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Chapter 473: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 473 I Hope You Don’t Regret

“You’ve never seen me as part of your family, have you?” asked Anna.

“Yes, you are just the lowly wretch. Even if you die, no one will grieve for you.” said her aunt.

Anna pursed her lips gently, and then looked up at her aunt. She knew her aunt had disliked her since she was a child because her aunt discriminated against girls. Now that Anna was older, she would no longer tolerate her bully.

“He has to be punished for his wrongdoing. Breaking one of his fingers is what he deserves.” said Anna.

“You bitch, don’t you dare talk to me like that. I will rip your mouth out today,” her aunt yelled.

“Did you come to me today just to teach me a lesson?” Anna said calmly. “If so, I don’t have time to waste with you here. I’m leaving.”

“Hmph, you made my son break a finger. I can’t let you get away with that.” She said with her head held high.

“You’re looking for me just for the money, aren’t you?” asked Anna. She knew these relatives of hers well. No matter what reason they had, it was all about money.

She took out a bank card from her bag. “There are five thousand in this card.”

However, her aunt didn’t care these five thousand. She pushed Anna’s hand away. “You’re just going to give me five thousand? Do you think I’m a beggar?”

“Then how much do you want?”

“At least one hundred thousand.” said her aunt.

Anna laughed. “One hundred thousand? Do you think I run a bank? I don’t have that much money.”

“This is what you should pay. One hundred thousand dollars for a finger, I still think it’s less.” said her aunt.

“It’s not that you think it’s less, but your son’s debtor thinks the amount is appropriate, right?”

Her aunt was obviously told what was on her mind, and then hurriedly said, “Don’t talk nonsense. Give me the money quickly.”

“If you keep spoiling your son like this, he’ll really be ruined.”

“Just give me the money, the rest is none of your business.”

“But I don’t have that much money.”

“No money? Hmph, you’re really a miser, just like your parents.” Her auntie snored. Then she stared at Anna’s face with a grim smile.

“You can make money because of your face. If I ruin your face, do you think you’ll still have a chance to make money?”

“Auntie, you are also an elder. What you’re doing is really not how elders should do.”

“What I did was reasonable. It was you who angered me. If you can give me the money, I don’t want to waste my time with you.”

Then Anna handed the bank card to her aunt again. “I’ve already said I don’t have so much money. That’s all I have.”

“You’ve really got on my nerves,” her aunt said. Then she grabbed Anna’s hair while reaching out to pinch her neck as hard as she could.

Anna was grinning in pain, but she couldn’t fight back. So she could only dodge her. At that moment, her cell phone fell out of her bag.

Before Anna could pick it up, her aunt snatched the phone away.

“Your phone looks valuable.” said her aunt

If she could solve the trouble with a phone, Anna would gladly give this phone to her aunt. But this phone was given to her by Yulin Xiao. If he found the phone missing, he would definitely ask her why. At that time, he would definitely find trouble with her aunt.

Just when her aunt was happily playing with the phone, the phone suddenly rang. She was trying to turn off the phone, but she didn’t know how to use it and she picked it up instead.

As soon as the phone was on the line, Yulin’s low voice came from the other side.

“Anna, didn’t I tell you to call me? Why didn’t you call me?”

Anna was just about to speak when she heard her aunt say, “This phone is mine now. If you want to find her, think of another way.”

Her words made Yulin frown. “Who are you?”

However, her Auntie hung up the phone directly.

Anna originally did not want Yulin to get involved in this matter, but now it was impossible to hide it from him. He would definitely look for her aunt and teach her a lesson.

“Aunt, I suggest you return the phone to me, otherwise you will be out of luck.”

Her aunt happily looked at the phone. There was no way she could give the phone back to her. She didn’t hear the apprehension in Anna’s tone and just thought she was threatening her.

“Shut up.” She reprimanded.

Anna patted the dust on her body. “I’ve already given you advice. I hope you don’t regret when people come after you later.”

“Humph, don’t intimidate me. You’d better think about how to earn money for me. Otherwise, I will definitely pester you every day.”

“If you have time to come after me, why don’t you educate your son properly?”

Her auntie snorted coldly. “If I could make him listen to me, why would I need to come to you to listen to your nonsense?”

“If you took out a tenth of the mind you used against me on your son, he wouldn’t have become what he is today.” Anna said.

“It’s is none of your business. Remember to prepare one hundred thousand yuan. Or I will ruin your face!” her aunt said, and then she left.

Anna sighed and felt she needed to be tougher with her aunt in the future and not be soft on them anymore.

When she returned to her dorm room, Anna listened to Qiqi talking on the phone.

“She’s already back.” She said into the phone. Then she hung up the phone.

Seeing Anna with blood at the corner of her mouth, Qiqi asked her worriedly

“Anna, what happened to your face?”

Only then did Anna remember that she had just been slapped. Sitting in front of the mirror, she found a palm mark on her cheek and a little blood at the corner of her mouth.

“Today I was slapped by others in order to perform more realistic in a play.” She explained casually. “Who did you just call?”

“It’s Yulin. He asked me if you were back yet.”

Anna nodded gently and didn’t say anything.

But Qiqi had a question in her mind. “Why didn’t Yulin call you?”

“I lost my cell phone.”

“So that’s how it is. Then you ……” Qiqi wanted to ask her something more, but Anna had already gotten up and gone to the bathroom to take a shower.

Qiqi intended to wait for her to come out before asking her. But when Anna came out, she was already asleep.


Taking the phone back home, Anna’s aunt was very happy.

She took out the phone and put it in front of her cousin. “Son, look at it, this phone is worth a lot of money, right?”

Her son was playing a game and casually glanced at it. “It’s a valuable item. Where did you get it?”

“It’s Anna’s.”

Instantly his smile became fixed. “You went to her for money?”

“She broke your finger. Of course I’m going to ask her for money.”

“Didn’t I tell you not to go to her?” He said angrily. “Now, she has backers. We can’t go messing with her.”

Faced with her son’s warning, Anna’s aunt didn’t take it seriously. “No matter who her backer is, I’m not afraid. I’m her aunt. She wouldn’t dare disobey my words.”

“I can’t explain it to you,” said her son impatiently. “Anyway, give Anna the phone back.”

“I’ve brought it. I’m not giving it back. It is mine.” said she.

Her son was upset, but Anna’s aunt didn’t care about his words. Just as he was about to reach out and grab it, a group of people barged in.

He thought a debtor had come to the door and quickly ran to the door. When he pushed open the window and was about to jump, someone yanked him by the collar. Then he fell hard to the ground.

Anna’s aunt ran to her son and reached out to shield him. “Help, someone is going to kill people.” shouted she.

“Don’t worry. I won’t kill you.”

Yulin slowly walked up to them. He waved his hand to signal his man to let go of him.

“So it’s not a debt collector.” Anna’s aunt breathed a sigh of relief, and then she began to look up and down at Yulin. For aunt, seeing Yulin was much better than seeing a debt collector. But to her son, he would rather be beaten up by a debt collector than face Yulin. He knew that this guy acted arrogantly and did not follow the usual rules, and he did not know which of his words would offend him.

“May I ask what Mr. Xiao wants to do here?” he asked uneasily.

Before Yulin could say anything, Anna’s aunt yelled back. “Isn’t he Anna’s boyfriend? There’s no need for you to be afraid of him.”

Hearing what she said, her son’s face went white. “Mom, please keep quiet.”

“I just can’t stand to see you acting so cautiously.” said she.

“I am Anna’s aunt. I haven’t agreed for you to be with her. Hey, forget it, seeing that you guys have a good relationship, I’ll agree to let you be together. According to custom, you, as a junior, have to give me some gift when we first meet.”

“I don’t talk to stupid people, give me Anna’s phone.” Yulin said coldly.

“Why are you so rude? I……”

“Mr. Xiao, the phone is here.” Her son interrupted her, and respectfully offered the phone with both hands.

“Why did you take out the phone?” said Anna’s aunt.

“Mom, you should stop talking. If you anger Mr. Xiao, he may burn our house down!” her son said fearfully.

“More than that, I will have someone beat you half to death and throw you into the street.” Yulin added.

“You ……” Anna’s aunt wanted to say something more, but her son asked her to kneel with him in front of Yulin. “Mr. Xiao, we were wrong. Please forgive us. I promise that my mother will never go after Anna again.”

However, his admitting his fault did not relieve Xiao Yulin’s anger.

“You know that Anna is my girlfriend, and you still dare to find trouble with her. You’re ignoring me?”

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