“Yes, master!” Betty said here.

Chuck Cannon hung up the phone, and now that Betty called, with her work efficiency, Qian Yueying’s mentality would soon begin to change.

Here Lara has already started contact with the director, Chuck Cannon is considered a good person and has done it all. She started here, and Chuck Cannon asked Logan what was wrong with her company.

Logan smiled and didn’t say a word, and Chuck Cannon couldn’t force her to ask. He always feels that since he chatted with her last night, Chuck Cannon has more and more respect for her.

A woman like Logan must be happy.

I hope this man who took her first kiss will be responsible for this!

Chuck Cannon and Logan went to her other company to solve the company’s problems.

Sitting in the car, Chuck Cannon lay down behind the driver’s seat, Logan’s hair was close at hand, Chuck Cannon has always been surprised, is this Logan’s body, fragrance?

When he entered her car for the first time, Chuck Cannon couldn’t forget the smell.

“Auntie Logan…”

“Well, what’s the matter? Bored? Then I will take you to play, okay?” Logan who drove said gently, she was afraid that Chuck Cannon would be bored, after all, this is the capital city, so she didn’t take Chuck Cannon to play well last time.

At this moment, Chuck Cannon was actually touching her hair. What is this for??

Logan was driving at this time, and it was hard to look back, just thought it was very gentle.

Chuck Cannon couldn’t help himself, but he recovered, he hurriedly withdrew his hand, and smiled embarrassingly, “Aunt Logan, your hair is so beautiful,”

There is still the last half-sentence in his heart: After he touched her hair, which man will touch it?

Oh, what do you want to do?

Logan smiled softly, “Chuck, you are so cute and happy to talk,”

Yes, no one before that dared to touch Logan’s hair, let alone praise.

“I’m honest, Aunt Logan, you are really perfect,” Chuck Cannon exclaimed.

“You…” Logan wanted to look back at Chuck Cannon’s expression. What would she say to herself? Does Chuck like her? Why didn’t she feel this? ?

Then why does he say that?

Logan was nervous at such a moment.

Is Chuck going to confess to herself?

How to do. How should she react? High cold? tension? Or, go to kiss him? Yeah, I can’t do such a thing…

Logan’s thoughts were all confused.

But Chuck Cannon went on to say, “Aunt Logan, it is really wonderful that you can be my aunt.”

Logan lost her heart all at once, and she thought too much.

He doesn’t like her.

Don’t like it at all, in his heart, she has always been an elder.

Logan sighed. “Well, being your aunt, I will protect you forever.”

Chuck Cannon was moved, “Aunt Logan, can I touch your hair?”

Chuck Cannon is nervous, he doesn’t even know why he said that maybe it’s boring? Well, Chuck Cannon thinks so.

“Okay, I’ll agree to whatever you ask.” Logan smiled softly and didn’t think about other things. Although she was disappointed in her heart, it was still good. Maybe Chuck Cannon was bored and wanted to play with her hair to relieve her boredom.

What’s wrong with this? To be honest, Logan thinks that if Chuck Cannon wants to touch other parts of herself, she… she actually doesn’t know how to deal with it, refuses? She couldn’t say it.

Agree? She feels shy again, embarrassed.

But the default? She felt bad again, she was messed up.

She has no idea about this aspect. In fact, she sometimes thinks that if two people are together, as long as they are resting in the same room, reading and hugging, the feeling is very warm. Logan pursues this kind of psychological comfort and satisfaction. , Other, she doesn’t care.

Yesterday, she felt this feeling particularly good.

Watching the person in your heart sleep, is this not what you want? ? She will feel at ease.

Chuck Cannon closed his eyes, Logan’s hair is really fragrant, “Aunt Logan, what shampoo do you use?”

Logan laughed softly and couldn’t help but laugh. This question made her laugh.

Here, Qian Yueying is resting at home. She doesn’t know when Karen Lee will come over. However, she must pay attention to this matter. How can Karen Lee be a potential threat to Qian’s family, or it may be What about a future friend? ?

Qian Yueying felt that she wanted to meet Karen Lee and be friends with Karen Lee. At the very least, if she were to be friends, then Karen Lee wouldn’t think of destroying the Qian family too!

In other words, this Zhao family, which is about the same as the strength, has to let Qian Yueying think about it from the background of Karen Lee, and this is what Qian Yueying thinks the Qian family has to do now.

If Karen Lee has been wooed, then the other two big families shouldn’t be a cause for concern, right?

She was thinking that the other two families should also be doing this.

She must be in front of the others!

She was ready and went to the night hotel again. However, cousin Qian Fangyun came to find herself. Qian Yueying was also rather helpless. She didn’t sleep all night last night and was angry with that garbage man who arrived at Capital city.

She was thinking that she was actually angry with that kind of man?

This was impossible before!

This rubbish man found Logan’s kind of backer, luckily, he was lucky!

“Cousin, cousin. That silly thing,” Qian Fangyun didn’t sleep last night, he was slapped twice. How can he sleep??

“Don’t worry, I will find a way,” Qian Yueying was thinking. The best way now is to win over Karen Lee.

If the relationship is better than that between Logan and Karen Lee, so will is it difficult to force Logan to hand over the rubbish?

Therefore, we must find a way to win over people like Karen Lee who destroyed the Zhao family. Then the strength of this Karen Lee is definitely not only in China but also in the world, otherwise, it is impossible to achieve this!

“Cousin, I believe you,” Qian Fangyun was relieved. He wanted to kill Chuck Cannon immediately last night.

“Well, you go play, I’m going out,” Qian Yueying said, Qian Fangyun chuckled, “Cousin, shall I find you a boyfriend?”

“No need.” Qian Yueying shook her head. She felt that she would be so empty and lonely in her next life to cool down. She is used to it now.

Qian Fangyun is not good to say anything.

However, Qian Yueying suddenly received a call. In less than ten seconds, her beautiful brows wrinkled.

“What’s the matter, cousin? What happened?” Qian Fangyun walked over, a little bit curious.

“The biggest chain restaurant in our family has a problem.” Qian Yueying frowned.

“What’s the problem?”

“Look at the news, there should be,”

Qian Fangyun was curious to take out his mobile phone. The headline turned out to be the food and beverage of the Qian family, and the health was worrying! The staff used saliva to wash vegetables! !

“Who released this?” Qian Fangyun also frowned. This question was made by an employee in one of their largest restaurant some time ago. This video was sent out and the Qian family immediately solved it up.

“I don’t know, isn’t this video deleted?” Qian Yueying also felt unable to understand. This video was deleted long ago, so how could it still appear? ?

It is conceivable that this disgusting video will affect the catering industry!

“Someone may have deliberately burst out, I just need a phone call to solve it.” Qian Yueying said.

“This person is looking for death! Is someone deliberate?” Qian Fangyun was annoyed.

“Maybe!” Qian Yueying is relatively calm. She often handles such things, but this time it is obviously still a bit more serious, but the solution is relatively easy.

“Find this person. Kill him!!” Qian Fangyun was annoyed. He was really looking for death, how dare he treat the Qian family this way? Could it be that the pen has arrived, don’t you know that the Qian family is one of the four big families? ?

Qian Yueying nodded. She took out her mobile phone and was about to make a call. The person who broke out, Qian Yueying would let this person know what regret is. After a phone call to resolve the matter, then make another call. She can easily find that person again!!

However, before she called, the phone suddenly rang again. Qian Yueying frowned. Ten seconds later, her pretty face was completely ugly. Qian Fangyun was strange. What’s wrong?

Qian Yueying put down her mobile phone, the beautiful eyes were all cold, “Someone is dealing with our Qian family!!”

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