Chapter 464: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 464 A Playboy

He was really a bastard!

Anna was really hot, if she continued walking, then she would have a heatstroke. Thus, she’d better get on the car first.

Anna narrowed her eyes and decided to put her luggage on the car.

Seeing thus, Yulin Xiao quickly helped her open the trunk.

The cool air inside the car made Anna feel more comfortable. However, the next moment, she grew sullen. How could he enjoy the cool air? How dared he to say those words?

Seeing that Anna was unhappy, Yulin Xiao asked deliberately,”What’s going on?”

“I don’t want to see you.”

“I don’t seem to have offended you.”

Anna frowned and blamed, “I would be at home now if you didn’t follow me.”

Yulin Xiao felt innocent and said, “You can get on the car, but you refused me.”

“You mean it’s my fault?”

“Well, it depends on you.”

“You ……”

Anna pointed at Yulin Xiao, she was extremely angry now. However, he just held her hands and said softly, “You must have earned a lot, treat me to dinner tonight.”

Anna snorted, “Why?”

“You are on my car now.”

Anna was exasperated and asked, “You are really shameless, I didn’t ask you to do so.”

“Well, no matter what you say, it’s the truth.”

“You are such a jerk.”

“I’m a businessman, and I only care about the results.”

Although, Anna was right, she didn’t know how to rebut, she was so angry that her face turned red.

Yulin Xiao pretended to be innocent and asked, “Where are we going to eat?”

“Shut up!”

“What about me picking up a place? You only need to pay for the bill.”

He was talking nonsense, of course she couldn’t afford the restaurant that he chose.

Anna directly refused him and then she got an idea.

“I know a snack shop, you can come with me if you don’t mind.”


Yulin Xiao was full of expectation.

But when he saw the food in the bowl, he felt sick.

After stirring it with a spoon, Yulin Xiao asked, “What is this?”

“Haggis, don’t you know it?”

He never heard about such things, not to mention others. He didn’t like it and thought that one must be brave enough to ate it.

Noticing Yulin Xiao’s expression, Anna snickered. Then she took a pair of chopsticks and stared eating. It seemed that she was very satisfied.

“Well, it’s delicious!”

Seeing this, Yulin Xiao swallowed his saliva and asked, “Really?”

“Of course, have a try! You’ll like it.” However, Yulin Xiao still sat there quietly.

“Eat right now, this is what I treat you.” So, Yulin Xiao had no other choices but to ate.

Although, it was not bad, he felt uncomfortable when chewing it.

He tried his best to have a bite and then put down the chopsticks.

However, Anna wouldn’t agree and said, “I won’t eat with you in the future if you eat so little.”

Of course, Yulin Xiao knew this was Anna’s prank. However, he wanted to make her happy, so he did as she wanted.

“I’ll eat them all, don’t be upset.” Then he started eating.

Yulin Xiao almost swallowed the haggis, he felt very disgusted.

Seeing this, Anna felt happier. He owned this for he teased her!

After wiping his mouth, Yulin Xiao noticed Anna’s smile, which was like a moon in night that smoothed his heart.

Anna was originally very happy for she had teased Yulin Xiao, however, since he looked at her like this, she felt a bit weird and embarrassed, as if she was his prey.

It seemed that he was thinking something salacious.

“Well, let’s go.”

Anna paid the bill and quickly walked out of the store, her face was totally red.

After arriving at school, she was about to leave. However, Yulin Xiao called her and said, “Don’t you say anything to me?”

Then Anna stopped and replied, “Please keep distance from me in the future.”

Yulin Xiao was speechless.

“Say something good okay? That’s not what I want.”

“That’s what I want to say.”

“Well, then I’ll say what I want to say.” Then Yulin Xiao walked to Anna and said softly, “Remember to call me frequently.” He acted very gentle that even passerby were moved.

“Wow, it’s so sweet.”

“How lucky Anna is! Her boyfriend is not only rich, but also smart and kind!”

“I wish I could find such a boyfriend!”

People who didn’t know the truth just discussed about them, which made Anna feel sullen.

He was not sweet at all, didn’t they see that she was reluctant?

Anna didn’t want to stay with him anymore, so she quickly left.

However, Yulin Xiao said with a smile, “Don’t be shy.”

Hearing this, Anna was speechless and almost slipped, he was really a bastard.

Seeing that Anna left even faster, Yulin Xiao was in a very good mood.

Well, it was nice to tease her. Then he left with satisfaction.

As soon as Yulin Xiao left, a woman walked out behind a tree.

It was Qiaoqiao, she looked at Yulin Xiao’s figure in a complicated expression.


After the shower, Anna wiped her hair with a towel, she looked quite casual.

“Anna, your phone had rang when you were taking the shower.”

Anna was stunned and then had a check. It was from Chuxue. So Anna quickly called back.

After waiting for a while, a soft voice answered, “Anna, are you busy?”

“No, what’s wrong?”

“I want your help.” Chuxue smiled and said, “Well, I still need some equipment for the reopening of the dessert shop.”

“Since you’ve worked here, I think you can help me.”

Hearing this, Anna quickly said, “I am still an employee of the dessert store, and this is my duty, of course I’ll help.”

“You are such a nice girl.” Chuxue nodded and said with a smile, “The things are heavy, I’ll ask someone to help you then.”

“Well, that’s fine.”

“Then it’s settled, let’s start in the weekend when you are free.”

“No problem.”

“Then, I’ll hung up the phone.”

“…… Okay.”

After hanging up the phone, Anna was felt weird. She wanted to ask whether the helper was Yulin Xiao.

However, since he was a playboy, Anna stopped thinking like this. When she saw Yulin Xiao on the weekend, she thought how stupid she was!

Yulin Xiao drove a very eye-catching car today. Then he looked at Anna and said, “Are you ready? Let’s go, we have a heavy task today.” However, seeing that Anna still stood there, he asked, “What are you doing?”

“How can you be the helper?”

Anna asked in confusion, but Yulin Xiao understood her and answered with a smile, “Is there a problem?”

After hearing this, Anna pursed her lips and warned, “I know what you are thinking about, so be quiet today.”

Yulin Xiao smiled helplessly and said, “Don’t worry, we have a task today.”

“I hope you can promise your words.” Then Anna sat on the car.

When they fastened their seat belts, Yulin Xiao prepared to drive.

After taking a glimpse of the car, Anna asked with a frown, “Your car is too small to hold anything.”

Yulin Xiao was helpless and reminded, “You are stupid, there’s home delivery service.”

It was then did Anna realize it. She didn’t need a helper at all! She felt that she was teased again.

Since she was already on the car, she would consider him as the driver.

Then she ignored Yulin Xiao and took a sheet from the bag. All they needed to buy were written on the list.

The next few hours, they didn’t communicate much and focused on purchasing.

After finishing the shopping, Anna felt relieved. It was done! However, when she turned back, Yulin Xiao was gone. Where was he?

Then she found him in the jewelry store. How dared him to act so lazy?

Anna walked to him and snorted, “Yulin Xiao, what are you doing?”

Then, Yulin Xiao held a necklace in his hand and asked, “How about this necklace?”

“Ugly!” Anna slapped his hands and said, “If you have something to do, please don’t disturb me, just leave me alone.”

However, Yulin Xiao didn’t answered her but asked, “I want send it to a girl, will she like it?”

Hearing this, Anna felt a bit disappointed and said, “How could I know for I’m not that girl.”

“Just give me a suggestion.”

“Well, I’m busy!” After saying this, Anna left.

Yulin Xiao asked the waiter to wrap the necklace and then started to chase Anna, however, she was already on the bus.

Thus, Yulin Xiao could only watch she leave helplessly.

She ran so fast! However, Yulin Xiao had the confidence that Anna would like him. Then he smiled.


After a week of hard work, the dessert store was cleaned up and ready to reopen.

But Chuxue was not in a hurry, she chose a breezy day and prepared some desserts and drinks, then she called all the stuff to the store.

Chuxue stood at the front desk and cleared her throat, then she said, “Today is the reopening day of the dessert store, just have fun, this is what I prepared for you.” Then she stopped, as if was waiting for the applause.

The crowd understood her meaning and applauded.

Chuxue nodded in satisfaction and then she walked to Anna, “You helped a lot Anna. Come on, let’s propose a toast for Anna.”

Then she handed a glass of red wine to Anna.

Anna quickly waved her hands and said, “No, that’s my duty, don’t be polite.”

“No, this is what you deserve, just drink it.”

“This ……”

Just when Anna was a bit embarrassed, someone took the wine away. It was Yulin Xiao. He smiled gently and said, “I’ll drink this for her.”

However, Chuxue was unhappy and frowned, “Yulin Xiao, it’s none of your business.”

Then people all stared at them, which made Anna feel embarrassed, she wanted to keep distance from him right now.

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