Chapter 471 – 472: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 471: Swallow The Herbs

Not only the Viper Monster, but also the Flame Monster. The body of Flame Monster was a different kind of beast. There was a record saying: “In the South Sea, there are Fire Mountains, and there are Fire beasts in the mountains. They are as big as a mouse, and their hair is three or four inches long, red or white. The mountains are almost three hundred miles away, you can see the fire in the dark night, it is the beast shining.”

Flame Monster stepped forward, “I used to have a treasure in the past, which can repair the Pill formation. Presumably it works on the Demon Pill. I would like to lend it to you.”

When the words fell, he took out a light bead.

Flame Monster ranked fifth, his strength was a little more powerful than Viper Monster.

Kris understood that there were advantages and disadvantages!

The advantage was that he gained the friendship of the two monsters, and the disadvantage was also obvious. The human practitioners will reject him if they know he made friend with monsters.

The struggle between the human race and the monster race had remained unchanged for millions of years.

There were a quite large gap between this two.

But did Kris care? No.

Who treated him well, he would accept it gratefully, even if they were monsters.

Any conspiracy was vain in the face of Kris who owned absolute power.

“Thank you, we will remember today!”

Kris accepted the light bead.

Seeing that Kris took the light bead, the voice of Flame Monster became quite soft, he was willing to accept the benevolent Practitioner of human race!

In the battle for thousands of years, the two races of humans and monsters kept killing each other, but in fact it was time to stop the fight.

People killed monsters, monsters ate people, also there were many love stories between human and monsters.

Even for millions of years, the half-monster race had been derived.

It was not tolerated by humans and also disliked by the monster race, they had been living very hard.

After that, Kris left with his three monsters!

When everyone saw him leaving, they also dispersed.

Back in his courtyard, Kris set up a formation.

Check the situation of the three monsters carefully.

Guantu was the most injured. Divine Soul and Demon Pill were all injured to different degrees. Kris directly grabbed a handful of Concentration Pill and stuffed it into their mouths.

Twenty thousand monsters were injured, their spines were broken, which can be healed by a handful of Vitality Pills.

As for Ironhead, apart from breaking a few ribs, he had almost recovered by himself.

And he even was quite taking care of his two brothers. Kris felt very relieved and grabbed a handful of Vitality Pills and let him swallow it.

As for the Essence Blood Pill, Kris did not dare to give them because he didn’t knew what was in it.

He did this mainly for safety.

Kris had no such concerns on that bead. He released Divine Spiritual Power and saw a pool in it, in that pool was all spiritual liquid. Kris wanted it so bad.

Of course, in the end, Kris restrained himself!

Throwing Guantu into the pool, Kris began to summarize the gains and losses of this battle.

His current status was not enough to support long-term battles. It was best to fight quickly.

The reason why he was able to slay the accumulated spirit monster was based on the benefits of Nameless Sword Tactics and the scarlet blood sword, of course along with his own physical strength.

Even the cultivation of golden earth light had to speed up, otherwise he will be very weak in the later period battle.

Strength improvement was also very important. After entering the Cosmos Sword Sect and sorting out himself, Kris decided to provoke the primal spirit.

Only by entering the primal spirit, his power will be qualitatively improved, which was not comparable to the Pill formation.

After summing up, it came to the most anticipated draw.

Tiger monster was also quite rich, he had spiritual stones, treasures, magic weapons, and elixir, even more rich than Shenyin monster.

After all, he was also an old monster and had lived for two thousand years, so he collected more treasures.

But these were all belong to Kris now.

What surprised Kris the most was the heart of the Tiger Monster and the tens of thousands of spiritual stones!

This was probably the most precious thing he got from the tomb of the Tiger Monster Emperor!

As long as the three monsters get these spirit stones and the heart of the monster emperor, they can definitely speed up their cultivation!

After clearing the collection of the Tiger monster, Kris took out the storage ring of Wood Monster.

This old guy was once a famous master. The treasure he accumulated shocked Kris.

There were no fewer than thousands of various spirit artifacts, more than two hundred Taoist artifacts.

Hundreds of millions of medium spiritual stones, tens of millions of spiritual stones, five million spiritual stones, hundreds of spiritual stones, there were also dozens of spiritual stones.

Great, so great!

This old guy carried his everything to the Cosmos Sword Sect, just to take root here.

There were tens of millions pounds of various treasures, tens of thousands of elixir, and thousands of precious herbs.

There were thousands bottles of magical pills, Kris also found a map in the storage ring of the Wood Monster. It seemed to be a secret realm of Taoism.

There was also the mark on that map.

Kris naturally wanted the treasure map.

Fortunately, he had the space ring to store all these treasures!

But Kris did not put everything together, he separated them in three places.

If one day, he was robbed by someone with a high level of cultivation, he would save some for himself at least.

Even little child knows that you can’t put eggs in one basket.

The storage ring he was wearing now contains only hundreds of thousands of Inferior Spiritual Stones. Tens of thousands of Medium Spiritual Stones and a few magic weapons.

For two days, Kris had been cultivating the Golden Light. The most difficult part was the first beam of light. As long as the first light was forged, the rest will come naturally.

Two days later, Kris smelted the lights of the three real fire, it can travel a hundred miles in a flash, but it was more energy-consuming and required about hundreds pieces of sword vital energy at one time.

But the power of it was also very good for fighting or fleeing.

The speed of the Taoist rite gradually slowed down.

The bell rang, everyone walked out of their closed courtyard. A huge island caught everyone’s sight.

Even if separated by hundreds of miles, everyone can still feel the hugeness of Yingzhou Island. It can be see as clearly a huge piece of land.

Only a hundred miles away from here, this island was huge enough for millions of practitioners.

After arriving at the destination, there was no imaginary welcome ceremony, not even a host.

It really disappointed many people.

The Moon Monster said to the crowd: “The disciples of the new entry will follow the elders group, go to the outer door and choose the Sword of Tao independently.”

The Cosmos Sword Sect held an loose regulations towards disciples, they were free to choose and cultivate by themselves. There were hundreds of Swords of Tao in the outer door, every of them had produced a prestigious power. You chose one and be its follower, then you cultivated.

At that time, the elders will be distributed by Jiyuan Monster, usually they had a ten-year observation period to see whether they will rebel or not. If they do, they will naturally be killed.

The inner door elders were different, they will have new trials when they enter the Cosmos Sword Sect.

In fact, the methods and effects were all the same, just to test whether they will do harm to the Sect.

Their ranks determined their status and position in the Sect.

The disciples who were responsible for arranging them before had now become guides.

Changying Luo took Kris to Yingke Mountain at the inner gate.

This mountain was thousands of feet high. Inscriptions can be seen everywhere, the records on it were the experience of sword cultivator for thousands of years, or the supernatural powers of cultivation.

Kris loved this style of the Cosmos Sword Sect, this environment was very much to the taste of him.

“Master, this is actually my calling stone. If you need it, please use this to call me back at anytime!”


Kris nodded and walked into the courtyard.

Although this small courtyard was not luxurious, it was very elegant. When you step into the courtyard, you will feel the sword energy of all kinds.

Sword Energy and sword intent were just like Tao. The sword energy and sword intent left by the mighty masters can even last for millions of years.

For example, the Sword Energy lake left by Kris Chen in Shiwan Mountain will not dissipate within 300 years.

The three monsters also looked around curiously. The scenery of the Cosmos Sword Sect was extremely beautiful. Kris warned: “Three of you, behave yourself, this is not your own place. Be cautious!”

The three shrank their necks and dared not to do things randomly.

I don’t know how long I will stay here. Kris took out a few spiritual stones and gave them: “You guys just cultivate here and try your best to make some progress!”

“Yes, master!”

The three noticed that Kris was with a serious face.

But the next second they were attracted by the spiritual stone.

Intuition told them that this thing was of great benefit to their cultivation.

“Three per person, don’t grab them, get out of the way and practice!”

Kris roared to them!

The three held the spiritual stone and went to practice happily.

Kris was not idle either, he took out the sword spirit herb and swallowed it openly.

Before breaking through the primal spirit, his strength had risen beyond the reach, now he can only start from the sword intent.

What a shame, Kris called himself a sword cultivator, but he still hadn’t even understood a bit of sword intent.

Although his attack was powerful, it was not elegant.

His sword element attribute was soil before, and when he absorbed the heaven penalty, he was contaminated with some thunder attributes, but this trace of thunder attribute was not strong enough.

Kris was wondering whether he should continue to strengthen his soil attributes, or to comprehend the thunder, he was a little bit hesitate!

Chapter 472: 70% Sword Killing Intent

But soon, Kris decided to use the Sword Spirit Herbs to enhance the thunder property.

With the growth of Sword Fetus, the earth property will became stronger and stronger, while the thunder property was full of power and gained the strongest power to break defenses.

To enhance the strength of Sword Spirit was currently the most suitable development for Kris.

Sword Spirit Herb incredibly enhanced the thunder in his body, and kept growing.

Sword Spirit Herb was very magical, one plant can increase the thunder for 1%.

And Kris had a hundred pieces of this herb.

Kris even wondered whether after taking these herbs, he could understand a hint of sword intent.

Without hesitation, he took another herb, and while his thunder was growing, Kris was also studying sword intent.

The thunder in his body roared, just at this time a thunderstorm began to fall in the sky.


After several thunders struck, Kris was immediately filled with a mysterious aura.

The raindrops around seemed to be hovering.

This is thunder electromagnetic field!

Kris desperately recalled knowledge about lightning in his mind.

Thunder and lightning were violent and destructive.

But under the tame of manpower, it can be turned into electrical energy.

He thought of the super-electromagnetic bomb. Thunder had a magnetic field. What if compressed the energy to the extreme and then threw it out?

Kris opened his eyes. He didn’t realize the sword intent, but unexpectedly thought of a sword move.

He simulated the scene of a cannon firing, with a steady stream of Sword Energy wrapped around his fingertips.

One, two, three… one thousand, one thousand five hundred, it had reached the top.

His fingers hold the full Sword Energy, and then kept compressing it.

One hundred beams of sword energy, two hundred, three hundred!

When he compressed to five hundred, Kris began to heat it up, then it was substantially changed.

It worked!

Kris’s eyes lit up, he continued to compress Sword Energy to six hundred, seven hundred… When it was compressed to one thousand, Kris’s finger had become a source of light, its temperature had exceeded a thousand degrees!

Let’s see its power!


Kris’s index finger burst out a ray of light, which was almost at its extreme and undetectable by the naked eye, surpassing the speed of sound.

In the next second, a mountain one hundred miles away was instantly penetrated by that sword light, and the its power continued to impact.

After breaking through two peaks in a row, it stopped.

Kris was totally shocked. It was so powerful! what about two thousand, even three thousand?

If this could work, this will definitely become the most dangerous weapon.

Using the least energy to exert the most powerful struck, everyone would like to use this.

However, he estimated that with his current physical limit, there were only at most 1,500 can be compressed.

The compressed energy can’t detonate, but it was lethal and can penetrate anything, but it can’t be mixed with too much earth properties, which will make his fingers explode.

There was another problem. He now had too little thunder in his body. The greatest effect of Sword Spirit Herb was to expand the sword intent. Incidentally, it can increase the power of thunder. If using Sword Spirit Herb to improve thunder, that would be too violent, it can’t exert his maximum strength.

It just so happen that he also needed to practice the Five Righteous Thunders, and then he will have to need the energy to develop and grow fast.

After thinking about it, Kris calmed down to comprehend sword intent.

When he had taken the tenth Herb, Kris saw a brief picture, which was a bright sword light.

It flew from above, crossed hundreds of millions of miles of ocean, and slashed on an ancient giant beast.

With a single strike, the ancient giant beast was cut into two, and the blood was splashed in the sky.

The picture was less than two seconds and passed by in a flash, but it left an indelible impression on Kris.

This sword light was emitted by someone, after flying hundreds of millions of miles, its power was still strong, at the end the sword smashed the giant beast.

It was too strong. If Kris had this kind of power, no matter who his enemy was, he can destroy him with a single strike.

Unwilling to stop, Kris took out ten Herbs in one hand and swallowed them in one bite.

The magical effect came on him again, the sword intent permeated, and countless kinds of sword intent came in his mind.

Many different kinds of sword intents which Kris had never heard of, were clearly skipped in Kris’s mind.

This was not enough, Kris swallowed ten Herbs again.

If someone see Kris doing this, he will definitely consider Kris a prodigal.

This herb was the supreme medicine for cultivation by sword cultivator. Ordinary people can hardly get one. Kris swallowed 30 at one time, yet he hadn’t realized anything. It indicated that Kris was weak on this.

But no matter how weak he was, Herbs will make up for it.

The feeling of mystery filled the whole body of Kris, he also caught a little bit of inspiration instantly.


There were countless sword intents wandering around Kris, but he ignored all that, he only wanted the Thunder sword intent!

He kept searching for it, and finally saw it flashing with thunder and lightning in a corner. Kris was so ecstatic.

Grasping the thunder intent, various insights flowed in his heart instantly. Although the power of thunder in his body did not increase, the sword intent soared.

The magnetic field around his body became stronger, not only the raindrops, but the stones on the ground were floating.

Not only that, the magnetic field of Kris’s body was still spreading outward.

In the room, the hair of the three monsters stood up, as if they had been slashed by thunder.

What happened?

The three monsters unexpectedly stopped their cultivation, ran out of the room, and saw Kris practicing in the courtyard.

They were curious, how could Kris, who had always been cautious, practicing outside today?

They looked at each other, transformed themselves into real bodies, and lay around Kris to protect him!

But they didn’t dare to get too close to Kris, because the powerful magnetic aura had disrupted the monster power in their bodies.

The continuous spread of the magnetic field, the sword monument and the remnant sword in the Yingke Mountain aroused, the energy rushed into the sky.

“This must be… someone is enlightening!”

Fifty accumulated spirits in Yingke Mountain flew out of the courtyard, they used their divine to swept across, soon they saw Kris, trying to gain sword intent .

Viper Monster and Flame Monster glanced at each other, and said: “Here is the Cosmos Sword Sect, you don’t do things randomly!”

Kris accepted the kindness of the two monsters, other practitioners had been jealous for a long time. Although they dare not fight Kris, they still can disrupt Kris’s enlightenment.

They know how important enlightenment was to practitioners.

There was an old saying that if someone was enlightened, even a quick death won’t frighten him.


A few accumulated spirit monster gave Kris a fierce look, in their eyes, Kris was a scum of human race, at this moment if Kris was not here, they had already began to attack.

The two monsters were still a few miles away from Kris, protecting him.

Kris successfully enlightened and aroused the resonance of Sword Energy, countless sword intents rose to the sky, Kris had never felt it so clear.

These sword intents seem to said, “Come to see me!”

But Kris was a faithful person, he would pick the one that suits him most.

Kris held his breath and concentrated on the sword intent.

Under the magical effect of Herbs, Kris understood a trace of sword intent. It was this sword intent that turned into the seed, under his cultivation, it quickly took root.

10%, 20%, 30%, 40%… after three days, his comprehension to the intent had reached 70%, after that, he got no progress anyway.

Kris was already very satisfied about this 70%. It has greatly exceeded his expectations.

Now he can easily beat the old him.

Opening his eyes, Kris stretched himself. It was also very gratified to see the three monsters cleverly protecting him.

“Congratulations, brother, you have achieved success in enlightenment!”

The two monsters slightly fell from the sky with a smile.

Kris was startled, and immediately understood what was going on.

He quickly got up and said to the two, “Thank you for protecting me!”

“You so lucky, I envy you, ha ha.”

Viper Monster smiled.

“I’m afraid that your accumulated spirit test will come soon.”

Flame Monster said.

Kris’s primal spirit can kill the accumulated spirit, it was hard to imagine that how powerful he will be after the accumulated spirit.

“They thought I was enlightening?”

Chen Yang thought to himself and didn’t argue with them, he said with a smile: “Please come in.”

Kris quickly reminded the three monsters to prepare food.

Of course it was not the meat of the Supreme Monster, but the meat of the spirit beast cultivated by humans, specially used for eating.

Of course, Kris will not eat the meat of the Supreme Monster in front of monster race, which was like the two monsters eating human flesh in front of Kris.

The two monsters had no requirements for food, as long as there was wine and meat.

“I’m here to toast two brothers.”

Kris directly called them “brothers” to get close them.

The two monsters couldn’t see through, they laughed and drank.

“Brother, here is your treasure, I return it to you today!”

Kris took out the light beads and handed them back.


Flame Monster took back the light beads.

He knew that Kris was not the kind of person who borrowed something but didn’t return it.

In fact, monster races were different from human races. They can make friends with anyone they like.

Kris also got the temper of the two monsters, and simply drunk without hesitation.

While they were drinking, one monster asked: “How do you see the relationship between the human race and the monster race?”

Kris was alert, finally they mentioned this sensitive topic.

He wanted to know about how human race think of them.

Kris thought for a while and said carefully: “We should maintain good relationship of competition. People kill monsters and monsters eat people. This is the way of nature, just like big fish eating small fish and small fish eating shrimp.”

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