all.

If he wanted, he could create a sect at any time.

Only those who had arenas on the sea were capable.

Stepping on the suspended wooden plank, it was extraordinarily reliable, and this suspended formation was quite magical.

It was also the first time that the three demons saw such a spectacular scene, and they were also curiously looking around.

“Young man, I see your talents, and there is a miraculous light from the top of your skull. You are a cultivating genius, and please join our Holy Beg Sect.”

An old Taoist priest in ragged clothes grabbed Kris Chen’s hand.

Holy Beggars Sect?

Kris Chen looked at their disciples with weird eyes. Every one of them was worn and tattered. “Aren’t your sect all beggars?”

“Young man, you are brilliant, we Holy Beggars Sect exists in the Infinite Sea for five thousand years, there is nothing in this world that our sect can’t beg for.”

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s a rare treasure or a beauty, and we could all beg for them.”

Damn, a practitioner should work hard to improve himself, but they choose to be beggars, no matter how powerful their sect was, they were still beggars.

“Aren’t you all begging for all your cultivation resources?”

Kris Chen asked, and the sloppy Taoist’s eyes widened, “How, how did you know?”

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