Chapter 458: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 458 A Set-Up

Chuxue Ye is a direct person, and tells good from evil clearly, which Anna Xie appreciates a lot.

“Alright. Close the shop and go home early. It’s not safe to stay here alone till late night. You can change shifts with someone else tomorrow.”

Anna hurriedly waved her hand, “No need. I am not that weak. Besides, what happened earlier was just a coincidence.”

Seeing that Anna insisted, Chuxue pokes Zhao Nangong secretly.

Zhao got what Chuxue meant and urged along, “Miss Xie, listen to her. Those people looked unkind. They might come for you again.”

“Yes, if you insist, you might cause trouble for me and the store.”

Hearing this, Anna finally agreed. She turned around and started to pack her things, getting ready to close the store.

Chuxue and Zhao escorted her back to the school.

In the car, Chuxue said, “In order to protect her, I’ve tried my best. Hmm, Yulin need to pay back my kindness one day!”

Zhao took a look at Chuxue and smiled.

There were not too many students on the playground during lunch break. They were eitherhaving lunch or in their dorms taking a nap.

Under a tree there stood two girls who were chatting with each other.

“Qiaoqiao, I’ve got the information. Anna Xie works in this store.”

Seeing the picture handed over by Jing Wu, Qiaoqiao Su hummed and said, “Find a way to let them fire her.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Are you stupid? Find an excuse, whatever it is. For example, Anna loves stealing. No boss can tolerate it.”

Jing rolled her eyes and admired, “You are so smart!”

“Quit flattering me. Find someone smart to handle it. When it’s done, this Anna will never rise again!”

“Don’t worry, let me arrange it.”

After the chat, Jing hurriedly went back to her dorm.

But on the way, she met Anna.

Anna had justv finished lunch and was on her way to the dessert store.

Seeing Jing coming over to her, Anna had wanted to make way and let her pass first.

But whichever direction Anna turned to, Jing went in her way, too.

Anna looked at Jing and frowned.

“What are you doing?”

“I am walking. Can’t you see?”

“Then why are you blocking my way?”

Jing heard it and laughed, “Does this road belong to you? Am I not allowed to walk your way? Who gives you the confidence? Yulin Xiao?”

“I don’t want to talk to you.”

Anna quickly dodged Jing and left.

Seeing her back, Jing smiled coldly.

As soon as Anna got to the dessert store, she started to work.

After a busy morning in the store, she encouraged herself to work harder in the afternoon.

It feels good to see hope again. She thought to herself.

Anna smiled and started to do some cleaning.

When the cleaning was done and Anna was about to continue do something else, someone rushed in angrily.

The person patted heavily on the counter and questioned Anna, “I left my phone here. Have you seen it?”

“Your phone? When?”

“An hour ago, I was sitting by the window.”

An hour ago was when Anna just entered the store and began to do the cleaning.

Anna remember this customer but did not see any phone left on the table.

Anna went around and asked the other customers then she came back and said, “Miss, no one has seen your phone. Call the police.”

Anna’s words made the person laugh, “A thief is calling the police. Hmm, it’s so eye-catching!”

Anna frowned and asked, “What do you mean, Miss?”

The girl crossed her arms and looked at Anna with suspicion, “You were the only waitress then. I say, you stole my phone!”

All the other customers heard it and started to looked in Anna’a way, with suspicions in their eyes, too.

Anna was wronged. So she hurriedly explained, “No, I don’t steal.”

“I’ll only believe you after I check your handbag.”

It made Anna feel extremely offended. She frowned, “Wanna check my bag? No way, that’s private!”

“What, are you scared?”


“Then let me check! These customers here can be the witnesses!”

Hearing this, some customers started to urge along, “Let her see. What are you scared of?”

“Let her check unless you are scared!”

“We can also help to prove your innocence!”

Anna had no choice but to agree.

But Anna had her condition, too. “You can check my bag, but if you can’t find the thing you want, you’ll have to apologize to me!”


Then Anna and the girl went to the fit room, along with some witnesses who were eager to know the result.

The girl searched Anna’s bag but found nothing.

“I told you. I didn’t take your phone!”

Then Anna turned around and put her bag in the closet.

But while she was pushing her bag, something fell from the closet.


The sound wasn’t big, but big enough to raise everyone’s attention.

It was…a cellphone!

The girl recognized it was her phone right away. She hurriedly picked it up and waved it in front of Anna, “Look! The thief and my phone, I got them both! How are you going to defend yourself?”

Anna was dumbfounded at the moment.

She had never seen that phone, nor did she have any idea how the phone ended up in her nag.

But one thing she was sure was that she’s going to suffer again.

But whatever it is, she wished that Miss Ye don’t get affected. Because Miss Ye had been so good to her, she can’t pay back her kindness with trouble.

Anna clenched her fists and emphasized again, “It’s impossible! I didn’t take your phone!”

“What, you mean the phone flew in to your bag by itself? I’ve got the evidence here. Do you still want to deny?”


Anna was so anxious that she did not know how to explain.

The dessert chef knew that Anna is a girl of integrity and that she wouldn’t never have done that. So he said to Anna, “Don’t worry, tell this thing to Miss Ye first.”

Anna did not want to trouble Miss Ye so she did not agree.

So the dessert chef contacted Miss Ye secretly.

The girl who claimed to have lost her phone, at the moment, dragged Anna to the front door and started to shout.

“Come and have a look! The waitress here is a thief! She steals! Do not come to this shop! Or ou will be the next one!”

Anna got rid of that girl’s hand and said, “Please don’t shout. You are disturbing the other guests.”

“This is a store of thieves! It should be shut off as soon as possible!”

“A store of thieves? How dare you!”

Chuxue walked slowly out of the crowds. Her smile slightly hid her anger.

The girl looked Chuxue up and down, “Who are you?”

Chuxue hummed, “You’ve come to my store to cause trouble and you don’t know who I am. Hmm, are you naive? Or are you stupid?”

“You…I won’t argue with you. You need to give me an explanation today!”

The crowds were getting bigger and bigger. People were coming from all directions to enjoy a good show. But Chuxue remained calm. She was asking Anna to tell her the whole story.

After telling Chuxue what happened, Anna lowered her head, “I am sorry, miss Ye.”

Chuxue patted Anna on the shoulder and smiled, “Now I know what’s going on. You silly girl, why didn’t you call me when someone’s bullying you?”

“I don’t want you to get angry.”

“But I am really angry now. Having this kind of scum bag around me will bring me bad fortune!”

Chuxue said it so loudly that the girl heard it all.

The girl’s face turned red because of anger. She said, “What are you talking about? She’s a thief. Why are you blaming me?”

Chuxue turned around and looked at the cold coldly, “Because I trust her. And you, suddenly come here out of nowhere, trying to cause trouble. There must be something with you!”

“What something wrong?”

“That you are here to set my girl up!”

The girl laughed coldly, “I’ve got the evidence. And I have witnesses here. I did not set her up.”

“Is that so? Shall we check the camera?”

The girl lifted her chin proudly and said loudly, “I am not afraid! Just check it!”

It turned out that the camera had already been damaged by someone on purpose. That’s why th girl was so fearless.

And just as she expected, they found nothing on the video, because there was nothing.

Seeing the snowflakes on the screen, Chuxue sighed heavily, “How come it went bad, at such an important moment? But don’t worry, I’ve got another one here!”

Chuxue’s words made the girl stunned. The girl’s smug smile immediately froze.

Chuxue looked at the girl proudly, “What, you think I only have one camera in the store, don’t you? Let me show you what multi-dimensional visual effect is!”

Then Chuxue clicked a program where there were cameras in different corners of the store. The cameras recorded it all, including how the girl set Anna up.

Everyone went close to the screen and saw the girl putting her phone into Anna handbag.

Chuxue crossed her arms, “Nothing has to be said any more. Call the police.”


As soon as Anna took out her phone, the girl ran out of the store.

“Stop! Don’t run!” Anna was going to chase her.

“Let her go.” Chuxue stopped Anna.

“But we can’t just let her get away with it!”

“She’s just taking orders. She’s worthless.”

Anna was confused, “What does it mean?”

“Leave it. I’ll handle.”


Chuxue clapped her hands and said to the customers in the store, “I am sorry to have some scum bag ruin your appetite today. It happened in my store, so, all your desserts shall be free of charge, as my deepest apology!”

Hearing this, everyone became delighted, totally forgetting what had happened.

Even when they left the store, they had smiles on their faces.

But Anna was unhappy.

“Why the long face?”

Anna looked up and squeezed a smile, “Nothing. I’m just thinking about my misfortune.”

“Come on, we are doing business. We will meet all kinds of customers. It’s normal.”

Indeed, it’s normal.

But it seemed that it had been too “normal” lately.

Life went on after the incident.

It’s just that Anna felt a bit annoyed, as she always felt people were judging her behind her back.

Though she did not steal the phone, the thing that day was like a shadow.

She’s afraid the tag “thief” might follow her forever.

She did not care about her reputation. She just felt guilty that the business of the store was affected because of her.

The other day, Anna saw two customers enter the store, so she went up to welcome them.

“Welcome! What would you like?”

The girl looked at Anna and said scornfully, “Get another waitress! I don’t want my phone to disappear!”

Anna clenched her hands nervously, “Sorry, I am the only waitress during this time.”

“No one else? Oh, let’s go to another store!”

The other girl frowned and complained, “I really love the blueberry cheesecake here! It’s so bad that I can’t enjoy them just because of her!”

“Let’s not come to this store any more if she’s still working here.”

“I agree!”

The two talked and left the store.

Anna rubbed her forehead and she felt so tired of the shit that had been happening lately.

“Why is it always like! I didn’t do anything! Why should I be blamed for the things I have never done? Is life trying to test me by giving me all these hardships?” Anna said to herself.

Now she’s so tired of it. She wanted to get rid of this kind of life as soon as possible…

Chuxue came to the store and saw Anna sitting in the chair with her face buried in her hands. She seemed frustrated.

Chuxue hurriedly went over to and asked, “Anna, are you okay?”

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