Chapter 465 – 466: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 465: Becoming the Member of Internal Elders

When the explosion dissipated, Kris was a mess. The power generated by the explosion was strong, and he carried it with the strength of his flesh, but he was also injured. The Lord of Divine Yin at the center of the explosion was even more miserable. The ring was not big, so no matter how much he moved he was still above the ring.

And Kris took him by surprise and caused an explosion. He simply came and dodged in no time at all. The Yin Shield in his hands was in tatters, and the Taoist Strength was about to be blown away. His clothes were so tattered that he was almost naked.

He was the Lord of Accumulated Spirit, and even if he had fought against a practitioner of the same level, he had never been in such a mess.

“I must kill you.” the Lord of Divine Yin shouted hysterically. He was really planning to fight for his life.

These Accumulated Spirits were also greatly shocked. They would have never thought that a primal spirit would be able to push an accumulated spirit to such a state, which was simply unbelievable.

These primal spirits just directly surrendered. They thought they had no chance of winning against Kris. Even the aftermath of a battle of this magnitude was too much for them.

The Lord of Divine Yin was able to become accumulated spirit within 500 years, for his talent was first-rate. His acupuncture points were of the first grade, which was nine times more than normal people, and the energy contained was simply unimaginable. He urged the remnants of Taoist Strength to spread throughout the entire ring full of killing energy.

His finger burst out with a black light. The black light was an incomparably solid Taoist Strength that almost pierced through space. If Kris was hit, his body, Divine Spiritual Power, and primal spirit would all be immersed and assimilated by Taoist Strength, becoming a part of the Lord of Accumulated Spirit’s Taoist Strength.

Kris bit his teeth. 100,000 Sword Energy condensed on top of the Red Blood Sword. He added another 100,000 Pill formatio onto the sword. Even the Red Blood Sword was vaguely unbearable.

Kris could barely hold the sword. His clothes were torn through, and mysterious runes appeared on his body, and his Sword was rampaging against the incoming Taoist Strength in the blink of an eye.

Without the slightest hindrance, Sword Energy cut Taoist Strength apart, cutting through the Yin and Yang Shields and piercing through the flesh of the Lord of Divine Yin. The primal spirit within his ancestral acupoint did not escape and was directly destroyed. Even his Divine Spiritual Power was cut down by this stunning sword light.

The body of Lord of Divine Yin fell from the sky. Kris used his strongest killing move to kill the Lord of Divine Yin.

With a wave of his hand, Lord of Divine Yin’s Storing Ring automatically flew into his hand. He then took out a set of spiritual weapon’s treasure clothes from his storage ring and put it on.

The crowd had been so shocked that they couldn’t speak a word. Beheading accumulated spirit with primal spirit was enough to make people marvel at Kris’s cultivation even if he depended on the Spirit Weapon. It meant that Kris was capable of beheading all the accumulated spirits present.

At first when Kris challenged Lord of Divine Yin, no one believed that he could defeat Lord of Divine Yin, and they even bet on whether or not Kris could withstand one of Lord of Divine Yin’s moves. But now he only swung three swords, and he completely killed Lord of Divine Yin.

With only three sword strikes, Kris was able to kill Lord of Divine Yin with a single blow.

The accumulated spirit smiles kindly, and Kris’ strength was recognized. The primal spirits also looked at Kris with awe in their eyes.

Kris’s strength had exceeded theirs by far. He was able to kill the accumulated spirit with his primal spirit, and if he was promoted to accumulated spirit in the future, he might be able to kill the accumulated spirit Fulfilled period.

The only problem was that Kris hasn’t understood Taoist Strength yet, and once he did, his attacking power would improve drastically.

It was a common saying in the cultivation world that there were no names under Taoist Strength.

“Number 108 wins and advances to the Internal Elders.” the Kekkai Immortal announced.

“Congratulations, your divine might is so powerful,” Accumulated Spirits said.

They all expressed their admirations to Kris.

Above the clouds, the Lord Lingyuan moved his hand, and the Sword Energy Cauldron returned to his hand, “You lose.”

The Lord Jiyuan nodded and smiled. He then took out the grinding disk-sized Sword Tao Stone from his storing ring and tossed it to the Lord Lingyuan.

The Sword Tao Stone gradually shrank to the size of a fingernail in the Lord Lingyuan’s hand. With a flip of his hand, the Sword Tao Stone was pocketed by him. It was an extremely subtle magical skill in the palm of his hand.

Lord Lingyuan’s patrol this time was very rewarding. Not only did he almost catch up with Lingji, but he also obtained the Drunken Immortal Wine and the Sword Tao Stone, and for all this, he only paid tens of thousands of spiritual stones.

Lord Jiyuan laughed bitterly, “What are you going to do with him?” He pointed at Kris.

“I want him to enter the Heavenly Sword Pavilion. He has a lot of potential, so I can train him.”

“He’s good luck.” Lord Jiyuan said.

Suddenly Lord Jiyuan used his Instant transfer prowess, so one second he was at Microcosmos and the next he was thousands of miles away on the ocean.

“Let’s race to see who’s more powerful” Lord Jiyuan said.

So Lord Jiyuan and Lord Lingyuan were having a match on the ocean thousands of miles away.

“What are you three still standing here for? Go.” Kris kicked Ironhead in the ass.

“Why do you always hit me?” Ironhead was unhappy.

“Because you’re thick, and I feel best when I beat you.” Kris said, and then walked straight out of Microcosmos.

The female Practitioner lowered her head in fear as she passed the entrance to Microcosmos. She had seen how Kris had beheaded Lord of Divine Yin and knew that he had managed to join the Internal Elders, which meant that Kris was much higher in rank than her.

The female Practitioner gritted her teeth and stood up, saluting at Kris, while Kris left without looking back.

When Kris walked outside, Changgong Lin also already knew that Kris fought against accumulated spirit with primal spirit, and also became a member of the Internal Elders.

“This is your identity card, please keep it. In three days Taoist rite will be moving back to Holy Sect, if you can’t make it to join us you will have to fly back to Holy Sect on your own.”

Kris took the identity card and he didn’t know what material it was made of. It only had his alias on it.

“Well, I won’t be late.” said Kris.

Changgong bowed to him. Then Kris left.

Meanwhile, inside Seaside Holy City, Mudao Wu was also waiting anxiously. Not having received a single word from Senior Qingniur and Kris, he wondered if they had managed to join Three Holy Sects.

“Senior Qingniu is back!” The servant came to report.

Then, soon an old Taoist riding a bull appeared in the sky, “Mudao, I’m back.”

Mudao greeted him and asked, “How’s it going?”

Senior Qingniur smiled, “I have successfully joined the Penglai Immortal Sect, becoming a member of Exterior Elders.”

“Congratulations, Senior Qingniur.” said Mudao. Although Senior Qingniur wasn’t the member of Internal Elders, the Exterior Elders were also powerful.

“Have you heard from Diao?” Senior Qingniur asked.

Mudao shook his head.

“Don’t worry, with her ability, he will definitely be able to join Wuji Sword Sect.” Senior Qingniu said.

This year was the year of great cultivation, and the Penglai Immortal Sect had even come with hundreds of accumulated spirits. Maybe all the accumulated spirits in North Luzhou didn’t have so many. It was also a fluke that Senior Qingniu was able to join the Penglai Immortal Sect’s Exterior Elders.

“Inform everyone and prepare the banquet!” Mudao ordered. He was to let everyone know that his guests were elders of the Penglai Immortal Sect, and if anyone tried to trouble him, then those people would have to weigh whether or not they had the power.

While the crowd was having a good time drinking, Kris came slowly over in a flying sword with three monsters.

Seeing someone flying overhead, the crowd below was first surprised, and then they were silent when they saw who was coming.

Once Kris appeared, everyone was silent and didn’t even dare to breathe.

Mudao was happy and he greeted Kris with a glass of wine. Senior Qingniu also stood up, showing his respect for Kris.

“I guess you must have good news.” Senior Qingniu smiled.

Kris bowed to them. The two of them also bowed to him.

“Are you joining the Wuji Sword Sect?” Mudao asked anxiously.

Kris laughed, “Yes, I have joined it as the member of the Internal Elders.”

Chapter 466: Time to open the Storing Rings


You had became the elder of Inner Circle?

Senior Qingniu gave himself a wry smile inwardly. But it wasn’t surprising. Wasn’t it normal for Kris Chen, who had slaughtered Taoist Qianyu, to join the elders of Inner Circle?

Mudao Wu was exultant, and was toasting to Kris again and again.

The crowd below also grew bolder and began to propose a toast to the three people.

Mudao was delighted by the news. It was the elder of Wuji Sword Sect’s Inner Circle.

Although the elders of Outer Circle were in a respectable position, the elders of Inner Circle were the core who were in power.

They were who Mudao truly expected to rely on.

As the banquet atmosphere reached its peak, Mudao stood up and took out two congratulatory gifts, one for Qingniu and another one for Kris of course.

Their gifts were different. Kris’s gift was much more precious than Qingniu’s.

But both of them were elites of interpersonal communication, so naturally they would not take out the gifts to show off at this time.

“Thank you, Mr. Wu!”

Kris and Qingniu spoke in one voice.

“Ha ha ha…”

Mudao laughed loudly, and he was very delighted to give these gifts.

As long as they would help him keep the position of City Lord of Seaside Holy City, these costs were worth paying.

Two hours later, the banquet was over. Knowing that they had battled furiously for several rounds and needed to take adjustments, Mudao didn’t persuade them to stay longer.

“Go, spread the news of Taoist Diao and Taoist Qingniu.”

“Copy that, my lord!”


Kris Chen returned to the previous courtyard, heading to the spring to check on the Divine Stone. It took only two days for the Divine Stone to restore half of its spirit Qi.

This stone really possessed magical power.

Anyway, there were still three days left, he had enough time for the stone to recover all of its spirit Qi.

The battle with Shenyin had caused him some injuries, even his primal spirit was damaged.

He went straight into his room to refine the pills and recuperate his injuries.

Three days later, Kris came out of his room, being back in his peak form once again.

Unfortunately, the soul of Red Blood Weapon was still asleep.

After collecting the Divine Stone in the spiritual spring, Kris was ready to leave with three monsters.

Before leaving, he found Mudao and bid farewell to him. He also gave Mudao a Voice Passing Stone so that they could keep in touch.

The Voice Passing Stone was a magical and convenient stone which could be used to send messages instantly within a million miles. It would consume the Genuine Vital Energy while using it.

However, that’s not a big deal to Kris.

“Mr. Diao, I wish you all the best and have a promising future! You will reach the Actualized Spirit Field successfully.”

“Mr. Wu, if you need anything, just inform me through the stone.”

After saying that, Kris arched his hands and left with the three monsters.

Then, Mudao asked to the air, keeping his body unmoved, “Are they gone?”

“They’ve left already.”

“Where is Shadao Wu?”

“Still in the desert.”

“Keep an eye on him! If there’s any problem, report it to me immediately.”

“Copy that!”

The Disciple Recruitment Conference would last five days, and today was the last day. All the large and small sects had recruited a lot of talents this time.

It was believed that in a few decades, more new strong masters would appear on the Infinite Sea.

It was an unwritten rule that none of the other sects could leave before the Three Holy Sects made their exits.

Kris came to the Taoist Rite of Wuji Sword Sect with three monsters. This place was not guarded by Changgong Lin, but by two disciples of Outer Circle who were in the Pill-Condensation Field.

In the Three Holy Sects, anyone below the Primal Spirit Field was assigned to the Outer Circle, and only those who reached Primal Spirit could be qualified to enter the Inner Circle.

It was because of this that the Three Holy Sects were able to sit on the top of the Infinite Sea for hundreds of thousands of years without falling.

“Who is it?”

Kris didn’t bother to waste his time talking with them, throwing his identity card over.

One of the disciples instantly turned respectful after receiving the card, “Mr. Diao! Come in, please!”

After Kris entered, another disciple said, “Is he Zhatian Diao? The master who decapitated Shenyin who was in the Accumulated Spirit with his power of the Primal Spirit?”


“He’s too young, isn’t he? He looks even younger than me!” The disciple sighed.

In fact, his guess was correct. It took him fifty years to reach to the Pill-Condensation Field, but Kris was only forty this year!

When Kris entered the Taoist Rite, almost everyone who should be present had arrrived.

New disciples were standing in a group, Primal Spirit in a group, and Accumulated Spirit in another group. When Kris showed up, the greetings with great respect never ceased to be heard.

This was the advantage of being powerful.

If your strength is strong enough, you will become the focus of the crowd; if your are weak, you don’t even have the qualification to stand with them.

Kris nodded at them as a response to their greetings.

The newcomers knew Kris as a legend and all stared at him with curiosity.

Especially those female cultivators, they were all filled with adoration. Such a young, handsome, and powerful man, who wouldn’t like him?

Kris would definitely be the brightest star wherever he went.

By noon, the Taoist Rite began to move. And before that there was preaching elder from the sect explaining the rules of the sect to the disciples.

There were hundreds of ground rules and thousands of small rules.

The newcomers were listening and learning very carefully, the practitioners of Primal Spirit let those words go in one ear and out the other, and those of Accumulated Spirit didn’t bother to pay attention.

“All the senior apprentices and junior apprentices, welcome all of you to join the Wuji Sword Sect! This journey is about 800,000 miles and will take about seven days, during these seven days, do not leave the Taoist Rite if there are no special matters.”

It was Changgong who was speaking.

Flying 800,000 miles in seven days, the speed was about more than 100,000 miles a day. With the huge volume of the Taoist Rite, it was amazing to fly with such speed.

Kris stroked his chin, thinking that maybe he should get himself a flying machine for fun in the future. Flying with sword did look handsome, but the comfort level was relatively low.

And the speed was seven or eight times lower than the Taoist Rites.

It’s always necessary to constantly pursue higher goals to make progress.

After the welcome speech, hundreds of female disciples appeared.

Ninety percent of them were assigned to welcome the elders of both Outer and Inner Circles, almost one female practitioner for each of them.

Those new disciples who were just starting out weren’t that well treated.

One female practitioner for one group of them, and the female disciples weren’t satisfied about the arrangement.

Why some of them could serve those powerful masters while others could only guide the rookies?

As an elder of Inner Circle, Kris had a special female practitioner, who was also an acquaintance of Kris.

“Eld… Elder Diao, I am Changying Luo, an elite disciple of the Inner Circle. For the next seven days, I will be taking care of your clothing, food, housing and transportation, all the basic necessities of life. Come with me and I’ll take you to your room!”

The female cultivator was exactly the woman who was sitting next to Changxing Jian that day.

Kris looked at Changying with interest, “Show me the way!”

All the basic necessities of life? Didn’t that mean…

Kris didn’t know, actually these female practitioners were only asked to lead the way. All of the other tasks were made up by Changying.

The Taoist Rite was huge, it should be a special magic weapon. Kris came to a beautiful courtyard, which had rockery, pavilions, towers and terrace halls on the water.

And the courtyard’s spirit Qi was so dense that it almost turned into liquid form.

On the way to the courtyard, Changying was explaining everything about the Taoist Rites to Kris. Kris did not mind her annoyance, listening to her with great interest.

“Okay, I have arrived. You can go back now.”

Kris waved his hand and was about to step into the courtyard, the three monsters also went in to pick their own rooms.

Changying stood outside, biting her lips, then tried to catch up with him.

“Mr. Diao!”

Kris was closing the door when a delicate hand reached in from outside.

“Anything else?”

Kris frowned.

“Mr. Diao, I… Last time I…”

“Never mind, whatever happened last time, I have forgotten. You can leave.”

Kris Chen was in a hurry to look through the Storing Ring of Shenyin last time. He had no time to think about her.

“Mr. Diao, it’s all my fault. These two days I’ve been regretting that and couldn’t eat well nor sleep well. Let me apologize to you, please.”

Saying that, her dress slipped off her shoulders, revealing her delicate skin, trying to press her body against Kris”I don’t have any treasure that could satisfy Mr. Diao, hope that you won’t disdain my body.”

The soft and large breasts were wrapped in her underwear, which was very seductive.

Kris held his breath, with his face reddened, “What the hell? You think I’m a garbage collection station? You know I might feel disdained! Don’t show off your body. Get out of here right now!”

Changying was completely stunned.

A garbage collection station?

He thought she was a garbage?

Changying was trembling. Her seduction that had been invincible in the past had lost its effect here, in front of Kris.

“Mr. Diao, I…”

“Get out of my sight, the smell of you makes me sick!”

Kris waved his hand and Changying directly flied out of the courtyard.

Being afraid of her coming in, he also set up an array around the yard.

This Changying was a whore. As soon as she approached, Kris could sense at least seven or eight different smells in her body. How dare she try to seduce him?

Though he was not a saint who wasn’t interested in women, Kris wasn’t a horny man who was hunting for woman.

After sending Changying away, Kris closed the door and arranged more arrays.

It was time to open the Storing Rings again.

Kris turned his hand over, two Storing Rings appeared.

The smaller one was from the practitioner he had killed in the ring of Primal Spirit, and the larger one was from Shenyin.

Kris rubbed his hands, deciding to start with the smaller one!

The mark left by the former owner was easily removed, then Kris began to summarize what were in it.

There were five million Medium Spiritual Stones, two million Superior Spiritual Stone, thirty thousand Superb Spiritual Stones. There was no Inferior Spiritual Stone nor Divine Spiritual Stone.

There were also five hundred Superb Elixirs, two hundred Superb Treasure Medicines, and several Holy Medicines over two thousand years.

Some ores and treasures as well.

Hundreds of books of various types of spells and practicing method.

Kris skimmed over the books below Celestial Practicing Method, and there were hundreds of Celestial Practicing Method Books and seven or eight Divine Practicing Method Books.

What surprised Kris Chen the most was that he found dozens of First-rate Pill Recipes and three Divine Lower Grade Pill Recipes in this Storing Ring.

Kris could never have too many of them.

Besides, there were hundreds of magic weapons and spirit weapons. Though also quite a few Taoist weapons, most of them were inferior. Also, most of the magic weapons were defensive weapons.

How much was this guy afraid of death?

Kris couldn’t help feeling ridiculous!

Although he himself didn’t need these defensive weapons, these things could be changed into spiritual stones, which were also a handsome profit.

Kris Chen was very satisfied with property the practitioner had saved over the centuries. And then came the grand prize.

He was looking forward to what kind of surprise the Storing Ring of Shenyin would bring him.

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