Chapter 467: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 467 Qiqi Was Injured

Qiqi put her arm around Anna Xie’s shoulder and said, “Let’s go and have something delicious. Congratulations to us.”

“Well, seriously?”

“I mean it. Isn’t it a happy thing that fewer people come to look for trouble in the future?”

“But Jing Wu, who has been fired, will have a smirch in her life.”

Qiqi shrugged her shoulders and said indifferently, “That’s for what she did. She will not be punished if she didn’t cheat. No one can set her up for that. Let’s stop thinking about her and go for food.”

Qiqi wanted to eat spicy kebabs, so she dragged Anna to the snack street outside the school.

It was noon now. There were many people in the small restaurant, where was bustling and rustling.

After searching around, Qiqi pointed to the front and said, “There are unoccupied seats. Come on. Let’s take them first.”

Qiqi, taking advantage of her figure, managed to take the last unoccupied table in the restaurant.

Picking up the menu, Qiqi said with a smile, “I’m happy today, and therefore I have a good appetite, so I want to order a bit more.”

Calling the waiter, Qiqi ordered a lot including Anna’s share.

Anna drank water and looked at Qiqi with a smile, who was preparing for tableware.

Every time they went out to eat in the restaurant, Anna just needed to wit and eat, since Qiqi would arrange everything well.

Soon, hot gas came out of the pot. Qiqi was leaning on her chin and still talking about the incident.

It could be seen that Qiqi was very concerned about Anna. If something bad happened to Anna, Qiqi would also suffer from the same terrible feelings.

This kind of care made Anna feel very warm.

But there was always a question in Anna’ mind.

Once she had time, she would call Yulin Xiao and ask him carefully.

As Qiqi was talking and Anna was in a daze, someone went close to them slowly.

There was a deep hatred in that person’s eyes, as if she had the desire to destroy everything.

Looking up at random, Qiqi suddenly saw Jing Wu, who was looking at Anna with evil intentions.

At that moment, Jing Wu raised the iron hammer in her hand and smashed it at Anna.

“Anna, go to the hell!”

“Anna, be careful!” Qiqi rushed over instinctively and bore the attack for Anna.

Before Anna realized what happened, she heard a dull noise, and then people around screamed aloud.

Blood, a lot of blood.

As the blood drops fell and hit the ground, Qiqi’s forehead looked like a blood colored rose.

And Jing Wu seemed to be crazy, no matter who he or she was, she was desperately attacking.

Also the blood drops fell on Anna’s hand, which made her feel like scalded by hot iron, burning Anna’s skin. This feeling brought her back toreality.

Kicking on Jing Wu’s stomach, Anna protected Qiqi and yelled, “You crazy bitch, get out of here!”

Jing Wu, who had lost her mind, couldn’t listen to Anna. She raised the hammer and rushed up again.

Fortunately, people around helped to stop Jing Wu, grabbing her hammer and finally controlling the situation.

Jing Wu was still roaring in the direction of Anna, like a wild animal trying to break through the cage.

Anna had no time to pay attention to Jing Wu. She covered Qiqi’s bleeding forehead tightly with her hand and shouted to people around her, “Call an ambulance quickly, please!”

In the chaos, someone finally made the phone call, and then she had to wait anxiously.

Anna’s mind was blank. She cried and looked at Qiqi, whose vivid face was now pale.

“Qiqi, you must be good!”

As Anna went to the hospital with Qiqi in the ambulance, Qiqi was then sent to the emergency room. Anna anxiously waited outside.

It could be a long time, until the sound of footsteps came from behind.

“Anna, what happened? I heard someone attacked you?”

After receiving the phone call, Yulin rushed to the hospital and saw that Anna was fine, so he was slightly relieved.

Anna bowed her head and said, “True. Jing Wu attacked me.”

“It’s good you’re OK, otherwise, I’ll peel off her skin.”

But Anna was very worried and she said with her eyes red, “Although I’m ok, Qiqi is still in the emergency room. It’s Qiqi who protected me from Jing Wu’s attack, or I’m the one lying in it now! “

Thinking of what happened, Anna couldn’t help shaking with helplessness and panic.

Looking at Anna, Yulin worried her a lot. He thumped his chair and swore, “What a bitch!”

Anna had no time to blame anyone. Now she just hoped Qiqi would be fine.

But Qiqi was sent in for a long time and she didn’t know what was going on, which made Anna very anxious. Anna turned around and looked at Yulin, “What should we do now? Will Qiqi be fine?”

“Don’t worry, before I came here, I had already found the best experts, who could surly save Qiqi.”

With tears trickling down her cheeks, Anna murmured, “Because of protecting me, Qiqi got hurt. If something happens to her, I will be a sinner. I will never forgive myself in my whole life!”

Holding Anna’s shoulder worryingly, Yulin said softly “Don’t cry, everything will be fine, and I will be with you all the time”

As she was leaning on Yulin’s shoulder, Anna’s tears soon moistened Yulin’s clothes. She choked: “Why do good people always bear these bad things? It’s really unfair. We didn’t do any bad thing or hurt any other person. Why do we have to suffer all these? “

Quietly listening to Anna’s words, Yulin said nothing, just holding around her and giving her warmth and strength to help Anna slowly calm down.

After a while, doctors came out of the emergency room.

Anne left Yulin and went to the doctor nervously, “Doctor, how’s the patient?”

“The patient is out of danger. You can see her at night.”

Hearing so, Anna said with a smile: “Great. Thank you so much!”

Anna became the happiest person as she heard that Qiqi was fine.

“Since we can only visit Qiqi in the night, let’s have dinner first.” Saying so, Yulin took Anna’s hand.

Until this time, Anna seemed to be in a nightmare, where Qiqi was laying with a lot of blood, so she didn’t realize who dragged her away.

She didn’t realize until she smelled the food.

“You may not have much appetite now, but you should eat something. Or you may get ill. Qiqi still needs your help. You can’t let yourself get sick first.” Yulin said as he took food into Anna’s plate.

In a short time, a hill of food was gathered in front of Anna.

“If you continuously do so, I won’t be able to eat up.” Although she said so, Anna ate very fast.

Anna didn’t have lunch today. Just now, she was scared and crying for a long time, which spent her lots of energy. She was really hungry at the moment.

When she relaxed, she couldn’t stop eating.

Looking at Anna, who was, like a squirrel, eating incessantly, Yulin couldn’t help but put down his chopsticks and watched her attentively.

Anna was uncomfortable by his staring, “Yulin, you have to eat, too. There are so many things. I can’t finish them alone. “

“I had dinner before I came here. Take your time and I like to see you to eat food.” Saying so, Yulin put his hands under his chin with a warm smile.

“But if you look at me like this, I can’t eat any more.”

“Why can’t you eat? Are you fascinated by my charm?”

Anna was wondering why this guy could act like nothing happened within three seconds.

Well, she should not care too much about him. She had important things to do later, so she could not spend too much time here.

Anna speeded up her eating, because she planned to prepare things that Qiqi might need in the hospital after dinner.

Seeing Anna gobble, Yulin handed her water, and said, “Slow down! This foods are all for you.”

“I’m in a hurry.”


“Prepare what Qiqi may need in the hospital.”

“Don’t worry. I have asked people to prepare these things. You just need to chat with Qiqi to relieve her boredom.”

Looking up at Yulin, Anna asked, “is this what you arranged?”

“Yes, it’s very moving, isn’t it? I said, as long as I’m here, you don’t have to worry about anything. “

Yulin looked quite proud, waiting for Anna to burst into tears gratefully.

But Anna was very calm, looking at Yulin for a long time, then asked: “Well, how do you plan to deal with Jing Wu?”

As Anna mentioned Jing Wu, Yulin’s eyes were full of hatred.

“I’ve let that woman go once, but I didn’t expect that she didn’t know how to be grateful at all and even tried to hurt you, so I can’t tolerate her a second time.”

Anna murmured with her eyes darkened, “It’s you.”

Yulin didn’t listen very clearly and asked, “What?”

As Anna slightly pursed her lips and raised her head, she looked at Yulin and said seriously, “Yulin, I think you have done enough.”

“You don’t have to worry, I’ll…”

“I don’t think it’s necessary at all.” Before Yulin finished his words, Anna interrupted him and said so.

Yulin was stunned and thought he had heard wrong.

But Anna’s next words let Yulin know how wrong he was.

“If you hadn’t driven Jing Wu to a dead end, she wouldn’t have done such a crazy thing. Yulin, are you really helping me? “

After a short period of astonishment, Yulin calmed down and said, “Of course, it’s because I listened to you too much and didn’t break Jing Wu completely so that she could hurt Qiqi. If I treated her harder last time, Qiqi would not suffer from such an accident. “

“Between an enemy and a friend, can we only use the death of the enemy to exchange for the safety of the friend?”

“Then what do you want to do? Do you want to see Jing Wu cry and beg your forgiveness, so that finally everyone will be happy? It’s impossible. If Jing Wu knew how to stop, she would not be where she is today. “

Anna opened her mouth a bit, but she didn’t know what to say.

“I will deal with things, and I will not tolerate her because of your soft heart. You should also think about it. If you keep blindly compromising, you will only hurt the people around you.”

Anna silently remembered Yulin’s words and read them over and over again in her heart. She looked even more confused.


Qiqi was still young, so she recovered quickly. The next day, she regained consciousness and was able to talk and eat.

Anna had a look of remorse, thinking that if it wasn’t for her, Qiqi would not be lying here.

But Qiqi thought it had nothing to do with Anna. Jing Wu was the one who hurt her and should be responsible for it.

What’s more, she didn’t have any serious problems now. She didn’t have amnesia or became stupid. There would be follow-up cosmetic surgery for the scar on her forehead to ensure that her forehead would be smooth as before.

Qiqi was a heartless optimist, so she even comforted Anna not to think too much.

But things just happened, no matter Anna thought about it or not.

For example, Jing Wu.

Anna could be sure that Yulin would give Jing Wu a predictably tragic end.

Now that she knew this, would it be cruel for her to do nothing?

But if she pleaded for Jing Wu, what about Qiqi’s injury? And Jing Wu might not appreciate her at all.

Ah, what a contradiction.


Suddenly back to the reality, Anna looked at Qiqi in the bed confusingly, and asked: “what’s the matter?”

Qiqi was confused and asked, “what are you thinking about? I called you several times, but you didn’t respond.”

“I’m sorry, I just lost my mind. Why do you call me?”

“I’m thirsty. Can you pour me a glass of water?”

“Wait a minute. I’ll get you water right now.” Anna went to pour the water and took it to Qiqi’s lips to help her drink it.

“Well, do you feel better?”

Qiqi nodded, indicating that Anna could take the water away.

Staring at Anna’s side face for a while, Qiqi asked: “Anna, what were you thinking?”


Qiqi squinted and said, “I can tell you have things in your mind. Tell me! Did you quarrel with Yulin?”

“You should take good care of yourself. Do not mind these unimportant things.”

“Well, it’s because I’m recuperating so my brain is empty. I observe carefully in the past two days. Yulin went to the hospital when he was free. Seemingly, he was sending me fruit. In fact, he was looking for an opportunity to meet you. “

“Anna it’s very rare that Yulin, a young lord, can do this for you. Anyway, you are also kind of into him. Why not date with him?”

“I’m not into him,” she denied.

“Anna, if you lie, your nose will grow longer.”

“I’m just not.”

“Then whose eyes are always looking at Yulin’s back affectionately?”

“Qiqi, can’t the illness stop you from gossiping? Handsome boys don’t like gossiping girls “

Seeing that Anna was a little embarrassed, Qiqi didn’t continue this topic. She just said with a smile, “Oh, you are shy for what I find.”

Ignoring Qiqi, Anna turned to cut the fruit, and then she took the chopped fruit to Qiqi’s mouth. Anna was in a daze for a while, as Qiqi ate them joyfully.

After a while, Anna suddenly asked, “Qiqi, do you hate Jing Wu?”

Qiqi took a bite of the apple and said, “Not hate. But if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t lie here to recuperate.”

“So you’ll still mind what she had done to you, won’t you?”

“Of course.”

“What if someone begs you to forgive her?”

Qiqi immediately shook her head, “Forgive her? That’s impossible! I’m not that kind!”

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