Chapter 471: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 471 I Want To Be a Superstar

“If you hadn’t given up on him, maybe he would be the one engaged to you today.” Qiaoqiao Su said.

Wei Yu agreed with her words. If she didn’t propose to break up with Yulin, Anna didn’t have a chance to be with him.

“You’re right. I’m the woman who should be with Yulin.” Wei said.

“It’s all Anna Xie’s fault. She is not qualified to be Mr. Xiao’s girlfriend. I really want to make a fool out of her.”

Qiaoqia’s words had already made Wei start hating Anna. She was confident that even if she couldn’t be with Yunlin, she wouldn’t allow Anna to steal him away.

“Let’s talk about this later. Why don’t you help me fix my makeup?” Wei pretended to be calm. In fact, she was already planning what to do to fix Anna.

“Yes, ma’am.” Qiaoqiao took out her powder brush and helped Wei fix her makeup.


There were more customers in the dessert store today, so Anna was busy all morning. Only after noon did she have a rest.

When she looked up, she saw Chuxue Ye smiling at her.

“Miss Ye, why do you keep smiling at me? Is there something wrong?” Anna asked, puzzled.

Then Chuxue walked to Anna and patted her shoulder. “Have you and Yulin established a romantic relationship?”

Anna bit her lips, a little shy.

“Seeing you guys finally being together, I’m finally relieved too.”

“Why do you say that?”

“You two like each other, but you don’t show your love for each other, which makes me anxious.”

“Do you think that Yulin really likes me?” Anna asked.

Chuxue couldn’t help but laugh. “If Yulin didn’t like you, he wouldn’t have spent so much time with you. Now that you still doubt his love for you, I guess Yulin should be sad to know that you are asking this question.”

Chuxue’s words made Anna finally believe that Yulin was serious about their relationship. She believed in Chuxue’s words more than Wei’s.

And she and Yulin were in different classes. The gap between them was huge. Thinking about this, Anna was a little unhappy.

“Chuxue, do you think I am worthy of Yulin?” She asked.

“As long as you two like each other, it’s not a problem.” Chuxue said casually.

“But me and Yulin’s are in different class.”

“I believe Yulin won’t care about that.”

Seeing Anna’s distressed look, Chuxue nudged her. “Don’t think too much. Follow your heart and fall in love with him.”

“I’ve been unlucky for so long, and now I can’t believe I’m going to be lucky now.” Anna laughed bitterly.

“With Yulin around, no one will dare to bully you. From now on, you are going to have good luck.”

“But I don’t want to be protected by him all the time. That would make me feel useless.” said Anna.

“Then you can make yourself become stronger. In my eyes, Yiyao is that type of woman. She never relies on men and can handle anything on her own. I admire her the most.” Chuxue said.

Her words made Anna think through a lot. She turned her head to look at Chuxue. “I will try my best.”

Seeing that Anna had regained her energy, Chuxue was very happy.

During the afternoon Anna was still thinking about what methods she could use to become strong. But she soon noticed that there was a person who kept watching her.

The person’s gaze did not make her feel that he had malicious intent. It was just that Anna disliked being stared at.

Putting down this plate, Anna walked up to that man. “Hello, sir, may I ask if you need anything else?”

“No, thanks.” The man said.

“If you need anything, please let me know directly.”

The man nodded.

When Anna was turning to leave, the man called out to her. “Miss Xie. You have submitted your resume to my company, have you forgotten it?”

Anna’s face changed. She was a little surprised. “You’re from Shenyidu Entertainment?”

“Yes, this is my business card.”

Taking the man’s business card, Anna glanced down and found that he was an agent.

It was the first time that Anna talked to an agent. She was a little nervous and didn’t know what to say.

The man smiled at her, signaling her not to be nervous.

“What do you think of me?” Anna asked uneasily.

“I’ve seen your plays, they’re pretty good. Our company needs a group of newcomers recently. I wonder if you want to join us.”

“Yeah, I’m very glad to.” Anna hurriedly replied.

“Do you have time tomorrow morning at 10 o’clock?” The man asked.


“Then, let’s meet tomorrow and talk about this.” said the man, and then he left.

Knowing that she was going to sign with an entertainment company, Anna was happy all afternoon. Until Yulin came to pick her up, she was still smiling.

Walking to Anna, Yulin stared at her. But after a long time, Anna didn’t even notice him. This made Yulin very dissatisfied. He reached out his hand and waved it in front of her.

“What’s wrong?” asked he.

“An agent came to me today and said he wanted to sign with me.” Xiana said excitedly.

“And you’re happy about that until now?”

“That’s a very famous entertainment company. There are many stars there.” said Anna.

Seeing Yulin acting calmly, Anna suddenly thought of something. She grabbed Yulin’s collar and asked seriously, “You didn’t arrange this today, did you?”

“No, I didn’t do that. I don’t want you to be an actor. I’d rather you find another job.” Yulin said seriously.

“I just like being an actor.” said Anna.

“Yeah, that’s why I didn’t stop you. Since the opportunity has come, you just seize it.”

“Yes, I will.”

“Then I’ll buy you dinner and go celebrate it.” said Yulin happily.

However Anna shook her head. “I need go to the company tomorrow, so I have to go back early to have a good rest.”

“Okay, then I’ll drive you back to school.” Yulin said.

Anna was happy to see Yulin being so understanding. Previously, Anna thought that Yulin would be a domineering playboy, but after spending some time with him she realized that he was gentle and thoughtful. He would always give her help at the right time. She felt very lucky to be Yulin’s girlfriend.


Qiqi was discharged from the hospital today, so Anna went to the hospital to pick her up.

After careful recuperation, Qiqi had recovered as usual and looked good.

“It’s good to be healthy. I must cherish my time from now on.” Qiqi said.

Hearing Qiqi’s words, Anna smiled, and then wrote something in her notebook.

Qiqi was curious to see what she kept writing. She glanced at it and found that Anna was writing down various itineraries and notes for the day.

“Anna, you seem to be very busy today.” Qiqi asked.

Anna nodded her head. “I have to go to the company to shoot a commercial later, and then I’ll go meet the director. I’ll be back at school late today, so you don’t have to wait for me to have dinner together.”

“Why do you keep yourself so busy? Learn to relax.”

“I have to get busy so I can have a chance to be popular.” Anna smiled at Qiqi and said. “I want to be a superstar.”

Hearing this, Qiqi leaned on Anna’s shoulder. “I hope that day will come soon.”


On the way back to their dormitory, they ran into Qiaoqiao Su. She was cold. After seeing them, she turned around and walked away.

Seeing her like this, Qiqi snorted. “She acts as if we owe her.”

“Never mind. We don’t need to pay attention to her.”


Lying down in the bed, Qiqi was happy to be back to her dorm room.

Just when Qiqi was ready to sleep, Anna answered a phone call. Then she left the school in a hurry. Yulin Xiao was waiting for her at the door in a red sports car.

“I’m very busy today. Maybe I don’t have time to go out with you.” Anna said.

“I know you’re busy, so I’ll take you to the company.” Yulin said.

“That’s too high-profile.”

“What do you mean by high-profile?”

“Your car and your background are all too noticeable. I just joined the company, and this will make people gossip about me.” Anna explained.

She very serious, but Yulin laughed out. “I’m happy to hear your flattery.”

“I am very serious. I’ll get off at the corner of the company.”

“You think if you keep a low profile, people won’t know you’re my girlfriend? They must have studied everything about you. It would be better for you to just tell them that you are my girlfriend instead of letting others guess your relationship with me.”

She thought carefully about it and felt that what he said made sense.

Looking sideways at Anna who was thinking, Yulin rubbed her hair. “All right, don’t worry too much.”

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