Chapter 47 – 48: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 47: A favor for Flora

Inside Doris Lee’s office of Lishi Company.

“What’s the problem, Flora?” Doris rubbed his forehead.

From the other end of the line, the upset voice came through, “Help, Doris! My mom hooked me up with a blind date.”

“A blind date?” Doris was surprised a little, “She’s really rushing you, huh?”

“Tell me about it! I don’t want to get married!”

Doris smiled, “So, what are you gonna do?”

“I don’t know, and that’s why I came to you, ” Flora Lewis sighed, “I mean, she’s just worrying me to be a single, old lady because I don’t even have a boyfriend right now…”

“Right! What if I find someone to pretend my boyfriend!”

“Um… I don’t think it’s a good idea.” Doris was hesitant.

While Flora thought she came up with a brilliant plan, “It will be fine! I can hire a random guy to be my boyfriend and after this, I’ll tell my mom that we break up! Good, good, okay, I gotta go, see you, honey!”

“Wait…” Doris was about to stop her while Flora just hung up the phone.

“But where to find…” Flora pouted her little mouth and think.

In the afternoon, when Colin Ward was viewing a company with Lenard Wang, Flora ran into them.

“Colin Ward!” Flora shouted to him in her car.

She was wearing light make-up, and together with the dress, she looked mature.

Seeing her, Colin came over, “Hey, what are you doing here?”

“Nothing, but I’m gonna need you to do me a favor.”

Colin raised one of his eyebrows. A favor?

“Is it urgent?” He asked.

Flora nodded her head but glancing at Lenard, she did not make a further explanation.

“Oh, right, I can go by myself, you guys talk.” Lenard understood immediately.

“Um…okay, ” Colin thought for a second and said, “Tell me the brief situation later.”

After Flora explained what she needed Colin to do, he frowned.

“But I’m married, don’t you think it would be inappropriate?”

Yet no matter how Colin refused, Flora insisted on him. She knew Colin was married, but he was married to her best friend, so all she needed to do was telling this to Doris, and then it was done.

“Alright, I will help you, but it’s only because you’re Doris’s best friend.” Colin sighed.

“Thank you!” Flora chuckled, “Tomorrow morning, ten Am, at the revolving cafe. Bye!”

And she just went away, leaving Colin shaking his head.

When Colin was about to go home after work, he got a call from his father-in-law, Barker Lee.

“Colin, I apologized for Eva last night, just come over and let’s have another dinner, okay? After all, we’re still a family.”

“It’s nothing, Baker. Don’t worry, we will be there on time.” Colin replied to him in a hurry.

After hanging up the phone, he could not help sighing. Baker Lee was always nice to him, and if Eva Gray could accept him, he believed this family would be a good one.

Thinking of that, Colin called Doris to pick her up to the mall and get a present for his tough mother-in-law.

“You don’t have to do that.” Doris did not want to spend too much of Colin’s money.

“It’s alright. After all, I did have a bad attitude as well. ”

Unable to change his mind, Doris had to go to the mall with him.

“What about a necklace?” Looking at the luxuries one by one in the showcase, Colin asked.

“Yeah, it will work.”

Colin then took her to the Tiffany’ s, “Come on, Doris, you’re up. I know nothing about this kind of stuff.”

Doris nodded her head and started to pick.

“Ma’am, you can have a try-on for anyone you like.” The saleswoman put on a standard smile and told them politely.

Doris replied to her with a smile, too, and then after seeing the items shown particularly in a shop window, she was amazed.

It was a set, included a bracelet, a necklace, and a pair of earrings.

All three were studded with sapphires and diamonds, reflecting lights inside the window.

“Gorgeous!” Staring at them, Doris could not help praising.

Jewelry was deadly attractive to women, and in the light of the shopping mall, even a man like Colin could not help glancing at it, so not to mention a girl pursuing beauty like Doris.

Noticing the way Doris looked at the items, Colin smiled, “You like it?”

But after Doris was pulled back from her fantasy by his question, she shook her head right away, “No, I’m…um, it’s just not so bad.”

She loved it, while it was too expensive. It would cost 200 thousand!

Colin was confused though because he just saw the expression in her eyes.

Chapter 48: Jewelry

Later Doris Lee found an emerald necklace decorated with diamonds.

“180,000! That’s…”

Hearing her plaint, Colin Ward turned his head to watch, “That’s it, wrap it up, please.”

“Good choice.” The saleswoman was a little bit surprised because Colin and Doris looked like some ordinary people, but they just bought it freely.

Doris pulled Colin’s clothes in a hurry and whispered, “Wait, too expensive!”

“Don’t worry, Doris, that’s still affordable. Plus, I think Eva will really like it.”


Normally, for jewelry, thousands would be an acceptable price to her, while this necklace was mainly made of Emerald which was known as valuableness.

“You want to try these on?” Colin changed the subject quickly.

Doris looked to his direction and found he was pointing at the sapphire set…

“Well, okay.”

“Please, take them out.” Colin turned to the saleswoman.

“You got it, sir.” The saleswoman took the whole set out and put them on Doris one by one.

“How am I looking?” Doris glanced at Colin who was staring at her with mouth slightly open.

Colin then recovered to himself, “You look fabulous!”

Hearing his compliment, Doris could not help smiling. She watched herself in the mirror as if she was going to print this scene deeply into his mind.

“We’ll take these, too.” When Doris was taking them off, she heard Colin’s word.

“What…” She was taken back a little.

“Don’t you like it?” Colin smiled at her.

“I do, but…” Doris shook her head slightly, “But that’s too much.”

He already spent several hundred thousand dollars for her mother, so she did not want to cost him more, even though she did like it a lot.

“It’s fine, Doris.”

“Just don’t. I don’t really like it now.”

Colin was hesitating after hearing her words because he now was a little confused about whether Doris liked it or not.

“Sir, this ma’am here is being sweet,” The saleswoman said: “I can tell that she really likes it, but it’s obvious that she doesn’t want to put you to a lot of expense.”

With the explanation, Colin finally understood, “Wrap it up, then.”

Just after he said it to the saleswoman, two people came over. The man wore a nice, neat suit while the woman’s dress barely covered her butt.

The woman came to the counter, “The sapphire set, is it still here?”

And she answered herself after a glance, “Good, wrap it up for me, please.”

“Um…” The saleswoman was awkward.

“Excuse me, ” Colin turned to them, “We already bought it.”

“Who the hell are you?” Her voice was sharp, “I came here before and told them to keep it for me!”

“But you didn’t pay, did you?” Colin opened his mouth calmly.

“Ha!” The woman sneered, “Well, I’m paying right now! And I’m telling you this is mine!”

Doris frowned. She did not want Colin to spend too much money, but the woman was unreasonable.

“One minute ago before you claimed you were paying for it, we told the shopping guide to wrap it up already. Who’s that become yours?”

The woman glanced at Doris who tried to be reasonable with her, “Of course, it’s mine. I mean, look at yourself, can you even afford it?”

Both Colin and Doris did not wear some famous brands on them and based on that, the woman made her judgment.

The man glanced at them and found their faces familiar, but he could not recall his memory for a moment.

“Jenny, don’t waste time on these,” He twitched his mouth and continued, “people. Hurry up and let’s go for dinner.”

“Okay, babe,” The woman called Jenny turned to the saleswoman, “You heard him, I’m in a hurry. Go on and wrap it for me.”

“Use this card, ”Colin took out his emperor card and said to the woman, “You didn’t pay, so it’s not yours. End of story.”

The saleswoman was in an embarrassing situation. She remembered the couple who just came was a boss or something, while as for Colin and Doris, she did not meet them before but they did come first.

“What are you doing? I said more than one time to wrap it up for me!” The woman yelled in her sharp voice, “And the hell is this card? Is this some kinds of toys? Is this a joke?”

She did not know the emperor card Colin held.

“You don’t have to know what exactly it is. You just need to know that it’s beyond your level.” Colin held back Doris who was about to talk back and opened his mouth.

The man sneered, “Oh, boy, just get off my face. You shouldn’t show up in this place.”

“Trust me, ” Colin smiled, “It’s none of your business.”

“Why did these creatures are allowed to come here?” Them man turned to the saleswoman and complained.

“Sir, we have no right to stop anyone to come and leave.”

The saleswoman was dissatisfied with the rude couple as well, while the man was taken back a little because he did not expect her would say that.

“Okay, that we understand, but you’re running a business here. Why would you waste time on the countryman who could not afford the items!” Jenny opened her mouth.

Finally, Doris could not hold it back anymore, “The hell are you to judge us! Colin, we’re buying them!”

“Sure thing, ”Colin handed the card to the saleswoman, “Please, and the necklace, too.”

The saleswoman hesitated but still took the card, “Okay, sir. Wait for a minute, please.”

Both the man and the woman was stunned. As regular visitors, they did not expect the salesman would refuse them like this.

The man snorted, “What else do you want, Jenny? I’ll get another for you.”

“No, baby, I want this one~”

Holding her waist, the man laughed, “Fine, as long as you like it.”

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