Chapter 467 – 468: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 467: The Amazing Holy Talent

As a master who had reached Accumulated Spirit Stage, Shenyin’s Storing Ring was much more advanced. It took Kris Chen a lot of efforts to erase the original mark left by Shenyin.

Opening the ring, Kris was shocked. This didn’t look like a ring, but a small world!

This ring was about several miles in size. And if he wasn’t wrong, it should have been refined with shattered spaces.

When the ancient gods battled, the heaven and earth could be destroyed. Everything in the world, even the space could be broken and shattered.

The space debris was fixed through special means, then with further refinement, it could be turned to Space Rings.

This was a great fortune!

Just this Space Ring alone, was priceless.

With such a large space it contained, Kris was able to get rid of the present situation of not having enough Storing Rings to store his possessions.

Kris branded the ring with the seal of his soul. Then he could see how much was in it clearly.

10,000,000 Superior Spiritual Stones, 1,000,000 Superb Spiritual Stones, hundreds of Level-1 Divine Spiritual Stones, and 3 Level-2 Divine Spiritual Stones!

But unfortunately, one of the Level-2 Stones had exhausted all its Spirit Qi.

1000 Superb Elixirs, 500 Superb Treasure Medicines, and 30 Holy Medicines which had been existed over 2,000 years.

A lot of magic weapons, the Taoist weapons were about 70 to 80.

300 books of Celestial and Divine Practicing Method Books.

There were millions of pounds of all kinds of rare treasures. Among all of these, what made Kris most excited was that he had found 15 Divine Mid-grade Pill Recipes and a design drawing of a Spirit Weapon in the ring!

These rare and precious materials were originally prepared by Shenyin to refine the Spirit Weapons. He had been collecting them for over several decades, but now these all belonged to Kris. Kris was in luck!

Next to the design drawing of Spirit Weapon, there was a map with a Unique Monster marked on it.

Yin Yang Treasure Fish!

This kind of fish was born as Monster King. As it grew, it would become Supreme Monster and when it reached adulthood, it turned into Monster Emperor.

More importantly, the fish was born with the nature of Yin and Yang, which was 100% compatible with the characters of Shenyin.

If Shenyin could refine it into that Spirit Weapon, this weapon would be a Spirit Weapon which contained the Tao auras of both Yin and Yang. Its power was far beyond imagination.

With that weapon, Shenyin’s strength could be greatly enhanced like a tiger adding wings!

But now, all these had nothing to do with Shenyin. Kris was their new owner.

Thinking of this, Kris couldn’t feel better.

Kris put together everything he needed, including those superb elixirs, pill recipes, spiritual stones and so on.

As for the magic weapons, Kris just picked several Superb Taoist Weapons. Others were swept aside as if they were rubbishes.

As to those Practicing Method Books…

Celestial Practicing Method Books were useless to Kris. But he was selecting Divine Practicing Method Books very carefully.

While fighting against Shenyin, he felt that he still had a lot of room for improvement. He needed more cards in his hand.

Practitioner should always give people the feeling that he was mysterious. Your power could not be easily sensed.

When your opponent thought that you had tried everything you could and was about to lose, you suddenly attacked him with your final hit. That could be absolutely decisive.

Two of the Holy Talent Books came into Kris’s view.

Golden Light Earth Escaping and Five Thunders Magic.

The former one was an escaping technique, which gave the practitioner the ability of moving thousands of miles in a flash. The Five Thunders Magic was not difficult to understand literally, but this book was interesting. While practicing it, the practitioner had to be struck by the thunderbolts first!

Besides the body refining practicers, who would dare to face the thunder with his flesh?

Heavenly Thunder was unpredictable and difficult to handle.

These two books shouldn’t be considered as Practicing Method Books, but Holy Talent Books.

Shenyin should have practiced Golden Light Earth Escaping. But in the Small World, Shenyin couldn’t use it with the limitation of Small World itself.

Otherwise, Kris wouldn’t be able to catch up to Shenyin.

As for the Five Thunders Magic, it didn’t match the elements of Shenyin, so Kris could speculate that Shenyin didn’t practice it.

Golden Light Earth Escaping could make up for Kris’s lack of speed. Five Thunders Magic might be difficult for others, but as a powerful body refining practicer, Kris was not afraid of it.

It was perfect for him to refine his flesh.

One day, when Kris found Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire and practiced the Three Turn Golden Body Tactic, all his shortcomings would be eliminated. At that time, he would be invincible.

Although his current flesh body was strong enough to compete with the Superb Taoist Weapons, it was still not enough.

Only if his flesh body was strong enough could he carry more Sword Vital Energy.

In this way he could improve his chances of survival while undergoing tribulations.

Opening the first book, Kris found this technique very interesting. It required dozens of types of light in the world!

Fortunately, Kris found that Shenyin had prepared extra materials while he was cultivating the Golden Light Earth Escaping.

He had sealed all of the lights with Fengyuan Bead.

Candle light, fire light, lightning light, golden light, glowing light, sunlight …… Also the most important one, light of Tao Aura!

It seemed like all these lights were readily available except for the light of Tao aura.

Actually it was very hard to acquire those different types of lights.

For example, the candle light. It must be the candle light from the candle which was made by the fish oil of mermaids and mermen in the South Sea under Mount Putuo.

Mermen were fierce by nature and good at manipulating water currents; mermaids were gentle and beautiful, but their sonic attacks were also extremely aggressive.

What’s more, they always appeared in groups, people of Primal Spirit had no chance of survival if got attacked by them. Only those of Accumulated Spirit dared to dive in the sea to kill mermaids and mermen.

Fire light must be the Triple Genuine Fire which consisted of fire of the air, fire of the wood and fire of the stone.

Triple Genuine Fire was a very aggressive spiritual fire. Practitioners of Primal Spirit would die if touched. Even one of Accumulated Spirit could barely protect himself with Tao Aura from its burning heat.

Lightning light must be collected from the first thunder of spring!

The rest of the lights wouldn’t be explained, but were all hart to acquire. In order to master this Golden Light Earth Escaping, Shenyin suffered a lot. Fearing that he was not talented enough and couldn’t achieve a one-time success, he specially prepared an extra copy of these materials.

However, he made it at the first time, which saved Kris a lot of effort.

Kris sighed, “Shenyin, you are a good man! I sincerely hope that you will reincarnate as a lucky man in your next life.”

Although Kris had destroyed the primal spirit of Shenyin, as long as a bit of his Tao aura remained, Shenyin could still reincarnate.

Kris only had the ability to kill the opponent of Accumulated Spirit, it didn’t mean that he had truly reached the stage of the Accumulated Spirit.

As a matter of fact, he was in the Fulfilled period of Pill Formation Stage, which meant he still had two stages to across to the Accumulated Spirit.

He memorized the spell of Golden Light Earth Escaping in his heart, and burned the book to ashes with fire.

He took out Fengyuan Bead, crushed it, and took out a silver-white candle from it. This was the candle made of mermaid’s fish oil, and the candlewick in the middle was mermaid’s tendon.

Dragon had its scales, and mermaid had its tendon. Both were powerful and precious things.

Once ignited, the room was brightly illuminated by the candle light, as if it was not a candle, but a burning sun.

Not daring to waste time, Kris whispered the spell silently and posed the gesture, leading the trace of candle light into his own body.

Five days passed in a flash.

In these five days, Kris had absorbed all the lights from the candle, and only then did he learn the rudiments of Golden Light Earth Escaping .

He had a strange feeling that there was an inexplicable connection between this technique and his talents.

With a change of mind, he came to the courtyard outside from the room.

With the obstruction of the wall, he had just escaped through it?

Kris Chen sucked in a breath, he seemed to have discovered something remarkable.

According to the Five Elements Escape Methods, he couldn’t walk through a wall directly.

The secret of Earth Escape Technique was difficult to master, yet touchable.

Besides, he hadn’t removed the array he had arranged in the room just now, even though it was just a simple alarming array.

But did that mean he could travel from one array to another?

If that was true, then his holy talents were of great value.

No, he should continue experimenting to see if his guess was right.

He returned to his room again and arranged a lower level defensive array.

“Move.” He thought.


He knocked himself against the wall.

It was a mistake, he didn’t control the direction right.

Then he launched his holy talent again. The next second, he was standing outside, passing through the defensive array!

He could pass through the arrays, he really could!

Kris was so excited that he almost shouted out.

But he resisted the urge.

He returned to the room again, and tested the offensive array, isolation array, and some other arrays.

He had penetrated through all kinds of arrays without exception.

From the lower level arrays to the mid-level, then the upper level!

He then succeeded in all the three, but he clearly felt hindered and took him a lot of energy while experimenting with the upper level arrays!

He felt all his muscles were sore and in pain as if he’d been exercising for ten days and nights.

And only three of the ten experiments had succeeded!

The result showed that his talent of flesh was limited.

As for the superb array , the possibility of success could only be lower.

And the consumption of his flesh was even greater.

Kris finally realized he was wrong. He had thought that the ability of Golden Light was similar to instantaneous teleport.

It was not teleport, but space diversion!

Luckily he had figured it out today, or he might go wrong.

Now he was famished, like he hadn’t eaten in years.

He lifted his arms and found that they were only half strong as they used to be!

Taking out a mirror, he was even more shocked.

An emaciated man with sallow skin appeared in the mirror. This man looked like a ghost, was this him?

Damn it!

The holy talents were unique skills, but couldn’t be overused. Or else the user would become weaker and weaker like he was taking drugs.

He swallowed several Vitality Pills in hurry, however the pills didn’t work well.

Vitality Pills were no longer effective for Kris in current situation.

He then took out two Dragon Blood Treasure Ginseng, swallowed them after chewing without water.

With the potent Holy Medicine, only half a hour later, Kris regained his original looks.

The price he paid was two precious Holy Medicines, each equaled to 100,000 Superior Spiritual Stone!

It’s such a loss!

Kris decided to practice more Magical Pills in the future in case he would need them.

All in all, Kris was very delighted, at least he had a general understanding of his talent and didn’t waste too much time in inappropriate methods!

Withdrawing the arrays, Kris woke up the three demons, who had recently been stimulated and were working really hard to practice and improve.

Ironhead had made great progress in his monster power, he was only one step away from promoting to the Supreme Monster.

Guantu’s power was also incredibly solid. Within one month, he would be able to trigger the Supreme Monster’s Thunder Tribulation.

Liangwan also succeeded in advancing from the Later period of Beast King to the Fulfilled Period. He successfully adapted to the seventh gear, Kris mobilized the threshold and lifted it to the eighth gear!

The Spirit Qi within 80 meters had been constantly absorbed into Liangwan’s body.

Chapter 468: Another Conflict

By the time Liangwan had completely adapted to the Energy Gathering Array, Kris Chen outlined more new arrays on his body to improve its attack ability.

Walking out of the courtyard with three demons behind, Kris saw Changying Luo was still waiting at the entrance to the courtyard, putting on a martyred expression.

Kris frowned, why hadn’t this woman given up? He had made himself clear that he felt her disgusting, why was she still here?

“Mr…. Mr. Diao, you finally come out!”

Changying had been waiting outside for the past five days, not daring to eat or sleep.

“What are you doing here? Haven’t you got enough reprimands from me?”

The harsh tone of Kris almost made Changying cry, “Sir, I know I did something wrong, please forgive me! I just wanted to clear up the misunderstanding between us!”

Saying that, Changying kneeled on the ground.

Kris sighed slightly. This was the pathetic situation of the weak. Any look or sentence from the strong could make her feel fear and anxious as her life was in his control.

Changying was a disciple of Inner Circle, it’s good for him to have such a person to help him on his first trip to the Wuji Sword Sect.

Thinking of this, he waved his hands. A gentle force lifted Changying up, “Get up!”

“Sir, you…”

“Never mind, I’ll forgive you!”

Kris then said, “As a practitioner, it is impossible for you to explore the pith of Tao without ambition of making progress on you own. It is good to use your advantage, but you should know that there is no shortcut to success but you own effort. The power you acquired from others is nothing and does no good to you eventually.”

Kris’s words shocked Changying and reminded her of all the things she had done over the years. She couldn’t help but cover her face, bursting into tears, “Thank you for giving me useful advice. But sir, as normal disciples, we are powerless and unsupported. If we don’t use some special means, we won’t be able to survive!”

She thought that she would have a bright future without obstruction once she had entered the Inner Circle, but she didn’t imagine that the competition here was crueler and fiercer than the outside world.

You would never stand out unless you were a remarkable talent.

The resources were always open to only those geniuses with exceptional talent. For the average disciples like them, even their specific monthly Spirit Stones were partly embezzled by the elders. They could only get 2/3 of what they were supposed to get.

Disciples with competence could earn materials through killing monsters and doing tasks assigned by the Sect; and those with skills and techniques could also make a good living by refining the pills and weapons.

However, she was just an average practitioner with no special skill. She could only use her appearance which could be called pretty to some extent, what else could she do but sell her own body?

“Do you know why all these happened?”

Kris raised a question.

“Sorry, I have no idea. Please tell me the answer!”

Changying fell on her knees again.

“Wuji Sword Sect only accepts sword cultivators, what are the core spirits of sword cultivator? The stubbornness in your heart, the courage of never giving up, the pride in your bones, without these, you’ll never achieve success.”

“Always remember, weakness is the original sin.”

“No one, no party, could bring you more help than the sword in your hand!”

Changying was enlightened, looking determined. And the aura around her also changed abruptly.

She wasn’t stupid, on the contrary, she was pretty smart. This could be seen from the fact that Kris was willing to stand here and explain so much to her.

“Please let Changying follow you, Mr. Diao!”

Saying this, she knocked her head on the ground three times.

“Okay, get up. Don’t get down on your knees ever again, I don’t like it!”

“I see!”

Changying made a bow.

“Tell me about the structure of different forces of Wuji Sword Sect!”

Kris was in the lead, Changying followed behind, and the three demons had gone far away.

“Wuji Sword Sect is divided into Inner Circle and Outer Circle. Those who haven’t reached the Primal Spirit Stage belong to the Outer Circle, and others are accepted into Inner Circle! There are millions of disciples in Outer Circle. Outer Circle has a hundred kinds of Sword Tao, a hundred Sword Mountains, and ten Sword Tombs! There are tens of thousands of elders in Outer Circle, and their leader is the second elder, Lord Jiyuan!”

“Inner Circle is made of about 10,000 disciples, all of whom are sword cultivators of Primal Spirit. It has ten types of Sword Tao, ten Sword Mountains, and one small world of spiritual swords! 300 elders of Inner Circle are in charge of the grand elder, Lord Lingyuan!”

“What’s more, Wuji Sword Sect also has Law-Enforcement Branch, Magical Pills Pavilion, and Weapon Refinement Pavilion…”

Changying’s introduction was very detailed and concise. In just ten minutes, Kris had a general understanding of Wuji Sword Sect.

Outer Circle consisted of millions of disciples and tens of thousands of elders of Primal Spirit.

Inner Circle was made up of tens of thousands of disciples of Primal Spirit and 300 elders who had reached Accumulated Spirit!

With this strength, no wonder it was ranked among Three Holy Sects.

Kris was also amazed by it scale.

“By the way, is there anyone who has reached Actualized Spirit Stage in Wuji Sword Sect?”

Changying answered, “Yes!”

“How many?”

“I don’t know exactly, but it is rumored that there are ten major practitioners of Actualized Spirit in our sect. But they are all in the universe to comprehend the nature’s mystery and won’t come back easily.”

Kris nodded, practitioners of Actualized Spirit lived long lives. Living for tens of thousands of years was normal to see.

Wuji Sword Sect was founded ten thousand years ago, it was not surprising that there were ten elders of Actualized Spirit.

They were chatting, enjoying the scenery of the Infinite Sea.

Have you ever seen the water flowing backwards?

Seen a huge bird over thousands of meters traversing across the sea?

Have you ever seen a turtle with a big mountain on its shell?

Kris had witnessed all of these.

He was amazed by the spectacle.

These were uncanny workmanship of nature’s masterpieces. It was said that Infinite Sea had no borders.

Five hundred years ago, there was an disciple of Penglai Holy Sect who was in Fullfilled Period of Primal Spirit Stage. He kept flying into the deep Infinite Sea, but after 100 years, he hadn’t reached the end of it.

Kris felt that humans were insignificant and small in front of the immense world.

Strolling outside for a while, Kris received a lot of praises from others, but he did not feel complacent.

The more powerful he became, the lonelier he was. Kris had chosen to be a lonely successor instead of heading into mediocrity.

“No matter how beautiful the scenery is, it doesn’t belong to me. Let’s go back!”

Kris’s restlessness disappeared, he calmed down as he had realized the truth.

Practitioner had to cultivate his mind to improve his stage.

For the past few days, he had been so addicted to the great pleasure of gaining power that he had actually been obsessed and lost control.

One day, if he could no longer increase his strength as quickly as he did today, what would he do?

Kris felt that today’s trip was so worth it as it helped him a lot.

“Thank you for your company today!”

Kris took a bottle of magical pills out of his storing ring. Though it was only a basic Stablizer Pill, it was of great benefit to Changying.

There were three magical pills in the bottle, which were enough for Changying to digest for half a month!

The growth of the Primal Spirit Stage was very slow, not everyone was as talented as Kris Chen.

Changying realized how precious these pills were for her, she said hurriedly, “Sir, it’s too precious, I can’t…”

“You’re working for me. It’s not a big deal. You’ve done your work, so you should be paid. Shouldn’t I pay you? Remember, you are a sword cultivator, not kneeling cultivator. You have to find a way to stand up and get strong instead of feeling sorry for yourself.”

Changying trembled, knowing that Kris was warning her that if she made such a hypocritical gesture again, he would definitely kick her away!

“Thank you, sir, I will keep it in mind.”

“You can leave now.”


Meanwhile, in the banquet hall, many practitioners were chatting and drinking with each other, enjoying the lively party.

Practitioners of Primal Spirit were sitting on the bottom, and the elders of Aaccumulated Spirit were on the top.

At this time, three demons slipped into the banquet hall, the smell of the delicious dishes at the table made their mouths water.

They had been eating barbecue for a long time, it’s time for them to try something new!

Ironhead swaggered in with Guantu and Liangwan followed behind.

They started gobbling down the food and drinking wine unscrupulously.

All the dishes were made of spirit beasts and spiritual materials. So the three demons were eating with immense pleasure.

However, what they had done was disdained by the crowd.

One snorted, “Whose beasts are they? Why doesn’t their owner lock them up? They shouldn’t come here.”

“That’s right, how dare these beast pets enter the banquet? Get out of here!”

Three demons were drunk and at the height of their enthusiasm. They couldn’t here others’ strong dissatisfaction to them.

“Liangwan, go take another jar of spirit wine.”

Ironhead, holding a jar of wine, burped and ordered.

Liangwan nodded and ran straight over to the side and came back holding a jar of wine in his arms.

Just then, a foot reached out and blocked his way.


The wine jar shattered in an instant and the wine spilled on his clothes!

The crowd burst out laughing.

At the same time, there were people who recognized three demons and said to that practitioner who had tripped Liangwan, “Lord of Tigers, this little demon is Mr. Diao’s beast, aren’t you afraid you might get into trouble for this?”

“What trouble?

Lord of Tigers snorted.

He was 1500 years old this year and didn’t have special talent, so he brought his family to join Wuji Sword Sect.

However, he was eliminated in the first round, and ended up only with the title of Elder of Outer Circle and ranked 25th!

He was already full of anger to sit with those of primal spirit. Since Kris Chen had killed Shenyin, the authority of lords of Accumulated Spirits had been greatly diminished.

This provoked some practitioners of Accumulated Spirit who were forced to sit among the Primal Spirits.

These days, they had heard some rumors that the gap between the primal spirit and accumulated spirit was not that wide. As long as the one were strong enough, it was not impossible for a practitioner of Primal Spirit to kill the Accumulated Spirit!

This rumor actually enraged all the practitioners of Accumulated Spirit.

They thought Kris was rampant, allowing the three demons to do whatever they want. This was a symbol that Kris was dismissive of them!

The others could endure it, but Lord of Tiger couldn’t.

“Liangwan, are you alright?”

Guantu, seeing Liangwan tumble over and fall down, he immediately went over to help.

At this moment, Lord of Tigers stepped on Liangwan’s body and crushed Liangwan with his foot. Liangwan cried out in pain.

“Let him go immediately!”

Guantu was irritated, but how could he resist the majesty of the Accumulated Spirit?

“Bang!” He was crushed to the ground by the power of Lord of Tigers, unable to move.

Ironhead was arrogant and conceited, seeing his two brothers being bullied, his eyes reddened out of anger.

His brothers could only be bullied by him! None of the others was allowed to hurt them!

He didn’t care who you were! You were a master of Accumulated Spirit, so what?!

“Get your fucking leg off my brother!”

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