Chapter 472: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 472 Why Did You Get Someone to Cut His Finger Off?

As Yulin Xiao said, everyone in the company knew that she was his girlfriend. Many people in the company buttered up Anna. This really bothered Anna. She felt like she got something that didn’t belong to her.

After putting on her makeup, Anna didn’t want to listen to the makeup artist’s blarney. So she made an excuse and went to the restroom.

Sitting on the toilet, Anna stared at the ceiling. She was trying to relax herself for the shoot later.

As Anna was trying to calm down, a few people walked in the restroom. Then they started talking.

“Why does Anna Xie get the lead position? Feifei is more experienced to be qualified to play a central role.”

“She is still a newcomer and has no strength at all. I really don’t understand why she’s getting the company’s attention.”

Feifei was angry at the unfairness, but she had to pretend to be calm on the surface. “Although Anna Xie has no strength, she has a rich boyfriend.”

“She’s just Yulin Xiao’s plaything. Sooner or later he will dump her.”

“When do you think Yulin Xiao will dump Anna Xie?”

“In two months.”

“That’s too long. I think he’ll dump her in a month.”

“If you win, I’ll treat you to barbecue.”

“Yeah, yeah, it’s a deal.”

Then they left happily.

Listening to their conversation, Anna had mixed emotions. She had known that they would talk about her. Although she was a little sad, she had to admit that they were right. Then she also left the restroom and went to the studio.

The scene supervisor saw Anna and immediately greeted her with a smile. “Miss Xie, are you ready? We are going to start shooting now.”

Anna nodded.

The music started and the models began to walk on the stage. Anna stood in the very middle with a big smile. But just as she was about to walk to her spot, someone deliberately stretched out leg and tripped her, which made her almost fall.

The director frowned at them and scolded. “What’s wrong with that one at the back? Can’t you even walk on stage?”

It was obvious that the director was blaming Anna.

Although it was not Anna’s fault, what everyone saw was that her mistake caused the interruption of the shooting.

“I’m sorry.” Anna apologized.

“Do over, and this time, mean it.”

Seeing that the director was stern with Anna, the supervisor was busy whispering something in his ear. Then the director looked at Anna with a strange look.

As for the others, they were all watching Anna for fun. They pretended to compliment Anna. Actually they didn’t like her.

When the morning shoot was over, the staff went to rest and the models went to the lounge. Only Anna wore high heels and practiced on the stage over and over again.

Just during the shoot, Anna could clearly feel that she was not as good as the others. They were professional models, while Anna was the first time on stage shooting commercials.

As Anna was walking on stage, Peng walked onto the set. He looked at her quietly.

“Anna, take a break.” Peng said suddenly.

Hearing the voice, Anna looked at him.

Wiping the sweat from her forehead, Anna smiled. “I’m not tired.”

“Your legs will be edematous, so the ad still doesn’t look good”

Hearing this, Anna’s smile became fixed. She didn’t expect that practicing hard wouldn’t solve the problem.

Anna sat down on the edge of the stage, a little frustrated. “Am I slowing everyone down?”

“You’re a newcomer. It’s impossible to adapt to these jobs all at once. You have to go through such a painful process. Once you get through it, you’ll have a chance to become a new star.”

What Anna didn’t expect was that Peng would encourage her so much. That deeply surprised her.

Peng smiled and continued. “You don’t have to care about what others say about you. Prove yourself to them with your own strength is more powerful than any words.”

“Thank you. I’ll keep trying.” Anna said gratefully

“Take a break. Well, keep it up. You might get lucky.” Said Peng, and he turned around and was ready to leave. But Anna called out to him.

“Mr. Peng, please wait.” said Anna.

Looking back at Anna, Peng asked. “Anything else?”

“Are you being nice to me because of Yulin?” Anna summoned up enough courage and asked. But as soon as she finished speaking, she regretted it.

Peng thought for a moment and did not return to her immediately.

“I’m not saying that you want to fawn on Yulin. Even if you are good to me because of Yulin, it’s normal. Oh, forgive me. I don’t even know what I’m going to say.” Anna hurriedly explained.

She was anxious to explain but she still didn’t make it clear what she wanted to say. She was so anxious that she pulled her own hair.

Peng couldn’t help but laugh. “I understand what you mean. But what I’m trying to say is that I signed you because I see your potential. It has nothing to do with whose girlfriend you are.”

Looking at Peng, Anna was grateful that he said that. “Thanks.”

“No need to thank me. Do your best.” said Peng.

Now, Anna became more confident than before. She took a deep breath and prepared herself for the rest of the work.

There would definitely be people trying to find trouble with her. But now she can already handle them with confidence.


After finishing the day’s work, Anna went back to school alone.

Originally, Yulin wanted to pick her up and take her back to school, but she refused his kind offer.

Yulin also seemed to be busy, so he didn’t insist on taking her back to school. He asked Anna to call him when she arrived at the school.

It was already dark when Anna returned to school. There were basically no people around. She was in a hurry, trying to get back to her dormitory soon.

After a busy day, she hadn’t eaten anything. Now she was already starving to death. Before leaving school, she remembered that Qiqi still had plenty of snacks there. Now she just hoped that Qiqi hadn’t eaten all the snacks.

But just as Anna was walking through the school gate, someone called out to her.

“Anna!” A woman shouted angrily.

“Auntie?” Anna was surprised.

The middle-aged woman slowly walked out from the shade of the tree. She glared at Anna as if she was looking at an enemy. Then she slowly approached Anna.

Anna had been afraid of her since she was a child. She was mean and could scold people for an hour without getting tired. So Anna tried to avoid her or kept silent when she saw her.

“You’re a celebrity now. It’s not easy for me to see you.”

Anna forced a smile. “Auntie, what are you doing here?”

“I want to see you, can’t I?”

“Of course you can, what did you come to see me about?”

“I know the last person you want to see right now is me.”


“You must have misunderstood me. If I had known you were coming, I would have found a restaurant and invited you to dinner.” Anna tried to wear a smile on her face.

“I’m not in the mood to eat right now.” She suddenly growled. “My son got his finger cut off because of you.”

Xiana took a deep breath. “What did he tell you about his finger being cut off?”

“He said he you wouldn’t lend him the money and then you got someone to cut his finger off.” Her aunt said angrily.

If she had a knife in her hand at this moment, Anna guessed that she would not hesitate to cut her with it.

“You’re really cruel. Why did you cut his finger?”

If it was before, Anna chose to keep silent. It was also because of her repeated compromises that her aunt kept bullying her. Now she wanted to fight back and not let her accuse her for no reason.

“He didn’t tell you the truth. He was the one who sold me out. If someone hadn’t saved me, I’d probably be dead now.” She looked up at her aunt and said.

However her aunt waved her hands. “My son couldn’t have done such a thing.”

“Just ask him yourself and you’ll know.” said Anna. She was about to grab her aunt’s hand and go with her to question her son.

But before Anna could touch her aunt’s hand, her aunt slapped her on the face.

“You’ve done something wrong and you still slander my son. Do you really think I believe you?” her aunt said angrily

“I didn’t lie!”

“Even if he sold you, you are fine now. But his finger was indeed cut off.” said her aunt.

Aunt’s words made Anna furious. It was obviously her son’s fault, but she still talked as if her son was the victimizer.

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