Chapter 473 – 474: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 473: Kris The Liar

The two monsters nodded and said nothing.

Even the two monsters were a little disappointed, thinking that Kris could have any unique insights, but nothing special.

At this moment, Kris said: “Actually, in my opinion, human and monster are equal!”

“Oh? you really think so?”

A gleam of light flashed in the eyes of Viper Monster.

“Of course!”

“In my eyes, there is no distinction between high and low as long as it is an intelligent life, but different races and different positions.”

Kris said: “Why starting a war to against their own race?”

“It’s all because of the resources, but they are good at using all kinds of nice words to cover up the sins they have committed. In the final end, the winner has everything.”

“The same goes for monsters. I believe that monster races are not monolithic, and there are internal disputes.”

Flame Monster nodded because he knew the conflicts among monster races were even more serious than in the human race.

“Does the same thing happen among human? Such things like people kill people or people eat people.”

Kris’s words silenced the two monsters.

Kris added: “Actually, you two asked me how I view the relationship between the human race and the monster race. This question is too vague, and the human race is beyond my control. The monster race is not under your command. What I think of the monster race, you can tell from my attitude towards the three little monsters.”

“How the monster race treats the human race is like the way you treat me.”

“There are good people and bad people, and there are good monsters and bad monsters. We can’t change others, we change ourselves to influence people around us.”

The two also agreed, they looked at each other, and said in unison, “Respect!”

Kris smiled: “Actually, the future of the human race and the monster race is not in you or me, but in the half-monster!”


Viper Monster was startled, but in the next second he understood what Kris meant: “Brother, you are right!”

Flame Monster also reacted. Half-monster was a combination of humans and monster races, accepting half-monsters can narrow the gap between the two races.

“You are truly a wise man!”

Viper Monster bowed to the ground and was so convinced.

Kris quickly lifted him up, “Don’t.”

“Since tonight, brother, I will be your follower.”

Flame Monster said sincerely.

“Haha, great, let’s be friends!”

Kris laughed.

In fact, the reason why the two monsters came to the Cosmos Sword Sect was all because of there was no discrimination here, and their purpose was to find the coexistence of humans and monster races.

But they were awakened by Kris today.

In fact, there was already a future in which monster races and human races coexist, and that was half-monster!

They talked with great enthusiasm, Kris came up with the initiative of a global village, a great and harmonious country, the two monsters were very excited about that.

Kris did not expect that he said so easy today that a huge country of appeared in Dongsheng Continent a few hundred years later.

There, humans, monster races, and half-monsters lived in harmony, and strict laws governed them firmly.

Among them, the most famous were the three founding emperors, one of which was the famous Diao the Great!

If Flame Monster just wanted to treat Kris as a close friend, now he considered him a true friend of life.

What Kris said, every word they loved it.

Every opinion he said was very insightful and practical.

How can a person come up with so many constructive opinions in a second? This showed that he had thought about it a long time ago.

What is a true friend? Only like-minded friends are called true friends. The proposal of Kris coincides with them.

“I can’t wait to become sworn brothers with you!”

“Well said, it is my honor to do so. If you have any difficulties in the future, I will not hesitate to help.”

“Me too!”

Flame Monster said.

“It is my honor to know you two brothers!”

In words, Kris called them brothers and they became closer than before.


The two monsters firmly grasped the hand of Kris, the three little monsters who watched were all over with fear because their owner might have some secrets with the two monsters!

The two monster stayed in the courtyard of Kris for a few days. Before leaving, he stuffed the three monster with a lot of good things, all of which can be used at present. In other words, they didn’t need these gift anymore.

Of course, they can keep these gifts as a token. In this way, Kris gained the unbreakable friendship of the two monster.


Finally Kris sent these two away.

Kris took a long sigh of relief. The two monsters were too long-winded, just like two curious babies, asking all the time.

Kris was almost annoying.

But in general, all this was still profitable.

Seeing Kris coming, the three monsters held their belongings tightly, for fear that he would snatch their belongings.

Kris glanced at them for a while and released them, for the sake of their masters.

Back in the courtyard, Kris did nothing and fell asleep on the bed.

Sleeping was he has always insisted on, no matter how high his cultivation level was.

Hearing the snoring sound coming from the room, the three monsters breathed a sigh of relief and went back to their room with joy to practice.

One month passed in a flash, and the month passed very peacefully. Except for the occasional visits of the two monsters, the people of the Cosmos Sword Sect seemed to have forgotten them.

In the past few days, Kris took another ten Sword Spirit Herbs and successfully gained 70% of the sword intent of the earth.

With this, his strength had once again been qualitatively improved.

If he confronted Shenyin Monster again, that guy would be beheaded with a single sword, even though he was already dead.

“It’s so boring, only eating and sleeping every day!”

“I want to find someone to fight!”

Iron-head was rolling on the ground and fighting with the sick. Now he wanted to rush out and find someone to fight.

Guantu also felt boring, but didn’t say anything.

The array of Liangwan has been opened to ten gears, and the fairy aura within one hundred meters had been taken away by him, and its monster power had already risen to the top.

At this moment, Liangwan was a little panicked: “Master, I feel it, thunder… is coming!”

“Don’t panic!” said Kris.

Guantu had a face that couldn’t believe it. Two months ago, Liangwan was just a beast with greater intelligence. Now he was about to become the Supreme Monster!

Liangwan’s mouth was full of bitterness. It had been four or five years since he stepped into the Beast King, till now he got the amazing feeling.

Kris successively deployed dozens of layers of defensive circles, which were connected to the end, and coupled with the superb spirit weapon previously given to him, it should be no problem for Liangwan to transform!

“Stay away!”

Kris took the two monsters and flew dozens of miles away.

The advent of Supreme Beast also cast dark clouds on Yingke Mountain.

The thicViper Monster clouds thundered and rolled.

A group of accumulated spirit practitioners also went out to check, within a second they know everything using their Divine Spiritual Power, it was the beast of Kris.

Suddenly they all lost interest.

Viper Monster and Flame Monster came out to see. They can naturally see that Liangwan was only ten years old. What were they doing when they were ten?

One has not yet activated intelligence, and the other was still digging holes in the ground.

And Liangwan was already going to become the Supreme Beast.

As long as he survived after becoming the Supreme Beast, he will officially become a member of the monster race.


The two monsters flew over.


Kris nodded, without much greeting.

Everyone was watching Liangwan.

At the center of the circle, Liangwan was a little scared, but thinking that Kris had deployed dozens of multiple circles, he was less afraid.

The first sky thunder arrived as scheduled and was directly offset by the circle.

Within half an hour, six sky thunders fell, all of which were offset by the circle.

This also surprised the two monsters.

Nine Thunder Tribulation, this junior was so talented!

Although they were also suffered from nine thunder tribulations back then, but they were intelligent and wild beasts.

But Liangwan was just an ordinary timber-wolf.

In the end, the two monsters came to a conclusion that it was all because he luckily met Kris, an extraordinary master.

With the dozens of heavy circles, it can be seen that Kris cared about Liangwan.

Being able to counteract the six sky thunders one after another, everyone knew that Kris was also very good in circling.


The seventh sky thunder bombarded down, and this time, the three outer circles were directly broken.

Tribulation became more and more powerful!

When the eighth sky thunder fell, there was only one big circle left by Kris. This last one was also the core of the circle, the strongest layer!

But don’t expecting it can block the ninth sky thunder.

Liangwan must go through this to prove himself. Kris had already helped him to block the eight sky thunders in front.

Kris was also strict to his beast.

Liangwan activated the defensive spirit weapon and changed the real body.

The ninth purple sky thunder fell, and the last circle only stopped it for one second then completely collapsed.

It pierced the defensive spirit shield again, and finally landed on Liangwan.

There was a sound of “crackling”, and in the thunder light, the breath of Liangwan was getting weaker and weaker!

Ironhead and the Guantu were also very nervous.

Although this two usually criticize Kris for spoiling Liangwan, they both regard Liangwan as a little brother!

Whatever happened, Liangwan never complained and ran to do things for them with a smile.

“Brother, hold on!”

“Liangwan, hold on, I will always be here waiting!”

After three minutes, lights were faded.

A large hole, tens of meters deep, appeared in the courtyard.

In the center of the big pit, Liangwan were burnt into coke.

Kris frowned and took the two monsters, flashed to the edge of the pit. At this time, the breath of Liangwan was already inaudible!

Chapter 474: Ushering Epoch


“Don’t go over there!”

Kris stopped Ironhead, and he felt a vitality in Liangwan’s body that grows from weak to strong, and finally the spirit Qi(kind of energy in the body) in a 100-meter radius seemed to be stirred by a big hand, and was continuously taken in by Liangwan.

It was the Spirit Storage Array imprinted within Liangwan’s body!

Gradually, Liangwan’s heartbeat grew stronger.

Ironhead heard it, and so did Tu Guan.

The two monsters arched their hands and said to Kris, “Congratulations, Kris, you have get another powerful aide!”

Kris also smiled.

From his storage ring, he took out thousands of extremely high quality spiritual stones and crushed them into pieces, and the majestic spirit Qi almost condensed into substance!

Kris pumped his spirit Qi in to the pit and covered the surface with array, allowing Liangwan to slowly absorb it and transform!

“Act now, you two go and find some food.”

After Kris’s words, the two monsters nodded in succession and ran off to their work.

The one person and two monsters just sat on the side drinking and eating meat as well as chatting, waiting for Liangwan’s metamorphosis to complete.

Three hours later, after drinking and eating enough, there was a change in the pit as well.


A bark was heard from the pit and the two monster races were confused, shouldn’t it be a wolf?

Were they wrong?

Kris withdrew the array and a big white wolf jumped up from the pit.

It licked Kris’s face, and even Kris had the illusion that he had really tamed the wolf into a dog.

Only Ironhead and Pipestu knew the reason.

But the two monsters tacitly didn’t say anything.

“Have you awakened any new aptitude?”

Liangwan shook his head and opened his mouth to spew out a dozens of meters of fire dragon!

Gorgeous, that’s a temperature that exceeds his inner alchemy!

Kris nodded, and now Liangwan deserved this power.

“Alright, change back!”

Liangwan nodded and transformed into a person, becoming a boy wearing a uniform again.

“Thank you, Master!”

Liangwan knelt on the ground, he would never have been able to get such achievements in his life if he hadn’t run into Kris.

“Stand up!”

Kris thought since the Beast King had made a quantum leap by breaking through the Supreme Monster and shedding his beast body, stronger array could be applied in Liangwan’s body.

When the two monsters left, Kris dragged Liangwan into the room and laid out several major arrays!

Liangwan also knew what his master was going to do, so he stood quietly by the side.

“Liangwan, next, I’m going to brand the Attack Array on your body, do you accept that?”

Liangwan knelt down, “I am willing to do that, as long as I can help master, I can sacrifice myself!”

Be loyal to Kris had firmly etched into his bones and soul.

“You don’t need to die, it’s just that the process can be painful, you have to endure!”

Kris didn’t say much, he thought and decided to create a Vulcan Array for Liangwan according to his aptitude.

This Vulcan Array was an intermediate Attack Array that could accumulate and compress fire spirit Qi and then blasted off!

Thus, Liangwan became a walking fortress!

But they still lacked a place the storage spirit Qi, and finally Kris came up with the idea of the Spirit Storage Array!

And Liangwan’s Original Acupoint was the key to lay the Spirit Storage Array!

The Original Acupoint was the only one that can do the job, other Acupuncture Points couldn’t applied in it. But it was very dangerous because it placed the Monster Soul.

Kris told Wan about the danger, and Liangwan agreed without hesitation.

Kris didn’t say much, and used his throat as a turret, tracing the lines of the Array along his throat bone.

Soon, it succeeded. But Kris didn’t activate it, instead he added restrictions to the Array.

“Liangwan, I am opening the threshold now, you must let me know if there is any discomfort!”

Liangwan had already turned into a wolf and nodded his head.

“First gear!”

The moment the Vulcan Array opened, Liangwan felt his throat heat up and had the urge to spew out fire.

“I am fine!”

Kris was relieved, it meant that the Vulcan Array had succeeded.

“Then I’ll continue!”

Kris raised the threshold, second, third, fourth, fifth… Up to 10th gear without any problems.

It seems that from Beast King to Supreme Monster, Liangwan’s physique has made a quantum leap!

After the shield removed, Kris said, “You are able to control the Vulcan Array, right?”

“I can!”

“See that big rock a hundred meters away? Blast it with a cannon!”

Liangwan nodded, after his power was compressed through the Vulcan Array, he used his tenth of force from the Acupuncture Points.


An extremely hot flame bomb was spewed out from his mouth.


In the blink of an eye, the tens of thousands of kilograms of boulders were instantly bombarded into fragments, Kris dashed to the center of the explosion and found that the centermost stone even crystallized.

And the flames hadn’t dissipated, they were burning on the surface of the debris!

The flames were very powerful!

Although it consumed a lot, Kris was satisfied with the power of the Vlucan Cannon.

He returned to his room and upgraded the Spirit Storage Array in Liangwan’s body to an intermediate level, as the monster physique became stronger, Kris opened the threshold to the maximum in one breath, Liangwan didn’t feel uncomfortable or had the feeling of his body being burst.

Kris thought that it was time to help him brand the superior Array, which could greatly enhance Liangwan’s strength.

First, he upgraded the Vajra Array to the Defensive Formation and when the threshold was opened to the seventh gear, it was forced to stop.

Kris took an supreme Spirit Weapon and wielded a Sword Energy, of course, Sword Energy was only as powerful as the full force of the early stage of Pill Formation!

This Sword Energy was blocked in an instant.

Just one blow was not enough to test the strength of the Defensive Formation, after a hundred Sword Energy swings in a row, Liangwan was still unharmed, Kris knew that Liangwan couldn’t be hurt by a Practitioner in the early stage of Pill Formation!

Then Kris increased his attack, but there was still no problem even be attacked by the Middle period of Pill Formation.

This was scared!

Kris even envies such physical defense.

Afterwards, Kris used the strength of Later Period of Pill Formation and the Defensive Formation also caught up perfectly.

The stronger Liangwan’s body became, the greater the power the Defensive Formation was.

Finally, Kris enhanced the strength into the Middle Period of Primal Spirit. Theoretically, the advanced Defensive Formation could withstand the full force of a Primal Spirit’s full attack.

However, at this time, the threshold was only opened to seventh level, so the protection ability was not fully used.

When Liangwan had completely adapted to the Array, he could do whatever he want. Under the Accumulated Spirit, he had no restriction!

The intermediate Spirit Storage Array had also been upgraded to a senior Spirit Storage Array, Liangwan had absorbed all the spirit Qi within 700 meters. That was terrifying!

Liangwan was normal with common Acupuncture Points that absorbed spirit Qi in a slow manner. However, with the high-level Spirit Storage Array, the speed of absorbing spirit Qi was even faster than the divine-grade Acupuncture Points.

Kris had upgraded the Vulcan Array also upgraded into Advanced Vulcan Array, and its strength was once again increased tens of times, not only the temperature of the flame, but also its power.

But unfortunately, it could only be adjusted to sixth gear.

Kris was also satisfied with it.

With the increase of Liangwan’s strength, it was only a matter of time before the threshold opened up to full capacity.

The three major Arrays of Defense, Spirit Storage and Attack had all been figured out.

Now Kris was ready to solve the Original Acupoint which was also the Spirit Storage Array.

There was a limit for the flesh body’s to store spirit Qi, and so were the Acupuncture Points, and when the spirit Qi was absorbed to a certain level, it would be useless to reabsorb.

But the Spirit Storage Array could solve this problem perfectly.

Store the excess spirit Qi.

You can imagine it as a large warehouse or a second Original Acupoint, although this one relied on the first one.

Kris asked Liangwan to close down all the big Arrays in his body, and then Kris started to make a Array in his Original Acupoint, this step was very dangerous, but once successful, Kris would be the winner.

This also meant that the Acupuncture Point can also open up the Array, so there was a large room for operation.

One hundred and eighty Sword Spirit was nothing, it was possible to create one thousand and eight hundred Sword Spirit if he outlining the Array and using the mustard space to expand the Acupuncture Space!

At that time, he would be able to release Sword Energy without limit.

Thinking about that, Kris was inexplicably excited.

Pressing down the excitement, Kris calmed his heart.

At first, Kris didn’t make an advanced Spirit Storage Array, he was afraid of accidents, so he began to outline the lowest level of Spirit Storage Array.

In this way, even if something happened, the damage could be minimized.

One tactic pattern, two tactic patterns, three…

Because of the tension, Kris took half an hour to carve the low level Array.

When tactic pattern were all branded, the most tense moment came.

“Liangwan, I’m going to open the threshold now, you must tell me if there’s any problem!”

Kris’s voice was trembling.

“Yes, Master!”

Liangwan didn’t understand how risky and crazy the things were.

Once succeed, Kris will start a new era, and the road ahead before Liangwan would be smooth.

“First gear!”

The moment the Array opened, Liangwan felt the Monster Soul inside the Ancestral Acupoint become restless, and constant spirit Qi was transfused into his Ancestral Acupoint.

“Is there a problem?”

“No, go on!”

Liangwan said!


“The second gear, any questions?”

“Still no!”

Liangwan only felt the Monster Soul inside the Ancestral Acupoint had changed from restless to calm. The Monster Soul was only three inches in size, so it could absorb huge amount of spirit Qi on top of the Ancestral Acupoint.

“It worked, it worked!”

Kris Yang’s heart beat wildly, the fact that the Ancestral Acupoint could outline Arrays means that other Acupuncture Points could do as well!

“I’ll open the other Arrays now!”

Open Advanced Vajra Array.

Open Advanced Vulcan Array.

Open Advanced Spirit Storage Array.

The spirit Qi of a seven kilometer radius was once again agitated and absorbed into the body of Liangwan.

This time, it wasn’t incorporated into the Acupuncture Points, but instead be absorbed by Ancestral Acupoint.

“Is there any discomfort?”

“No, all is well with the Ancestral Acupoints!”

“Okay, I’ll keep going!”

“Third gear, fourth gear, fifth gear… Tenth!”

Kris roared it out!

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