When Qian Yueying saw Betty, she felt a little strange in her heart. She seemed to have seen this woman somewhere!!

Yes, she did. The last time Chuck Cannon bought the hotel, Betty went there, and Qian Yueying saw her at the time, but she didn’t remember it now.

“Yes, I want to see Madame Lee!”

Qian Yueying breathed a sigh of relief. She didn’t know this woman, but she had seen too many people. This Betty has a great aura, definitely not an ordinary employee, it might be Karen Lee’s secretary, she was confident!

How could such a person fail to contact Karen Lee?

“What do you see President Lee doing?” Betty was expressionless.

But Chuck Cannon said the person who wants this money family becomes a pauper!

“I want to discuss something with her.”

“What’s the matter?” Betty was indifferent.

In this tone, Qian Yueying felt uncomfortable, but she was helpless, “I want to get to know Madame Lee and let her do a favour.”

“What’s busy?… You can leave it alone, if you don’t say it, then you can go,” Betty turned and left.

There is no hesitation.

“She’s not Karen Lee, why dragging?” Qian Fangyun muttered, Qian Yueying glared at him, and Qian Fangyun was honest.

“Hello, I said,” Qian Yueying chased over.

This Betty’s attitude is not good, and she is also particularly upset, but Qian Yueying is also a smart person, and a person with confidence can have this attitude!

This also showed that Karen Lee was the one who destroyed the Zhao family! Otherwise, a little secretary, can be such an awesome pen??

Betty stopped and turned to look at her indifferently.

“I want to ask, something happened to our Qian family today. Does this incident mean by President Lee?”

“No.” Betty shook her head.

It was not at all. Karen Lee still didn’t know that Chuck Cannon wanted to turn money family into a pauper. How could Karen Lee mean it? ?

However, if Karen Lee knew it, she would smile and agree. After all, Chuck Cannon is the son of Karen Lee, and Karen Lee has only one child…

Who do you do if you do not spoil Chuck Cannon?

Qian Yueying breathed a sigh of relief, so this is what Logan meant?? Unexpectedly, Logan could get so many secrets from the Qian family!

Qian Fangyun was also relieved.

“So, can I ask Madame Lee for a favour?” Qian Yueying has to ask this question clearly. How is the relationship between Logan and Karen Lee??

“You say,”

“I want to ask first, is Logan a friend of your President Lee?” Qian Yueying was a little nervous.



Qian Yueying breathed a sigh of relief, it turned out that she was thinking too much! Logan and Karen Lee are not even friends, that’s just acquaintance, nothing more! I worry too much!

Then this Logan’s confidence is really inexplicable, Qian Yueying is relieved, then since Logan is not considered a friend of Karen Lee, then it is easier for her own Qian family to win over?

Qian Yueying feels that she has done more with less!

Isn’t this really, Logan and Karen Lee are friends? No, in Karen Lee’s eyes, Logan is already her daughter-in-law.

How could it be so simple as a friend? ?

“Then can I ask President Lee to do me a favour and let Logan stop.”

“Stop what?” Betty asked.

“Logan is dealing with my Qian family these few days. I want to use President Lee’s ability, and she will stop doing it with one word. Of course, my Qian family will not let President Lee help this. I especially want to see her, President Lee Always!” Qian Yueying has a particularly good attitude.

Betty understands, so she didn’t know it was Young Master Chuck Cannon who gave the order! She thinks it was made by Logan.

“This President Lee is not here and can’t help you,” Betty shook her head and refused.

“Can you make a call?” Qian Yueying sighed.

“No!… But if you have something, you can go to another person, if he agrees, then I will deal with it,” Betty said.

The person she was talking about was, of course, Chuck Cannon. She felt that if Qian Yueying went to Chuck Cannon at this time, would it be more interesting?

“Who should I be looking for? Please tell me.” Qian Yueying asked nervously.

“This, you can add this person’s WeChat, he will tell you where he is.” Betty said.

She gave out Chuck Cannon’s WeChat ID.

Qian Yueying immediately added, and after searching, it was a person called “Local Tyrant”.

“Is this person??” Qian Yueying is more curious, is it Karen Lee’s true confidant??

“Our President Lee’s son,” Betty said.

“What? You President Lee really have a son?” Qian Yueying was shocked, really Chuck Cannon? How is this possible?

Qian Fangyun was also stunned.

“Yes, there is a son who is still in college!” Betty said.

“University?” Qian Yueying felt relieved. How could Chuck Cannon look like a college student?

“Yes, you can find him, he meant what Madame Lee meant.” Betty turned and walked away.

Qian Yueying and Qian Fangyun looked at each other, they walked out and got into the car.

“That rubbish is really right, knowing that Karen Lee has a son, so he pretended to be, Logan must have told him!” Qian Fangyun was annoyed, this was shameless to the extreme!

“Well, this kind of person is really hateful, you’re done driving, I’ll contact Karen Lee’s son,” Qian Yueying took out his mobile phone, she felt that Karen Lee’s son, at the very least, is very aristocratic!

After all, if the mother can clearly destroy the Zhao family, so what is it that he is not noble?

How could a person like Chuck Cannon behave like an aristocrat? Yes, only garbage temperament.

“By the way, cousin, we can deal with Logan by ourselves. Anyway, we know that it is not Karen Lee’s meaning.” Qian Fangyun said this can be at ease. Isn’t the strength of the Qian family right? Logan?

The reason why there was no one just now because she was scrupulous about Karen Lee. Now that Karen Lee is not involved, what else is the Qian family scrupulous about?

Counterattack directly, let Logan know that she is wrong, then Logan will come and beg for herself, then…Qian Fangyun is happy to think about it.

“Let’s contact this first. At the very least, I will win over Karen Lee and be more secure,” Qian Yueying considered.

“Well, it’s to be safe, then cousin, you continue to be well,”

“Okay,” Qian Yueying waited.

Soon, the local tyrant passed, and Qian Yueying felt relieved.

Chuck Cannon is laughing here. Betty just called and talked about Qian Yueying’s coming to look for his mother. Chuck Cannon was funny. Didn’t she still find him?

He also thought it was so interesting. He told her that he was Karen Lee’s son, but she didn’t believe it, but if she didn’t believe it, she should come and find herself!

“Hello, this is Qian Yueying,” Qian Yueying replied on WeChat.

Chuck Cannon is funny, this Qian Yueying’s WeChat name actually was Bing Girl, her background is still death.

“Well, something?” Chuck Cannon replied.

“I want to meet you, can you tell me where you are? I will come and find you,” Qian Yueying replied.

“See me?” Chuck Cannon smiled, this is your own initiative, what would you look like when you see me?

“Yes, I have something to discuss with you, so please meet me.”


“Then where are you? I’ll come over now,”

“The capital!”

“Are you also in the capital?” Qian Yueying was surprised, why is this Karen Lee’s son also in the capital?

“What’s the matter, cousin? What did he return?” Qian Fangyun asked curiously.

“He said he was in the capital,”

“O wow? Haha, what a coincidence… Cousin, what do you mean by this expression? Don’t you think that just because you are in the capital, you think about that rubbish Chuck Cannon? Has he a bit of local tyrant temperament?? “Qian Fangyun disdain.

“Yes, how could it be him? It should be a coincidence,” Qian Yueying also shook her head. The capital is so big, Karen Lee’s son must be able to go, after all, such a powerful person must be in the capital!

“Of course it’s a coincidence. How could that shameful pen be? The trash that didn’t pay for the house can be the son of Karen Lee? Impossible!” Qian Fangyun felt that this kind of person is better than him, how could he make such shameless things come out?

This is not something a rich second generation can do.

“Well, let’s go to the capital. Let’s go back and talk about it. I’ll ask where this person is, and we will find him.” Qian Yueying decided to see Karen Lee’s son, then he would win him, and then Deal with Logan!!

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