Chapter 463 – 464: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 463: One-shot killer

Changxing Jian was very surprised and scared. He was surprised that Kris Chen could resist his attack with bare hands and scared that the grand elder of Inner Gate was also here.

The grand elder looked as if he wanted to eat Changxing.

He had a sinking feeling in his heart. Why the grand elder stay unduly with these people?


“Son of a bitch!”

The opportunity to enter actualized spirit that Lord Lingyuan had searched for so hard was destroyed by Changxing.

Changxing kneeled on the ground under the pressure of the imposing momentum of the grand elder, a practitioner in the Fulfilled period of accumulated spirit.

The grand elder entered the Fulfilled period of accumulated spirit five hundred years ago and he sought out the opportunity to enter actualized spirit for five hundred years. But the result turned like that.

He wanted to slap Changxing to death at that moment.

Changxing knelt on the ground. He was frightened to death and said, “Grand elder, I….”

“Go back to where you come and close yourself in the door to practice. You can’t go out until you enter accumulated spirit.”

Lord Lingyuan waved his sleeve and Changxing was rolled up by a mysterious power and immediately disappeared from the Microcosmos.

It’s just been three years after Changxing entered primal spirit. He has just stabilized his Stage in the past three years but he was asked to close himself in the door to practice.

That would really kill him.

Kris looked at Lord Lingyuan. It’s a little interesting that this old guy is the grand elder of Wuji Sword Sect.

So the one who watched him while he was sleeping is this old pervert?

Lord Lingyuan almost killed the stupid Changxing.

When such a big thing happened, Lord Jiyuan couldn’t just stand by and flied down from the clouds.


Lord Lingyuan knew what Lord Jiyuan wanted to say. “Let’s talk about it when we get back.” Lord Lingyuan said to Lord Jiyuan.

Then Lord Lingyuan turned to look at Kris and said, “Friend, I owe you a big favor. If you…”

Kris waved his hand and said, “You’ve paid for the meat I gave you. We’re even.”

“You don’t own me anything.”

“Boy, do you know who my senior is? Everyone wants his favor.”

“I know. He is the grand elder of Wuji Sword Sect!”

Kris is not a fool. “Of course, if you insist that you owe me a big favor, I won’t refuse it.”

“Junior, he is an astounding person. You can’t judge him by normal standards.”

Lord Lingyuan deserves his title. Although he missed the opportunity to enter actualized spirit, he regained his composure soon.

Although it’s a pity that Lord Lingyuan missed the opportunity, it’s proved that it’s not the right time for him to enter actualized spirit. God is fair and he determines everything.

“Friend, do you have any barbecue. I want to buy some for my junior to eat.”

Kris looked at the barbecue and found there were only a few dozen jin left. “The three people are just good at eating.” Kris thought.

“There are a few dozen jin left. Are these enough?”


Lord Lingyuan threw out a storage bag again.

Lord Lingyuan gave Kris money and Kris gave Lord Lingyuan barbecue. Kris smiled genuinely.

“Friend, I look forward to your joining the Wuji Sword Sect!”

Then they two disappeared beyond Kris’s view.

Did they left? Of course not. Above the clouds of the Microcosmos, Lord Lingyuan threw the barbecue to Lord Jiyuan. “Try the barbecue that gave me the enlightenment.” Lord Lingyuan said.

Lord Jiyuan daren’t look down on the barbecue. He took the barbecue and took a few bites. It’s delicious. But he didn’t have the feeling of enlightenment.

Everyone has a different path of practice and different understandings. Therefore, things that can give Lord Lingyuan enlightenment don’t work for Lord Jiyuan.

Under the clouds, Kris weighted the storage bag in his hand. He felt what’s in the bag is unusual.

After using Divine Spiritual Power to see through the bag, Kris was shocked by the glittering white magic stones.

There are at least 10000 top-grade magic stones in the bag.

Oh my god, he got a windfall again.

Kris got 10000 top-grade magic stones by selling a few dozen jin barbecue. He got the money easier than a robbery.

Kris put the stones into Storing Ring happily. Wuji Sword Sect is indeed a good place, where people are stupid but rich. It’s a good thing to join Wuji Sword Sect.

Soon it was Kris’s turn in the third round.

After three rounds of fighting, only a third of the thousand primal spirits left.

The remaining one third are the powerhouses among primal spirits. Every one of them is tough and smart.

“Number 920, number 1080, on!”

The number 920 is also a Practitioner of laws. As soon as he appeared, he covered himself with seven or eight layers of shield. Four or five the supreme Dao weapons formed a turtle shell for him.

As long as he takes Kris’s first attack, he is sure to lose.

This is the consensus of those present after two battles.

Looking at the man with defensive devices, Kris couldn’t help laughing. How naïve these people are!

Kris gathered 3000 streaks of Sword Energy. After entering the Fulfilled period of Pill formation, every streak of Sword Energy is as mighty as an attack of a Practitioner in the Later period of Pill formation.

In addition, Sword Energy is ten times stronger than Sword Qi. Kris must be the most invincible one among his peers.

Kris gathered 2500 streaks of Sword Energy to kill the previous person. It’s a respect for the number 920 Practitioner that Kris gathered 3000 streaks of Sword Energy.

Light Sword, with the characteristics of breaking everything like lighting, weighs hundreds of thousands of jin.


Kris’s Light Sword came out faster than the previous one. It rushed to that Practitioner with a thunderbolt-like and overwhelming momentum.


As the speed of the Light Sword was so fast that there was a sonic boom and a hurricane.

“Come on, there’s no way you’re going to break through my defenses.”

That Practitioner said confidently. He used the same way to kill the opponent in the first two rounds.



The Light Sword smashed through his first and second shield and soon the five shield.

His turtle shell is really hard.

After all, those are the five supreme Dao weapons.

The Light Sword stopped as it broke through the sixth shield.

“Ha, ha, I hold off his attack!”

Hold it off?

The corners’ of Kris’ mouth curled up with an inscrutable smile.


Kris snapped his fingers and then the Light Sword broke into a blinding light.


A mushroom cloud rose from the ground. The sound of the explosion was loud that even though it was cut off by the array, people felt its power.

By the time the mushroom cloud dissipated, that Practitioner had disappeared and he was vaporized by the blast.


Everyone gasped in unison. How powerful Kris is!

With a swipe of his hand, a ring flew into Kris’ hand. Kris was just trying to impress everyone when he killed the previous two people and forgot such an important thing.

After killing that Practitioner, Kris got all his weapons into his ring in front of everyone. How arrogant he is!

Above the clouds, Lord Jiyuan said as he chewed the barbecue, “It’s not bad to cause an explosion by the repulsion of Earth and Thunder.”

Kris jumped off the ring and whistled his way away.

In the third round, it’s another one-shot win.

Then someone gave Kris a name, “One-shot killer”.

Only a few hundred men remained after three rounds of fighting. The Practitioners in the accumulated spirit with normal quality were eliminated also. The Practitioners in the accumulated spirit left began new fighting. But they were just making a show.

They were already appointed elders of the Inner Gate. It’s a loss no matter who is wound. They fought mainly for ranking, which decides what tasks they will get.

Among the more than 70 eliminated Practitioners in the accumulated spirit, more than 40 turned their eyes to the ring of Practitioners in primal spirit. The other 30 Practitioners in the accumulated spirit thought it’s a disgrace to fight with Practitioners in primal spirit.

The fourth round of fighting began. The Practitioners in primal spirit who unluckily encountered Practitioners in the accumulated spirit gave in directly without even fighting with them.

So the 40 Practitioners in the accumulated spirit were among the top 100 elders of the Outer Gate.

Kris was lucky and he had a bye, so he was among the top 100 elders of the Outer Gate.

However, that’s not what Kris wanted. He had come to be an elder of the Inner Gate.

“Junior, it seems that I won this time!”

Lord Lingyuan looked at Lord Jiyuan with a smile.

Lord Jiyuan sighed. He didn’t expect Kris would have a bye in the fourth round.

How unlucky he was!

It seemed that he was going to lose the Sword Tao Stone.

Just when Lord Jiyuan took out his Sword Tao Stone painfully, Kris shouted at Kekkai Immortal, “I want to challenge the Inner Gate elders.”

As soon as he said that, all those present looked at Kris in surprise.

Is he crazy?

He is just a Practitioner in the primal spirit. How dare he challenge the Practitioners in accumulated spirit? Is he courting his death?

Then there appeared a big face in the sky. It’s the real body of Kekkai Immortal.

“Have you decided yet? As long as the fight begins, you should bear all the consequences.”

“I’ve made up my mind.”

Kris nodded and said.


“Go ahead to challenge the number 38 who ranks 50.”

Kris went to the ring of Practitioners in accumulated spirit step by step. Everyone thought he was courting his death.

Lord Jiyuan put the Sword Tao Stone back regretfully and said, “Senior, it seems that it’s me who win this time.”

Lord Lingyuan was surprised. He didn’t expect that Kris would challenge Practitioners in accumulated spirit. Was he grandstanding, or does he really have the power to defeat them?

Lord Lingyuan thought Kris is full of eccentricity. Even he couldn’t see the true Stage of Kris. What’s more, no one under the accumulated spirit could resist Kris’s Light Sword.

So Lord Lingyuan speculated that Kris is at least on the half-way to be a Practitioner in accumulated spirit.

The reason why Kris challenged a Practitioner in accumulated spirit is to sharpen his sword techniques.

As for Practitioner in primal spirit, if Kris was killed, the number 1008 being eliminated would take Kris’s place.

The number 1008 is a practitioner of knife who thought he was just here to go through the motions. He didn’t expect there would be a stupid Practitioner in primal spirit to challenge a Practitioner in accumulated spirit.

Isn’t he courting his death?

He thought he was already among the elders of Outer Gate.

The number 38 is Lord of Divine Yin. He frowned and wondered if Kris was crazy.

He is not as same as those who came to Wuji Sword Sect to live their life in retirement as there’s no room for their improvement.

At five hundred years old, he is in his prime. He could kill an over-confident Practitioner in primal spirit like Kris by his palm.

Chapter 464: Kris V.S. Lord of Divine Yin

Just like he killed the Primal Spirit of the same Stage, there was no need for him to make a second move!

Lord Of Divine Yin took a glimpse of Kris, and then he moved his gaze. For him, Kris is just a little ant.

On the Primal Spirits’ side, everyone’s eyes were focused on Kris.

Some ridiculed him for being too self-reliant, while others applauded his courage.

Practitioners are supposed to fight against the sky and the earth, and no matter at what time, they shouldn’t lose the courage to embrace hardships ahead. Even if it would put their life at stake.

Others felt pity that a practitioner like Kris should own a bright future. If he were given a few hundred years, he is possibly to be able to become an Accumulated Spirit. Then, he would be free to go anywhere he wanted in the world. After all, there are infinite possibilities in one’s life.

Kris was standing on the ring, crying, “Who is the 38th candidate, come on up and play, let’s finish work early!”

The face of the Lord Of Divine Yin was getting dark on hearing this. He was wondering: “This kid must be mad, he wanted to die? If that be the case, then I need to fulfill his wish!”

Lord of Divine Yin flew to the ring and looked at Kris, and Kris was also looking at him.

To tell the truth, to combating with an Accumulated Spirit made Kris somewhat nervous. Although he had experience in killing the Taoist Qianyu, it was his luck to win the battle by using the sword of Divine Spiritual Power, and he was also seriously injured then! Was he lucky enough to win again for this time?

“I bet that within three moves, this kid will lose!”

“Three moves, you overestimate him too much, I bet with only one trick will he be defeated, the gap between the Primal Spirit (Kris) and the Accumulated Spirit (Lord of Divine Yin ) is like the gap between heaven and earth.”

A group of primal spirit practitioners were arguing by the ring side, and the eliminated accumulated spirit practitioners also sneered.

There was one of onlookers who was eliminated by Lord of Divine Yin, thus he said, “Lord of Divine Yin is a person whose strength is superb, and his potentials are beyond imagination, no one would beat him.”

“If he can fully comprehend the Yin and Yang Taoist Kungfu in time, even in the middle period of the accumulated spirit stage, he could fight against any opponents.”

Although this accumulated spirit had experienced Five Declines of Immortals, his power is not weak, and what he said had also been recognized by many accumulated spirit practitioners.

Above the clouds, Lord of Jiyuan said: “Brother, do you need any help?”

Lord of Lingyuan shook his head, “If any of us make a move to help any party, the rules will be broken, it’s not good!”

“Can the primal spirit win the accumulated spirit?”

Lord Lingyuan didn’t speak, and but he showed a meaningful smile.

Four thousand five hundred…No, five thousand !

After breaking through the Fulfilled period of Pill formation, Kris’s physical body improved again, and his bearable sword energy increased by five hundred.

Don’t underestimate the five hundred Sword Energy, the increased power is not small.

The Light Sword was hid by Kris but he did not use it, which made Lord of Divine Yin feel some threat.

How could this be possible? The attack of the primal spirit practitioner could actually pose him a sense of threat. This was strange, but it also made Lord of Divine Yin more mindful.

A little bit of Yang Taoist energy ran all over the body, although it was not as good as his Yin Taoist energy, but it was enough for self-protection.

The moment Kris saw this, Kris’s heart got a little bit scared.

He looked at the light sword in his hand, and realized that it should be five thousand swordsmen that gave his opponent a sense of threat.


The Light Sword flew away without giving any signs, as the Practitioners fight, and there are not so many rules.

The power of the Light Sword is not weak, and the Yin Taoist strength of his opponent turned into a pool of shadows, and the Light Sword could not be fully used. One of the characteristics of Yin Taoist strength is that it can absorb attacks and assimilate attacks.

Kris’s felt face down, and the Light Sword burst into light in the next second.


The huge explosion could directly evaporated half of the Sea.

But Kris was not happy at all, for Lord Of Divine Yin easily took his strong attack.

Lord of Divine Yin took back the Yin Taoist Strength, his Yin Taoist Strength had not yet formed a symbiosis with the Yang Taoist Strength, reaching that kind of endlessly powerful state.

The explosion just consumed one percent of his Yin Taoist Strength.

This kid was not simple, was indeed with a little bit real power, but if he only had scuh shallow ability, then he would be dead man here.

The Yin Taoist rhyme was divided into two, turning into a black sword and a shield that was nearly one person tall.

Damn, this bastard was really in the accumulated spirit state?

Facing such a primal spirit, bah bah, he was wrong, a Practitioner of the later period of Pill formation was almost armed to the teeth, so shameless!

If it being so, don’t blame him.

“Scarlet blood, come out!” With such thought in his heart, red blood all over his body appeared in his hands.

After several days of comprehension, the Scarlet Blood Spirit still had no signs of awakening, but this didn’t matter, half of the power of Scarlet Blood plus the superimposed power of the Sword Element was enough for fighting against Lord of Divine Yin.

The qualitative change is accomplished by quantitative change. If the accumulated spirit cannot be injured, it means that the attack is not strong enough, and the continued energy is not strong enough!

The destruction caused by one grenade and the destruction caused by 10,000 grenades are very different.

Even in the fantasy world, it must follow the law of conservation of energy!

When the scarlet blood came out, everyone’s eyes widened.

It was Spirit Weapon!

This kid actually had a Spirit Weapon!

No wonder he was so rampant!

Spirit Weapon contains Taoist Strength. From a certain point of view, it is indeed comparable to an accumulated spirit. Everyone understood it now.

Damn, it’s no wonder that Kris was full of confidence and rushed to challenge the accumulated spirit. Above the clouds, Lord of Jiyuan was also slightly surprised.

This kid actually had a magic sword! “However, in my opinion, this magical sword spirit is still containing sort of Taoist Strength, is it a new Spirit Weapon?”

Lord of Lingyuan twisted his beard, “This little man is with good fortune, and he even has a Spirit Weapon.”

He was not envious, after all, as an elder of the Wuji Sword Sect, he also has a Spirit Weapon, and more than one!

“In this way, whoever loses or wins is hard to tell yet, unless this Lord of Divine Yin can also get a Spirit Weapon!” But he did not have a whole Spirit Weapon, but only had half a Spirit Weapon, which was a big seal, whose power was only half the Spirit Weapon. But the power was also very great.

With the cultivation base of the accumulated spirit plus the seal, it was definitely better than Kris’ holding only one Spirit Weapon.

There is no other reason. It’s like a child being able to move a sledgehammer, but can you expect him to use it?

The Spirit Weapon in the hands of Kris seemed like being wasted, and Lord of Divine Yin was lucky enough to kill this kid and take the Spirit Weapon.

Even if Yang Taoist Strength had not been enlightened, he could still compete in the middle period of the accumulated spirit.

Who would have thought that he could run into such a good thing.

The other persons of accumulated spirit also looked at Lord of Divine Yin with envy. This old fox was really lucky, and his getting Kris’ Spirit Weapon was almost costing him nothing. That’s a Spirit Weapon, who doesn’t want it?

Some of them use either the Supreme Taoist Weapon or half of the Spirit Weapon which is the same as Lord of Divine Yin’s.

If they can get the real Spirit Weapon, their combat effectiveness will be qualitatively improved.

Kirs saw the envy and covetousness of Lord of Divine Yin, that he wanted his scarlet blood. So Kris had to protect himself well. Before Kris began to attack, Lord of Divine Yin took the lead. The seal of Lord of Divine Yin in his hand instantly rose to the size of a hill, suppressing the whole spot. But Kris did not escape at all!

Under the blessing of Yin Taoist Strength, the seal weighed tens of thousands of kilograms, and it was stamping down. It didn’t matter whether you are a primal spirit or an accumulated spirit, you would die or heavily injured by such an attack.

But Kris sneered at him, and he instantly transferred his eighty thousand Sword Energy on to the scarlet sword.

Have you heard of the eight million catties of Sword Energy? It carries the momentum of thunders, with the power of scarlet blood!

“Break it for me!”

Kris waved his long sword, the surface of the Light Sword flashed with thunder, and the light inside burst into light.

Only that ray of light remained in the entire world.


Sword Energy slashed on the seal and directly slicing through the strength of Yin Taoist, which is the defensive attribute of Thunder.

The powerful Sword Energy had no airflow, and directly divided the Lord of Divine Yin’ Treasured Seal into two parts!


There was another huge explosion. How powerful was the explosion of the Spirit Weapon, which directly smashed the protective cover on the ring.

Seeing that the energy was about to dissipate, Lord of Jiyuan who was above the clouds started to join the battle.

Several Taoist Strengths are played to protect the ring. Unless it is an actualized spirit, no one can break the defense!

The Lord of Divine Yin Treasured Seal was damaged so quickly that the Lord Of Divine Yin didn’t have time to make a move, so he watched his magic weapon explode by the opponent.

And he was also slightly injured.

“Well, well, you completely angered me!”

The voice fell, and the Light Sword burst out again in the explosion, which was the energy that had not been consumed by the eighty thousand Sword Energy.



An explosion that was even more terrifying than the previous one. At that moment, the ring was directly shattered by the shock wave, the protective cover blocked the cathartic energy, but the earth trembled.

“Boom boom boom!”

At the moment the explosion sounded, the Kekkai Immoral also showed its true body.

“Lord…Hurry up and move these two people out, if they continue, I will be broken!”

“It’s okay!”

Lord of Lingyuan took out a small cauldron, which was one of his Spirit Weapons, which was called Sword Energy Cauldron. It is used to store and culture the Divine Sword on ordinary days, but it is also a real defensive Spirit Weapon.

As he threw it out there, the ring was instantly enveloped by it, and the earthquake tremors disappeared instantly!

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