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Chuck Cannon didn’t expect Betty to be so efficient, and Qian Yueying and Qian Fangyun were so desperate, then the Qian family’s industry must have been greatly affected.

But, where are these two people going??

Qian Yueying stared at Chuck Cannon in the car. She was so annoyed that she opened the car window and she looked straight at her.

“Did you do things about our family?” Qian Yueying said coldly.

Logan is a smart woman. From these words, she knows what is Chuck started to work on the Qian family?

Logan didn’t say a word. She didn’t need to answer this question. For the entire China, who could do this, now, besides Chuck Cannon, who else?

Logan’s reaction made Qian Yueying particularly angry, “I ask you something! If you don’t answer me, you will regret it! Let the clouds go!”

“Oh, regret?” Logan smiled, “How are you going to make me regret it? I want to know.”

Logan had hidden too much strength, not to mention other things. According to the assassination ability, Logan could assassinate everyone in the Qian family one by one.

Logan really has the strength to dismiss this threat!

“You’ll know!” Qian Yueying said coldly, staring at Chuck Cannon with disgust, “and you rubbish, I will make you regret it even more!!”

Chuck Cannon’s expressionless face makes me regret? You regret it!

Logan got angry and got out of the car, “What did you say?”

Chuck Cannon is Logan’s current Nephew, and she will never allow others to say that about Chuck Cannon!

“I said he was rubbish…” Qian Yueying was angry.

However, she hadn’t finished her sentence yet, and the cold light from Logan’s beautiful eyes made Qian Yueying unable to speak.

“You two are waiting!!” Qian Yueying pulled Qian Fangyun away, but Qian Fangyun was attracted by Logan today.

The aqua-blue skirt with knees turned Logan into a stunning beauty, with big curly waves, as if exuding the smell of breeze. This kind of temperament is really fatal.

Qian Fangyun had been dumbfounded. Without his cousin, he would invite Logan to dinner at this time.

“Ms. Logan, I advise you to stop at enough! Otherwise, when the time comes, things will become a big deal, and it will be bad for you.” Qian Fangyun kept his demeanour as much as possible.

Logan frowned. Qian Fangyun’s eyes made her uncomfortable. She wanted to talk, but Chuck Cannon came out, “You stay away from my Aunt Logan, have you heard?”

Chuck Cannon was inexplicably upset. It was very simple. Qian Fangyun’s awkward gaze, after Chuck Cannon saw it, he knew what he was thinking.

Logan’s beautiful eyes are bright, she is gentle and well-behaved and does not speak, Chuck is protecting herself!

Qian Fangyun stared at Chuck Cannon, “Do you know who you are talking to?”

“Oh, I’m talking to a man who was slapped twice by me, it was you.” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

Logan smiled slightly, and the country was overwhelmed.

“You’re looking for death!” Qian Fangyun was annoyed. With a wicked pen, could he actually embarrass him in front of the beautiful Logan? ?

This is absolutely intolerable!

“Cousin, don’t be impulsive, this trash man will hit you.” Qian Yueying hurriedly ran over and protected Qian Fangyun.

Really, Chuck Cannon wanted to slap him. Did he see his Aunt Logan?

“What do you want to do? Do you still want to beat my cousin?” Qian Yueying stared at Chuck Cannon, she was extremely angry, if there was no Logan in this place. She will kill Chuck Cannon!

“You have a pretty good cousin!” Chuck Cannon said.

“You rubbish! Stay away from my cousin, don’t you just practice for a few years? Stay away!”

Chuck Cannon shrugged, “Don’t force me to beat women,”

Chuck Cannon didn’t want to hit a woman, but if a woman is too much, he will definitely hit it too! It is impossible to be scolded while standing like this.

Of course, Qian Yueying is not afraid. She is overwhelmed, but Qian Fangyun is worried that his cousin is so beautiful can be slapped by this rubbish.

What can’t this trash do?

“Cousin, don’t talk to him. You will lose your identity. He will regret it if we leave here!” Qian Fangyun sneered.

When I will follow my cousin, I will find that Karen Lee, and win her, then there is no worries, you can just clean up!

Qian Yueying was angry just now, and she didn’t want to stay for a while. All she wanted to do was to find Karen Lee!

Qian Yueying and Qian Fangyun turned and left, and Chuck Cannon suddenly laughed.

Qian Yueying stopped angrily, turned her head and pointed at Chuck Cannon, “You can laugh more, but soon you will have no chance!”

“No, it’s because you don’t have any chances. You will soon be ineligible to appear in front of me. Do you remember what I told you?” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly.

“What do you want to say? You arrange the things in my Qian family?” Qian Yueying sneered. Why is there such a shameless person?

“Haha.” Chuck Cannon’s smile was unpredictable!

“Cousin, what did you say to this kind of rubbish? He is still pretending to be coercive!” Of course, Qian Fangyun didn’t believe it.

“I see him, he would have just knelt down and begged Logan to do this. You are also amazing. You can eat soft rice and pretend to be so good. You are really cheating, are you still a man? You did it?” Qian Fang Yun laughed, he hates this kind of man the most, he has no strength at all, but he is pretending to be forced everywhere!

Even eating soft rice gives a sense of superiority. What kind of Logan’s dog are you?

“You said you liked my Qian’s family!” Qian Yueying stared at Chuck Cannon and said word by word. The voice is so mocking.

“Do you still remember…”

“Why don’t I remember? Your words made me understand what shamelessness is! I will remember it for a lifetime, but please be more realistic in your dreams. You think you are asking others to do something to the Qian family. How big is the impact? The praying man arm in a car and he can’t help it!!” Qian Yueying said in disgust.

“Then wait and see! I said a lot to you, but if you don’t believe me, then I can do it.” Chuck Cannon shrugged, he doesn’t know how the situation is now, but Qian Yueying is so anxious to go out. He did a great job!

“You also said that you are Karen Lee’s son. I still remember that.” Qian Yueying mocked.

“Haha, cousin, you said he is Karen Lee’s son?” Qian Fangyun laughed to death. Can you say such pretending words??

“He told me at that time, very seriously, but in the end, Logan appeared and said he was the driver,” Qian Yueying said mockingly.

“Haha, Karen Lee’s son became a driver? Chuck Cannon, Chuck Cannon, would you pretend to be coercive? If you say so, do I believe it or not?” Qian Fangyun smiled miserably.

“You still don’t believe it?” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“Enough!!” Qian Yueying stared at Chuck Cannon coldly, “I’m going to find Karen Lee now!”

This sentence is also to Logan, tell Logan, don’t be proud!

“Are you looking for my mother?” Chuck Cannon was stunned. There was a little surprise, but after thinking about it, she knew Qian Yueying’s purpose. This woman thought her mother destroyed the Zhao family, so she wanted To win over his mother, but, it is really the power of his mother to destroy the Zhao family so easily.

In fact, it’s not wrong to find my mother, but, my mother is not in China.

“Haha, you are really crazy, you are still pretending to be coercive? You said those words, my mother, how many mothers are you?” Qian Fangyun laughed, really laughing!

Qian Yueying smiled, mocking. “You really know how to pretend that Karen Lee is your mother, why are you like this?”

“What’s this?” Chuck Cannon felt that there was nothing wrong with him!

“Are you pretending now? I ask you, why are you so rubbish?”

“Hey, I’m curious, why do you hate me?” Chuck Cannon asked I don’t provoke her, always telling the truth.

“Because you treat everyone as a fool, and the whole world is listening to your lie, don’t people like you deserve rubbish? You said you bought Zhao’s hotel, you bought it??”

“Bought it. If you don’t believe me, you can…”

“Outline, I can’t believe it, your series of garbage behaviours, you opened a room with a girl, and you actually let the girl give money to the hotel, and in the end, you beat the girl. This is what a man does? Rubbish is not as good!” Qian Yueying said coldly.

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