Chapter 465: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 465 Get Drunk

So Anna directly grabbed the glass and said, “I’ll drink it myself.” Then she drank it.

Seeing this, Chuxue clapped and said to Yulin Xiao arrogantly, “She behaves well.”

Yulin Xiao was helpless and said, “Don’t urging her.”

Anna drank a little fast, so she was a bit dizzy now. Then she looked at Yulin Xiao and yelled, “Don’t talking nonsense, it’s none of your business.”

“Are you stupid? She said this on purpose.”

“Just a few glasses of wine, I won’t get drunk.”

“You are so innocent.”

Hearing this, Chuxue was dissatisfied and blamed, “Don’t hinder us!”

Since whatever he said was wrong, Yulin Xiao could only stayed quiet. Then stretched his hands and said, “Well, juts drink as you want.”

“That’s right.” Chuxue spat her tongue at Yulin Xiao, then raised her cup and said with a smile, “Come on, have fun today, just ignore them.”

“I think this is a good proposal.”

Yiyao agreed with a smile.

“Come on, cheers!”

The crystal wine glasses clashed with a crisp sound. The girls were extremely happy.

Anna hadn’t been so happy for a long time, although Chuxue and Yiyao were from rich families, she felt comfortable to be with them. They were all nice girls that treated people equally.

Under the effect of alcohol, Anna became more casual.

Seeing Anna drank one after another, Yulin Xiao wanted to stop her. However, since Anna was happy, he didn’t want to disturb her.

After a while, Yiyao walked to Yulin Xiao and handed him a photo, “I know what happened, it was planned by a student who had a strong background, the mastermind is called the Sixth Brother.”

Yulin Xiao narrowed his eyes and murmured: “I know it’s him.”

“Do you know him?”

“Yes, he is a powerful man.”

Yiyao nodded and said, “Indeed, he is ruthless and bad, you’d better not offend him.”

However, Yulin Xiao acted casually and said, “It is he who makes trouble for me, I scare nobody.”

After pausing for a moment, Yiyao said, “I’m just giving you a suggestion, the final choice is up to you.”


“Don’t be polite, I’m not helping you anyway.”

Whiling talking, Yiyao kept staring at Anna, who was talking to Chuxue happily.

Yulin Xiao knew that Yiyao liked Anna, that was why she helped him. He couldn’t understand and said, “Women are strange creatures.”

“Don’t waste your time if you don’t understand.”

Yiyao was really a plain and talktive woman.

After noticing that they were talking, Chuxue slipped here to listen. However, as soon as she got close, she was found. So she asked directly, “ what are you talking about?”

“It’s none of your business.”

Chuxue was dissatisfied to hear this, so she held Yiyao’s neck and said, “Let’s continue drinking!”

“No way!” Jingyan held Yiyao and said firmly.

Chuxue frowned and said, “Don’t be such a killjoy.”

Seeing that Chuxue was slightly drunk, Jingyan didn’t want to say more. Then he said to Zhao, “She is drunk, take care of her.”

“But we’ve just started!”

“It’s already over.”


“Are you trying to challenge me?”

Seeing Jingyan’s facial expression, Chuxue didn’t dare to say more. It was not wise for her to do that.

So she swallowed her saliva and said, “Well, we can just enjoy the food.”

“All right, put away all the wines.”

How could he do that!

Seeing that Chuxue still wanted to drink, Zhao persuaded, “It’s enough, over-drinking would make you embarrassed.”

“I won’t!”

“Can you stand aside when others get drunk?” This time, Chuxue kept quite.

Seeing this, Zhao immediately collected all the wines.

Anna was sitting alone at the bar, when she wanted to drink more, her glass was taken away.

Looking at her empty palm, Anna murmured, “Where’s my glass? I want to drink more.”

Yulin Xiao sat beside Anna and said softly, “Drink some juice, you’ll look puffy if you drink more. What if the director asks you to have a shot?”

“Well, you’re right.” Anna acted very kind and quiet, like a small cat.

Seeing this, Yulin Xiao really wanted to hug her. When he was about to touch her, Anna quickly straightened her back and said excitedly, “How about dancing together?”

Then she wanted to find the stereo.

Yulin Xiao dragged Anna back and said helplessly, “Do you know what you are doing?”

“Yes, I want to dance. I dance well!”

Then she started waving her hands like a penguin.

Chuxue was amused by Anna’s movement, she pointed at her and said, “I finally meet someone who is even less talented than me in dancing.”

Anna wouldn’t do such funny things when she was awake, however, since she was drank, she just ignored this and even smiled.

Seeing this, Yulin Xiao was helpless and said, “You shouldn’t drink so much.”

Hearing this, Chuxue laughed and said, “It turns that you are drunk, you are not good at drinking.”

Anna stroked her hot cheeks and said, “It’s okay, I think I can drink more.”

Although Chuxue wanted Anna to drink more, since there was no wine, she could only give up and said, “Well, just have a good rest, you still have to work tomorrow.”

Hearing Chuxue’s words, Anna only nodded and said, “Fine.”

Then Chuxue patted her forehead and looked somewhat tired, the she said, “I’m supposed to send you back, but I so sleepy now. Then, Yulin Xiao will take my part.”

After saying that, Chuxue winked at Yulin Xiao. The next moment Yulin Xiao held Anna’s arms and was about to leave.

Anna felt nothing when sitting on the chair, when she walked, she felt like walking on the cotton. It seemed that she really drank too much.

Anna didn’t refuse Yulin Xiao and got on the car to have a rest.

When they were about to leave, Yulin Xiao suddenly remembered that his phone was left on the bar, so he turned back to have a store.

“It’s here.”

As soon as he walked a few steps, he found Chuxue, who was smiling at him.

He just took his phone and said faintly, “Thanks a lot.”

“Well, you are not sincere at all. I’ve done you such a big favor. Besides, I’m not satisfied with your behavior today.”

Although, Chuxue said this, she had her plan.

Yulin Xiao took a glance of Chuxue and said, “Just come to me when you’ve decided what you want.”

“Well, that’s the deal, remember to keep your promise.”

Then Yulin Xiao ignored Chuxue and turned to left.

Seeing his back, Chuxue sighed, “I’m really a kind girl, I have to help them.”

Zhao walked to Chuxue and asked, “What do you want him to do?”

“Well, it’s a secret now.”

Seeing that Chuxue acted so mysterious, Zhao knew she had a trick again.

Well, since she was happy today, he wouldn’t ask more for she would tell him sooner or later.

The other side.

Anna quickly fell asleep in the car.

Yulin Xiao drove her back to his apartment and carried her to his room.

“Let’s drink more!”

Anna still waved her arms on the bed, which looked really funny.

Yulin Xiao was amused by Anna’s expression, he didn’t expect her to be so fond of drinking.

He would accompany her the next time. But now there was a problem.

Anna needed to take a shower or she would be uncomfortable. However, Mrs. Chang was left, so nobody except him could help her.

He was fine, but he was afraid that Anna would feel embarrassed.

Just as Yulin Xiao was hesitating, Anna turned around and threw up.

Well, she should have a shower now.

Although Yulin Xiao seemed to be reluctant, only he knew how much he longed to touch her.

He wanted to hug her for he missed her so much. He was really shocked by his feeling, he didn’t know how this happened.

However, he was not regret at all. It was not embarrassed, he just didn’t know what made him so indulged in her?

Even Wei Yu didn’t bring such feelings to him.

Yulin Xiao just sighed and looked at Anna. She must come here to torture him.

He unbuttoned Anna’s clothes, and carried her to the bathroom.

Yulin Xiao’s hands made Anna feel uncomfortable, so she changed a gesture and kept sleeping.

However, this made Yulin Xiao feel tormented. He could feel Anna’s breasts. Besides, her breathe and touches almost drove him crazy.

Thus, he quickly put Anna into the bathtub and helped her take the shower in the fastest speed. It was more like a torture than a plum job.

He suppressed his desire the whole process. After the shower, he directly throw her on the bed. However, since Anna was wearing his pajamas, she looked even more sexy for it was too large.

Yulin Xiao couldn’t hide his desire and kissed her on the lips. He told himself that a kiss was enough, however, gradually, he wanted more.

When he finally realized it, Anna was naked again. Red marks could be seen all over her body which looked very salacious.

Yulin Xiao was a bit annoyed, it seemed that he couldn’t control himself when facing Anna. He couldn’t continue.

So he helped Anna put the clothes with his head turned aside, then he quickly left the room.

Once the door was closed, Yulin Xiao took a long breath. He finally controlled himself.

It was a sleepless night for Yulin Xiao.

Every time he thought of Anna’s body, he felt hot and would took a cold shower.

But after a short time, the thing happened again, which really annoyed him.

Then it was dawn.

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