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Chapter 470: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 470 Anna, You lied

“In my eyes, you are never a replacement.” Yulin said sincerely.

“Then how do you explain this?” Anna held the necklace up to him.

“If I say it’s just a misunderstanding, can you believe me “Yulin explained.

“No, I don’t believe.”

“I don’t know why Wei also has a necklace like this.” Yulin said sincerely. “Trust me, I don’t lie to you.

“I only believe in my own eyes.” said she coldly.

As for why Wei Yu had a necklace just like Anna’s, Yulin would definitely look into it. He was now more interested in Anna’s reaction to the matter.

“Even if I gave you a necklace that is the same as Wei’s, why are you so angry?”

“I …… I just …… don’t like to be treated as a substitute.” Anna stammered.

“You like me, right? Otherwise you wouldn’t care who you’re a substitute for.” Yulin said calmly.

“No, I didn’t, I just …just…” Anna hurried to explain.

Before Anna could finish, Yulin suddenly leaned down and kissed her.

This kiss was so sudden that Anna was not prepared it at all.

Then Yulin looked at Anna with affectionate eyes and said in a slightly husky voice, “Anna, you lied.”

“Yes, I lied. I have a crush on you. It’s just that I like someone I shouldn’t have liked.” Anna said. Then her tears flowed down her face. She told herself to be brave, but actually she was still afraid to confess her feelings to Yulin.

Yulin was going to tease Anna, but when he saw her cry, he was heartbroken.

He wiped away Anna’s tears and became serious. “If I didn’t like you, I wouldn’t explain this to you. If I saw you as my toy, I wouldn’t worry about you after I’ve used you.”

Anna sniffled and held back her tears. “Maybe you’re nice to me because you love toys.”

Yulin, who was serious, laughed out loud at her words. “Anna, didn’t my performance make you feel that I like you too?”

Anna was a little puzzled. “I …… don’t want to flatter myself.”

“I…. really like you.” Yulin said softly. Then he kissed Anna again.

This time Yulin kissed her tenderly, as if he was caring for a precious treasure.

Anna tried to stop Yulin from kissing her, but she couldn’t push him. Then she also gradually followed her heart and became addicted to his kiss.

The guests laughed when they saw Yulin and Anna kissing. But Wei Yu watched them from the side, clenching her fists.


The engagement party was held on a cruise ship, so it was impossible to leave early. Even though the party was boring, Anna could only endure it.

At this point she fidgeted a bit when she remembered that Yulin had just said he liked her. Bur she didn’t believe that Yulin would like her. “Is he just kidding?” Anna thought.

“Miss Xie, why are you here alone? Where is Yulin?” Wei walked behind her and asked gently.

Anna turned back and saw her at a glance. When she got closer to Wei, Anna realized that she was even more beautiful. At the moment Anna had a little inferiority complex.

“He went to the bathroom.” She said back.

Wei smiled. “I’ve known him for so long. It’s the first time I’ve seen him care so much about someone. It seems that he really likes you.”

“I don’t know.”

“What?” Wei asked, puzzled.

She looked up at Wei and forced a smile. “Nothing.”

“I feel sorry for Yulin. I hope he can find happiness of his own. I hope Miss Xie won’t let me down.” Wei said deliberately.

Anna felt that her affair with Yulin had nothing to do with Wei, so what Wei said made Anna feel strange.

“I know Yulin well enough. He likes to play pranks. He is that kind of childish person.”

“Does Yulin…… like pranks?” Anna was puzzled.

“Yeah, maybe you should advise him to stop pranking all the time.”

“Yulin doesn’t always listen to me.” Anna said, looking down

“I see he treats you very differently. He even says you’re his girlfriend. Does he dare not listen to what you say?”

Wei kept observing Anna as she said these words.

Anna just smiled lightly. “I’m still not quite used to people saying I’m Yulin’s girlfriend. From now on, I have to slowly get used to this.”

Hearing her words, Wei was a little sad. “Then I hope to hear good news from you two.”

Anna was thinking about what she meant by good news when she had already turned around to leave.

At the corner, Wei met Yulin.

Yulin looked at her, then at Anna. He frowned.

“Can you stop looking at me with that expression? I’m not trying to abduct your girlfriend.” Wei said to Yulin and then walked past him.

Wei knew that she and Yulin would never get together, but she was still jealous of Anna. After tonight, she was someone else’s fiancée, and then she and Yulin were on two completely different worlds.

Yulin walked up to Anna and asked nervously, “What did Wei say to you?”

“She didn’t say anything.”

“Then why do you have such a strange expression?”

“Your ex-girlfriend is so pretty. I’m just jealous of her.” Anna retorted.

“But her fiancé isn’t as good as your boyfriend. On that point, you win her over.” Yulin teased.

Anna laughed at his words. “Yulin, you are narcissistic.”

“What I said is true. I’m serious.” Yulin said.

Anna was silent. Watching the cruise ship getting closer to the shore, Anna stood up. “The ship is about to dock. We should go.”

Next, there was a dance that the young people enjoyed. Some elders would leave early. It seemed a little inappropriate for Anna to leave at this time. However, Yulin didn’t ask her to stay, because he didn’t like the occasion either.

Some of his friends invited Yulin to join them at the ball, but Yulin declined their invitation. He explained that he had to send Anna back to school.

After Yulin left, Wei felt that the ball was boring. Although she was the main character of the party, she didn’t feel happy at all. Instead, she felt that everything was so hypocritical now. She found an excuse and went back to the lounge. And her fiancé was still out socializing.

Seeing Wei return to the lounge, Qiaoqiao immediately stood up. She was the makeup artist who did Wei’s makeup today. Today, it should have been her teacher to help Wei with her makeup, but he had a temporary problem, so he let Qiaoqiao come here. She is smart and thoughtful, so she quickly gained Wei’s fondness. Sometimes they would chat a bit in their free time.

Seeing that Wei was sad, Qiaoqiao asked with concern. “Miss Yu, is there anything I can help you with?”

At this moment, Wei was thinking about Yulin and Anna. She was eager to find someone to pour out her bitterness.

“Yulin really likes that girl.” Wei’s voice was hoarse.

“Are you referring to the girl next to Yulin? She is my classmate.” Qiaoqiao said.

“Stop it. I don’t want to hear anything about her.” Wei shouted.

“Yeah, that kind of woman is indeed not worth our time to discuss her.” Qiaoqiao said with contempt.

Looking at Wei’s curious look, Qiaoqiao continued. “In fact, Anna has bad reputation in the school. There are all kinds of rumors about her. And if she doesn’t tempt Mr. Xiao, Mr. Xiao will definitely always like you.”

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