Chapter 459 – 460: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 459: Wuji Sword Sect

Kris Chen was speechless. Didn’t you say it just now? Forget it, these beggars were weird, and they were also in tattered clothes. “You also begged for your arena?”

The sloppy Taoist looked at Kris Chen and nodded, “Yes, I begged for this arena. I begged for everything!”

Kris Chen signed. The practitioners should fight against evils. This Holy Beg Sect was simply the Gaibang School in the fantasy world.

That straightforward, proud look, as if everything was taken for granted.

“Hey, you are brilliant, and you have a destiny with our sect. As long as you join us, you will form a pill within three years, become an infant in five years, and be a primal spirit for ten years. For a hundred years, you will be in the actualized spirit.”

Kris Chen quickly walked away with the three demons.

When the sloppy Taoist saw Kris Chen leave, he sighed slightly and said, “Well, this young man has a firm mind, and he can’t be shaken easily.”

At this moment, another old and one young came over, and the sloppy Taoist’s eyes lit up, “Youth, I see your talents, and there is a miraculous light from the top of your skull.”

Kris Chen almost fell. How did those freak sects exist in the Infinite Sea?

He walked all the way, and he encountered many freak sects.

Holy Steal Sect, claiming they could steal everything.

They shouted the slogan loudly, but the sect disciples were as thin as sticks, and they were not good people at first sight.

Baihualou was known as the master of prostitutes in the world of practitioners. They controlled half of the brothel business in the Infinite Sea. As long as you joined Baihualou, you could indulge in sensual pleasures all night.

At first glance, it looked fascinating, but it was a free stove, which could squeeze you, and you would become a crap.

The Justice Sect, the conscience of the practice world in the Infinite Sea, maintained the few justices of the Infinite Sea all year round. Seeing those practitioners, they would collide with you and blackmail.

If you told you don’t have money, their elders and deacons would besiege you!

Of course, they were still quite humanitarian, and every time they would leave an inferior spiritual stone to the practitioner to uphold justice.

Kris Chen understood that all of these peripheral sects were exotic. When he walked to the middle level, the quality of those sects became higher.

Holy Fist Sect, Flame Sect, Yuan Sect, Subdue Demon Sect… These sects were the second and third-rate sects of the Infinite Sea. The disciples in the arenas looked energetic and decent.

There was a long queue in front of each arena.

Test their talents and feel their roots. For those who had a little talent for cultivation, the sects would take them back for fear of being snatched by other sects. And what if you want to leave after entering the sect?

No way, the primal spirit elders personally urged their signatures. After they signed, the three or five disciples would directly escort them away, showing great concern for their disciples.

These sects were still robbers in nature, and it was the ‘strong talks’ principle in the Infinite Sea.

After walking through the middle level, Kris Chen came to the upper level. Here were the arenas of the top ten sects. The magnificent arenas, the sacred mountains, and the rays of light made the arena like a fairyland.

When they came here, the cultivation base of the practitioners increased a lot in an instant. The pill formation was nothing here, the primal spirit was common to see, and there were a lot of accumulated spirits.

It was the place where he should come.

However, when he passed by Huangquan Devil Palace, a pulling force came, “This road is open by me, and this tree is planted. You must enter my Huangquan Devil Palace if you want to pass by!”

Damn, could these people be more shameless? They placed a formation directly at the arena entrance, and when someone passed by, they would instantly be entangled by it.

Thanks to Kris Chen’s some experience in the formation, otherwise, he would be entangled with it.

The other arenas were full of vigor and lively, but the Huangquan Devil Palace had a ghostly spirit, like purgatory on earth. Who the fuck would go in unless he were crazy?

Kris Chen used his physical supernatural powers to avoid the Huangquan Devil Palace and came to the Little Bright Holy Land.

The light was shining, the Buddha’s sound was curling, and he felt that he had been brainwashed before he got closer to it.

People unconsciously had a good impression of Little Bright Holy Land and couldn’t help but wanted to walk in.

Kris Chen was okay because he was determined, and he woke up in a moment.

The three demons were different, and they felt sad and pity, as if only by entering their sect could they find relief.

Kris Chen said nothing and quickly struck each demon and then used the diversion to leave.

Escaping World Immortal Palace: There were countless illusion arrays here. If you wanted to come out, you need to shout ‘I want to enter’ three times!

Pure Yang Sect: The sword was your sword, but the body was mine. If you don’t want to die under the sword, you need to swear to enter the Pure Yang Sect and be my disciple forever!

Seven God Sect: I am an accumulated spirit, and I don’t want to die, so I join the sect!

Kris Chen was speechless.

Kris Chen understood that these top ten sects were all bandits and gangsters!

If you want to pass in front of them, you must join their sect.

Of course, the formations they set had limited power, and those with low cultivation base, inferior talents, and undetermined could easily be confused.

There was only one choice if you want to come out, which was, join them!

Although these people were reluctant, they had no way out.

Entering the sect means you lost your freedom.

The ten major sects’ behavior was also good for the three holy sects. At least those who could step into the three holy sects, their talents, Taoism, and cultivation bases were among the first-class.

Peripheral, middle, upper, layer by layer’s selection, there must be the strongest and most talented people for those three holy sects.

There was no wonder that the three holy sects have been prosperous for hundreds of thousands of years. Other sects have come and gone, disappearing in the dust of history, and only the three holy sects could never fell.

It was the benefit of being strong. The three holy sects took the best, the ten major took the second, and the other sects could only take the rest.

After crossing the ten major sects, Kris Chen came to the three holy sects, Penglai Holy Sect and Moko Sect. Kris Chen had no interest in these two sects. The only one he wanted to join was the Wuji Sword Sect.

The arenas of the three holy sects were majestic and magnificent, all of which contained magical rhyme. Those who could come here were either primal spirits or accumulated spirits. They brought their disciples here and sold them. Besides, they had to devote themselves to it.

In this way, there was no wonder that these three holy sects were so powerful.

Walking into the three holy sects, Kris Chen felt pressure, and this pressure became stronger and stronger as Kris Chen went up.

Kris Chen looked up, and there were at least a thousand steps if you wanted to reach the Wuji Sword Sect.

It should be the test.

This level of pressure was nothing to Kris Chen. After walking 200 steps, Kris Chen did not feel uncomfortable.

But it was difficult for the three demons.

Ironhead sticks out his tongue, panting, and the pressure made him almost breathless.

Tu Guan and Liangwan were even worse.

Kris Chen did not give them too much help. Walking up the stairs was of great benefit to them. It could exercise their will and their bodies.

He slowed down. At the 300th step, Liangwan couldn’t stand it first, and he directly lay on the steps and couldn’t even lift his fingers.

Kris Chen waved sword energy to protect Liangwan, and the pressure was all gone, and Liangwan felt relieved.

Tu Guan’s physical defense was strong, and when he reached the 350th step, he also fell.

Ironhead was still strong because he was the Supreme Monster, and he couldn’t be worse than his two younger brothers, right?

At the 400th step, Kris Chen still felt no pressure, but Ironhead was sweating.

Ironhead couldn’t hold up to the 450th step, and he lay directly on the ground like a dead dog.

Kris Chen had no choice but to hold the three demons and kept walking, six hundred, seven hundred, and eight hundred. When he reached the nine hundredth step, Kris Chen still felt relaxed.

Kris Chen was calculating the intensity of the pressure, and it should be no less than 800,000 kilograms!

This kind of pressure was all-round, and Kris Chen could even felt the pressure from the sole!

Kris Chen enjoyed this process very much. He didn’t even have any defense and walked over with pure physical power.

When he reached the 950th step, Kris Chen felt a little pressure. The pressure here has exceeded one million kilograms.

It took him a quarter of an hour for the remaining fifty steps, and the peak pressure in the entire process should exceed 1.5 million kilograms.

Those who could survive were the strong ones in the primal spirit. Of course, for the accumulated spirit, this pressure was nothing.

After comprehending Tao aura, Tao aura could easily protect them to survive even if the physical body was not strong.

However, Kris Chen walked through with pure physical power, and no one had done it before.

The gatekeeper of the Wuji Sword Sect’s eyes lit up slightly, and he saw Kris Chen coming and said: “Hey, you had a strong physical body. Are you a body refining practicer?”

Kris Chen grinned, “No, I’m a sword cultivator!”

A sword cultivator?

Changgong Lin was taken aback for a moment, and pointed to a huge stone monument beside him and said, “Go and test the age of your bones.”

Kris Chen nodded and put his hand on the stone tablet. Ten seconds later, the stone tablet showed Kris Chen’s skeletal age and cultivation level. “Bone age: 40, late stage of Pill formation, attributes: soil and thunder!”

Changgong Lin looked at the stone tablet and said regretfully: “Sorry, my friend, you don’t meet my standards for choosing an apprentice. Please go back!”

Kris Chen smiled, “I’m not here to be an apprentice. I’m here to compete for the position of the elder.”

Chapter 460: Intense Fights


He wanted to compete for the position of an elder?

Changgong Lin thought he had heard it wrong.

“You are just in the later period of Pill formation…”

Before he finished speaking, Kris Chen condensed a Light Sword with an electric arc in his hand!

The energy contained in the Light Sword made Changgong shocking.

He couldn’t stop this Light Sword!

No need to mention blocking, he doesn’t even have the qualification to resist!

Those who who can compete for the Inner Gate Elders are those who at least have reached the Fulfilled period of primal spirit.

And Changgong is only a Practitioner in the later period of the primal spirit.

“Don’t blame me, please. It is me who only care about the surface.”

This young man was afraid that he was also an experienced powerful practitioner. As for the information displayed on the stone tablet, was not valid.

As for the cultivation level of the later period of the Pill formation, it must have been practiced to cover up the real cultivation level.

There are still many practitioners in the spiritual world who pretend to be weak but kill the powerful instead.

It’s hard to see the kind of people who have a little bit of power but keep showing off all the time. Such people have already died for a long time.

Kris smiled, “Anyone ignorant is not guilty.”

“Since fellow Taoists are here to compete for the inner sect elders, please trouble fellow Taoists to leave your message.”

Changgong took out a booklet and handed it over.

Kris took a look and wrote down his message.

After receiving the booklet, Changgong Lin looked at it, and a strange look suddenly appeared in his eyes, “Zhatian..Diao? The primal spirit with a Fulfilled period, two hundred years of a life time.”

The other things are okay. It’s the name…it’s too strange.

“My Taoist friend Diao, please turn left when you enter the door!”

Changgong closed the booklet and handed Kris Chen a token with identity information.

“Thank you!”

Kris arched his hands and took the three demons into the entry.

He thought that the three holy sects already looked huge on the outside but didn’t expect something inside.

This can no longer be called a big space; it should be called a small world.

In the small world, mountains and rivers were readily available, and spirit energy was also very abundant, dozens of times more abundant than the outside world.

There was a vast martial arts field in front of it, and there were people standing outside, all of whom are primal spirits and accumulated spirits.

This wave of people was divided into two sides, one was the primal spirit, and the other was the accumulated spirit.

“Your token!”

The handsome man with a sharp eyebrow stared at Kris, with his tone a little impatient.

Kris took out his token, and the handsome man said: “The primal spirit with the Fulfilled period, come to draw lots and remember your number.”

He reached into the box and grabbed a random number, ‘One Thousand and Eighty.’

“Okay, go over there, remember to stand on the right!”

The man threw the token over at will. Kris Chen’s eyes gleamed slightly. He took the token and said nothing; after all…the future will be extended.

When Kris walked away, the pretty woman next to the man said, “Brother, isn’t this appropriate?”

“What’s wrong? There are fewer positions for elders in the inner gate than in the past, only fifty, and there are more than 100 strong accumulated spirits, even the strong accumulated spirits. Even they will be knocked out by half, how can he win? Those failed accumulated spirit will focus on the position for outer door elders; the outer door elders have only 100 places, so the accumulated spirit must at least occupy half.”

“This time, there are as many as a thousand primal spirits, and one out of twenty. Even if he is lucky enough to join the Outer Sect Elder, he is just an idle elder with no power. What can he do to me?”

The man was named Changxing Jian, an elite disciple of the Inner Sect of the Wuji Sword Sect, and the elders of the Outer Sect had no right to control him.

Moreover, the elders of the outer sect are just free thugs of the sect. There are ten thousand of people like this in each sect. Everyone understands what purpose they hold.

There are three people behind Kris Chen, and that the seven or eight-year-old child is his purpose this time.

“You are right. I don’t know what the above think. These wild practitioners have different levels of strength, and they have made the sect miserable.”

The woman tangled her hair and pouted her mouth as if she couldn’t figure it out.

Kris walked over with the three demons, and all of them focused on the stage.

Two primal spirits with Fulfilled period Practitioners fought dimly, with all their supernatural powers and all kinds of cool spells enjoyed by everyone.

Many of the young practitioners were even more staring.

“Go, don’t stand with me!”

“Go away, dare to stand next to the old man, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

The three demons felt the malice of many practitioners.

“Come back!”

Kris said lightly, looking at the two practitioners as if seeing dead people!

“You’d better hope not to run into me in a fight later!”

Kris said to the two of them, then turned around and watched the fight.

On the stage, life and death don’t matter, so they fight very fiercely and do everything possible.


On the arena, a sky thunder directly chopped the opponent into coke.

“Victory for number seventy!”

An indifferent voice sounded in the sky, “Next candidate seventy-one and seventy-two will be on stage!”

The rules are simple. It takes at least three rounds of fighting to determine the position of one hundred outer gate elders.

Fighting in the Primal Spirit Stage still has certain benefits for Kris, and he can learn something useful from it.

After watching for an hour, Kris put his gaze on the accumulated spirit ring.

If the outer gate elder wanted to be promoted to the inner gate elder, it was actually very simple, just defeat one of the inner door elders.

The rules were also very brutal.

Kris was slightly upset. He had already written about the initial stage of accumulated spirits, so he didn’t have to fight these primal spirits. It was a waste of time.

After successfully entering the top 100 for a while, the accumulated spirit battlefield will also screen out half of the people, and most of these people will fight against the primal spirit.

After all, the rough rules of the Wuji Sword Sect gave them hope that as long as they defeated the Inner Sect Elder, they would be promoted, and fools knew how to choose.

Kris thought for a while and understood the profound meaning of the Wuji Sword Sect.

Compared to the primal spirit, they naturally hope that the accumulated spirit will stay.

No matter how strong the primal spirit is, it cannot be the opponent of the accumulated spirit.

The more accumulated spirits in a sect, the more prosperous it will naturally be, and the greater the power of words it has.

However, Kris heard a very interesting statement from Mudao Wu, Mudao made the three holy sects a retirement place for the strong of accumulated spirits.

Kris Chen agrees with this statement.

Practitioner into the accumulated spirit is already powerful in one area. Isn’t it better to become the king outside?

What do they want in the three holy sects.

They want exercises? Magic weapons? Magical pills?

These are naturally one of the reasons, but more of it is to enjoy old age.

A large part of the field cultivators offended too many people when they were young, and the road was interrupted in their later years, so they had to drag their family to the three holy sects for protection.

Of those more than one hundred accumulated spirits, half of them are the generation of declining energy.

If there is no great opportunity and great perseverance, at most two hundred years of life will be all for them.

Two hundred years is nothing to a practitioner who lives for thousands of years.

But even so, the strong accumulated spirits in decline are worth more than ten primal spirits.

This is the truth.

A strong person with accumulated spirits will die, but his Taoist rhyme will not disappear quickly. Some powerful accumulated spirits and residual Taoist rhymes can even survive for thousands of years.

What a precious opportunity this is. For the disciples of the Wuji Sword Sect, these remaining Tao rhymes can greatly increase their probability of penetrating Tao rhymes.

Kris ‘s thoughts flowed, and in an instant, countless ideas collided. He realized the true intention of Wujizong.

Really a good strategy.

Compared with the primal spirits and accumulated spirits, the family members they bring were in harmony.

They got together and talked in two or three, looking like a close friend.

For them, they will join the sect sooner or later, and then they will be brothers, so they will naturally have a good relationship.

In the practitioners’ world, personal connections are even more important.

Practice, Wealth, Spouse, Land. The couple ranked third. In addition to the Taoists, this couple also means the people with similar paths.

Kris shook his head secretly: the more advanced the cultivation of the practitioner became, the more lonely he was.

The road to success was never crowded.

It’s better to practice more if you don’t. Useless social networking was rubbish.

Therefore, Kris only wanted to make money and resources to improve his cultivation.

After regaining his consciousness, Kris began to concentrate on the battle between the powers of the accumulated spirit.

Even if the various rhymes were isolated by the big array, one can still feel one or two.

The rhyme of wind, the rhyme of fire, the rhyme of thunder, the rhyme of light, the rhyme of darkness… Accumulated spirits do not make a move easily, and once they make a move, the mountain collapses and the ground cracks.

Just a few days ago, Kris fought with Taoist Qianyu. If there was no protection, a small part of the seaside holy city can be destroyed by them.

Taoist Strength is strong or weak, Kris Chen absorbs these battle scenes, and the Divine Spiritual Power dwarf constantly deduced in the Mud Pill Palace and transforms it into his own.

Taoist Strength is not a single shape, it can also be transformed into various weapons, and even attached to weapons.

Some Taoist Strength can even stimulate the Practitioner to burst out with powerful energy.

For example, Taoist strength of Thunder.

The middle-aged man who practices the Taoist Strength of Thunder is probably also a body refining practicer, with a powerful body, but what he was facing was the cultivation of the earth, which completely restrained him.

In addition, the opponent’s skills were superb, and he was not given a chance to get close at all. Seeing that he was about to lose, the middle-aged man shouted and swallowed the thunder in his belly.


The thunder light exploded in the man’s body, and the thunder light flickered. After enduring the intense pain, the man gained powerful thunder power.

His cultivation level even skyrocketed from the early stage of the accumulated spirit to the middle period of the accumulated spirit in a short time.

This method can be used as a secret, and it must not be used as a conventional method.

The man’s speed was very fast, and his whole person turned into a ball of lightning, which flashed in front of the practitioner of magic for a ten thousandth of a second.

With a thunderous blow, that practitioner of magic was directly shot down from the air by a man.

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