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Chapter 469: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 469 What Am I to You?

“I’ll tell you when the time comes.” Yulin Xiao smiled and said.

“Why don’t you tell me now? You’re not trying to sell me to someone else, are you?” Anna Xie joked.

“You… a stupid girl. Even if I want to sell you, no one wants to buy you.” Yulin deliberately teased.

“You ……” Anna was a little angry. And Yulin thought her angry look was cute.

“Haha, I’m kidding. The night after tomorrow, can you join a party with me?”

“Is there any delicious food there?” Anna muttered.

“Sure, there’s lots of delicious food there.” Yulin said, and then he took out a necklace.

Before Anna could react, Yulin put the necklace around her neck. She looked down and realized it was the necklace Yulin had picked out at the mall.

“You’ve worked too hard these two days. This is a gift for you.”

“But ……”

“Please accept it. I’m happy you’ll be wearing it at the party.” said Yulin earnestly.

Without saying a word, Anna turned around and walked away quickly.

“What happened? Did I say something wrong? ” Yulin was puzzled why she suddenly left.

In fact, Anna was happy to receive the necklace from him, but she didn’t want Yulin to see her shy face.

“He picked such a gift for me. Does this mean he likes me?” She thought.


Wei Yu’s engagement party was held on a luxury yacht.

Leaning on the railing, Anna looked at the sea, relaxed. Yulin saw her staying there alone and walked over to her.

“There are snacks over there. Why don’t you go over and eat?” Yulin asked.

“It’s comfortable to sit here. I want to stay a little longer.” Xiana stretched and said.

“If you like the sea breeze, next time I’ll take you out on the boat.” Yulin said.

Anna was happy to hear him say he would take her out with him. They sat shoulder to shoulder, enjoying the moment of peace.

Soon, this peace was interrupted by an intruder.

“What a coincidence. I didn’t expect Mr. Xiao to come here too.” A man said.

Hearing a voice behind him, Yulin frowned. Then he got up and looked at the person behind him.

“Why can’t I come here?” He asked with an expressionless face.

“You and Wei before ……” the man paused.

Yulin looked impatient. “It’s in the past. She and I both need to move on.”

“Indeed, you have a point.” said the man. “Your friend is beautiful.”

He stared at Anna. Realizing that he had annoyed Yulin, the man said, “Then I’ll leave you two alone.” Then he quickly left.

“What did he just mean? What is this party?” Anna asked.

“Don’t pay attention to his words. Let’s just enjoy the view and the food.” said Yulin. Then he reached out to touch the necklace around Anna’s neck. “This necklace is perfect for you.”

“You’d better not buy me a gift. These things are very expensive and I don’t know how to pay you back in return.” Anna said.

“I don’t need you to do repay me. You are my girlfriend. I’m happy to buy you a gift.”

Anna blushed. “I haven’t agreed to be your girlfriend.”

“But my friends all know you’re my girlfriend.”

Watching Anna blush, Yulin found it very interesting. He deliberately moved closer to her and said with a smile, “You don’t want to be my girlfriend?”

“I ……” Anna hastily reached out to cover her face

Yulin knew she was shy again and looked at her with a smile. Then he wrapped her arms around her waist.

“Yulin, you’re here.” Wei Yu’s voice came.

She was wearing a long white dress embellished with shiny gems.

But Anna didn’t care how beautiful she was. She only stared at Wei’s neck. The necklace Wei was wearing was exactly the same as her. At that moment, Anna’s heart was racing.

Yulin also saw the necklace, puzzled. Wei also saw Anna’s necklace, but she was calm.

“Does Miss Xie also like this brand of jewelry? I am a regular customer of this jewelry store, and I have a collection of limited edition necklaces of this brand.”

Anna was still in a daze and did not hear Wei’s words, but Yulin was a bit angry.

“Since when do you like this brand of stuff?” He asked.

Wei glanced at him. “Honey, you really don’t know anything about women.”

She spoke in a tone as if she was talking to her boyfriend.

Anna felt she was the other woman interposed between them, so she turned around and prepared to leave. But Yulin tugged her.

“Anna, this necklace suits you, so I bought it for you.” He explained.

“I know. I just…. think I’m really stupid.” With that, Anna hurriedly ran out.

“She must have misunderstood the relationship between me and Wei!” Yulin thought. Then he glared at Wei, and was about to go after Anna. But Wei stopped him.

Yulin was already furious, and now he was even more furious.

“Wei, you did that on purpose.” Yulin asked angrily.

“What are you referring to?” Wei asked back.

“You know it.” Yulin said.

“Do you really like her?” Wei asked sadly.

“Yes.”Yulin returned without hesitation.

“You forget me for her?”


His answer made Wei’s heart ache.

Holding back tears, Wei asked, “Then what am I to you?”

“Ex-girlfriend, that’s all.”

Wei smiled bitterly. “But you’re not an ex-boyfriend in my eyes.”

Yulin sneered. “You were the one who wanted to break up with me in the first place.”

“Don’t you know that I love you very much? I marry someone else because I have to.”

Obviously, Yulin didn’t believe her explanation.”If you don’t want to do, no one can force you.”

Wei shook her head, forcing back her tears. “We are all grown up. We all have our family missions. And my mission is to marry someone who is of use to the family.”

“Couldn’t my family meet your parents’ requirements?”

“Your family is not the best choice for my family. So my parents asked me to give you up. I’m just a sacrifice for my family.” Wei said sadly.

Once, she thought she could give up Yulin, but when she saw him with another girl, she would still be jealous and angry.

Looking at Wei’s crying face, Yulin’s heart softened. He handed her the handkerchief. “If your family is really in trouble, I will help you.”

She did not take the handkerchief he handed her. “You are still so naive. One day you will be like me and can only marry someone who is useful to the family.” She said stubbornly.

“Such a thing will never happen to me. My family does not need me to make such a sacrifice and I will not compromise with anyone. It was you who had no faith in our relationship, and it was you who chose to end it. Now, you might as well get ready to be a bride.”

After saying what he wanted to say, Yulin prepared to leave. But then he suddenly turned around. “And don’t interfere in my affairs again. If you piss me off, you know what the price is.”

Wei did not expect Yulin to speak to her in such a harsh tone. She could not tolerate him being so cold to her all of a sudden.

“You’re threatening me, aren’t you?” She laughed bitterly.

“Since you have made your choice, it is over between us.” said Yulin, expressionless.

Then he turned around and left.

Looking at Yulin’s back, Wei was sad. “You are really cruel. The sacrifices I made for my family are so worthless in your eyes.”


Anna sat on the deck chair.

She felt a little thirsty, so she drank a glass of red wine.

When she was about to drink a third glass, Yulin stopped her.

“If you drink more, you’re going to get drunk. I don’t want to carry you back.” Yulin teased.

Anna turned her body to the side and didn’t look at him.

Yulin smiled. “Why do you come here?”

“I wanted to be alone for a while.” said Anna. She emphasized “alone”, hoping Yulin would stay away from her. But Yulin deliberately sat in a chair with her.

Anna glared at him. “Please leave me alone. Go stay with your old lover.”

Then she continued to push him hard, trying to push him away. Yulin’s body was shaken by her pushing, but he seemed to enjoy her pushing him.

“She has a fiancé.” Yulin said.

Hearing this, Anna became even angrier.

“Since you know she has a fiancé, why can’t you forget her? If you still like her, you should try to get her back. Why are you bringing me into this?”

“You seem angry.” Yulin asked.

“Of course I’m angry. Can’t I be angry that you fool me?”

“Why do you think I fool you?”

“I know you still like Wei. I’m just some pale substitute dating you until you can win her back.” said Anna.

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