Chapter 457: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 457 I Can’t Fall For Him

Speaking of this, Chuxue Ye crossed her arms and frowned, “Well. Such an easy thing should have been easy to handle, but it’s strange that I haven’t got any clue yet. It seems as if someone was manipulating this.”

Someone’s behind this…

“But don’t worry, sister Yiyao will handle it. She will find out whoever is behind this.”

When hearing Yiyao Duan was going to help, Yulin Xiao felt a lot relieved.

But he had to show that he cared about this matter, just in case they wouldn’t take it seriously.

He stood up straight and said, “Hope you remember what you have promised me. Do not humiliate yourselves.”

“Don’t worry. We know.”

Then Yulin’s eyes were fixed on the counter behind which Anna Xie was standing. He said, “Well, I wanna eat something else. Let me have a look.”

Knowing it was just an excuse, Chuxue pretended that she didn’t understand what he meant and tried to stop him.

“Come on, you said you don’t like desserts! They are too sweet! You don’t have to force yourself.”

Yulin eyeballed Chuxue to warn her.

Chuxue knew that Yulin might go mad if she kept joking, so she stuck her tongue out and said nothing else.

Yulin kept staring at Anna as he walked to her.

Seeing that Anna had totally recovered from her injury, Yulin felt relieved.

He lowered his head and licked his lips lightly and said nervously, “Em…are you tired, working here?”

Anna replied, “Not at all. My boss is very nice to me.”

“Don’t get fooled by Chuxue’s appearance! She only seems nice but she has a lot of tricky ideas! If she dare bully you, just tell me and I’ll teach her a lesson.”

Anna had no wish of having further talks with him, so she changed the topic and said in a cold tone, “Customer, what kind of cake do you want?”

Yulin got what she meant. He pointed at a piece of green cake and said, “This green tea cake please.”

Anna took out the cake and wrapped it in a little case and handed it to Yulin with a polite smile on her face, “Here you are.”

But Yulin did not take the cake. Instead, he pushed in to Anna and said, “You keep it. I remember you love the taste of green tea.”

But Anna did not buy it at all, “Sorry, we are not supposed to accept gifts from out guests.”

Yulin gazed at Anna and asked sincerely, “Am I just one of your guests?”

“Or what else?”

Anna asked back and the question made Yulin speechless.

Thinking how considerate he had been to this girl but how eager she wanted to keep a distance with him, Yulin felt so mad.

He clenched his fists and with a look of both anger and humbleness, he said, “Anna, wait till I find the evidences to prove my innocence. You will know how far you’ve gone and how sorry you will be!”

Then Yulin left the dessert shot madly.

Watching Yulin leaving, Anna knew that he was extremely angry.

He is such a stubborn guy of clear good and evil.

Being his friend must be a pleasant thing to do.

But being his lover…

Thinking of this, Anna lowered her head and stopped herself from thinking too much.

Anna was unwilling to think about it, but Chuxue kept teasing her.

Chuxue drew close to Anna slowly and leaned her body against the counter. She said smilingly, “It’s actually the first time that I have seen Yulin like this, just like a little boy who just got scolded by his mom! Anna, you’ve really got something!”

Anna said lightly, “What does it have to do with me, whatever he is like?”

“Hey, Yullin’s already left. You don’t have to say these words.”

“I meant what I said.”

“Come on, I am neither blind nor stupid. I see things through,” Chuxue bumped Anna’s shoulders and said, “he treats you quite differently.”

“But that’s all.”

Staring Anna in the eyes, Chuxue asked, “He’s so good to you. You really don’t have a feeling for him?”

Anna smiled, “I am not a cat or a dog. I don’t have to be grateful for a bone tossed to me. It’s the same thing, I don’t have to react to his kindness, which he’s got so much of.”

Chuxue clapped her hands and praised Anna, “Wow! You are so special! You are the first girl to ignore Yulin’s charm!”

Anna felt a bit uneasy, “Well, I just think he and I are from two different worlds. It’s better we keep a distance from each other.”

Seeing how calm Anna was, Chuxue suddenly felt pity for Yulin.

Chuxue sighed, “If you knew his well enough and love him much enough, you wouldn’t have said those hurtful words.”

There’s something blinking in Anna’s eyes but she remained calm, “I am just protecting myself from falling for him. I think I am doing the right thing.”

“I am not judging you, it’s just…eh…fine, it’s between you and him. I’d better stay out of it.”

Anna showed a warm smile to Chuxue, “Anyway, thanks for giving me this job.”

“Come on, you are doing me a big favor. Look, since you came, our business has grown better and better. Many people admire your beauty and come for you. I am considering if I should promote you as the manager.”

“Thanks, but I don’t think I can handle it. Besides, my school work will get busier next term, so I might be unable to attend to the business here.”

“I see. Well, we’ll talk about it then.”

Then Chuxue smiled at Anna and left.

Zhao Nangong was standing out of the store waiting for Chuxue. It’s a pleasant thing to see the two holding hands and walking together.

Anna watched the scene and felt into her deep thoughts:

Girls like Chuxue have that unique charm. They can remain indifferent either granted favors or subjected to humiliations. And only girls like them deserve to stand beside Yulin, so as not to embarrass him. But look at me! Look at the clothes I am wearing, and I have to try hard to make a living. How can I be Yulin’s mate? I will only bring him down.

A proud girl as Anna would never allow herself to do that.

So she had been forc ing herself not to fall for Yulin, at least, not before she got stronger.

Anna lowered her head and disguised herself again.

Chuxue had offered Anna a very nice salary.

Since she took the offer, Anna decided to devote herself to the job, so as to prove her own value.

So Anna always worked extra hours.

She also learned how to bake though this job.

It looked unpleasant, it tasted great though.

The leftovers everyday were given to the staff as a night snack the end of each day.

Therefore, Qiqi had put on two pounds. She kept complaining to Anna while tucking the cake into her mouth.

Today, when Anna looked at the dozen cakes that were left in the counter, she sighed – she was going to hear Qiqi complain again.

All of a sudden, five stylish young men came in.

Anna cheered herself up at once and intended to sell the rest of the cakes.

“Welcome. What would you like?”

The man in front saw Anna and his eyes lit up. He leaned close to Anna and asked Anna in a voice that he thought was charming, “Whatever is tasty here.”

Anna started to introduce the cakes to him immediately, “Our special is the blueberry cheesecake. And, girls love tiramisu. And this moon forest sells well, too. You can have a taste.”

The guy nodded but his eyes were fixed on Anna’s face, “Two of each of the cakes you just mentioned.”

“A moment please.”

Anna packed the cakes and handed them to the man, waiting for him to pay.

The guy took out his credit card and put it in Anna’s hands, with his finger tip touching Anna’s palm.

Anna felt so uncomfortable about it, but she endured the feeling and finished the process.

She gave the credit card back to the guy and smiled, “Done. Have a nice evening.”

“I am not leaving. Are you kicking me out?”

“Oh, do you want to enjoy the cake here? You may sit by the window where you can get the view of the street.”

“But I want you to eat with me.”

That guy and his party all showed an evil smile.

Now Anna was positive that this guy was teasing her.

She took a deep breath and squeezed a smile, “Sorry, it’s working hour. I can’t eat with customers.”

“Well, when do you finish your work? Can we have a drink or two then?”

“Sorry, it’s a bit inconvenient for me.”

“What is inconvenient for you? I’ll pick you up.”

“I don’t drink.”

“Then eat something. Whatever you want.”

Anna had tried to make herself understood but this guy wouldn’t stop annoying her. Anna’s patience had run out.

She put away her smile and said with a serious look, “Sir, I only welcome you here as a guest. I don’t want to have any private contact with you.”

Being turned down in front of his friends, the guy felt so humiliated.

He stood straight and threatened, “Young lady, you are nothing but a waitress. Do not pretend to be so proud. It’s your honor to be invited by me.”

“And I would like to turn down your invitation. Sorry.”


The man was about to get ,mad when suddenly someone came in.

Chuxue and Zhao.

The two had just finished watching a movie together and were on their way home. They happened to walk past the dessert store so they came in to check if everything was ok.

Seeing her boss, Anna sighed in relif.


Chuxue waved her hand, “Come on, don’t call me that! Call me Miss Ye.”

Seeing another beauty, the guy’s eyes lit up again.

But he was not that stupid enough to mess with her, because he saw Zhao and assumed Zhao must be a hard core. He decided to blame everything on Anna.

“You are the boss here?”


“I have been treated badly by this waitress! She sucks!” he looked like he was really mistreated.

Chuxue looked at Anna and said, “Tell me, what happened?”

Glancing at the guy, Anna said calmly, “He asked me to eat with him and I turned him down. Then he asked me out to drink and I turned him down again. Then he gets mad and starts to complain about me.”

“Bullshit!” the guy took away his gentleness totally and looked like a mad lion. He yielded, “You thought I am nice and wanted to go with me. I turned you down so you made up stores to attack me!”

Hearing this, his mates started to accuse Anna being shameless and money worshiping.

They said it so faithfully that even Anna almost believed their words.

Anna was just worried Chuxue might believe what they aid.

If Chuxue should believe their words, Anna would lose her job again.

Fortunately, Chuxue didn’t buy it at all.

She said lightly, “Well, who should I believe? Are you harassing my girl? Or is my girl seducing you?”

“I am not harassing her. Her attitude was bad and her motive was impure.”

The guy gave a decent look while saying these words.

Chuxue had given him the chance to tell the truth, but he did not do so, what’s more, he asked his friends to help him.

Well, this guy was really done for this time.

Thinking of this, Chuxue sighed, “All men love beautiful things. If you admire Anna’s beauty and want to make friends with her, I won’t say anything. But you are making up shameless stories here and keep harassing her, I can’t pretend I didn’t see it.”

The guy frowned, “What are you talking about?”

Chuxue turned to Zhao and said with a cute look on her face, “Darling, toss him out. Do not let him in ever again!”

“Got it!”

Zhao walked to the five young people and he grabbed the first guy and tossed him out.

The rest of the people wanted to fight back but Zhao took care of them all. They were lying on the ground and moaning in pain.

“Beat it!”

Knowing that they would never be Zhao’s match, the guy stood up and said angrily, “Wait! I’ll get even!”

Zhao’s face turned sullen, “Are you threatening us? Do you want to get out of here alive?”

Seeing Zhao drawing near again, the guy and his party hurriedly fled.

Chuxue complained that Zhao was too gentle to them, saying he should have kicked them harder.

“Zhao had kicked their teeth off! Hmm, this Miss Ye’s really ruthless!” Anna exclaimed in her heart.

Chuxue grabbed Anna’s hand and said, “You don’t have to serve this kind of guys. Next time, kick them out directly!”

“Would that be nice?”

“That’s totally okay. My desserts are only for those who have beautiful hearts. Scum bags don’t deserve!”

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