Because of this, he felt that it was unnecessary, nothing more.

It’s almost time to turn the Qian family into a pauper. Why let this photo be spread? Chuck Cannon didn’t want to do that.

“No, keep it, please keep it, OK?” Qian Yueying took Chuck Cannon’s hand, crying and begging.

It turned out that he had already seen her.

“I won’t keep it.” Chuck Cannon shook his head, and deleted the photos one by one in front of Qian Yueying, leaving no one behind.

Qian Yueying sat slumped on the ground, feeling weak.

Chuck Cannon put away his phone, “You can go out now.”

Qian Yueying raised her teary face and said, “How can you forgive me? I really want to do anything. You just have to say it, and I will do it.”

“You can go out,” Chuck Cannon was expressionless.

Chuck Cannon decided on this matter, and the Qian family must become a pauper.

Do you have Qian Yueying’s superiority?

“Chuck Cannon.” Qian Yueying cried, covering her lips, “I also have a daughter, she…”

“What does it matter to me that you have a daughter? Is it mine?” Chuck Cannon asked.

“It’s not yours.” Qian Yueying shook her head and got up with a grey face.

She dragged her body to the door. The regret in her heart made her unable to move. She opened the door and went out.

Qian Fangyun, who was waiting outside, saw his cousin crying so hard, he ran over, “What did he say to you cousin? Did he treat you already…”

He felt that Chuck Cannon must have done something with his cousin Qian Yueying because such a beautiful woman took the initiative to give her arms, this is a man who can’t refuse it!

“No, he didn’t touch me,” Qian Yueying was in pain, what should I do now?

Chuck Cannon said that to make his money family a pauper, according to the current situation, he can definitely do this.

Because it was really Chuck Cannon who destroyed the Zhao family! Turning his money into a pauper, what is this to Chuck Cannon??

“What? How could he not touch you?” Qian Fangyun couldn’t believe it.

“Me, me.” Qian Yueying couldn’t say it, saying that Chuck Cannon looked at herself? Say that Chuck Cannon hates having children? She couldn’t say it.

“What the hell did you do just now? What did you cry for? Cousin? Say it!” Qian Fangyun was also desperate. His cousin was crying like this, so what room is there to keep?

“He didn’t do anything, he showed me something, I know, I have always misunderstood him, he should be angry, but.” Qian Yueying cried.

“But what?”

“He said, he must turn our family into a pauper.” Qian Yueying collapsed, the pressure was too much, she couldn’t breathe!

“What?” Qian Fangyun was about to faint.

“What should we do? What should we do?”

“Go back and say,” Qian Fangyun could only say that. His cousin was crying like this. He thought that Chuck Cannon abused her just now, but he didn’t! So now there is no other way, so I have to go back and discuss it!

Qian Yueying was helped back by Qian Fangyun.

Money family!

Qian Yueying cried and said, the head of the Qian family slapped him angrily. Qian Yueying was hit on the ground, “What did you do?”

Everyone in the Qian family scolded Qian Yueying, what’s the situation? Is it just because Qian Yueying is alone that she has no money in her family?

This kind of involvement is terrible!

“Qian Yueying, look at what you do! Why do you treat him that way?”

“Yeah, they didn’t mess with you either. You looked down on him the first time you met. Why did you do this?”

“Hey, I also said that other people are horrible pens, rubbish, and they are targeted at him everywhere. This is irritating to anyone? Yueying, what are you doing?”

The people in the Qian family were angry, desperate, and sighed.

“Grandpa, I’m sorry, I’m sorry everyone, I want to accompany him, he is unwilling, I said he wants me to do anything I am willing, but he is still unwilling, I really don’t know what to do.” Qian Yueying cried and said.

She couldn’t think of a way, she had already crossed this hurdle. You must know that she was still attractive to men, and she was so proactive. Chuck Cannon still didn’t mean anything, she really couldn’t help it.

“Mom, why are you crying.” A little girl ran over, six or seven years old, and she sadly helped her mother up.

“Mom did something wrong,” Qian Yueying wiped tears herself.

“Mom, what did you do wrong?”

“Mom shouldn’t look down on people,”

“Mom, why do you look down on people?” the girl asked innocently.

“I.” Qian Yueying was speechless, yes, why should she look down on Chuck Cannon?

When he first met, he said he wanted to buy Zhao Yunlei’s hotel, so why not she believed it?

Qian Yueying hugged her daughter and wept.

“Qian Yueying, what you did yourself, go solve it for me, otherwise you should stop entering the Qian family’s door!” The Qian family’s owner said angrily.

Just now, the property under his family has been exposed to problems one after another, and he is about to collapse. If this goes on, within a month, the Qian family will be completely in debt. Then it will not be. Pauper is that simple!

“Grandpa, I can’t help it.” Qian Yueying cried and said.

“There is no way you can think about it!”

Qian Yueying hugged her daughter in despair, what should be done and what should be done?

Today is the quietest day for Qian’s family. In the hall, there is dead silence!

In college, Ouyang Fei had just finished class. She knew that Chuck Cannon hadn’t come for so long. She was very happy. Was that Qian Yueying rectified it? She checked it later!

How did you check it?

At that time, Qian Yueying had a limited edition watch. She asked. According to the description, she thought it was the Qian family, the Qian family of the four major families! She checked it again later and determined that there was a person named Qian Yueying in Qian’s family. Otherwise, what could she do for tens of millions?

When Ouyang Fei knew about this, she was so happy, what about Chuck Cannon being rich?

In front of the Qian family of the four major families, it is not like the ants, that Qian Yueying can kill you, Chuck Cannon, with one hand!

Let Qian Yueying know that there is a picture of Qian Yueying on your Chuck Cannon phone, so aren’t you be dead? Let you Chuck Cannon look at my photos and beat me, this is the end of you, Chuck Cannon!

But when she first got into her BMW car, she bored her mobile phone to read WeChat to see if she could have any activities today.

But when she was pushing the news, she clicked on it curiously and was immediately stunned. What happened? Why is it all news from the Qian family?

What happened?

Ouyang Fei had been watching for a long time, and she was shocked. They were all. How could the Qian family have such a serious problem? She is not stupid, knowing that this is the Qian family who has been rectified, but who is capable of rectifying the four major families!

Ouyang Fei was stunned. Now that the Qian family is suffering from internal and external troubles, how can he deal with Chuck Cannon? Didn’t that make Chuck Cannon cheaper?

Ouyang Fei absolutely didn’t want to see such a thing. She drove to the night hotel and looked at it from a distance. It turned out to be fine. Chuck Cannon has nothing to do? ?

Then, what I did before was in vain, and let Chuck Cannon see a superb photo for free?

Ouyang Fei was angry. Chuck Cannon was so cheap. She couldn’t tolerate it. She had to let Chuck Cannon know what the cost of beating herself was. It definitely couldn’t be that simple.

She tried to find a way again, but after reading the news, she saw that Qian’s problems were exploded more frequently. Who did this? Who has such great ability!

Ouyang Fei is hard to understand!

She was thinking about it, and she couldn’t think of anyone with this strength, it was amazing.

Ouyang Fei was about to leave but saw a car driving into the night hotel.

She continued to look suspiciously but saw a woman with a very good figure. She got out of the car and looked absolutely beautiful from her back. Who was it?

This woman turned her head haggardly, and Ouyang Fei was shocked. This is Qian Yueying. What is she doing here at this time?

Shouldn’t the Qian family be overwhelmed at this time? Why come here? rest?

Ouyang Fei couldn’t figure it out, but she definitely couldn’t let Qian Yueying see herself. If she let Qian Yueying know what she was doing, what would happen to her? She wanted it herself.

But why did she come here? Came to find Chuck Cannon? Ouyang Fei suddenly became happy, she must have come to find Chuck Cannon to settle the accounts, haha. Have a good show! Chuck Cannon, do you regret being so to me now?

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