It’s all for the sake of it. It’s really a one-sentence thing to destroy the Qian family, but Chuck Cannon said it just now, and he said that he would make your Qian family a pauper, and he would make your Qian family a pauper.

“Cousin, don’t talk nonsense!” Qian Yueying was busy holding Qian Fangyun.

At this time, Qian Yueying had already believed a little bit. It was a coincidence.

But she still didn’t understand, how could the people of the Zhao family be destroyed, so rubbish? ?

“I’m talking nonsense? Cousin, don’t you really believe what he said? He just pretended to be forced!” Qian Fangyun said angrily!

“Cousin, don’t say anything, can’t you?” Qian Yueying was angry.

Qian Fangyun gritted his teeth.

“Do you really want my Qian family?” Qian Yueying stared at Chuck Cannon.

“Yes, let your Qian family become paupers.” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“You and her…” Qian Fangyun was annoyed.

“Everything was instructed by you? It broke my Qian’s secrets?” Qian Yueying said every word!

“You can say that.” Chuck Cannon sat down, too lazy to talk to her.

“Why do you do this?” Qian Yueying’s eyes were blood red.

“Simple, you! I think you are very upset.” Chuck Cannon said straightly. For this woman, Chuck Cannon didn’t do anything, right? She has been very upset with me.

Chuck Cannon has endured her for so long, she asked for it herself!

“If I apologize to you, can you let me go?” Qian Yueying said coldly.

She didn’t dare to bet, this Chuck Cannon is very likely to really destroy the Zhao family, then her Qian family is not an opponent at all.

Chuck Cannon shrugged. Apology!!!

“You want to apologize to me?” Chuck Cannon said lightly.

“Yes, I apologize to you.” Qian Yueying gritted her teeth!

“Where did your previous superiority go? I ask you,” Chuck asked curiously.

“You!” Qian Yueying’s beautiful eyes burst into flames.

“Cousin, what are you talking about? Why are you apologizing to such a person? What qualifications does he have?” Qian Fangyun couldn’t help it. Qian Yueying did this, just slap his Qian family in the face!

“Cousin, I…” Qian Yueying couldn’t answer.

“Go, talk to such a man, I don’t believe that he can turn our Qian family into a pauper!!” Qian Fangyun took Qian Yueying and walked outside.

Qian Yueying stared at Chuck Cannon and said nothing.

“Cousin, don’t believe him, he is just pretentious!” Qian Fangyun persuaded, “Look at his appearance, how can he kill the Zhao family?”

Qian Yueying was at a loss, she had been pulled out by Qian Fangyun.

“Let’s go back.” Qian Fangyun felt that now he can do something, isn’t it just a silly pen? Just do it right! Is the Qian family still afraid? ?

“What if he is really Karen Lee’s son?” Qian Yueying was bitter, she didn’t want to think so, but the current evidence seemed to point to this.

“No, Betty from the Night hotel is playing tricks on us!” Qian Fangyun was annoyed, but he suddenly saw someone, a beautiful woman with a particularly good figure.

Yes, after managing the hotel, Du Peixin took time out!

“It’s her?” Qian Yueying walked over. She knew that Du Peixin was managing that hotel, so should Du Peixin’s words be true? ?

“Du Peixin,” Qian Yueying called her.

Du Pei stopped in shock. She came to see her friend, but she didn’t expect to meet Qian Yueying.

Du Peixin saw today’s explosive news, and she was still curious, how could this happen to the Qian family? ?

“Ms Qian, hello,” Du Pei was polite.

“Hello, I want to ask you a question,” Qian Yueying was nervous.

“Okay, you ask.”

“Who is the owner of the hotel you manage? Who bought the hotel?”

“This…” Du Peixin didn’t want to say it, but Chuck Cannon told him that he didn’t want others to know.

“Tell me, isn’t it a person named Chuck Cannon?” Qian Yueying said, Qian Fangyun shook his head, “Cousin, you really thought about it, how could it be him? No… “

“President Qian, how did you know?” Du Peixin was particularly surprised. How did Qian Yueying know?


Qian Yueying was shocked. She couldn’t believe it. Chuck Cannon really bought Zhao’s hotel? Then destroy the Zhao family? ?

“Are you serious?” Qian Yueying’s voice was shaking.

“Really, really, what did I lie to you for?” Du Peixin sighed. She recently managed a hotel and was so boring. You must know that she used to manage a lot of companies, but now she manages a hotel. That’s overkill.

When will Chuck Cannon be able to reuse herself?

“How did Chuck Cannon destroy the Zhao family? Can you tell me?” Qian Yueying asked.

“I…well, Zhao Yunlei beat Chuck Cannon’s wife, and that night, the Zhao family was gone.” Du Peixin said. It was also unbelievable!

“What you said is true?” Qian Fangyun was dull, so he wiped out the Zhao family? How easy it is!

“Yes, really, I’m working for Chuck Cannon now,” Du Peixin sighed.

“Why are you asking this? Did he do what happened to your Qian family today?” Du Pei thought to her heart, Qian Yueying was so shocked, and what happened to the Qian family today is all related to Chuck Cannon?

When she watched the news in the morning, she was still thinking, who would dare to deal with Qian’s family like this. She didn’t expect that she understood. What Chuck Cannon did…

Qian Yueying was bitter. She regretted it too much at this time. She actually looked down on someone who could destroy her family. Where did he come from?

“Well, he did it.” Qian Yueying’s eyes were red. She felt the fear, not of herself, but of the entire Qian family, because she harmed the Qian family. If she didn’t look down on Chuck Cannon, then isn’t there such a thing today?

“What did you do…” Du Pei was too curious.

She thinks that Chuck Cannon won’t deal with Qian’s family for no reason, right? There is always a reason, right?

“I, I look down on him, scold him, and return…” Qian Yueying regretted it to the extreme.

“What? You. Ms. Qian, what you did this way,” Du Peixin was shocked. Qian Yueying didn’t know Chuck Cannon’s strength? Actually, did this?

“Then you can apologize to him!” Du Pei had an idea.

“Does an apology work?” Qian Yueying was bitter.

“It may be useful, but you have to think about how to apologize.” Du Peixin couldn’t say too much. If Chuck Cannon knew about it, it would be so troublesome.

Qian Yueying sighed, how should I apologize for this? It seems that I really did something, have I misunderstood it? That girl? Actually, have a problem?

So how do you apologize? Kneeling? cry? still is……

Qian Yueying couldn’t think about it anymore, she couldn’t do that.

“At least to make Chuck Cannon happy, do whatever you think you can do,” Du Peixin said finally.

“I, I don’t know.” Qian Yueying was in pain.

“Cousin, don’t do this first. This Chuck Cannon wiped out the Zhao family. He must have been badly injured. At this time, if we fight back, we may defeat him.” Qian Fangyun said.


“Stop it, let’s go back first,” Qian Fangyun took Qian Yueying away. Du Pei was puzzled, she shook her head, forget it, what’s up with her?

She walked inside.

After getting in the car, Qian Yueying and Qian Fangyun arrived at Qian’s house. The owner of the Qian’s family and other people were anxious. The situation was serious. During these hours, problems broke out in the Qian’s industry, and the Qian’s family had an earthquake. The problem is still exploding, there are too many, all of which are problems in this area, and they can’t be suppressed.

“Yueying, you’re back, how’s it going?” The Patriarch of the Qian family walked over, and everyone else looked at Qian Yueying.

“I, I.” Qian Yueying hesitated.

“How is it?”

“Grandpa, me, me.” How did Qian Yueying say, could it be her own reason?


“Yueying, say it quickly, we are all anxious to death!”

“It was made by a person named Chuck Cannon.” Qian Fangyun said.

“Chuck Cannon, who is Chuck Cannon?”

“Who is Chuck Cannon?”

The Qian family are all dumbfounded, isn’t it Logan? Didn’t Qian Yueying go to Karen Lee? Why is Chuck Cannon involved?

“Karen Lee’s son.” Qian Fangyun said.

The head of the Qian family was stunned, “What did you say? The son of Karen Lee who killed the Zhao family? Chuck Cannon attacked our Qian family? Why? Why?”

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