Chapter 461 – 462: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 461: A Bet Between The Lords

The battle between the real powerful people is always short.

Ten seconds had passed, but that Magical Practiser was still on the ground. The Taoist Strength of Thunder was exceptionally destructive, and the practiser was obviously not strong enough to survive such a hit, and his Taoist Strength of Earth was also greatly ruined.

“The winner is No. 30! No.31 should get prepared now!” The Kekkai Immortal of the Microcosmos shouted.

Kris watched a few battles between these accumulated spirits, and he got tired of them. So he walked away to take a rest, while reviewing these battles he watched so that he can draw some lessons.

“How is the fight going?” Two elders at the entrance of the Microcosmos asked Changxing Jian. And when Changxing saw them, he stood up in an instant and said respectfully: “Bid master, second master.”

The big master is Lord Lingyuan. The second master is Lord Jiyuan. They are both super powerful people whose accumulated spirit was at the Fulfilled period. They also learned from the same teacher. They were guarding the entrance attentively.

The woman beside Changxing was so timid. She lowered her head and answered: “The fight is rather fierce.”

Changxing didn’t expect these two great people to come to this place themselves.

These two lords didn’t say anything. They made an inspection of this Microcosmos at a lightening speed, and no one could see their existence. Suddenly, they noticed a man was sleeping on a hammock.

Lord Jiyuan’s brow furrowed. He said: “Who is that man? He is so rude. How could he fall asleep when his master is fighting fiercely on the stage!”

Wuji sword sect is open to all kinds of students, but Lord Jiyuan placed great importance to the students’ ability to obey the rules. He also thinks that a student should always respect his elders. So he was very angry when he saw that man sleeping when a fight was going on. He said: “We will never have students like this one.”

Lord Lingyuan didn’t say anything. It was a trivial thing, and his brother could make decisions about that without his opinion.

They arrived here toady with the intention of finding some good students for Wuji sword sect, which recruit students every ten years. And this time, they found some very good talents, who can be very valuable to the sect in the future.

The fight was rather fierce. They flew to the sky to drink tea, while enjoying the fight beneath them, commenting on the fights, and learning from the fighters. They are powerful, but they are humble, and they are always ready to learn.

Time flew by. Soon, Kekkai Immortal shouted: “No.1077 is the winner. No.1079, and no.1080 should get prepared to fight.”

No.1079 is the elder who just insulted the three demons. His primal spirit is at the Fulfilled period.

Kris stretched himself and said: “Is it my turn?” He looked at the people on stage and smiled. He said to the three demons: “You can go back to sleep.”

Then, he flew to the stage.

“I don’t want to kill you. So if you kowtow to me now, your life will be spared.” The elder said.

Lord Jiyuan saw Kris from above. He was confused and his brow furrowed. “Isn’t that man the one who was sleeping? What is he doing on the stage?”

Lord Lingyuan said: “Brother, I think he has some special techniques, and he slept just to avoid being noticed.”

Lord Jiyuan shook his head. “If he is truly powerful, he won’t need to hide anything.”

Lord Jiyuan is a sword cultivator, and he is very frank about his real power. That’s why he thought these people who are always hiding are not truly powerful.

Lord Lingyuan laughed. “I think he is quite something.”

Lord Lingyuan had lived for two thousand years. And Kris’ primal spirit was at most at the Fulfilled period, and from his appearance, Kris had at most lived for a few hundred years. But Lord Lingyuan sensed there was something different about him.

Lord Jiyuan was slightly surprised. Because his brother hardly ever praises anyone.

“I still don’t believe that he is in any way different.” Lord Jiyuan said.

“You want a bet?” Lord Lingyuan said. “If I win, I get your Drunken Immortal Wine.”

Drunken Immortal Wine is a kind of alcohol created by Lord Jiyuan. It is very powerful. Practitioners can reach a higher stage simply by smelling it. Because not only did Lord Jiyuan use hundreds of rare herbs to make this wine, he also added his Taoist Strength to it.

Lord Lingyuan didn’t need the wine, but he could still give it to his students.

“Fine. But if you lose, you will give me the body of sword energy.” Lord Jiyuan said.

Lord Lingyuan laughed. He said: “You are indeed a very smart person. Fine. If I lose, I’ll give you the body of sword energy.” He knew his brother wants the body of the sword energy badly.

Then, their eyes fell on the stage.

“Are you going to fight or not?” The elder said.

But Kris only yawned. He was still very sleepy.

“You are going to die because of your arrogance.” Then, the elder took out his weapon and carried out an attack against Kris.

And then, Kris released a sword energy, which charged into the elder’s magic weapon and cut it in half, the elder was also killed in an instant, and his primal spirit was also destroyed.

“Done.” Kris said causally. He then jumped off the stage, and went back to his hammock and fell asleep.

Everyone present was astonished.

“What just happened?”

“How is that possible?”

“What was that light? Was that sword energy?”

When people were still numb with shock, Kekkai Immortal shouted: “No.1080 is the winner.”

Everyone lapsed into silence.

The person who just insulted the three demons with the elder was so afraid. He couldn’t believe Kris just killed the elder with such ease, because the elder’s primal spirit was already at the Fulfilled period. He was No.1077, and he knew there was a huge chance that Kris would be his opponent for the next battle. He thought it would be better if he just quit.

What just happened also attracted these super powerful people’s attention. But they didn’t think too much of it, because they could also kill a person at that level with ease.

Lord Jiyuan lost the bet. He took out a small bottle of Drunken Immortal Wine and gave it to Lord Lingyuan. It is a small bottle, but it contains a kilogram of wine. Lord Jiyuan hated to lose it, because it took him a hundred years to make ten kilograms of this wine, and all of a sudden, he lost a tenth of it .

“That little man is so dangerous. He just used sword energy, didn’t he?” Lord Jiyuan said. He didn’t like Kris because he thought Kris was only a student. But now he knew Kris is a great person who hid his real power. Lord Jiyuan could tell from the sword energy that Kris is not an average man.

“Yes. That is sword energy. He combined the sword energy of the earth and the sword energy of the thunder. He is truly amazing, because as you know, the earth and the thunder are incompatible.”

Lord Lingyuan spent thousands of years studying the swords, and he only needed a glance to know that Kris’s sword energy was unique.

“He is going to be one of the Exterior Elders.”

“I don’t think so.” Lord Jiyuan said. “He is great. But there are so many competitors this year. And also accumulated spirits will also fight for this position.”

“You want another bet?”

“How?” Lord Jiyuan felt excited.

“If this man becomes one of the Exterior Elders, you give me your Sword Tao Stone.”

Sword Tao Stone is one of Lord Jiyuan’s favorite treasures. It would be much easier to practice the sword when one is in possession of this stone. The owner of the stone has even a chance to learn the sword intent of the actualized spirit, and that’s why it is much valuable than the Drunken Immortal Wine, and it is priceless for a sword cultivator.

“This is too valuable.” Lord Jiyuan wanted to deny, but Lord Lingyuan added: “If you win, you will get my Sword Fetus.”

Lord Jiyuan gasped when he heard it. Because the Sword Fetus is the device with which the Beyond Flesh Incarnate can be practiced.

Sword Fetus is also very valuable to a sword cultivator, because it can greatly enhance the power and strength of a sword cultivator. It also can, of course, help the sword cultivator to get Beyond Flesh Incarnate.

Why do they need Beyond Flesh Incarnate? When an actualized spirit goes through God’s test, Beyond Flesh Incarnate can increase his chances of survival by twenty percent, which is very important because accumulated spirits only have one in ten thousandth chance of survival when going through the god’s tests, which is even worse than primal spirits and pill formation practitioners, who have a slightly better chance than accumulated spirits.

“That is too valuable.” Lord Jiyuan shook his head.

“You want to bet or not?” Lord Lingyuan arched his brows. “Don’t tell me you don’t even have the courage to take this bet.”

“Fine! I’ll do it!” Lord Jiyuan snorted. He then looked at Kris who was sleeping.

“Who is looking at me?” Kris opened his eyes suddenly, because he felt Lord Jiyuan’s gaze.

“He is very alert, isn’t he?” Lord Lingyuan smiled. He hadn’t met people like Kris for a long time.

The battle was still going on. But these two Taoists’ purpose was changed. They came here only to watch, but now, they were betting.

Kris didn’t know these two Taoists were betting on him.

“No.1073 is the winner! No.1077 and no. 1080 should get prepared!”

It was Kris’s turn again after three hours. His opponent was one of these people who insulted three demons.

“My friend. We are not fighting for real, are we?” He said.

Kris smiled. “Sure. We aren’t.”

Then, a sword light was sent out by Kris.

Chapter 462: Barbecue On The Spot


The light of the sword severed his long sword and his protective shield, splitting the primal spirit within his ancestral acupoint in two!

The man’s eyes were filled with disbelief, “You… Didn’t we agree not to overdo it…?”

“Pounding”, the body fell.

Kris laughed, “Yes, but you’re too weak to even catch one of my moves, aren’t you?”

Kris stretched his back, turned around and jumped out of the ring at ease, as if he had just killed not a person of primal spirit, but a chicken.

Kris’s fighting force was really strong, but someone presumed that this should be Kris’s strongest blow. If that man could block, he would undoubtedly win.

Or he could only be a dead soul under Kris’s sword.

Those able to stay were all experts in the Primal Spirit Field. They were calm in their analysis and could never be like the two idiots who died in Kris’s hands.

To stop at where it should was only a joke.

That area was called the ring of life and death. It was a fantasy to stop appropriately on that place.

But Kris did really fight so hard that he killed his opponents without saying anything. Even the primal spirit was unable to survive.

If one went up against this man later, he must be careful and use his own protection fully.

“This brat is very confident in his sword.”

Lord Lingyuan said, “He won’t even turn his head back after an attack.”

This was the momentum that a sword cultivator should have.

“I think this move is definitely his strongest one. If it was blocked, he would surely die. Thus, he turned around in other to escape as quickly as possible!” Lord Jiyuen said.


Lord Lingyuan beckoned a cloud, squeezed it into a cotton ball, and leaned on it comfortably, drinking the Drunken Immortal wine that he had just won from Lord Jiyuen.

“Get up! Get up!”

Kris Chen kicked the three demons that were sleeping like a log with his feet.

“Son of a bitch, your master was fighting for his life up there and you guys were sleeping deeply here.”

Ironhead looked confused, “Didn’t you tell us to continue to sleep? Why are you blaming us now?”


Ironhead’s head was hit by Kris so heavily that it sank into the ground. Ironhead wept silently.

Guantu and Laingwan scared to stand up straight, showing a smile with eight teeth.

“You two are more obedient!”

Kris was very pleased. He took out the grill and a few hundred pounds of Supreme Beast’s meat, “I’m a bit hungry after two great battles. Let’s grill some meat to eat.”

“Master, don’t trouble yourself with such a tedious matter. Let me do it.”

Guantu took the meat from Kris’s hand at once.

“Well, thank you.”

Lying on the hammock, Kris took out some seafood that was unique to the Seaside Holy City.

Hundreds of kilograms of lobster, twenty kilograms of nine-headed abalone, two hundred kilograms of large crabs…

“Grill them as well.” Kris commanded.

It was good that the grill was a superb spirit weapon. It could become bigger or smaller so it could be big enough to put these things down.

Guantu kept brushing the oil while Laingwan sprinkled spices.

In a short while, the fragrance emerged.

“Not bad, it will be better if we can get some pepper or something else.”

“This guy really knows how to enjoy himself. He’s even eating barbecue in the Microcosmos!”

“Rediculous. How could such an absurd person enter Wuji Sword Sect?”

“It smells so good. It must also taste good, right?”

The crowd in the distance was discussing.

In the sky, Lord Lingyuan sniffed his nose, “Where did the smell of roasting meat come from?”

Lord Jiyuen snorted coldly, “It’s still that ridiculous brat. It’s ridiculous that others are fighting for life on the stage while he’s even roasting meat aside. I really don’t know how such a person can cultivate to this Stage.”

“Brother, ten thousand kinds of people have ten thousand kinds of ways. In your opinion, he’s deviating from the truth absurdly, but in his eyes, he’s just doing what’s right.”

“He eats when he’s hungry and sleeps when sleepy. It’s precisely what makes him different from normal people.”

When having reached Pill Formation, one can already ward off hunger, and some people even eat nothing in order to keep their flesh from being tainted by ordinary foods.

The practice of Taoism is like being a human being chasing for smoothness and freedom. If the practice required restriction, there was no need to go on.

It would be better to go home and raise pigs.

“I’m going down to meet him!”

“Brother, you’re not going to give him any magical weapons, are you?”

“Haha… Brother, you’re underestimating me. I just want to taste that roast meat!”

He disappeared as he finished his words.

Lord Lingyuen watched one person and three demons munching on chunks of meat when the aroma of that grilled meat wafted straight into his nose.

He wasn’t an ascetic, so naturally he had an appetite.

“Little Taoist friend, may I have a taste of it?”

Kris raised his head and was shocked when he looked at Lord Lingyuen.

This old guy was walking without sound?

Wait, this old guy looked unfamiliar. He had never seen him before!

Was he a new comer?

“You want grilled meat?”

Kris took a big bite of the meat, “Alright, give me one hundred supreme spiritual stones and you can eat as much as you like!”


Lord Lingyuen threw out a bag, which shocked Kris. Kris used his Divine Spiritual Power to scan it. There were bowl-sized supreme spiritual stones which were exactly one hundred pieces!

“Is this old guy so rich?”

Although the meat was valuable, it was not worth more than one hundred supreme spiritual stones. Kris sighed silently because he underestimated the old man. If he had known earlier, he should have reported more.

To ask for five hundred spiritual stones was too much, right?

Looking at Ironhead who was puffing and puffing as he ate, Kris kicked him straight away and then looked at the lord with a smile, “Senior, please sit down!”

Ironhead didn’t care that he was kicked away. He patted the grass on his butt and gobbled the meat up again, “For the sake of the roast, I’ll leave you alone.”

Lord Lingyuen didn’t mind it, and sat directly on the floor.

Kris gave a wink, and Guantu was busy cutting dozens of pounds of beast meat for the old man.

“When I take a bite of it, my mouth is full of oil. Charred on the outside and tender inside, the meat of Supreme Beast melts on the taste buds. With the taste of spices, it is delicious enough to make people swallow their tongues.”

This was the latest version of grilled meat developed by Kris.

There were still some spices Kris had not found a substitute for. Otherwise, the flavor would be much better.

“How does it taste? Isn’t it a good deal to pay one hundred supreme spiritual stones?”

“Not bad, although it’s cooked simply, it has a complex flavor.”

Lord Lingyuen praised, but as for being cost-effective, he did not think so.

However, he wasn’t poor, so it’s worth trying.

“It’s just grilled meat. How can you get so many feelings?”

Kris suspected that the roast meat he was eating was not the same as that of the old man.

After finishing the meat, Lord Lingyuen still felt that he hadn’t had enough. He held the two-hundred-kilogram crab over, and with a stroke of his hands, the hard shell became as brittle as white paper.

The white tender crab was exposed.

“Wait, you have no taste to eat like this.”

Kris took out a special sauce, “You dip it into this sauce and eat them together. Although there are still some ingredients missing, the taste should be fine.”

Lord Lingyuen nodded and ate the crab with this sauce!

After the first bite, his eyes narrowed instantly.

“Mmm, good!”

How long had he not found satisfaction in his oral appetite?

Perhaps, it’s been a few hundred years.

As the elder of the Wuji Sword Sect who was in a high position of power, he enjoyed delicacies and vintage wine. Although his aura was abundant, he was missing a human feeling.

This simple roast meat with sauce actually let him find the long-lost emotion.

By doing thousands of years’ practices, what exactly was they chasing after?

To become a god or an immortal?

Did becoming a god or an immortal mean abandoning human desires?

Lord Lingyuen thought about it as he ate. He seemed to think of something, and then sank his heart to search desperately for it, that is, that little bit of spiritual light. If he found it, he would be in actualized spirit.

A mysterious feeling emanated from the body of the Spiritual Yuan Monarch. Kris was dumbfounded.

Damn, could grilled meat bring an epiphany?

He instantly thought the roast in his hands didn’t taste good at all.

“You three, keep your voices down!”

Kris said with his Divine Spiritual Power.

An epiphany is a rare opportunity for practitioners. Kris was quite impressed with this old man who was a fool with a lot of money.

So he set a small barrier formation to prevent outsiders from interfering!


Meanwhile, at the entrance to the Microcosmos.

“Senior brother, look at that man. He’s making the Microcosmos a mess.”

The woman covered her mouth and nose with a scented handkerchief and said with a disgusted face, “If the elders came to inspect and saw this scene, they would definitely blame us.”

With forehead veins popping, Changxing Jian directly stood up, “Sister, wait for me here. I’m going to blow him out today.”

He strode over as he said.

Soon, he arrived in front of Kris, “You are given two choices, either you put your things away right now, or get the hell out of here right now!”

“What’s this man saying?”

“I don’t know, but by the look of his hideous face, it isn’t anything good!”

“Whatever. Let’s go on to eat. He probably smells the flavor and wants to eat, too.”

The three demons mentally communicated, then accelerated the speed of eating the roast meat.

Narrowing his eyes, Kris stared at Changxing and made a gesture of silence!

What? How dare he ask him to shut up?

Changxing was furious, and with an idea, the flying sword appeared in his hand.

“Sword soars into the sky!”

He compressed Sword Energy on top of his sword and struck out at an extremely high speed, creating a sword wave so powerful that was even capable of piercing through a small mountain.


Kris didn’t expect this instant move. The barrier was directly broken. Seeing the Sword Energy about to sweep over, Kris’s eyes became sharp and he took the Sword Energy with his bare hands.

The escaping Sword Energy cut the surrounding area with sword scars.

At this moment, Lord Lingyuen who had lowered his head to look for the spiritual light felt the killing intent and opened his eyes suddenly!

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