Ouyang Fei used to think that Chuck Cannon’s family was a bit rich, but compared with the four big families, it was rubbish, a thousand miles away!

That’s why she had the idea of letting Qian Yueying deal with Chuck Cannon. She took a photo and sent it to Chuck Cannon.

But she never expected that Chuck Cannon was even better than the four big families!

So how much does Chuck Cannon’s family have? ?

Ouyang Fei felt that she was dreaming. She had more tears. Her family had some money, but compared with the four major families, it was completely incomparable.

When the Qian family wanted to kill themselves, their parents were absolutely too scared to let go.

I am dying.


Ouyang Fei begged in fear, tears rustling, “Chuck Cannon, please help me, I know I was wrong, and I don’t dare anymore, please, I know that just one sentence will do, please help me with a good thing Okay, okay?,”

Chuck Cannon can rectify the money family, so he must just say a word!

Chuck Cannon is indifferent!

If you do something wrong, you will be punished! !

“Chuck Cannon, you save me, I will stay with you, stay with you for a year, five years, ten years… Oh, save me, me, I still have pictures of Qian Yueying in my phone, Can I send it to you? , More beautiful, I will give it to you, all to you, you save…ah!!!”

Before Ouyang Fei finished speaking, Qian Yueying kicked Ouyang Fei angrily. How many photos did you take of me?

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. At that time, Ouyang Fei uncovered her quilt, sure, definitely… she was furious!

Ouyang Fei fell to the ground, clutching her belly and screaming!

This is kicked by high heels!

Ouyang Fei was about to faint in pain. She was full of tears, and she crawled over and embraced Chuck Cannon’s leg, “Chuck Cannon, save me, I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die, ooh.”

She was really scared.

It occurred to her that when she took Qian Yueying’s photos, she would die, she hadn’t thought of it at that time!

How else would she dare to do this??

Chuck Cannon looked down at her, still indifferent!

Ouyang Fei cried with tears and kept her arms around Chuck Cannon. Qian Yueying came over to grab Ouyang Fei’s hair. Ouyang Fei screamed, but she hugged Chuck Cannon’s legs and held on, “Chuck Cannon, woo, Chuck ……”


Qian Yueying slapped Ouyang Fei’s face. Ouyang Fei was confused by the slap. Qian Yueying seized the opportunity and dragged Ouyang Fei’s hair to drag her away. Ouyang Fei let go, but she woke up. At that time, horrified, “Chuck Cannon, I don’t want to die…”

“If I kill you, Chuck Cannon will forgive me.” Qian Yueying sat on Ouyang Fei angrily, choking her neck.

“You got me wrong. It’s your business to kill her. Your Qian family would still become a pauper.” Chuck Cannon said lightly.

This Chuck Cannon will not change!

Qian Yueying was wrong first, Ouyang Fei only aggravated this misunderstanding, and in the end, it was Qian Yueying who did it herself.

Chuck Cannon said that he must do it to make her Qian family a pauper!

“Chuck Cannon.”

Qian Yueying, who was pinching Ouyang Fei’s neck, was stunned. Tears burst into her eyes. She came here to beg Chuck Cannon!

Then she met this person who harmed her.

She wanted to kill people beyond her control, but Chuck Cannon still said that, and she suddenly lost strength.

The pressure of the entire Qian family, the grievance and pain of being beaten by people in the family, suddenly fell on Qian Yueying’s heart again, and she collapsed!

Tears flowed out, and she was truly pitiful in such an instant.

Qian Yueying’s temperament is different, and when she cries, it is tears and pear blossoms, which makes people love.

“If you let me go, OK, OK, please, please,” Qian Yueying cried.

“I said, I must do it.” Chuck Cannon is indifferent.

“How on earth can you let me go and what should I do?” Qian Yueying collapsed and became helpless, so what’s the point of her killing Ouyang Fei??

She had tried everything she could in the past few days. She was unwilling to accompany Chuck Cannon. She was unwilling to ask Chuck Cannon but then also she even gave up her self-esteem.

She had no choice.

Ouyang Fei, who was sitting by her, seized this opportunity and pushed her away, and Qian Yueying fell to the ground.

Ouyang Fei got up with fear and ran, stumbled and ran out, fleeing here.

Chuck Cannon glanced at her blankly.

“Chuck Cannon, what do you want me to do, can you please?” Qian Yueying crawled over.

She felt great sadness.


She couldn’t help at home, and she was under such pressure alone.

“I already told you clearly,” Chuck Cannon shook his head.

Qian Yueying slumped on the ground, crying silently, she had nothing to do, the Qian family was about to finish…

“Huh, huh!”

Ouyang Fei ran out, her face pale and fearful.

She was almost choked to death by Qian Yueying just now.

She was terrified, Qian Yueying only wanted to kill her at that moment!

Soon, she resented!

He begged Chuck Cannon so much, but he still didn’t save himself. Does he really think he is an onion?

I don’t beg you! go to hell! !

Ouyang Fei found a place to hide, she sneered, this kind of smile appeared on her pretty face, it looked very hideous!

She took out her phone and looked through Qian Yueying’s photo!

Yes, she didn’t lie to Chuck Cannon just now!

There are more pictures of Qian Yueying in her phone!

Even more amazing!

She didn’t send it to Chuck Cannon. At the time, she thought, why should Chuck Cannon be cheaper? Surely not!!

“Qian Yueying, Qian Yueying, you actually want to kill me, okay, I will post your photo, and see how you will see people afterwards!”

Ouyang Fei said with a sneer.

However, she looked up and suddenly saw a man, the man who just ran away.

She was angry all at once!

Angrily walked over!


Ouyang Fei slapped the man hard on the face, “You, dare to show up in front of me?”

She was really blind, and let such a coward pick her up!

Just a moment ago, I left myself and ran away like a tortoise with its head shrunk!

The man touched his cheek, “Are you okay?”

The man was a little surprised.

Yes, when he was standing next to her, he already knew the ins and outs of the matter. When he learned that Ouyang Fei actually took Qian Yueying’s photo, he was shocked, and then he wanted to see it. After all, Qian Yueying But the super beauty!

Why doesn’t he want to watch it?

But ah, Ouyang Fei must be dead for such a thing!

How can you come out alive?

Men thought they were wrong just now!

“My mother is fine, of course, do you think I depend on you?” Ouyang Fei was angry!

“You escaped?” The man touched his nose.

“What’s up with you? Get out! Don’t show up in front of me again!” Ouyang Fei pushed the man away hard.

But, her hand was caught.

She was angry, raised her hand and slapped the man, but the man grabbed her hand with a sneer on her face.

“Let it go? Do you dare to touch me?” Ouyang Fei was angry, dare to touch herself with this evil pen? It’s just a plaything of my own.

“You should have died, so before you die, make me happy. This is what you should do. After all, for so long, why do you really think I’m so good to you?” The man sneered, revealing that there should be something The ferocious!

Yes, he has known Ouyang Fei for so long, and what he is waiting for is today, how could he let her go??


“What did you say?” Ouyang Fei scolded angrily!

“I said you take me as a plaything, you are in my eyes, why aren’t you also a plaything? Hey, since you are a plaything, then I must play with you.” The man slapped Ouyang Fei on the face.

Snapped! !

This slap was too heavy, and suddenly it came down, so Ouyang Fei was stunned.

The man dragged Ouyang Fei into the car. Ouyang Fei was pulled in pain, and she reacted, “You, what do you want to do? Do you dare to hit me, you hit me suddenly??”

Ouyang Fei was furious, she struggled, but how could her strength be as big as a man’s?

She struggled to no avail.


The man slapped Ouyang Fei’s face again, she was terrified, “Wen, what are you going to do? No, no…”

She grabbed the things next to her and didn’t let the man drag her away.

But the man glanced at her and hit Ouyang Fei’s stomach with a fist. Ouyang Fei screamed, clutching her belly, fell to the ground, hummed, stopped moving, and was stunned by the fist.

The man lowered his head and glanced at her, grinning, “You played with me for so long, and you screamed at me. Today, it’s you!”

After the man said, he carried Ouyang Fei up.

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