Chapter 461: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 461 Incessant Grievances

With no work to do, Anna Xie had much free time again.

But she was a person who did not like being idle, so she started to inquire about where she could work part-time and act in a play.

Maybe because she was not lucky lately, the shops she asked around were not in need of staff recently, and the few film crews she asked about were all full and no suitable roles were available.

Just as a saying goes: When one is unlucky, nothing is going well.

When Anna was struggling to find a way out, Qiaoqiao Su found her and took the initiative to offer her a chance.

“I know a elder sister, who has been working on a film crew recently. She said there is a new drama that needs actors, do you want to have a try?”

Looking at Qiaoqiao suspiciously, Anna asked, “Why are you so good to me?”

“Don’t say that, we are at least classmates, if you need help, I am still willing to help you.” Then she handed Anna a note and said with a smile, “Here, this is the number of the director’s assistant, you can find him and have a try tomorrow.”

Taking the note with suspicion, Anna said, “Thanks a lot.”

After going back to her dormitory, Anna kept staring at the note.

She thought: Should I call him or not?

When Qiqi returned to her dormitory, she saw Anna staring at the note motionless, as if she were a statue.

“Hey, what are you thinking about?”

Anna frowned and said, “Qiaoqiao gave me a phone number and advised me to go for an audition.”

“Then just go, even if it’s a trick, you won’t lose anything.”

“That’s true.”

“If you’re worried, I’ll go with you. We’ll bring our pepper spray, and if he harasses you, we will teach him a lesson!”

Anna then hurriedly waved her hand and said, “Forget it, I’ll just go there by myself.”

“No, take me with you. I’ve never seen an audition before. Please, let me accompany you.”

Qiqi said, who was quite delighted, as if she was really interested in the audition.

But Anna had her concerns, who was worried that if there was any troubles that would involve Qiqi.

When she saw that Anna was hesitant, Qiqi shook her arm and said, “Oh, please Anna, just agree. Or I wait for you at the door, and I’m sure I won’t disturb your normal work.”

With her arms being shaken by Qiqi, Anna almost became dizzy.

She had no choice but to agree.

“That’s fine. However, don’t talk nonsense and don’t walk around when you’re there.”

With a big smile on her face, Qiqi said, “Don’t worry, I’ll behave myself.”

Being gazed by Qiqi, Anna called the director’s assistant.

The person on the phone was very kind, and once he heard Anna’s name, he knew that she was introduced by Qiaoqiao.

The assistant didn’t say anything and directly told Anna to come to audition tomorrow.

After getting some information, Anna hung up the phone and started to prepare for the audition tomorrow.

Before the audition, Anna was still a little bit worried about meeting any strange people.

But when she saw the director at work, she was so happy that she forgot to be wary.

That was a famous director in China, who had just recently won an international award.

It would be a really good opportunity to learn if she could film in his crew.

Then Anna thought: It seems that I have misunderstood Qiaoqiao before. I will thank her properly when we meet next time.

“Hey, stop gawking. This way.”

Coming back to her senses, Anna smiled apologetically before following the assistant in front of her.

They went to the director’s lounge.

At this moment, the assistant director was discussing the script with someone inside, and when he saw Anna, he nodded to her.

“Here for the audition?”


“Here are your lines for the audition, recite them.”

Accepting the lines with both hands, Anna began to prepare nervously.

After looking at Qiqi, who was wandering, the assistant director laughed, “Good for you, you already have an assistant before you become famous.”

An assistant?

Looking at Qiqi, Anna busily explained, “She’s not ……”

“That’s right, I’m her assistant.”

Before Anna finished her words, Qiqi nudged her, signalling for her to let her pretend to be an assistant this time.

This girl!

Anna had no time to care about Qiqi anymore, then she lowered her head and continued to memorize the lines.

After the audition, the assistant director was satisfied with Anna and said, “You are quite good at acting. If you have time, you can come to my crew and start to film tomorrow.”

This made Anna be in a dilemma, then she said, “But I’m still at school.”

“I know, but you’re only playing a small role, and it’ll only take a week to finish filming. And if you don’t even have a week to film, it will be quite hard for us.”


Just as Anna was hesitating, Qiqi said:

“Anna, agree now. It’s only a week, I can ask for leave for you.”

Seeing that Qiqi was more anxious than Anna, the assistant director smiled and said, “Your assistant is really good, she thinks carefully for you.”

When she was praised, Qiqi was even more delighted and said with a smile, “Our Anna is a newcomer, so please bear with her if she offends you accidentally.”

“You’re welcome. So, are you going to accept to film this play or not?”

“Of course she’ll take it, I’ll decide this thing for Anna.”

“Good, someone will be looking for you later to sign the contract, look carefully before you sign.”

“You can rest assured.”

Qiqi nodded and then led Anna out of the room.

Outside the door, Qiqi said, “Anna, just sign it, it’s such a good opportunity to learn.”

“I know that too, but ……”

“I know what you’re worried about, leave it to me about taking time off, and I guarantee that nothing will be wrong!”

With her arms wrapping around her chest, Anna smiled and asked Qiqi, “Are you addicted to being the assistant?”

“Well, I want to be a big star too. Unfortunately, I’m not as pretty as you, and I don’t have the good temperament of Qiaoqiao, so I can only be an assistant who help you do things.” Qiqi propped her hands on her jaw and said with a smile, “But being an assistant is also quite interesting. Next time if you need one, come find me.”

“Come on, how much do you love to have fun!” Anna was in a good mood, who put her hand on Qiqi’s shoulder and said, “Okay, when the contract is signed, I will treat you with dinner and take you to eat delicious food.”

“So you agreed? Haha, now that you are treating me with dinner, I will ask to eat something good and expensive. So be prepared.”

The next day–

Arriving at the film crew at the agreed time, Anna began to wait to film.

When it was time for her to film, she straightened her clothes and walked over to the camera.

At that moment, someone was doing the make-up for the leading lady.

The woman froze when she saw Anna, and then sneered.

“Wow, I see clearly, right? Isn’t this Mr. Xiao’s girlfriend?”

Hearing her words, Anna was froze.

And the people around were looking at Anna quite curiously.

Hearing the leading lady’s words, the dresser asked, “Who are you saying she is? Mr. Xiao’s girlfriend? That’s impossible!”

“What, you all don’t know? She is Mr. Xiao’s little girlfriend. Last time, I even saw her at the auction.”

When she thought of the eye-catching Anna that night, the leading lady was so jealous that she was about to go mad.

The leading lady thought: How could a woman who is unknown to anyone stood by Yulin Xiao’s side that night? I have filmed so many plays and I am so famous, but I could only take an old man’s arm and walk to the venue at that night. So what qualification does this little girl h ave to stand by Yulin’s side!

The leading actress had long been displeased with Anna, but she never had the chance to teach Anna a lesson.

So today, she would definitely teach her a good lesson!

The woman in front of her said she had met Anna, but Anna had no memory of her at all.

Maybe she was so nervous that day that she didn’t have time to notice who was around her.

But there was one thing that Anna knew very clearly.

The woman in front of her was hostile to her.

Sneering at Anna, the leading lady said, “I really didn’t expect that our crew could hire such a big star.”

Not wanting to cause trouble, Anna smiled and said, “Don’t say that, I’m just a newcomer and I still have to learn a lot from you.”

“I wouldn’t dare to ask you to learn from me. But I just feel strange that why do you want to play a supporting role in this play? Now that with your good relationship with Mr. Xiao, you can be the leading actress in any plays which are invested by him.”

“With my ability, I am far from enough to be a leading actress, unlike you, who are quite good at acting. I still have a lot to learn.”

Anna lowered her posture and had a humble attitude.

But what she said made the leading actress dislike her even more, instead of being happy, who secretly clenched her fists.

The leading actress thought that Anna was mocking her, so she hated Anna even more.

At that moment, the director came over and talked to them about the play.

Anna listened attentively, but the leading actress kept thinking about something.

Then she suddenly smiled as she looked at the script.

“Do you understand?”

Anna nodded hurriedly and said, “Yes.”

“What about you?”

The leading actress held her arms and said, frowning her eyebrows slightly: “There’s a scene, which needs me to slap the character to express my anger. Am I going to really slap her face, or just pretend to?”

“You can just pretend to slap her. This scene is a distant shot, it won’t be discovered by the audience.”

“But the next shot will film my face after I slap her. So if I do not slap her for real, I can not be that angry, and it doesn’t feel real.”

“This ……”

Anna understood that she was waiting for her to say yes.

Therefore, although she was very reluctant, Anna still had to agree, since she just played a supporting role. Then Anna said in a sincere manner, “That’s fine, you can slap me for real.”

“Ah, you won’t mind, will you?”

“No, as an actress, I still have this professionalism.”

“Then I’ll slap you for real, and we’ll try to finish filming this scene in one take.”


Although the leading actress had said that she would try to finish filming this scene in one take, she actually had slapped Anna many times. And she could find an excuse every time, saying that she did not perform well and she wanted to film this scene again.

By the time they filmed the sixth time, the corners of Anna’s mouth had stiffened and was even flushed with purple, which could not be covered by the make-up.

Anyone could see that this woman was looking for trouble deliberately with Anna.

But because Anna didn’t have a big reputation and a rich backer, no one dared to say anything.

While Anna did not want to take advantage of Mr. Xiao’s reputation, so she could only grin and bear her.

By the end, the corners of Anna’s mouth had swollen, and the director didn’t want to waste any more time, so before the leading actress wanted to slap Anna again, he clapped his hands and said, “This one’s good, we can finish filming this scene. The staff of the scene group, get ready!”

Then the staff started to work. Anna raised her hand to cover the corner of her lips, thinking that today was a really unlucky day.

And the leading actress came over and said, pretending to be sympathetic: “I’m sorry, I have no other way for the sake of the film. But you also said that it’s okay that I slap you for real, so it’s not my fault.”

Then Anna tried to smile, but she felt a sharp pain in the corner of her mouth.

Seeing Anna’s painful expression, the leading actress said, “Oops, it looks like you are hurt badly. I don’t think you will be able to shoot today, why don’t you take a break?”

After saying that, the leading actress left to watch the scene with the director.

In this state, there was indeed no way for Anna to continue filming, so she could only take time off and go back to apply ice to reduce the swelling.

As she walked past the director, she heard the leading actress said, “Newcomers nowadays really can’t bear any hardship. After only shooting half of the scene, they want to take time off to go back to have a break. They are really pretentious.”

Anna stopped walking after hearing her words, and after she took a look at the leading actress’ arrogant face, she left in silence.

In the room, she grinned in the mirror as she rubbed some medicine on the wound.

Thinking about this kind of thing on her first day of filming, Anna felt that she was in bad luck.

But since she was already here, she still had to do her best.

From tomorrow, Anna’s part in the play had nothing to do with the leading actress, so she wouldn’t have the chance to get into trouble with her again.

Clang clang–

Anna then opened the door, and she saw that it was the dresser.

She smiled and said, “I saw that the corner of your mouth was badly hurt today, so I brought you a tube of ointment. Those substitute actors always get hurt, and this ointment works well on small cuts.”

“Thank you.”

“You are welcome. You’re not the first to get into trouble, and though we can’t say anything, we can still help you with something.”

“I see, I’m grateful enough for you to send me the ointment.”

“Then get some rest, tomorrow you have to film the scenes you missed today.”


Holding the ointment, Anna felt warm inside.

But slowly, she began to feel something wrong again.

Wasn’t this dresser the one who fixed the leading actress’s makeup today?

Anna then remembered that when the dresser and the leading actress were quite familiar with each other when they were chatting, so it was really suspicious that she secretly gave her the ointment.

She then thought: My face is already battered, if I smear this ointment, then I might even be disfigured and can not shoot for this week……

Anna seemed to have suddenly thought of something, who narrowed her eyes at once.

Turning around and walking over to the bin, Anna threw the ointment in directly.

The next day–

Anna got up very early to get ready and started to film with makeup.

When it was her turn, she immediately began to concentrate on acting.

And all the shots that involved Anna basically was finished in one take.

The assistant director was impressed with Anna and sat in front of the camera, often nodding.

Anna also felt more and more confident when she filmed the play. And although she only played a small role, she still felt very happy.

But at ten o’clock in the morning, the leading actress wandered over.

When she saw Anna, she became slightly surprised.

But she quickly calmed herself down and walked over to the assistant director, smiling and greeting him.

The leading actress’ scene today was not filmed in this studio, so the reason she came to this studio was definitely not simply looking at the play at this time.

It was obvious that she had come for Anna.

Anna felt quite anxious about her coming.

She thought: She just hates me that much? Does she have to drive me to death?

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