Chapter 460: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 460 Never Guess A Woman’s Heart

After a while, Yulin Xiao arrived, too. He put his arms around Anna Xie and hugged her tightly as soon as he saw her.

“Thank God you are okay! Thank God!”

Anna was in panic until Yulin held her tightly.

Hearing Yulin’s firm heartbeat, Anna’s eyes turned red and her tears almost fell.

She felt both upset and guilty and really wanted to cry on Yulin’s shoulder.

When Anna looked up, she saw a girl’s figure.

She was the first customer to have stepped into the store this morning.

Anna felt strange somehow, because the girl looked so gloomy.

Noticing that Anna was looking at her, the girl hurriedly turned around and disappeared in the crowd.

“Hey, don’t get distracted when I am hugging you!”

Feeling that Anna was absent-minded, Yulin complained.

Anna got herself back right away and hurriedly push Yulin away. Her face blushed because of shyness.

What’s going on! How come I am hugging this guy! Anna thought to herself.

The fire was not fierce so it got put out soon.

But the store was damaged. The places that got burned and watered were so messy.

It wouldn’t be able to entertain any customers for the time being.

Chuxue Ye did not care too much about her loss. She took Anna to Yulin’s apartment to have a rest.

When they got to the apartment, Anna was surprised to see that Mrs Chang was still there.

Hearing that Anna was in the fire scene, Mrs Chang was very concerned. She took Anna to the bathroom and helped her clean up, then she took her to the bedroom.

Yulin wanted to follow but Chuxue stopped him.

“Come. We need to talk about something, about Anna.”

Hearing this, Yulin sat down to hear Chuxue’s analysis.

“In my opinion, the fire today was caused by someone on purpose.”

Yulin frowned and said, “Someone wants to hurt Anna? I will kill him!”

“We will teach that person a lesson. But I think the person’s strange,” Chuxue crossed her arms, “they are trying very hard to make Anna leave my store. But what good does it do to them?”

“I have a way to find out.”

Hearing Zhao Nangong’s words, Chuxue held his arms immediately, “What way?”

“Do as they wish, we pretend to fire Anna, then we’ll see what they are up to.”

It’s a good idea, but would Yulin agree?

Chuxue looked up at Yulin, waiting for his reply.

Yulin hesitated, “Well, okay.”

Hearing “yes” for an answer, Chuxue sighed in relief, “I thought you were going to say no.”

“I wanted to, but knowing there’s someone bad trying to hurt Anna, I have to agree. I can’t have anyone hurt Anna. We must find out who’s behind this and what he’s up to.”

“Alright, let’s get started.”

On the other side…

Knowing that the dessert shop was on fire, Qiaoqiao Su was very happy.

“You did a good job. Anna Xie is going to suffer big time!”

Jing Wu was there when the shop was on fire. She was still scared by the scene and looked a bit dumbfounded.

Qiaoqiao had told Jing that it was actually a bottle of liquid that catches fire easily. The liquid will generate smoke which would make the store an unpleasant place to stay in.

But out of Jing’s expectation, the liquid was nothing else but alcohol! It almost turned the shop into ashes!

If the police should find out, she would end up in jail!

Jing started to tremble and her face turned pale because of fear.

Seeing Jing’s so nervous like that, Qiaoqiao hummed and complained in her heart how useless Jing was.

But Qiaoqiao still pretended that she cared and comforted Jing, “Don’t worry, the bottle has already been burned. They can’t know it’s you. And according to my secret investigation, the cameras in the kitchen were all broken. No one will know it’s you.”

Of course no one would find out it’s Jing, because Jing had asked a little girl to do it.

She couldn’t afford to let Qiaoqiao know it, or she might make things worse.

Anyway, let bygones be bygones. Let the truth be buried in the ashes. Everyone will disppear like smoke.

Jing comforted herself. But deep in her heart, she still felt anxious.

After reaching an agreement with Yulin, Chuxue was ready to lave.

Before leaving, she told Anna, “Have a good rest these days. When the store is done refurnishing, I’ll let you know.”


“Do not think too much. It has nothing to do with you, okay?”

Anna showed a warm smile and said, “Okay.”

“Well, have more rest. We will go now.”

Seeing that Chuxue was going to leave, Anna got up immediately and said, “I’ve rested enough. I am leaving with you.”

Chuxue hurriedly pressed Anna on her shoulder, “Rest more and observe yourself. You must have breathed in a lot of dust. It’s bad for your lungs. You need to observe yourself for another half day just in case.”

Hearing this, Yulin hurriedly said, will the dust hurt her respiratory tract? Shall I call a doctor?”

Chuexue was really speechless. She eyeballed him.

She was surprised at how silly Yulin had become. He’s such a smart guy and he should be able to see it through that Chuxue was actually helping him to make Anna stay!

Anna said, “Don’t bother. I am fine.”

“Anyway, just observe yourself. Be good.”

Chuxue turned around and left. And before she left, she eyeballed Yulin as a warning.

There were only Yulin and Anna left in the room.

The two sat face to face, feeling a bit embarrassed.



The two started to talk at the same time and stopped immediately. They looked so awkward.

Anna lowered her head and coughed lightly, “You first.”

“Are you okay? Don’t hide it from me.”

“I am fine. Don’t worry. Eh…I’d better get back to school.”

“Hey, you agreed to observe. You have nothing to do at school anyway. Just stay here.”


Well, there’s really no need for Yulin to sit in front of Anna to observe her, which made both of them embarrassed.

Anna felt uncomfortable, and Yulin found it harder to know his own heart.

Looking back on the days since he met Anna, Yulin felt his heart was on the thrilling roller coaster. His heart was thrown up and down.

Like a while ago, when hearing the store was on fire, Yulin hurriedly rushed there, hoping that Anna was unharmed.

Anna felt deeply disturbed, too, knowing she was supposed to love the wrong man and want the things that don’t belong to her.

But seeing how concerned Yulin was about her, Anna was a bit impressed.

There’s one moment when she even wanted to open herself up totally to him.

So what Yulin is playing with my heart? As long as we are true to each other at the moment, it will be enough. Anna thought to herself.

But it’s a crazy idea and Anna thought she should abandon the idea.

But there’s a sound in her heart urging her crazily to let her go with her heart.

Seeing Anna’s shy look, Yulin almost couldn’t control herself.

But it’s not a good time to make out.

Yulin coughed lightly, “What did you want to say?”


Right at this time, Yulin’s phone rang.

Yulin took a glace at the screen of his phone and frowned, “Leave it. You were saying?”

The phone then rang again.

Anna was a bit discouraged, “Take it. Maybe it’s urgent.”

The phone just wouldn’t stop ringing.

Yulin had to say, “Wait for me. I’ll be right back.”

Then Yulin walked out of the room and said impatiently, “What is it? Hurry!”

Wei Yu smiled lightly and teased, “Why are you so impatient? Did I ruin your good moment?”

“Cut the crap! What are you calling me for?”

“You are so rude!” Wei pouted, “I am inviting you to my engagement party.”

Yulin got so angry hearing her say this.

“Wei Yu, do you think I am a dumb shit who’s just hanging around doing nothing everyday?”

Anna was only getting out to get some fresh air when suddenly she overheard this.

Anna’s body got rigid. Then she stepped back, pretending she heard nothing.

“It’s up to you. I’ve told you already,” Wei was about to hang up the phone, but she thought for a while and said, “why not come? It’s a good chance to show how great you are.”

“You are so naive!”

“You were the naive one, weren’t you?”

“Wei, you are getting more and more annoying. As your assistant to call me next time. I’m busy.”

Yulin wanted to hang up the phone.

But Wei still went on.

“If you are trying to irritate me, you don’t have to find another girl. Miss Xie is a nice girl. It’s such a pity that you want to ruin her just because of me.”

Yulin frowned, “Wei, I’m telling you, we are done now! I already moved on. And it has nothing to do with you.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. Bye, if there’s nothing else.”

Yulin hang up the phone and felt so peaceful inside.

He’s a changed man now. He would have got drunk when hearing about Wei’s engagement. But he’s no longer that kind of man.

He felt peaceful in his heart.

He care about the girl in the bedroom more.

Yulin looked at the room and then went in.

Sitting in front of Anna, Yulin said, “Well, let’s go on.”

Anna got herself back and blinked, “Ah, I wanna go back to school.”

“But you were trying to say something.”

“Was I? I don’t remember! If you are busy, I can go back by myself.”

Anna was so determined to go and it made Yulin feel strange.

“What’s going on? You were okay just now.”

Anna lowered her head without looking at him, “Nothing. I’m fine.”


“Alright, I’ve told you what I’m thinking. I’m going back.”

Then Anna ignored Yulin and walked past him.

Yulin turned around, watched Anna leaving then said, “It’s really so hard to guess a woman’s heart.”


Yulin turned around and saw Mrs Chang. He knew he could talk about it with her.

“Mrs Chang, why are women so difficult to guess?”

Mrs Chang look old but wise, “They just look difficult. They are something in their hearts.”


What could Anna hide in her heart?

Seeing that Yulin was struggling to understand, Mrs Chang hinted him, “I saw Anna walking out of the room and watching you while you were talking in the phone. Then her face turned pale. She looked upset.”

“It’s just a phone call. Why was she upset?”

“May I ask, why were you calling?”


Yulin suddenly understood it all.

Does Anna think i still have feelings for Wei? Hay! What a silly girl! Can’t she think about things with her brain? Yulin complained in his heart and was about to go.

“Mr, where are you going?”

“Of course I go to find Anna and explain it to her!”

“Hold on a second,” Mrs Chang stopped Yulin, “I think, you can test Miss Anna and see what she thinks about you.”

Yulin looked interested.

But he was still confused, “How to test?”

Seeing Yulin who looked confused, Mrs Chang sighed, “My dear, you are a smart person. How come you are so silly now?”

It was not the first time that he had heard someone call him silly. Did he really become silly?

Seeing Yulin still confused, Mrs Chang said patiently, “Since Anna minds Wei, you need to keep pushing her. When she can’t take it any longer, you can explain it to her. You need to force her to follow her heart. By then she’ll have nowhere to hide her feelings.”

Hearing Mrs Chang’s words, Yulin thought it over then he showed a tricky smile.

Yulin put his thumb up and complemented, “The old are always the wiser!”

Striking Yulin’s hand away, Mrs Chang said smilingly. “You made me! Hmm…young people are really good at making things messy.”

Yulin was still standing there smiling stupidly. Mrs Chang hurriedly urged him, “Why are you still standing here! Anna is going back to her school!”

Hearing this, Yulin hurriedly turned around and rushed out to chase Anna.

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