Chapter 459: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 459 Set Fire

Anna Xie hesitated for a while before she said, “Miss Ye, I…eh…I wanna quit.”

Chuxue Ye was a bit surprised, “Why? You feel being mistreated here here?”

“No, you are very nice to me and I think I will never be able to meet a boss like you.”

“Then are you unhappy?”


“Why do you want to quit?”

Anna lowered her head and said with a guilty look, “Because I have disgraced our store.”

Chuxue thought for a while. She did not understand why she would think so, “Are you still thinking about that matter? Oh let it go! It has nothing to do with you!”

“Yes, it does! The business of the store has been severely affected by me lately.”

Chuxue acted she didn’t care, “I don’t depend on the store to make money. It doesn’t matter how it goes.”

“But it matters to me! You are so good to me, but I keep causing trouble for you! I am sorry!”

Chuxue scratched her head and said, “It has nothing to do with you. To be honest, they take me as their target.”


Chuxue nodded, “Yes, you are only scapegoat. They will be happy to see you leave, because by then I will have to face them alone.”

“Is that really so?” Anna asked.

Chuxue put her arm around Anna’s shoulder, “Trust me. Stay and help me. If you leave, whose else will help me? Do not care about what others say. I trust you.”

“Thanks, Miss Ye.”

“Okay, get back to work. No more stupid thinking and no more quitting words.”

“Okay, I get it.”

After comforting Anna, Chuxue seated herself in the long chair out of the store.

She did not expected that things were getting more and more troublesome. She only helped Anna because she thought it was interesting.

But an unknown force got involved, which was out of her expectation.

What are they up to? To ruin Anna, a little girl? Are they fighting for Anna’s beauty? Oh they totally don’t have to make such a big scene1 but if it’s not for Anna’s beauty, what else? Chuxue thought.

When she got tired of thinking, she frowned and started to rub her forehead.

“What are you thinking about?”

Someone walked to her back and started to massage her head.

Chuxue felt extremely relaxed and closed her eyes, “Things are getting messy here. I am sorting things out.”

“Do not get too tired.”

“I won’t. Just thinking…”

“But I still worry about you.”

“Come on!”

The two kept flirting and it got other people shy.

Someone couldn’t take it any more and started to protest, “Hey, you two! Are you done yet?”

Hearing the voice, chuxue turned around and hummed, “Oh there you are! I thought you will keep hiding yourself!”

Zhao Nangong pinched Chuxue slightly on the shoulder and said, “Don’t be so mean.”

“I wasn’t. He was nowhere to be found when Anna was in trouble.”

Yulin Xiao lowered his head, trying to hide his guilty feeling, “I was held up.”

Of course Chuxue didn’t buy it. She thought it was an excuse.

Chuxue shook her head and sighed, “Hay! You pretended that you were in love with her, but actually you don’t care about her. What kind of show are you performing, Yulin?”

“Bullshit! Why don’t you mind your own business?”

Chuxue curled her lips, “Well I could care less about your business, but Anna is a good girl. You have a bad reputation, so, as your cousin, I have to warn you not to hurt Anna! Besides, you and the girl Wei Yu…”

Yulin hurriedly interrupted her, “I’ll handle it.”

“If you had handled things well, Anna wouldn’t have to ask me for help now.”

Chuxue always looks innocent and naughty, but she’s always got a point when she is reasoning something.

Yulin was choked by Anna’s words.

Anna wanted to lecture him more when suddenly she saw someone standing next to them.

“Ah, Anna!”

Hearing the name, Yulin immediately turned around.

Anna got herself back from her thoughts and smiled in embarrassment, “I didn’t notice we have guests here. Let me get more drinks.”

Then Anna turned around.

“Anna, I want to tell you…”

Yulin wanted to stop Anna but on hearing Yulin’s voice, Anna walked faster.

Needless to say, Anna must have heard something hurtful.

Yulin turned around and saw Chuxue’s smug face, then he shouted at her angrily, “Did you do this on purpose?”

Chuxue shrugged, “Don’t get me wrong. I did not know she’s here either.”


“Do not waste your time here with me. Go get her and explain it to her. The more misunderstanding you have between you two, the fewer chances you have.”

Zhao agreed and nodded, “Open your heart and be honest with each other.”

It sounded very reasonable.

Yulin dared not delay any more. He walked in to the store hurriedly.

In front of the counter, he saw Anna.

He paced up and stared at her, “Anna.”

Anna was making juice. When she heard Yulin’s voice, she kept her head lowered and her hands moving, “What would you like to drink?”

Yulin was upset about being treated this way. He frowned, “Do not talk to me like this.”

“Well, show me what You like, and I’ll try to make you happy.”

Anna’s voice was as soft as a piece of cotton, but it got people irritated easily.

Yulin disliked to see Anna like this. He frowned, “Can we just have a talk?”

“You are the famous play-boy in the capital city. What Am I to have a talk with you?”

Anna kept talking aggressively and it could make anyone with good temper get angry, not to mention rich man like Yulin.

So Yulin lifted his chin and warned, “Anna Xie!”

“I can hear you! Keep your voice down! I have customers here!”

Seeing Anna still being tough, Yulin got very angry, “Why do you keep trying to irritate me!”

“Oh are you irritated? You must be kidding. You can play a fool of me easily. I never dare to irritate you!”

Hmm, look at her red face – she was angry, apparently!

Yulin realized he was being rude so his tone got soft and nice.

Yes he was trying to please her.

It was unbelievable that he’s pleasing a woman!

But he would like to make the change for Anna.

But it seemed that Anna didn’t want to accept it.

“Anna, there must be some misunderstanding.”

“I heard it with my own ears!”

“You only heard part of it, which could cause misunderstanding easily! And some words I said, I didn’t really mean it. You can’t judge before asking me. It’s unfair!”

“Alright, I admit it. I did not misunderstand you. I just feel I am pathetic.”

Yulin raised his brow and listened to Anna quietly.

“I am losing control of something. I can see where it goes but I still can’t control myself. I am so stupid!”


“Please, find someone else to play this love game with you. I am too silly. I know it’s just a game but I gave my heart to it. Please have mercy on me. Let me go. Allow me to have some dignity, will you?”

Anna begged Yulin.

She meant what she said. She really hoped to keep a distance with Yulin.

It’s not because she disliked him, but because she’s afraid of getting hurt.

Seeing Anna’s poor and cautious look, Yulin felt upset.

Her heart ached as if some feelings inside were swelling.

“Why do you think I am playing a love game?”

“Because you have another woman in your heart! How can you love two women at a time!”

Yulin lowered his head and said honestly, “I admit, that for the time being, I am not very sure of my heart. But I promise you that I will never play with your heart!”

But Anna ignored this sincere attitude of Yulin. She ssaid lightly, “Whatever. As long as you are happy.”

“Fine. No matter what I say, you won’t believe me. But I promise, I will make you change your mind!”

Then Yulin turned around and left. Anna looked up ad watched him leaving. Her eyes were full of emptiness.

Days went by peacefully.

But someone seemed to hate this peace.

Qiaoqiao Su was waiting for Anna to be fired but Anna was still working in the store.

Qiaoqiao panicked. She found Jing Wu, “How come Anna Xie is still there?”

“I don’t know. I’ve tried everything, but they don’t suspect anna.”

“Maybe you have to do it yourself.”

Jing was a bit surprised, “Me?”

“Of course! As long as we succeed, I don’t have to put up with that woman any more. And it’s good for you, too.”

Jing was confused, “But what should I do?”

Qiaoqiao showed a tricky smile, “I have a plan. Follow my plan and Anna will have nowhere to hide!”

Qiaoqiao said and waved at Jing.

Jing leaned over and listened to her carefully.

As she listened, her eyes opened wider. With a look of disbelife, she asked, “Really! Can it work?”

“Of course! Trust me!”

“But if they find out, I’ll be screwed.”

“I have arranged everything. Don’t worry, you’ll be safe.”

Jing was still doubtful. But when she saw Qiaoqiao’s impatient look, she nodded, “Well, okay.”

“Go back and have a good rest. I’ll notify you when I am ready.”

Jing left, feeling worried.

She sensed danger that she might be the sacrifice.

But what if she let someone else do it?

Qiaoqiao wouldn’t blame me because it’s successful anyway. But once it fails, I can keep myself safe. What a good plan! Jing thought to herself.

It was a find day and sun was shining brightly. Anna had no lessons that day so she got up early and came to the store.

She got everything ready in the store and was ready to welcome customers.

Hmm, another nice day!

Anna put a happy smile and waiting for the customers to come.

Soon, the first customer came.

It was a teenage girl who looked weak and innocent.

The girl was dressed poorly and the color of her clothes faded. She was so thin as if she could be blown away by the wind any time.

She did not look like a customer at all.

Anna did not turn a cold eye. Instead, she thought this girl might need a good meal.

The girl came up to Anna and asked in a low and weak voice, “i want a piece of cake.”

“Okay, what taste would you like?”


The girl found a corner and sat there. She was checking her phone while eating.

Soon the store was filled with customers and Anna started to get busy. Thus, she had no more attention to pay to that girl.

When Anna finally remembered the girl, she had already left.

Anna went to the girl’s table and saw there’s a bottle of water besides the empty plate.

She recalled the girl coming in without the bottle of water in her hands. Maybe she went out to buy the water?

Anna couldn’t have more clue of it so she quit thinking about it. She hurriedly went back to her work.

As for the bottle of water, Anna dumped it into the trash can in the kitchen and paid no more attention to it.

But while Anna was not noticing, someone slid into the kitchen and turned on the cigarette light, then threw it into the trash can.

When Anna noticed, the kitchen was already on fire.

The customers all screamed in panic and ran out. Only Anna was trying to put out the fire. But the fire was getting bigger and bigger.

She realized she couldn’t do it alone, so she called the firemen and waited anxiously outside.

Chuxue and her party and the firemen arrive around the same time.

Watching the firemen putting out the fire, Chuxue held Anna’s hands ans asked with concern, “Are you okay Anna?”

“I am okay, but our store…” Anna was mad at herself, “It’s all my fault! I didn’t protect our store well!”

“It’s just a store. We can fix it later on. You are more important.”

Chuxue said the words to make Anna feel better, but Anna still felt guilty.

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