“You’re willing to do anything?” Chuck Cannon looked strange.

“Yes, as long as you forgive me and let my Qian’s house go. I am willing to do anything.” Qian Yueying walked to the door, locked the door, and walked over again.

Chuck Cannon understood what she meant.

Is this dedication??

To be honest, Qian Yueying has exquisite features, beautiful appearance, and superb body. She is a perfect woman, and men are really fond of her.

Especially at this time of her, the arrogant and domineering female strong temperament is gone, there are tears in her eyes, so pitiful, and even more pity for men.

But what does Chuck Cannon say? The purpose of doing these things now is not to sleep with her.

Qian Yueying saw that Chuck Cannon did not move at all. She bit her lip and moved closer, “Chuck Cannon, I’m sorry, can you forgive me?”

“Don’t you have children?” Chuck Cannon asked strangely.

“I…Yes, I have a daughter, but I am very well maintained, no different from other women,” Qian Yueying said. She said this sentence inexplicably!

When did she show off in front of men? Even if she was married before, she never said this to her husband.

But now, she couldn’t help but say it, and the huge shame in her heart broke her heart again.

Chuck Cannon looked at her again. This is really correct. Qian Yueying’s figure is bloated without having a child, but it is perfect. Her self-control should be very strong. In addition to daily work, she must have Running, yoga and other sports.

Otherwise, the figure will not remain so perfect.

“So?” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“So, so, what you ask me to do, I am willing to…”

“What? What do you want to do, make it clear.” Chuck Cannon said.

The immense shame made Qian Yueying uncontrollable, and tears couldn’t stop streaming out. Chuck Cannon was insulting herself, but she had nothing to do.

Get angry directly? She especially wanted to do this, but what were the consequences of doing it? She knows.

“I, I’m willing to do what you think.” Qian Yueying was helpless.

“What do we men think?” Chuck Cannon was expressionless.

“I’m willing to do what you…think, as long as you don’t dislike me, you are willing to do it,” Qian Yueying lowered her head and saw Chuck Cannon who didn’t stand up. She walked to him.

The shame in Qian Yueying’s heart made her bit her lip!

She saw that Chuck Cannon hadn’t moved for a long time. She bit her lip and looked up, and found that Chuck Cannon was still expressionless. She was ashamed of herself. What did Chuck Cannon want her to do? Want her to kneel herself?

Qian Yueying was about to kneel down.

“This is what you are willing to do?” Chuck Cannon said lightly.

“Yes, I am willing to do this.” Qian Yueying lowered her head, ashamed.

Chuck Cannon did not speak again, Qian Yueying looked up again and found that Chuck Cannon was still expressionless. Qian Yueying was ashamed, “You, think now?”

“You, a woman who has given birth to a child, tell me about this, don’t you think it’s… slutty?” Chuck Cannon said with a shrug.

He has no idea about Qian Yueying, not to mention this is Aunt Logan’s restaurant, how can he do this in Logan’s Hotel?

Besides, Chuck Cannon saw Qian Yueying’s picture.

“I…” Qian Yueying was ashamed and embarrassed, she felt so insulted, she barked, “Then what do you want me to do? What do you want me to do?”

“I think you have misunderstood. I didn’t ask you to do anything. You came to find me on your own initiative and said something like this. Do you think you are tempting? You are very confident.” Chuck Cannon said.

“Yes, I came here to find you. I want you to forgive me and stop dealing with my Qian’s family. Is that okay? I beg you.” Qian Yueying roared, this insult had already broken her.

“You just asked, just let me let you go, what are you? I ask you,” Chuck Cannon looked at her blankly.

“I, I don’t count anything, I just come to beg you, okay, please don’t fix my Qian’s house.” Qian Yueying cried and broke down to tears.

“It’s you who was wrong, and you said I was wrong?”

“I, I was wrong,” Qian Yueying said hurriedly.

“You are wrong, just accept the punishment, understand?” Chuck Cannon said.

The simple reason is that Chuck Cannon is not a mother bitch. Why would he let her go when she comes to apologize?

“No, please don’t do this, please,” Qian Yueying regretted it to the extreme. She should not take the initiative to speak to Chuck Cannon, should not take the initiative to look down on Chuck Cannon, and should not insult Chuck Cannon.

“I didn’t let you come over, you go back.” Chuck Cannon still wants to eat desserts made by Logan, so he didn’t want to tell her more.

“One more sentence, if you want to know this, why bother?” Chuck Cannon sat down.

Qian Yueying was in anguish. She raised her head and looked at Chuck Cannon with teary eyes. She lost the bag in her hand and then untied it.

The only thing she is doing now is this, take the initiative, and see if there is room for negotiation.

“Stop!” Chuck Cannon raised his hand to stop.

“Chuck Cannon, please don’t be like this. I really know I was wrong. I’m really the same as other women, me.” Qian Yueying cried.

Is he still unwilling to forgive herself for making such a big sacrifice?

“Where did your inexplicable self-confidence come from?” Chuck Cannon expressionlessly, “I ask you, have you stayed at my mother’s night hotel for one night before?”

“Yes, I have lived, I was thinking…”

“Who did you sleep with? Alone? Or were there other people?” Chuck Cannon asked. The photo in his hand was taken in his mother’s night hotel, like a surveillance camera, but Chuck Cannon thought later, in his mother’s hotel, where will there be surveillance in the hotel?

Besides, even if it is monitoring, why do others send it to him?

Isn’t it weird?

“Zhang Tianxue, I lived with Zhang Tianxue,” Qian Yueying said hurriedly.

“Why live with her?”

“I, I think she is pitiful, with you on her face… she has a slap, and I feel wronged, so I comfort her and let her live with me.” Qian Yueying said.

“She’s wronged?” Chuck Cannon faintly, “What is she wronged?”

“she was,”


“She said, “She was beaten by you. You wanted her, if she doesn’t give what you want to, you will beat her,” Qian Yueying vacillated. Ouyang Fei was young. At that time, she was very pitiful and touched Qian Yueying. Bear the heart to let Ouyang Fei feel so wronged.

Chuck Cannon is basically sure, Zhang Tianxue in her mouth is Ouyang Fei.

“What does this woman you’re talking about look like?” Chuck Cannon asked.

“Extremely beautiful, eighteen years old, long legs, and very good skin.” Qian Yueying recalled as much as she could. Ouyang Fei was indeed the most beautiful girl she had ever seen, and she was deeply impressed.

Chuck Cannon can confirm this description, it is Ouyang Fei!

Chuck Cannon understands that this photo was taken by Ouyang Fei. Why was it taken like this? Did she send it to me? Chuck Cannon still didn’t understand just now.

However, Chuck Cannon thought of Ouyang Feifei as a person, so simple and clear, Ouyang Fei wanted to avenge him.

You might see that Qian Yueying is very rich, so she shows off in front of Qian Yueying.

she asked Qian Yueying to sympathize with her and let Qian Yueying deal with him, so she took a picture and wanted to show off the photo in front of Qian Yueying. Then after Qian Yueying was angry, didn’t it make sense to deal with him?

However, Ouyang Fei missed two points in this calculation.

First, I am not a person who likes to show off. Even if there are photos, they are secretly viewed, and I will not buy them in front of anyone, let alone look at Qian Yueying.

The second is, Ouyang Fei thought Qian Yueying would deal with him? Does she have the ability to deal with me? This is a big mistake! !

“Do you still sympathize with her now?” Chuck Cannon shrugged.



“Yes, I sympathize with her very much,” Qian Yueying is ashamed. This is originally your fault. Asking other girls to pay for the house and beating others. What is it? too disgusting.

“So, you hated me since then?” Chuck Cannon asked.

“Yes I,”

“Isn’t it? You hated me from the first sight, right?”

“You’re right,”

“Did I mess with you then?”

“No,” Qian Yueying thought now. It was really that she looked down on Chuck Cannon for no reason at that time. When he said to buy a hotel, why did she look down on him??

“Then you know, the girl who slept with you, what did she do to you?” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly.

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