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Chapter 474: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 474 Why Do You Suddenly Ask Me to Live with You?

“Please don’t hurt us. I promise we will never bother Anna again.” said her son.

“Remember if you pester her again, I will absolutely kill you all.” said Yulin, then he left the room.

When Yulin left, her son’s back was already moistened with sweat. He collapsed on the ground.

Anna’s aunt thought it strange. “Son ……” asked she, but she was interrupted.

“Can you stop getting me into trouble? Are you trying to get me killed?” He suddenly stood up and yelled.

“Is Yulin Xiao that powerful?”

“Many big shots in the capital have to give him face.” said her son.

Having just had his finger cut off, he was also indignant and wanted to seek revenge on Yulin. But before he could do it, he gave up on such a foolish idea. He thought that he had no power to fight Yulin.

Hearing her son’s words, Anna’s aunt frowned. “How did Anna get a boyfriend like that?”

“I don’t care how she got such boyfriends. I just want to stay away from them.”

“No, that’s our chance. We must keep in contact with her.” Anna‘s aunt said with a laugh.

“What do you mean?”

“Since Anna has such a boyfriend, let her help you put in some good words in front of him, then you’ll have a better future.”

But her son shook his head. “I’ve already offended them, how could they possibly help me?”

“We are Anna’s relatives. She’ll forgive us. Besides, before I was going to her for money. Now, I’m just asking them to give you a chance, and they may not refuse.”

“You have a point, but ……”

“Don’t worry, I’ll go to them.”

Her son still looked at her in disbelief. “Will you be able to do it?”

“Definitely, I will help you out!”


After finishing the day’s work, Yulin Xiao came to pick up Anna. Leaning against the car window, Anna was looking out at the street light and lost in thought when suddenly Yulin put the phone in her hand.

“Don’t let others snatch it away again.” said Yulin softly.

“You’ve met my aunt?”

“Well, yes.”

“You …… didn’t hurt them, did you?”

“I just threatened them.”

Then Anna was silent.

After waiting for a moment, Yulin asked, “You don’t have anything else to ask?”

“What else do I have to say?”

“I thought you would let me stop looking for trouble with them.”

Anna laughed softly. “I can forgive people who hurt me once, but I don’t always forgive them. From now on their affairs have nothing to do with me.”

After the car drove for a while, Yulin suddenly said, “Anna, I think you’d better move in with me.”

Anna was originally very relaxed. Once she heard this, she immediately got nervous.

“Why do you suddenly ask me to live with you?”

“I think it’s convenient for you to live in my house. You sometimes have social engagements. But in order to get back to school in time, you have to leave early. This will make you miss a lot of opportunities.”

Anna all knew that he had a point. Just like today, there was a celebration reception that would probably last until midnight. She had to get back to school on time. So she could only be absent.

She let out a sigh. “I understand.”

“So, you agree?”

“You seem to be happy that I move in with you?”

Yulin smiled. “You are my girlfriend. Of course we have to live together, don’t you think so? I’m so looking forward to the intimate things we’ll do.”

His words made Anna blush. “Even if I live at your place, it’s only for the convenience of work. I won’t have any intimacy with you.”

“Fine, I’m just, you know, saying.” said Yulin, but his eyes were full of expectation.

“No, sometimes you don’t keep your word. I still can’t trust you.” Anna said, and then she frowned and thought for a while. “I’ve got an idea.”


“I’ve thought of a way. But I’m not telling you.” Anna said excitedly.

“I will know it sooner or later.”

Looking at Anna smiling happily, Yulin also smiled.

After returning to the dormitory, Anna and Qiqi talked for a long time. Finally they decided to go online to look for rental information. But the places they looked for were either inconvenient or too expensive.

For the past few days, Anna was constantly looking for rental information. She kept staring at her phone with a frown.

Seeing Anna always staring at her phone, Yulin was puzzled. “What are you looking at?”

“I’m looking for rental information. I decide to rent a room outside the school with Qiqi.”

Yulin was a little confused.

“Qiqi is preparing to take the graduate school entrance exam, so she needs a quiet environment to study. Because of the filming, I couldn’t continue to work at the dessert store. I asked Qiqi to work in the dessert store instead of me, and Chuxue also agreed.” Anna explained.

“But how can you live with someone else? You can stay at my house.” Yulin leaned back in his chair and sighed. “What about me if you live with Qiqi?”

Yulin suddenly sat up straight with a serious expression. “Let me help you choose a house, okay? I guarantee that the location and the environment are good, and the rent is still the lowest.”

“You?” Anna was hesitant. “I’m worried that Qiqi and I will go bankrupt if we rent a house with your standards.”

“Don’t worry. The rent will not be higher than your ability to pay.” Yulin said. Then he took Anna’s phone and looked at the house photos on it. “The house I found is definitely a hundred times better than these.”

A few days later, Yulin did find a perfect house. It was only a ten-minute walk from the school. The rooms were also large and decorated in a unique style. There was a swimming pool and garden downstairs.

“It’s perfect!” said Qiqi excitedly.

Then she turned around and shook Anna’s hand. “Anna, this is my dreamy home. My dream has come true now.”

Anna also loved this place, but she was more concerned about how much the house rented.

“Then the rent of this house ……”

The broker smiled at Anna. “The rent is fifty thousand yuan a month, and the property fee is settled separately.”

Hearing the rent, Anna frowned slightly, and then looked at Yulin.

Yulin was aware of their situation. Anna knew that if this place was really that expensive, Yulin would not introduce it to them.

Yulin smiled slightly, as if he was waiting for Anna to beg him. But Anna didn’t do so. She and Yulin stared at each other.

Finally, it was the broker who spoke.

“Miss Xie, our general manager is very optimistic about your development prospects. If you can be the face of our company, you can have your rent and property fee waived.”


“Yes. If you agree, we can sign the contract right now.”

This news shocked Qiqi. “Anna, just say yes. It’s just a spokesperson. You can have a free house to live in just by shooting a commercial.”

“I ……”

“Please, it’s up to you whether I can accomplish my life goal ahead of schedule.” Qiqi looked at Anna expectantly.

This was indeed the best choice. Being a spokesperson was also paid by her strength, not relying on Yulin. Anna thought. Then she agreed.

“Wow, great, Anna, from now on we will have our own home.” Qiqi said happily.

“Since Miss Xie has agreed, I will now go back and draft the contract. You guys can just look around here first.” said the broker.

Qiqi then continued to walk around in each room。

She was pleasantly surprised to see the open terrace outside. “We can eat barbecue here.”

Xiana looked over and nodded. “It does make a good place for barbecue.”

“Haizi is good at that. We can let him be the chef.”

Hearing Qiqi’s words, Anna was just about to say something when she heard Yulin ordered, “No other men are allowed to enter this room except me.”

Seeing Anna and Qiqi both looking at him inexplicably, Yulin raised his eyebrows. “Did you guys not understand my words? Then I repeat. I don’t allow other men to enter this room, understand?”


“Because I’m the male master here.” Yulin said in a serious manner.

Qiqi was full of confusion. “But obviously we rent the house.”

“Just now I bought it. So that means I’m the owner of this place.”

Anna looked at Yulin, speechless.

“I’m just worried about your safety.” said Yulin. Then he took Anna’s hand and led her to the door of the room. “Anna, this room is for you. Do you like it?”

Looking at this room, Anna felt something strange.

Qiqi came over and looked inside. “Wow, this room is so big, and it’s also a double bed.”

Qiqi just said it casually but soon she realized something. She turned her head to look at Anna and Yulin, “You two are going to sleep in the same bed?”



They two answered at the same time, but with diametrically opposed answers.

“Yes or no?”

Then Anna winked at Yulin.

“It’s better to listen to Anna about this.” said Yulin hurriedly.

Looking at Yulin’s expression, Qiqi knew her guess was right.

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