Chapter 469 – 470: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 469: Lord of Tigers Was Slaughtered

“How dare you!”

“How dare you talk to him like that! You are risking your neck!”

“Lord of Tigers, kill these rude and disrespectful little monsters!”

Those who heckled three demons were mostly elders of Accumulated Spirit, disciples of Primal Spirit didn’t dare to make a sound.

After all, Kris Chen’s prestige deterred them from setting themselves against him.

Kris may not be able to kill a practitioner in Accumulated Spirit Stage now, but he could easily destroy them.

Although internecine strife was strictly prohibited within the sect, no one wanted to offend an elder of Inner Circle who was extremely talented.

Lord of Tigers was also furious. As a lord of Accumulated Spirit, but he was scolded by a small demon. If he didn’t kill him today and word got out about this event, he would feel embarrassed and humiliated.

By that time everyone would look down upon him and insult him.

“You’ll pay for your arrogant words!”

Lord of Tigers threw a punch, the powerful force directly rushed toward Ironhead.

Ironhead roared and transformed into his beast form. His body was wrapped in the Energy of Sharp Gold; his claws were sharpened. He ran into the punch with all his strength but was knocked away into the air.

Crashing into the wall, he couldn’t stop spitting blood. Ironhead was seriously injured after receiving one blow from Lord of Tigers.

What’s more, Lord of Tigers hadn’t use his Taoist Strength, otherwise Ironhead would have been crushed to pieces in an instant.

Even though Supreme Beast had fought back with all his might against a simple and casual attack from Accumulated Spirit, he was blown away and wasn’t able to resist. The great disparity in strength between them could be seen.

“Is that all you’ve got?”

Lord of Tigers sneered, “If you don’t get up and come over, your little brother is going to be trampled to death by me!”

Liangwan felt that his body was almost separated into two parts. He lifted his head with difficulty and said to the ruins where Ironhead was buried, “Brother, go… go find the master…”


Lord of Tigers trod harder on Liangwan’s back, which caused fracture of Liangwan’s spine. Even though Kris had put Vajra Array on Liangwan, it was the lowest form of defensive array. How could that defend him against the power of Accumulated Spirit?

He could no longer maintain his human form and directly transformed into his original form.

“So you are a dog!”

Lord of Tigers kicked Liangwan away.


Guantu shouted in hatred, “When our master comes, he will avenge our suffering and kill you!”

“Fish begins to stink at the head. Your master is rampant and you are even more rampant than him!”

Lord of Tigers turned exceedingly wrathful and his anger spurt out. In an instant, Guantu was shocked by that power, with his Monster Soul trembled. And several cracks appeared in his Demon Pill which was round and smooth originally.

Guantu fainted, showing his original form!

“Huh, you’re a pangolin!”

Lord of Tigers took out a sword, “I heard that the flesh of pangolin is tender and moist, it’s a good idea to kill it to have a sumptuous meal.”

“Lord of Tiger, that’s enough. You have punished him already, killing him will offend his master openly.”

“What are you afraid of? It is these animals’ fault to come to this banquet. We are entirely blameless in this matter.”

“They deserve to die since they have the courage to offend Lord of Tigers!”

Lord of Tigers hadn’t said a word, two practitioners who were in the stage of the Five Declines of Immortals said before him.

Hearing their words, the practitioner who tried to persuade Lord of Tigers shut his mouth. He knew that Kris was fierce murderous, who was not easy to deal with.

Lord of Tigers laughed, “These two masters are right. When the soup is made later, you have to have a taste!”

“Ha ha ah, of course!”

“We won’t refuse your invitation!”

Just as Lord of Tigers was about to kill Guantu, the alarm went off in his heart for no reason!

His spine chilled and pores shrank instantly.

“Let’s see if you could live to that time!”

A voice suddenly sounded in the hall, it was Kris Chen.

Blade of Divine Spiritual Power!

The invisible blade cutting down, Lord of Tigers was frightened with his hair standing on end. Then he shuddered all over as if someone was slashing his divine soul and primal spirit!


Lord of Tigers cried out miserably. Within ten seconds, Blade of Divine Spiritual Power had already cut into a third of his divine soul!

This pain was devastating!

Lord of Tigers felt like his head was going to explode!

“Zhatian Diao! You despicable and shameless bastard! How dare you sneak up on me?”

Lord of Tigers exerted his Taoist Strength, all of a sudden, he was surrounded by the aura of Taoist Strength of Tigers. Kris didn’t dare to underestimate the power of Taoist Strength, he withdrew his Divine Spiritual Power as it may be eroded by Taoist Strength.

Lord of Tigers was severely wounded by the Divine Spiritual Power. Even though he could survive today, he wouldn’t be able to move further in his Taoist practicing life.

Without giving Lord of Tigers time to react, Kris swung out Red Blood Sword with 80,000 Sword Energies condensed together.

Taoist Strength of Tigers was not that powerful, Lord of Tigers just happened to break into a tomb of a Monster Emperor, whose original form was a fierce tiger.

That Monster Emperor had been dead for a thousand years and his Taoist Strength was blocked in his tomb for a thousand years. Lord of Tigers obtained Taoist Strength of Tigers through observing it.

That’s why he was unable to break through Accumulated Spirit for a thousand years.

The sword pieced through his Taoist Strength of Tigers, Vitality, Divine Spiritual Power, Divine Soul and Primal Spirit of Lord of Tigers all collapsed, breaking into pieces.

In the end, the sword’s momentum wasn’t declining, and it directly pierced through the body, fling at the two practitioners of Five Declines of Immortals.

They were ready and easily resisted the attack.

Kris waved his hand, storing ring of Lord of Tigers flew into his hand.

It took Kris only one shot to kill Lord of Tigers.

Everyone on the spot was stunned by his power!

Kris walked in the hall from the outside. In fact, Lord of Tigers was even inferior to Taoist Qianyu. Plus his Divine Soul was wounded by Blade of Divine Spiritual Power. Kris was able to kill him so easily, one of the main reasons was that Lord of Tigers had a tendency to take his enemy lightly.

Kris’s behavior caused a silence in the hall. He took a glance across the hall, today’s matter had nothing to do with the elders of Inner Circle, so he turned his gaze at the elders of Outer Circle, especially the two practitioners who were friends with Lord of Tigers.

“Mr. Diao, do you know that you have committed a great crime!” Lord of Deadwood threatened but actually he was cowardly at heart.

He was two thousand years old, and was experiencing the Five Declines of Immortals.

The so-called Five Declines of Immortals included Flesh Decline, Magic Power Decline, Primal Spirit Decline, Taoist Strength Decline, and Divine Soul Decline!

Each decay would last two hundred years, he was now experiencing Taoist Strength Decline.

In other words, he only had three or four hundred years to live.

But that’s how people were, the older they got, the more they fear death.

Another practitioner was Lord of Water, who was going through Primal Spirit Decline.

“Really? Tell me what crime I have committed!” Kris asked.

“You… You slaughtered your fellow disciple within Wuji Sword Sect. Isn’t that a serious crime?” Lord of Water shouted in anger.

“My fellow disciple? Who is it?” Kris Chen sneered, “Oh, you mean this dead tiger? Then why didn’t you stop him while he was bullying my men?”

“They are three animals, how can they compare with us?”

Hearing this, Kris laughed out loud, “That’s bullshit! There are thousands of different races in Devil Land, human race’s lives matter, monster race’s lives don’t? Your life is more noble than theirs? That’s a total trash talk!”

There were several Monster Emperors in the elders of Inner Circle. Wuji Sword Sect provided equal opportunities for all races without discrimination. Kris’s words just had gained their favors.

“How could an insignificant demon compare to us!”

“Well then, I’ll kill you and see why your lives are more precious. Isn’t your blood red and hot?”

Kris’s momentum changed dramatically, and 60,000 Sword Energy compressed to its limit, flying at Lord of Deadwood unexpectedly.


The sword light cut through the Taoist Strength of Lord of Deadwood. He was experiencing Taoist Strength Decline, which greatly weakened his power. Kris chose to start with him.

Lord of Deadwood was prepared for Kris’s attack, defending himself with Golden Light Divine Shield and several defensive shields. He then launched his Taoist Strength of Deadwood, and Kris’s sword light was dimmed a little under the Taoist Strength of Deadwood.


The hall was flattened by the violent explosion, the entire Taoist Rite was shaking!

At that moment, Kris shielded three demons behind him, and many practitioners in the hall put out shields to defend themselves.

The elders of Inner Circle kept the power of the explosion within the hall from damaging other districts.

Lord of Deadwood and Lord of Water flashed and flew into the sky.

Just now, all the defensive magic weapons of Lord of Deadwood were destroyed by the explosion, wasting a tenth of his Taoist Strength .

He wasn’t aware of how ferocious Kris was until he had a battle with Kris.

If he hadn’t been prepared in advance, he might have been killed just like Lord of Tigers.

Paying no attention to them, Kris took out the magical pills and fed them to the three demons to stabilize their injuries.

The huge explosion also drew the disciples of Wuji Sword Sect over.

Changgong Lin, Changying Luo and other disciples of Inner Circle all came to the hall, and there were even some other elders and the head of the Taoist Rite, including Lord of Moon who had reached the Middle Period of Accumulated Spirit.

Seeing the hall which had been razed to the ground, Lord of Moon frowned. He took a glance at the two in the sky and immediately realized what was going on.

“Taoist Diao, don’t be so aggressive!” Lord of Water said, “It was Lord of Tigers who started the fight. We were just speaking in support of him. If you are angry with that, we can apologize to you.”

“Apologize? Your apologies are useless to me.”

Kris sneered, “Don’t you guys like giving him support? He is alone in hell. Since you two are his good friends, you’d better go to hell now and accompany him!”

“Changying Luo!”Kris shouted to the crowd.

All the disciples looked at Changying.

Changying was very nervous being gazed by so many people, but she remembered what Kris had taught her. She held her head high and walked out of the crowd, “I are here!”

“Take care of three demons for me!”

“Copy that!” Changying flew down to three demons.

Golden Light Earth Escaping!

Kris had refined the candle light of mermen. Though he couldn’t reach the speed of 1,000 miles per second, but moving to the air in an instant was achievable with large consumption of his magic power.

Kris took out the Red Blood Sword, looking at the two who were in panic, “Today I’ll teach you one last lesson, you can eat whatever you want, that’s your own business, but you have to watch your mouth.”

After saying this, 80,000 Sword Energies instantly lashed out.

“Lord of Water, let’s go together!” Not expecting that Kris would be so rampant, Lord of Deadwood looked serious and said to Lord of Water.

Kris had killed Lord of Tigers, but that wasn’t enough for him to vent his anger. He was coming after them.

The audience, hearing Kris’s ignorant words, all sucked in a breath.

Everyone was startled by his ruthless and domineering behavior.

Chapter 470: One Was Killed And Another Escaped

Lord of Moon now had scruples about the decision of letting Kris Chen join Inner Circle. Was it good or bad for Wuji Sword Sect to admit such a reckless member?

The Taoist Rite was flying at top speed. Hence, he had no choice but to stop it so that they could have the battle.

“You are given half an hour. If you don’t have a winner then, no decision has been made, the battle must stop!”

Lord of Moon didn’t care about this trivial matter. As long as they hadn’t stepped into the field of Wuji Sword Sect, the elders wouldn’t be restricted by the regulations of Wuji Sword Sect.

Lord of Deadwood and Lord of Water were shocked at the current situation. But Kris was smiling, “Ten minutes is enough to kill these two old bastards!”

After saying that, Sword Energy of Kris’s Red Blood crossed dozens of miles, pointing at the two practitioners.

“Taoist Strength of Water!”

“Taoist Strength of Deadwood!”

Two different Taoist Strengths overlapped together, forming a double layer of protection.

Taoist Strength of Deadwood could stop the piercing attack of the sword, and Taoist Strength of Water formed an ocean that stretched for a hundred miles, each drop of water weighs several pounds.

These two old practitioners did have some cards in theirs hands.

80,000 Sword Energies were consumed rapidly, only half of them were left in the blink of an eye.



The ocean boiled in the violent explosion, and Lord of Deadwood lost two tenths of his Taoist Strength once again.

They flew back a hundred meters in a hurry.

The previous three sword attack had consumed a third of Kris’s Sword Energy.

Swallowing the magical pills, he took out tens of thousands of spiritual stones and shattered them. He then opened his mouth, and absorbed the pure spiritual energy into his body.

If it were anyone else, there was no way for him to accommodate the Spirit Qi of this magnitude, his flesh would definitely explode.

But this was Kris Chen. His body was strong, and his acupuncture points were far beyond the capacity of divine-grade acupuncture points.

3600 acupuncture points were activated to absorb the Spirit Qi at the same time.

The Spirit Qi he had lost before recovered in the blink of an eye.

However, Kris was still not satisfied with the speed. It was too slow, it would take at least a hundred seconds to fulfill all his acupuncture points.

He took out another bottle of Spiritual Liquid and swallowed it.

The purest Spirit Liquid could be absorbed easily, which increased the speed of filling up the acupuncture points by a third.

Kris was a little upset about his loos. 10,000 Superb Spiritual Stones, one bottle of Spiritual Liquid, all of these were precious. If used in cultivation, the effect would definitely be stronger.

But sometimes, in order to show his fierceness, this price must be paid.

He had to build up his reputation so that he could have a place in Wuji Sword Sect.

He didn’t wish to be hampered by some unnecessary affairs.

While Kris Chen was regaining his Spirit Qi, Lord of Deadwood and Lord of Water were also swallowing Spirit Pills to recover.

Lord of Deadwood took out a willow branch, which was clear turquoise, emitting a palpable smell.

This was also a Half Spirit Weapon!

Lord of Water was surrounded by twenty-four Sea Stabilizer Beads, each of these beads was a middle-grade Taoist Weapon. Combining together, they formed a Half Spirit Weapon, which contained billions of water drops.

“Taoist Diao, I’ll warn you one last time. Do you agree to reconcile or not?”

Lord of Water was also irritated by Kris. Though his physical body, magic power, and primal spirit were atrophied, his Taoist Strength of Water could be considered powerful among all the Taoist Strengths.

Likewise, Taoist Strength of Deadwood was also formidable if at its peak. They were no less powerful than Shenyin.

“No fucking way!”

Kris sneered.

If they planned to use the hit-and-run tactics, there was a great chance that Kris might be too exhausted to win the fight.

Fortunately, he had cultivated Golden Light Earth Escaping, otherwise he wouldn’t even be able to approach them.

“Fine, since you’re not gonna let this thing go, we will show no mercy! Prepare for your death!”

Lord of Water was furious, unleashing his Taoist Strength. The 24 beads were smashing into Kris without warning.

Golden Light Earth Escaping.

Kris moved to ten miles away in a flash.

Fearing that they would be able to escape from the condensed Sword Energy, Kris used Golden Light Earth Escaping to keep flashing back and forth, which consumed a lot of his magic power and physical strength. His body was under great pressure.

From this perspective, it was a good thing that Kris hadn’t mastered this technique completely. After all, it would exhaust all his magic power after using it to teleport for several times. The better he controlled the technique, the more energy it would consume.

“Lord of Deadwood, block off this area! Don’t give him any chance to escape from here, no matter how strong he is, he hasn’t reached the Accumulated Spirit. Hence, our magic power must be thicker than his!”

Lord of Water immediately pointed out Kris’s weakness.

“I see!” Lord of Deadwood waved the willow in his hand, and the willow was growing in the wind, instantly transforming into a chain which blocked off a hundred miles of space.

Taoist Strength of Deadwood covered the entire sky, and continued compressing the space.

Kris could feel that his vitality and magic power was continuously flowing away.

“Break it!”

It was just a Half Spirit Weapon. Kris Chen hadn’t destroyed one before. And don’t forget, he also had the aptitude for physical body.

Using Golden Light Earth Escaping, Kris arrived at the border of the blockade, where the Taoist Strength of Deadwood was even stronger. In an instant, Kris felt that he had lost 1% of his vitality and magic power.

Not daring to waste time, Kris hurriedly used his aptitude to break the boundary!

This blockade was comparable to a superior defense array with the effect of Half Spirit Weapon.

Kris hit the boundary wall several times, and it wasn’t until the sixth time that he managed to get out.

At this moment, Kris launched Golden Light Earth Escaping and came to Lord of Deadwood. He could see the astonishment and fear on Lord of Deadwood’s face.

“Go to hell!”

The sword light fell on Lord of Deadwood, instantly obliterating his Vitality, Primal Spirit, Divine Spiritual Power, and Divine Soul.

It all happened within one second, the sword light thrust through Lord of Deadwood and flew at Lord of Water. Though Lord of Water had protection of 24 Sea Stabilizer Beads, which protected his surrounding space, he was under tremendous pressure caused by the sword.


Kris did not hesitate to ignite Sword Energy.


Lord of Water was blown off hundreds of miles away by the great explosion.

At the same time, the willow branch that blocked the space stared vibrating, trying to escape with a shimmer.

That shimmer was a bit of spiritual light from Lord of Deadwood, and this willow branch was his favourite magic weapon. He wanted to keep it with him

“Just rest in peace and go reincarnate!” Kris said to the spiritual light of Lord of Deadwood, then snatched the willow branch and put it down.

The green shimmer swung a few more times. Knowing that there was nothing it could do, it finally dissipated into the air.

“Behave yourself, or I’ll use you as firewood!”

If the intelligence of a Spirit Weapon was equivalent to a 7-year-old child, then a Taoist Weapon could be considered a 16-year-old teenager. A Half Spirit Weapon was about 18 years old, which meant it could understand that Kris was threatening it and he had the ability to destroy it.

Lord of Deadwood had died already, so naturally the willow branch now lost its owner. Unless Lord of Deadwood could break through the stage of Actualized Spirit in his next life, he would never remember having such a Half Spirit Weapon in this life.

Seeing that the willow branch was getting quiet and behaving well, Kris was about to chase after Lord of Water, but found that he had already fled away with his magic weapon.

Even Lord of Deadwood was slaughtered by Kris, Lord of Water clearly knew that he was no match for Kris.

Kris’s attack was too aggressive.

“Huh, you are a good runner. If you stay here, I am sure you’ll be with your friends very soon.”

Kris returned to the Taoist Rite. More than a dozen young men and women knelt on the ground, crying, “Old master, how can you leave us behind? We can’t survive without you…”

These people were the disciples of Lord of Water’s family.

Seeing Kris appear in front of them, they kowtowed hurriedly and begged for mercy, “Please let us go, master! Please!”

These were disciples who hadn’t even reached Pill Formation. Kris was not interested in them at all, “If you want to take revenge in the future, you can come to me at any time. But you’re too weak to compete with me at present. I don’t even bother to kill you!”

After saying that, he walked towards Lord of Moon with the willow branch in his hand, “Thank you, Lord of Moon! I’m sorry for bringing you the trouble!”

Lord of Moon squinted at Kris and snorted, “You should be sorry. What a farce! Look what you’ve done, how bad is this for the disciples to see?”

“You are right. I am aware of my mistake. I apologize for my misbehavior!”

Kris wasn’t annoyed. After all, Lord of Moon was the one in charge and responsible for what happened here. He had killed two elders of Outer Circle and forced one away, naturally it was all his fault.

“Alright, don’t do that again!”

Lord of Moon didn’t say anything, waving at the crowd, “Let’s go, there’s nothing to see now!”

The crowd scattered, raving about Kris’s remarkable power.

“Having such a fierce man, the force of Wuji Sword Sect would definitely be enhanced. Anyway, it has nothing to do with me.” Lord of Moon thought.

“Master Diao!”

Changying looked at Kris with great reverence. This man was invincible, Lord Shenyin, Lord of Tigers, Lord of Deadwood, three Lords had already died in his hands.

And this time, he was even fighting against three Lords alone as a Primal Spirit,. If anyone told her that he could do this, she would have thought that person was crazy.

But now she had to believe it, and she was lucky enough to work for this person.

The elders’ group of Outer Circle didn’t dare to make a sound. Who would dare to mess with such a powerful fighter?

Even elders of Inner Circle were also looking at Kris with serious looks.

Lord of Tiger, Lord of Deadwood, and Lord of Water, they had confidence to win them if fought one-to-one, but they would definitely lose and die fighting against three of them at the same time.

Although Kris had the suspicion of sneak attack while killing Lord of Tiger, it was undeniable sneak attack was also his capability.

Moreover, everyone had witnessed the battle against two Lords of Accumulated Spirit later with their own eyes.

“Taoist Diao, I, Lord of Viper, admire your power!”

Lord of Viper stepped forward and took out a bottle of magical pills, “There are three Essence Blood Pills, I suppose they can heal three demons.”

This was a sign that he was willing to befriend Kris.

Lord of Viper was an emperor of monster race, an ancient exotic snake with amazing prowess. He ranked tenth among the Internal Elders.

“Thank you, Lord of Viper!”

Kris didn’t refuse his goodness, people were gregarious animals who always needed friends.

Lord of Viper smiled and became more intimate with Kris in his heart.

If Kris refused him, it would show that his affinity for the monster race was his disguise.

But he accepted, with the concern he showed for the three demons, Lord of Viper was sure that he really cared about monster race. That’s why he would take the risk to fight against the three Lords.

The monster race needed such a human practitioner who had potential and was friendly to them!

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