Qian Yueying took Qian Fangyun to the door of a luxurious private room.

She actually got a little nervous after she got closer.

“Cousin, why are you nervous?” Qian Fangyun saw that his cousin’s state is not very high!

“I, I, I don’t know how to say it, I’m just nervous, I’m worried, Karen Lee’s son is…” Qian Yueying thought so unconsciously.


Where are so many coincidences?

Karen Lee has a son. That trash Chuck Cannon himself admitted, and this is the capital where she has been called through WeChat. What is this?

The more she thought about it, Qian Yueying felt that it didn’t take a second.

“Cousin, are you still thinking about it? Oh, it’s impossible. Karen Lee’s strength is at least world-class, right? How could the son born with that kind of pen style? No temperament at all, to be honest. , If he wasn’t lucky enough to hook up with a woman like Logan, he would be like a sling, no one would ask him to clean the toilet.” Qian Fangyun said.

Qian Yueying felt that her cousin was right, it was really bad, he had no temperament, and at the very least, he was a bargain. She didn’t believe that the rich second generation could be low-key to that point.

Not to mention the poor character!

To open a house, other women have to pay for it. Is this something the rich second generation can do?

Why I’m thinking about it? I shouldn’t think about it, it’s impossible.

Qian Yueying comforted herself so.

“Cousin, let’s go in!” Qian Fangyun said.


Qian Yueying knocked on the door, but there was no sound inside, isn’t it?

After Qian Yueying was puzzled, she opened the door cautiously and inside was a luxurious box.

Two people walked in, “Cousin, I just said, how could Karen Lee’s son be that kind of trash man? Impossible!”

Qian Fangyun said in a low voice, everything in this luxurious box is enjoyed by the rich. If Chuck Cannon’s shameless pen appears in such an upscale place, it would be out of place!

“Well, let me ask where he is,” Qian Yueying was relieved.

I’m still thinking about it, it’s unnecessary.

“We have arrived,” Qian Yueying replied.

But this person didn’t reply, and Qian Yueying didn’t want to urge, so he would appear impolite.

“Cousin, let’s just sit and wait,” Qian Yueying said.

Two people sat down like this, but at this time, WeChat replied: “Have you ever thought about who I am?”

This information is so inexplicable.

Qian Yueying saw it and replied, “No, because I haven’t seen you.”

“Haha, you have seen me, it’s just me…”

Qian Yueying was shocked, “I have seen him? When did it happen?”

Qian Fangyun also saw the information. He was extremely surprised. When did his cousin meet?

“You have forgotten things, don’t you remember when you saw me not long ago?” A familiar voice came out from inside.

Qian Yueying felt that the voice was so familiar.

Qian Fangyun was also stunned.

A man walked out of it, his face was pale, and he sat down, yes, Chuck Cannon.

At this time, Logan was personally cooking for Chuck Cannon in the kitchen of the restaurant. At this time, Chuck Cannon could meet these two people. After the meeting, he still wanted to enjoy Logan’s cooking!

“How could it be you?” After Qian Yueying saw Chuck Cannon, her mind was empty, confused, and shocked!

She was completely in a state of ignorance, her beautiful eyes were dull, how could it be him??

How is this going?

Didn’t he lie to her, he said at that time, it was Karen Lee’s son, really?

Qian Fangyun was also stunned, his jaw dropped in shock, feeling like a dream.

In the luxurious private room, with Chuck Cannon’s appearance, silent!

“I told you already, I am, but you didn’t believe me,” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“You, are you really Karen Lee’s son?” Qian Yueying was unbelievable, she was shocked and dull.

The appointed place, the appointed time, the people who appeared, then there is no doubt about it? He is really Karen Lee’s son, but Qian Yueying can’t understand why Karen Lee’s son is like this? Rubbish??

“Yes, so you came here to beg me?” Chuck Cannon said with a shrug.

“Cousin, if you don’t believe him, he is a swindler,” Qian Fangyun was annoyed. This is impossible!

He suspected that Betty from the Night Hotel was playing with him! She found someone’s WeChat and gave it.

“Cousin, do you think he looks like a rich second-generation?” Qian Fangyun scolded.

Qian Yueying came back to her senses, “Yes, you can’t be Karen Lee’s son, what you did is not!”

Chuck Cannon shrugged, “Forget it if you don’t believe it, then you can leave.”

Chuck Cannon didn’t care, anyway, Betty just called and said that at most one month, she could kill the Qian family.

At this time, Chuck Cannon can still afford it!

“Cousin, let’s go,” Qian Fangyun pulled Qian Yueying away, but Qian Yueying stared at Chuck Cannon and said one by one, “Why are you hitting that girl? Why don’t you pay for the house?”

“Why don’t I pay? Who is the person you are talking about? I don’t know.” Chuck Cannon muttered.

“You don’t know, it was when I was in the night hotel! Do you still want to not admit it? I saw it with my own eyes, and that girl was beaten like that by you!”

Chuck Cannon thought about going, Zhang Tianxue? When… But, as Qian Yueying described it, Chuck Cannon was a little surprised. Could it be Ouyang Fei?

But why does Ouyang Fei call herself Zhang Tianxue?

“I thought of it? How do people like you make me believe you?” Qian Yueying was annoyed and felt that she was being tricked. It must be Betty deliberately.

“Don’t believe it, I said you can leave.” Chuck Cannon still didn’t care, and he wasn’t in the mood to tell her, anyway at this speed, the Qian family would soon run out of money, and he would be in debt.

What’s more, Chuck Cannon has decided that Qian Yueying asks for him herself, and she will not change her mind.

“Cousin, let’s go, don’t waste time on this kind of garbage,” Qian Fangyun didn’t want to stay for a second.

This is completely pitted.

Qian Yueying was dragged to the door, and she turned her head, “Ye se Hotel belongs to your mother? Then why did you let that girl pay for the room?”

“Simple, I hate the woman you’re talking about, so I asked her to pay,” Chuck Cannon felt, almost out of ten. The Zhang Tianxue she said was Ouyang Fei!

“Hate her and open a room with her?” Qian Yueying was annoyed.

“I think you misunderstood, she begged me.” Chuck Cannon said.

“Do you think I would believe it?” Qian Yueying said coldly, that girl is so beautiful and pure, would she beg you to open a room? This is impossible.

“It’s very simple if you don’t believe it, then you don’t need to go on, then you can leave,” Chuck Cannon was simple and clear.

“You!!” Qian Yueying stared at Chuck Cannon, “Then you are Karen Lee’s son, so does your mother mean to deal with my Qian family?”

“No, I mean, I said I like your Qian’s family, then I have to do what I say,” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly.

Qian Yueying was extremely angry, Qian Fangyun dragged her, “Cousin, don’t tell me, this person is just pretending to be coercion, with a lot of lies.”

Qian Yueying was thinking, did she really think wrong? Is this annoying person in front of him really Karen Lee’s son?

If so, did he mean to destroy the Zhao family!

“Did you destroy the Zhao family?” Qian Yueying said every word!

“Impossible, cousin, how could it be him?” Qian Fangyun was impatient. He was obviously a liar. He was tricked. Why would he continue to waste time asking?

“Yes,” Chuck Cannon admitted.

“You bought the Zhao’s hotel.”


“Why do you want to destroy the Zhao family?” Qian Yueying’s heart was trembling, and Chuck Cannon was not shy, but the look in his eyes at this time was too calm, which is not what ordinary people can have?

“Speaking of him, Zhao Yunlei is damn, that’s why I destroyed his family!” Chuck Cannon said coldly.

“She’s, I’ve heard enough. At this time, you are still pretending to be forced? Come on, if you are so powerful, and you could have destroyed my Qian family? Kill! Pretend to be! I believe you are a sneer?” Qian Fangyun sneered ridicule. He didn’t believe in any words of Chuck Cannon, it was a scam from beginning to end, that Betty lied to him, this Chuck Cannon continued to lie!

“You said you want me to kill your Qian family?” Chuck Cannon touched his nose. This request seemed a bit weird!

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