Chapter 475 – 476: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 475: Nine-inch Soul Light

He made it!

Kris Chen ushered in a new era!

If his research content spread, the whole world would go crazy!

Because talent couldn’t decide one’s strength anymore in the future. As long as formations were branded on one’s body to expand the capacity of his acupuncture points, Kris was sure that the man would achieve primal spirit stage.

However, stages such as accumulated spirit stage and actualized spirit stage couldn’t be achieved easily by outside forces.

It required one to comprehend Taoist Strength, just like Kris comprehended sword intent.

It required chance and opportunity.

But Kris was also very excited that he seemed to have created an amazing thing!

“How about the tenth level? Any problem?”


Liangwan shook his head.

Kris decided to upgrade the Spirit Storage Formation, but this time he gave way to an intermediate-grade Spirit Storage Formation instead of using a high-grade formation.

If we compared the lower-grade Spirit Storage Formation to a common large battery, then the Intermediate-grade Spirit Storage Formation would be a lithium battery.

But Kris liked to describe it by numbers, just like the threshold he had made.

The spirit Qi stored in the intermediate-grade Spirit Storage Formation roughly amounted to one hundred superb spirit stones, which was equal to the power of about ten primal spirits!

Therefore, theoretically,Liangwan could fight against 10 primal spirits because he could use the spirit Qi in the Spirit Storage Formation when he consumed his power.

Moreover, the spirit Qi stored in the Spirit Storage Formation could be used to support the Vajra Array, so even if there was less spirit Qi in the battlefield to support the Vajra Array, Kris could maintain the array by endless superb spiritual stones!

He generously gave Liangwan 10,000 superb spiritual stones which could be used for a long time.

Kris was sure that no one could find out the secret once Liangwan was captured because the tactic pattern would dissolve into the flesh, and finally be branded in his blood.

It was concluded from long observation.

Kris also wondered whether Liangwan could have a child with a born tactic pattern.

He was looking forward to the answer.

“Stay here for two days to comprehend the changes in your body, adapt to the soaring power, until you could perfectly control the formation.”

“Yes, master!”

Liangwan nodded.

Kris was in a good mood because the success of the experiment on Liangwan meant that the formation could be branded on the human body as well.

Kris was looking forward to seeing the powerful formation branded on his Taoist weapon-like body.

But high-grade formation wasn’t enough to provide power to fight against an accumulated spirit. It required divine-level lower-grade formation to win an accumulated spirit at least.

He needed to study more formation diagrams.

Once succeeded, Kris could enhance his hard power again!

When Kris was thinking about the formations, an old man with a sage-like demeanor slowly approached from a short distance away on a patch of auspicious cloud.

“According to the decree of the grand elder, all reserve elders should go to the Samsara Palace now.”

As he was saying, dozens of golden lights flew out of his hands, one of which flew towards Kris. It was a token with the number fifty on it.

“Guard Liangwan carefully, I’ll be back soon!”

Then Kris used Golden Light Earth Escaping and arrived at the Samsara Palace under the instruction of the token.

Kris mastered Golden Light Earth Escaping well within a month. Now he could move a hundred miles in an instant.

The Samsara Palace was located on the Samsara Sword Mountain, which was 5,000 zhangs high, twice as high as the Everest on the Earth.

The space above 5,000 zhangs was covered with endless Sturdy Wind.

Only Practitioner above the accumulated spirit stage could enter the space. Other people would be scattered by the endless Sturdy Wind.

All accumulated spirits had arrived at the Samsara Palace when Kris arrived here.

No one welcomed Kris excepted Lord of Vipers and Lord of Sparks.

The rumor that he was a scum of the human race spread quickly like wildfire.

However, Kris didn’t care.

He chatted with Lord of Vipers and Lord of Sparks happily.

Even though the others hated Kris with all their souls, they didn’t dare to say anything for he had killed three accumulated spirits and scared one away.

They had to consider whether they had the power to provoke Kris or not.

“Kris, do you have an idea about the Wuji Sword Sect’s intention? Why did they leave us in cold for a month and suddenly call us now?”

Lord of Vipers asked.

Kris answered, “I’m afraid that there’s still a test, the old man who sent the message before called us reserve elders, which means that we’re not Internal Elders yet!”

“The Wuji Sword Sect had been established since hundreds of thousands of years ago, and it must have a unique set of discriminating methods to prevent people with ulterior motives from joining the Wuji Sword Sect and harming the sect’s interests!”


Lord of Sparks praised, “Every time I talk to you, your incisive explanations bring me to an entirely new world.”

Kris immediately thanked his praise.

Just at this time, a solemn and sacred voice said, “Silence!”

Then a hale and hearty elder with a sage-like demeanor flew forward on a patch of auspicious cloud, followed by two young attendants. To their surprise, these two attendants were in the Later period of primal spirit.

“Your Prime Elder!”

Everyone bowed.

Seeing clearly, Kris was astonished by the appearance of the Grand Elder.

He was the rich but stupid elder who gained sudden enlightenment from a barbecue!

Changxing Jian called him elder, so Kris just thought he was an ordinary elder of the Wuji Sword Sect. He had never thought that the old man would be Prime Elder.

The appearance of this old dandy just now was quite impressive.

Lingyuan swept the crowd with his eyes, and he found that one of them was gazing at him with a frivolous look.

Lingyuan threw a gaze and found that the little thing was Kris!

He swung his horsetail whisk, “I am Lingyuan, Prime Elder of the Wuji Sword Sect, and all 300 Accumulated Spirits of the inner circle are under my command!”

“First of all, please enter the Samsara Pool. The True Spirit of Samsara will examine your identity and test your loyalty and sincerity.”

When he finished, a whirlpool appeared above the Samsara Palace.

At this time, someone asked, “Will the True Spirit of Samsara pry into our memories?”

“Well, Prime Elder, if that’s true, no one will join the Wuji Sword Sect.”

Everyone had secrets, let alone Practitioners.

Some secrets were related to Taoist practice, and some were related to chance and opportunity. If the True Spirit of Samsara pried into their memories, all their secrets and experiences would be known.

“It won’t pry into your memories!”

Lingyuan said indifferently, “If you don’t trust me, you can leave right now. There will be someone to escort you all out.”

Hearing his words, the noise vanished at once.

At this moment, an Accumulated Spirit stepped forward, bowed to Lingyuan, and strode away silently!

Seeing the example, many people left in succession.

Lingyuan didn’t stop them, looking at the other 30 or so people, “Is there anyone else who wants to leave?”

No one left.

Those who had left were afraid of the True Spirit of Samsara or had evil intentions.

If their memories were pried into by the True Spirit of Samsara, they would die.

Lingyuan swept the crowd and finally fixed his eyes on Kris.

Kris blinked his eyes with a puzzled look.

Did Lingyuan want me to be the first one?

We just had had a meal together and it was only a deal. Why did Lingyuan ask me to be the lead tester?

Lingyuan kept smiling at Kris which made Kris go goose-pimply all over.

“OK. Fine. You win. I’ll go first!”

The biggest secret of Kris was that he’s from Earth. If the True Spirit of the Samsara didn’t pry into his memories, then Kris wouldn’t worry about the test. After all, sincerely speaking, he wanted to join the Wuji Sword Sect.

Kris stepped forward and leaped into the whirlpool.

The inner space of the whirlpool seemed to be mustard seed space and Kris could see a lot of stars that seemed to form a universe.

A few minutes passed, nothing had happened. Then a sudden force pushed him out.

Landing safely on the ground, the two demons came over, “Kris, are you all right?”

“I’m fine. There’s nothing inside.”

Kris waved his hand and said, “Go in!”

Lord of Vipers and Lord of Sparks looked at each other, then flew into the whirlpool one after the other.

Kris Chen glanced at Lingyuan as if to say, “Old chap, may I have some rewards for being the exemplary tester?”

However, Lingyuan pretended to see nothing and directly ignored him by glancing at the other side.

Wanted to kick down the ladder? Good job!

A few minutes later, the two monsters came out safely.

Seeing that the two monster races also passed the test, the other human accumulated spirits entered the whirlpool.

Two hours later, the identification was completed.

There were originally thirty-eight people, but now there were only thirty-five. As for the disappeared people, everyone had a tacit understanding.

“Good, now you’re one member of Wuji Sword Sect.”

Lingyuan smiled, and with a wave of his hand, thirty-five soul lights floated in front of the crowd, “Ignite the soul light. From now on, no matter where you are, it can keep a bit of true spirit for you!”

The soul light was the right thing that being said in the saying that a man died the way a light went out.

If a practitioner died, and even his soul vanished, the soul light could keep his last spirit to start samsara, and he might be able to awaken the true spirit after a thousand cycles of birth and suffering and death and rebirth.

Kris lighted it with a portion of the original spirit.

The lights had a different length. The light of Practitioner who was going through the Five Declines of Immortals was five inches long which seemed to be able to be extinguished easily by blowing!

The light of an accumulated spirit in his heyday was seven inches long, glowing radiantly.

Lord of Vipers and Lord of Sparks were both rare beasts whose lights achieved eight inches long which was one inch longer than others’.

People realized that the two demons hadn’t used their full strength during the fight.

Kris’ light was more impressive. It measured nine inches!

And its red light turned into blue flame, obviously surpassing the light of other lights.

The crowd was shocked.

That was impossible!

Wasn’t he an ordinary primal spirit practitioner? How could his spirit power be more powerful than an accumulated spirit practitioner?

Chapter 476: Tianjian Pavilion

Although this practitioner of the primal spirit was more powerful than the ordinary accumulated spirit.

The so-called soul was the combination of Primal spirit and Divine Spiritual Power.

Kris chen’s Nine-Inch Ssoul Light meant that his Divine Spiritual Power was even more powerful than those in accumulated spirit.

Even Lord of Vipers and Lord of Sparks were shocked.

No wonder Kris was able to kill a Practitioner in accumulated spirit. It turned out that he had a particular talent.

The two demons could only attribute all this to Kris talent.

They even suspected that Kris was the samsara of a legend.

Lingyuan put thirty-five soul lights into the samsara space.

Only here could the soul light be fixed and not extinguished, leaving a chance of survival for the dead disciples.

The top ten sword mountains in inner circle represented the top ten swordsmanship.

In other words, these top ten swordsmanship established the position of the three greatest sword masters of Wuji Sword Sect.

The samsara sword mountain mainly practiced was Samsara sword intent. In addition, there were Slaughter sword intent, Tai Ji sword intent, Wu Xing sword intent, Thunder sword intent, Annihilation sword intent, Killing sword intent, Space-time sword intent, Devouring sword intent, and Causality Sword intent!

The most powerful ones were the Cycle sword mountain, Slaughter sword mountain, Tai Ji sword mountain, Wu Xing sword mountain, and Thunder sword mountain.

The others were not weak, but difficult to practice! But once he succeeded, he would be the best swordsman in the sword cultivator.

Lingyuan had already arranged for three or four people in every sword mountain. But only Kris was still not arranged.

Kris was dumbfounded, ‘Did the old man deliberately do that?’

Many people looked at Kris with mockery. Lord of Vipers and Lord of Sparks didn’t know how to comfort him.

After everyone left, Kris walked up angrily. “Old man, why don’t you arrange a position for me?”

“What did you call me? “

Lingyuan widened his eyes, and Kris suddenly felt a chill on his back. “Brother, why do you arrange a position for me?”

“Why are you in such a hurry?” Lingyuan snorted, “You are just in Primal Spirit Field. How can you be the elder? You cannot be exception!”

“Who says I’m in primal spirit? I’m clearly in accumulated spirit!” Kris argued.

“Oh, really?” Squinting his eyes, Lingyuan said, “then let me see the Tao aura you cultivate!”

Kris was speechless.

Seeing that Kris didn’t refute, Lingyuan said, “We talk about it after you break through the accumulated spirit. You’d better enter our Tianjian Pavilion now.”

Tianjian Pavilion?

Kris frowned, “Which sword mountain it belongs to? And what kind of swordsmanship does it cultivate?”

“It doesn’t belong to any sword mountains. You can practice any swordsmanship you want!”


Lingyuan nodded, “Yes!”

“Then what position do I hold in Tianjian Pavilion?”

Lingyuan twirled his beard and said, “An ordinary disciple!”

“What? An ordinary disciple?” Kris immediately lost temper, “You are the boss of the pavilion, and I’m a disciple. I ranks as you junior. No, I don’t agree!”

“You can practice the ten great swordsmanship, and can obtain a massive amount of resources. You can practice in the small world of spiritual sword. If I practice there for one day, it will be equal to ten days in the outside world!”

Kris rubbed his chin. In this case, being a disciple would bring him a lot of benefits. “Is it better to be an elder or a disciple?”

“You are a smart man.”

“Okay, I’ll be a disciple. But I should to be the eldest brother. I can’t be lower than the elders!”

“Okay, I agree. But it’s not easy to be the eldest brother. If you want to be the eldest brother, you can fight by yourself. As long as you don’t kill, it’s all up to you!”

Kris suddenly became high spirited, but soon he added, “I’m foremost in the fight, As an elder, you should at least give me some benefits, right?”

“Benefits? What benefits?”

“Hmm, some superb spiritual stones, or if you have divine spiritual stones, it would be better! “

The emperor of the Lingyuan shook his head, “There is no those things but only a sword embryo.”

“You are too stingy!”

“Dislike? Well, I’ll keep it myself. Maybe I can cultivate a Sword Fetus! “

Sword Fetus? Kris’ eyes widened when he heard this!

“OK OK, I want, I want!”

As soon as he finished his words, a palm sized Sword Embryo appeared in Kris’ hand!

The Sword Embryo was the forerunner of the Sword Fetus.

Only an Sword Embryo can become an Sword Fetus.

However, it would also take a lot of money to cultivate a Sword Fetus.

If no one intervened, they would grow thousands of years.

“Brother, I haven’t nurtured a sword embryo, and I’m inexperienced…” Before he could finish his words, Lingyuan tapped his finger, and a ray of spiritual light entered Kris’ mind.

The knowledge about how to cultivate the sword embryo instantly appeared in Kris mind.

Damn it! It turned out that it was so troublesome to cultivate the sword embryo. It needed spiritual stone with gold attribute and the magic weapons.

Moreover, the success rate of cultivating a sword embryo was only half, which meant there was a half chance of failure!

“Brother, this is too tricky. How about you give me some resources first and I cultivate for a period of time?”

Lingyuan was amused by his shameless face. He took out a storage bag, “There are one thousand golden crystals in it. The effect is better than the metallic spiritual stone!”

Kris immediately beamed with pleasure. ,”Thank you, brother!”

“Come with me!” Lingyuan covered Kris with a magic sleeve. The next second, he left the samsara Palace and came to Tianjian Pavilion!

In the square of Tianjian Pavilion, thousands of disciples were listening to the vice sect supremo’s preaching, and they were all fascinated by it!

Just then, a black shadow suddenly fell from the sky.

“Ah… Old man, damn you!” Kris fell down from the air.

His words interrupted the vice sect supremo’s lecture, attracting the glare of thousands of disciples.

Kris stood up from the ground and held his waist. “What are you looking at? Haven’t you seen a handsome man?”

After saying that, everyone was even more angry.

At this time, a voice came from the sky, “This guy is rude. He said you are all rubbish!” It was the voice of the sect supremo!

This brat said we were all rubbish!

“Guys, kill him!” Several thousand people rushed up and surrounded Kris.

Seeing this, the vice sect supremo on the high platform left directly, “Is this the guy you mentioned? He looks good. But brother, don’t you think it’s a good idea to put this boy into Tianjian Pavilion? Wuji sword Sect has lived a peaceful life for tens of thousands of years. The disciples are living a comfortable life. Do they have the ability to kill people?”

“This guy is strong and he doesn’t join any force, and he has a good impression of Wuji sword sect.” Lingyuan said, “He experienced countless special situations.”

The vice sect supremo didn’t say a word. After thinking for a moment, he cupped his hands and said, “My senior, you are wise!”

On the top of the clouds, the two of them didn’t make a move. They quietly watched Kris fight against the disciples of Tianjian Pavilion.

The disciples of Tianjian Pavilion were strong. They were all in Primal Spirit Stage.

Kris raised his head and looked up at the sky, “Old man, I’m the eldest brother definitely!”

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