Chapter 462: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 462 Pretending To Be Powerful

Anna Xie sighed helplessly and began to think of ways to deal with it.

Just at this moment, her cell phone vibrated.

When Anna was filming, she usually did not answer the phone.

But when she saw the phone number, she hesitated.

After thinking for a while, Anna picked up the phone.

“Hello, what’s wrong?”

Anna’s tone was not good so Yulin Xiao was stunned and asked, “What’s wrong with you in the morning.”

And Anna seemed like a rich lady with a bad temper. She said brutally, “I’m just willing to yell at you, mind your business.”

“Why did you lose your temper, did someone bully you?”

Of course she was bullied. Otherwise, Anna would not mention Yulin to intimidate others.

She slightly raised her head and looked arrogant. But in reality, she was nervous.

“You said last time that you would come the set to see me, when will you come?”

“The set? Are you filming a movie?”

“Yes, I’m working with a famous director. The people here are very nice, especially a well-known actor who helped me a lot. When you come, remember to bring gifts for everyone.”

“Anna, you’re not making a movie, are you?”

No matter what Yulin said, Anna was still performing.

“Well, handbag or perfume, you choose one of the two. I do not need to say the rest, right? Well, that’s all, bye.”

“Hey, you ……”

After she hung up the phone, she was a little confused but she had to pretend as if nothing was wrong.

Just now, when Anna was on the phone, the heroine was eavesdropping.

When she found that Anna hung up the phone, she asked, “Who was calling you?”

“Who else could it be, it’s Yulin. He’s just likes a child. If I answer the phone a little later, he will throw a tantrum.”

“You guys have a good relationship.” The heroine smiled reluctantly and asked, “I heard you say that Yulin will come later?”

Anna was nervous and said, “Maybe, if there’s nothing important to be busy with, he may come over to see me.”

Anna did not want Yulin to come. She mentioned Yulin because she wanted heroine to shut up and not to always give her a hard time.

But she took it seriously, reaching out and touching her face. She thought that if she had known that Yulin would come, she would have dressed up properly.

But on second thought, she hit Yulin’s girlfriend so will Yulin give her a hard time?

It seemed that she needed to befriend with Anna so she would not be nonsense.

Next, as long as Anna was free, the heroine would come to her, take the initiative to chat with her and share filming experiences.

The heroine waited for a long time but Yulin did not come. She began to get impatient.


The heroine’s noisy voice made Anna feel headache.

But the voice behind her made her even more annoyed.

She turned around a little and looked at beaming Yulin and then she immediately became annoyed.

Why was he so idle, didn’t he have anything to do?

Seeing Anna look at him complainingly, Yulin was confused.

What kind of look was she giving him?

Since the heroine saw Yulin, she began to seduce him.

But Yulin only looked at Anna, directly ignoring her.

But she was not willing to be lonely, took the initiative to approach Yulin and introduced herself: “Hi, Yulin, do you remember me, we were in …… “

Before the heroine finished her words, Yulin walked past her, leaving her awkwardly standing there.

People around were laughing at the heroine, who turned her head angrily and saw Yulin walking to Anna and looking at her with love.

What was he thinking? She was so beautiful but he didn’t care about her. He just looked at that skinny girl. He was handsome for nothing!

Because of her gaze, Anna shivered a little, thinking that she really asked trouble for herself.

She just wanted to use Yulin to deter others.

She had no idea it would turn out this way.

The heroine who was humiliated would treat Anna worse in the future……

She closed her eyes feebly and sighed.

“What’s wrong with you, aren’t you feeling well? Why don’t you take off work and go to hospital.”

“No, it’s not necessary.”

“But I see you don’t look too well.”

“I am just……too excited to see you.” Anna gritted her teeth and laughed, “I was just saying it casually and then you really came.”

“You have asked me to come, how dare I not come?”

Yulin smiled and showed his teeth to please her.

They were like a quarreling young couple and Yulin tried his best to coax her.

“This is the gift you asked for,” Yulin asked an unknown actor, “You hand out the stuff to everyone.”

Anna casually glanced at these gifts and then glared at him.

That could also be considered a simple gift? Each one was worth thousands…….

The corners of her mouth twitched as she looked at Yulin and said, “You ……are really generous.”

“You asked me to do that. Of course I need to do that.”

He looked at Anna with a smile and he wanted to see her all the time.

The heroine received the gift but she only wanted to throw it far away.

Why should an ordinary girl be able to get Yulin’s favor? Anna was not as beautiful and sexy and famous as she was. She should play a support for the rest of her life!

The more she looked at this gift, the angrier she became so she just turned around and left.

When she left, her eyes were full of hate.

Yulin was still staying with Anna who could only tell herself over and over again that she had to pretend she was happy, no matter how unwilling she was.

Finally Yulin left and Anna was relieved.

Seeing Yulin come here, the people here had completely changed their attitude towards Anna. Almost all of them talked to her with compliments and even dressers began to serve her alone.

Anna, however, could not enjoy such treatment.

She refused the kindness of them, pretending to smile all the time.

When she turned around, Anna found that the heroine had not shown up.

Anna thought she should have been sad.

But this was good for Anna because the heroine would not give her a hard time and she finally could quietly shoot the scene.

That night.

After shooting the last scene, Anna went back to her room and prepared to rest.

After taking a shower, Anna lied on her bed and looked at her phone.

Ding ding ding……

The phone kept ringing and Anna’s head started to ache again when she heard it.

It was Yulin.

Why did he keep looking for her?

Anna really wanted to throw the phone into the water basin and then it wouldn’t ring any more.

Of course, she was just thinking about it. If she didn’t answer the phone, it was very likely that he would come here.

Anna picked up the phone and said with a bad attitude, “Hello”.

“Anna, are you asleep?”

She looked at her fingernails and said, “Yeah.”

“Oh, that’s a pity. I still want to treat you to a midnight snack.”

“Yulin, why are you so idle? Don’t you even have anything serious to do?”

“Now you dislike me for being idle? When I helped you before, how come you didn’t mind me?”

She tensed up for a moment and immediately said something else. Anna said, “I remember you said I was shameless last time. What, you’re willing to talk to me now?”

Yulin was also nervous, rubbed his head and said with a smile, “What happened before was a misunderstanding.”

“I do not think it was a misunderstanding. You did say that. I remember it.”

“Then you also misunderstood me. You said so many hurtful words to me, which should offset what I said before.”

They fought like children. After he said, she retorted. They always thought they were right.

“That’s not certain whether it’s a misunderstanding or not. It’s too early to say all this. Well, I’m going to bed, good night.”

Anna hung up the phone and took a breath. She decided not to look at the phone and sleep early.

But just as she turned around, her phone rang again.

Why was he still calling her?

Anna was very angry, picked up the phone and yelled: “What’s going on? Will you let me sleep?”

“What, am I disturbing you? Sorry, sorry.”

As soon as she heard the soft voice, Anna was stunned and apologized: “Sorry, I didn’t know it is you. I’m being rude.”

The one who spoke was the heroine.

“It’s okay. It’s just a pity that you’re going to sleep. I still want to talk to you about the script. I’ve suggested to the assistant director to give you more scenes.”

Once she heard this, Anna couldn’t sleep and hurriedly said: “Actually I’m not sleepy, can I go over now?”

“Sure, just come to my room.”

“Well. No problem.”

Hanging up the phone, the heroine turned around and smiled to a fat man behind her.

“Today I introduce you to a different girl.”

The man grinned and asked, “How different is she?”

“You’ll see.”

Anna prepared a little and knocked at the door of the heroine’s room.

The heroine wore a red silk nightgown that accentuated her sexy figure.

She smiled at Anna, turned sideways and said, “Come in.”

“I’m not late, am I?”

“No, you come just in time.” Turning around, she picked up a script and tossed it to Anna, saying, “Here, this is the new script I get. The green words are your lines. We have to do all this. You memorize them and then let’s try it.”


Anna read it very carefully and the heroine opened a bottle of water and put it by Anna’s side.

“Drink some water first. This is a very important scene that requires an emotional outburst.”


Anna didn’t think too much of it, picked it up and drank.

Watching Anna drink the water, she gently smiled.

She read the script very carefully and did not notice when the heroine disappeared.

On the contrary, she was more and more sleepy and she was about to fall asleep.

She wondered if she was too tired today, she only looked at it for a while, why did she feel so sleepy?

She was a bit dizzy when she read the script so she was wondering whether she should have a rest.

Anna really couldn’t hold on, leaning on the sofa and falling asleep.

Hearing Anna let out an even breathing sound, the heroine came over again.

And this time, she was accompanied by the fat man.

Walking up to Anna, the heroine asked with a smile, “How is she, do you like?”

“Although she was a little thin, she is beautiful. I knew she is great when I see her.”

“Don’t just look at it. Good or not, you still give it a try. Enjoy yourself.”

Hearing the heroine’s words, the man couldn’t resist any more and took off his jacket and was about to pounce on Anna.

But just as he was about to touch Anna, the window was suddenly kicked broken from the outside.

“You are ……”

Before the heroine could finish her words, someone behind her hit her and she was knocked unconscious.

As for the fat man, although he was fat, he even less courageous. Before he was not hit, he was already feinted.

But Yulin was still very angry, dragged him to the ground and beat him!

“All right, we still have things to do.”

If they did not stop Yulin, maybe he would have killed the fat man.

Although the fat man’s life was not worth much, he was still useful to them so they couldn’t kill him at this time.

Pushing Yulin behind him, Zhao Nangong walked to the door and opened the door.

Chuxue Ye walked in unhurriedly and looked at them inside and she was surprised.

“So this is their purpose.”

Yulin really didn’t dare to imagine what would have happened to Anna if he had come a little later.

Now, since he had discovered this, he would show no mercy!

Noticing the anger in Yulin’s eyes, Chuxue immediately stopped him and advised, “Don’t kill them now.”

“What? Did you actually let them take naked pictures of Anna?”

“We still don’t know who arranges all this. If we just give up like this, aren’t all our previous efforts in vain?”

What she said was right but Yulin couldn’t accept it and even he resisted it.

“You don’t really want to take pictures, right?”

Chuxue smiled and nodded, saying, “That’s right, it seems that you are getting to know me better and better.”

Compared to Chuxue who was relaxed, Yulin was so mad that he wanted to curse.

“Chuxue, are you crazy?”

“What are you yelling at? I didn’t ask you to take pictures of Anna.”

Yulin was stunned and asked, “What do you mean?”

“They want pictures, so let’s take some. It’s just that the model is not Anna anymore.”

Chuxue smiled sweetly, but her eyes were full of malice.


With big sunglasses on her face, the heroine sat in the corner of the coffee with a gloomy expression.

She thought that last night was really strange. Somehow a few people entered the room and did not rob the money or rape her but they just knocked her out and ran.

The only one who was injured was the fat man who was beaten up.

After this happened, the fat man did not dare to touch Anna, when he woke up, he ran away.

It seemed that these people should be the fat man’s enemies.

Since the fat man was gone, there was no use to keep Anna. After Anna woke up, the heroine let her go.

The heroine only told Anna that she read the script too late and slept in her room.

This looked like everything had been resolved. But the heroine’s plan was disrupted and the whole thing was strange and made her nervous.

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