Chapter 47 – 48: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 47: Teasing from Kerry Ye

“What’s this?” Kerry Ye felt suspicious. He walked over to take a look. Upon now, Venus Ye unexpectedly jumped up from the bed, “Don’t touch my things!”

Kerry frowned suddenly, put down the thing in his hand, and stared at Venus.

Venus didn’t care to put on her clothes and ran over and grabbed the design drawing. “I’ll give it to my tutor tomorrow. I can’t lose it any more.”

“…” Kerry’s eyebrows wrinkled up, giving Venus a glance, and left the room grimly.

She didn’t want to show her stuff to him! He didn’t care to see her stuff either!

After Kerry left, Venus carefully took out the design drawing again and looked at it. She had lost it once, and she didn’t want to lose it a second time.

Next morning.

Venus got up early. Her back was almost completely healed. Today was the day for her to go back to school. After taking so many days off, she was not used to taking in so many classes at once.

“Good morning, John!” Venus went downstairs with a smile, packed up her things and was ready to go.

John quickly stopped him, “Young Madam, where are you going? You haven’t had breakfast yet. “

“I won’t have it. I go back to school today. I can’t be late.” Venus laughed and prepared to go.

“It’s still early. You’d better have breakfast first.” John said patiently. At this point, Kerry came down from the upstairs. As soon as he saw Venus, he gave a cold snort, “John, don’t worry about her!”

John paused. He looked at Kerry and then looked at Venus, no choice but to say, “Yes, Young Master.”

Venus stared Kerry, while Kerry didn’t give her a look and went straight to the dining room.

Damn man, what was that attitude? Big pervert. Looking at his back, Venus couldn’t help cursing him in her heart. She didn’t want breakfast because she was afraid of being late. Now when she saw his face, she didn’t want breakfast even more.

Venus went outside, and John followed her. Venus was a little broken down. John was really nice, but…

“John, what’s the matter?”

“Young Madam, do you want me to arrange a car to take you to school?”

Venus thought for a second and hurriedly shook her head like a rattle drum, “No, no, I’ll take the bus.”

All the cars parked in Ye family’s garage were luxury cars. Gossips about her and Kerry had been already spreading all over the school, and now it finally settled down. If she drove a luxury car to school, it would immediately become the focus of attention again. Forget it.

She just wanted to graduate quietly.

Without waiting for John to reply, Venus rushed out of the villa with her backpack.

After leaving Ye’s villa, Venus went to the bus stop. However, she forgot one thing.

Ye’s villa was different from Mu’s villa. Mu’s villa was in the residential area, not far away from the bus stop. While the Ye’s villa was in the rich people’s area where people drove cars out, so there was no bus stop nearby.

As she walked, Venus was about to collapse since she couldn’t find her way. Suddenly, she heard the sound of vehicle and immediately looked back. It was a Lamborghini.

Venus knew the car. It belonged to Kerry.

As if seeing a savior, Venus hurriedly beckoned and yelled, “Hi, I’m here!”

The speed of that Lamborghini slowed down. When passing by her side, the speed was even slower. Venus hurried over. Just as she was to open the door and got in the car, she heard the sound of “bang” to slam the accelerator, and the car quickly drove away in front of her, with extremely fast speed.

This immediately destroyed Venus’s good moods. Kerry, that damned bastard, didn’t want to stop and take her. Why did him play with her, evil man!

Venus was about to break down, watching Kerry’s car drive farther and farther away, until he couldn’t seen it any more.

She was truly regretful at the moment. She should have listen to John and asked the driver to take her to school. She stood in the middle of the road. She didn’t know how far ahead. She had walked so long. It was impossible to go back either.

Venus squatted on the ground and took out the cell, just ready to ask for help. Suddenly, she heard the sound of vehicle again.

She looked up and saw a white Ferrari in front of her.

Chapter 48: You Are My Lucky Star

Venus Mu felt that the car was very familiar, as if she had seen it somewhere, but she couldn’t remember where. At this moment, the driver’s window was rolled down by the man inside, showing a face even more elegant than a woman. The man had a pair of exceptional eyes that easily attracted attentions. He raised his eyebrows and said with a grin, “Get in the car!”

Venus was gladly surprised. She waited for her true Savior this time. It was the man who saved her just a few days ago – Hao Nangong.

Opening the door and getting in the car, Venus quickly thanked, “Hao, thank you!”

Hearing her words, Hao curled the corner of his lips and said, “You’re welcome. I’m glad that you remember me now. Very honored.”

Venus quickly waved her hand, “Your surname is special, you are good-looking and nice. How can I not remember you?”

“Ha ha…” Hao chuckled, “I’m flattered!”

“By the way, why are you here?” Venus asked curiously.

Hao’s face changed and said, “I’m just passing by, but seems we are predestined. Every time you need help, there I am!”

Hearing this, Venus nodded and felt magic too, “Yes, a few days ago, and today, you are really my lucky star!”

“186xxxxxxxx…” Hao said, “This is my mobile phone number. Remember it. If there is anything, call me, and I will come to you immediately.”

Venus quickly took out her mobile phone to take it down.

Hao saw her actions and subconsciously raised the corner of his lips again, “What about you? Give me your mobile number. If I have troubles, I can ask for you help too.”

“Well, friends are supposed to help each other.” Venus answered and told him her number without second thoughts. She said out of impulses: “You are such a decent person, how come you and Kerry are good friends? He has bad tempers, bad characters, bad attitudes, and he doesn’t allow the smallest disobey. A man like him shouldn’t have friends.”

Hao said with a smile, “Kerry also has some merits.”

“Merits?” Venus sneered coldly, “I didn’t see any of his merits. Forget it, let’s not talk him any more. You don’t know how much I hate him.”

Thinking of his prank just now, Venus was still pissed off.

“OK, don’t talk him any more, but you have to tell me where you are going after all.” Hao looked amused.

“Ah?” Venus then remembered she hasn’t told the driver where she was going. She patted her head and said with an embarrassed smile, “Sorry I forgot. You can put me at the bus stop nearby. I’ll take a bus to school.”

“South China University?” Hao asked.

Venus nodded, “Yes, I’m studying design in the Design Colleague of Nanhua University. My dream is to be an excellent fashion designer!”

Hao nodded, “Then I wish your dream come true soon one day!”

The two talked while Venus looked out of the window. Seeing a bus stop passing by, she hurriedly said, “Hey, we passed it, there was a bus stop.”

But Hao turned a deaf ear and drove straight past. He had no intention of stopping the car. On the contrary, he drove faster.

Venus was surprised and worried, “Why… that was a bus stop just now.”

“If you want to go to Nanhua University, wouldn’t it be better if I sent you directly to the gate of the university?” Hao questioned.

Venus touched the back of her head out of shyness, “Will you be late for your business? In fact, you don’t have to take me to the gate. I can take the bus myself! “

“Check the time. There are only 20 minutes left for your class. Are you sure you want to take the bus?”

“Ah?” Venus immediately looked at her watch. It was really too late. “Excuse me, let’s go to school directly!”

Hearing her decision, Hao contentedly raised the corner of his lips again, “You said I was your lucky star? Then you won’t be late today! “

“Perfect!” Venus nodded, very grateful, really did not expect Kerry will have such a friend, great!

When they were about to arrive at the gate of Nanhua University, Venus begged and forced Hao to stop the car and let her down. Surprisingly, Hao didn’t object this time and stopped the car at the corner.

“Thank you!” Venus said gratefully when she got down from the Ferrari. Then she suddenly thought of something, “Your handkerchief, I have to give it back to you next time. I forgot… “

She said, blushing slightly, a little embarrassed.

Hao looked at her reddish face and felt the urge to go kissing her.

He tried hard to resist the desire in his body and nodded, “OK, next time!”

Venus nodded gratefully and promised that she would return it next time. Then she waved her hand to say goodbye to him and left.

After staring at her back for a long time, Hao drove away and sighed in his heart. Hao, you seemed to be possessed by this woman.

It was the first time that he wanted a woman so bad and so seriously!

Unfortunately, she was his best friend’s woman. But it was him who first met her.

Thinking this, Hao was not willing to let it go.

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