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Chapter 475: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 475 What Are You Guys Doing Here?

Qiqi let out a sigh. “I thought that by moving out, I wouldn’t have to be the third wheel. I don’t expect that I still was.”

Anna was a little uncomfortable. She took Qiqi’s hand. “All right, let’s go back to the dorm and pack our bags.”

Anna had a feeling that she had entered Yulin’s trap. Yulin had previously promised her not to live with her. But now this was not much different from living together.


Yulin originally thought that two girls would not have a lot of luggage. But when he saw Anna and Qiqi’s stuff, his eyes widened.

He took a car to help them move, but it still couldn’t hold all their stuff. He had to call for a van. Then they went to the apartment together in the van.

Actually, this was the first time Yulin took a van. He felt it very interesting. Of course it was also the first time he helped someone move. He didn’t think that helping people move was that tiring. He regretted that he should have hired someone to help them move. Now he had to pretend to be relaxed on the surface.

Anna was certainly happy that someone was willing to help her move. She just needed to stand by and direct Yulin to move things. When she was tired, she sat down and drank tea. However, Qiqi was uneasy. She whispered in Anna’s ear and asked, “Is it really nice to make him do this?”

“It’s not that I want to make him do it, but he asked to help me move.”

“Anna, you are so lucky to have such a perfect boyfriend.”

Anna laughed.

Even now, Anna would still have a sense of unreality. She didn’t expect that she would get together with Yulin,

In fact, with such a boyfriend Anna could take a shortcut to fame. But she was very averse to do so. She thought she would not be able to hold her head up in front of him if she depended on her boyfriend. She would rather suffer herself than to be looked down upon by Yulin.

She put down the tea and walked to Yulin. “Take a rest, I’ll do it.”

“It’s a piece of cake for me.”

“But you don’t know where to place the stuff. Even if you put them away for me, I still have to sort them out myself.”

Yulin felt that she had a point, so he walked to the side, sat down and rested.

After getting the room almost cleaned up, Anna and Qiqi went back to school and prepared to go to class.

Yulin thought Anna would cook for him to show her gratitude to him. But Anna didn’t mention it, which made Yulin a little unhappy.

The next afternoon there was no class, and Anna had no schedule for the afternoon. She and Qiqi were ready to enjoy a leisurely afternoon.

Just as they were discussing how to spend the afternoon, there was a knock at the door.

Qiqi wore her slippers and answered the door. Seeing the person outside the door, Qiqi was surprised.

“Won’t you let me come in?” Chuxue Ye smiled at Qiqi and said.

“Oh, yeah, come in please.”

Hearing Chuxue’s voice, Anna walked over. Chuxue and Zhao Nangong, Yiyao Duan and Jingyan Ye were standing outside the door.

“Hearing that you moved to a new place, we brought something for the hot pot. Ah, we also brought you gifts.” Chuxue shook the bag in her hand.

Then they walked into the room

“Actually, it’s that they are just too bored recently, so they found an excuse to come to your place.” Jingyan Ye said.

However, Anna didn’t pay attention to what they said. She looked out the door again. “Why didn’t Yulin come?”

“Anna, why are you always standing outside the door? Come in.” Qiqi said.

After pouring tea for them, Anna sat next to them. Listening to Qiqi happily chatting with them, she was a little distracted.

“Their friends all come, why didn’t he come here?” Anna thought.

Chuxue was talking happily. When she saw Anna staring at the tea cup, she reached out and shook her hand in front of her. “Anna, what’s wrong?”

“Oh, nothing.” said Anna.

“Why are you gawking?”

“Do I? Maybe I’m a little nervous about shooting a scene tomorrow.”

“You’ve been acting for so long. You’ll do fine. I brought a lot of food. Let’s cook a hot pot together.”

At the mention of food, Qiqi was excited. “Oh, yes, yes, we can cook a hotpot outside on the balcony. Anna and I were talking about having barbecue over there last time.”

Then Qiqi thought of what Yulin had said. “But Mr. Xiao said that no other men are allowed to enter this apartment except him.”

Chuxue laughed out loud. “This is what Yulin said? I’m going to use this to laugh at him for a year.”

After a moment of hesitation, Anna asked, “Is he up to something today? I haven’t heard from him all day.”

“Well, Yulin is angry with you.”

Hearing this, Anna was puzzled. “But I didn’t do anything to make him mad.”

“You must have pissed him off, you just don’t know it. I know he is angry, that’s why we came to your house. We want to see how long Yulin could hold back until he shows up.”

“As long as I send him a picture of us eating together, he will definitely show up in less than ten minutes.” Zhao Nangong said.

“In five minutes. I guess.”

“Then let’s make a bet. The one who loses the game will wash the dishes later.”

“Fine, that’s good.”

Just before Anna could react, several people over there had already started betting on the bet.

“If Yulin knew this, he would be mad.” thought Anna.

After a while, there was a knock at the door again. This time, it was Yulin who stood outside the door.

He looked at the crowd inside coldly. “What are you guys doing here?”

“We’re eating. Can’t you see?” Chuxue said

“There are so many places to eat outside, why did you guys come here?”

“We know that Anna and Qiqi moved to a new home, so we came here to cook a hot pot. Is there something wrong with that?”

“When did you guys get so close?” asked Yulin.

Chuxue pointed to Anna and Qiqi behind her and said, “These two, one is my former employee and one is my current employee. It’s normal for me to maintain a relationship with them.”

“I guess you just get way too much free time.” Yulin sneered.

“So what?” Chuxue snorted.

Yulin frowned and walked towards Chuxue, then whispered in her ear, “Didn’t we agree that you would help me speak in front of Anna? Now what are you doing?”

“I changed my mind. It’s not fun to help you.”

Yulin was angry. “Chuxue, you’re just …….”

Chuxue pretended not to see that Yulin lost his temper, and still deliberately said, “We’re about to have dinner. Do you want to join us, or leave right away?”

“Chuxue, be nice.” said Zhao, when he saw that Yulin was furious.

“Let’s move the table to the balcony.” Zhao advised.

Chuxue made a face at Yulin and then turned around to walk next to Anna.

Seeing Chuxue and Yulin talking for half a long time, Anna was curious. “Chuxue, what were you talking about with Yulin just now?”

“About you.” said Chuxue.


“Yes, I found out that as long as it has to do with you, Yulin will lose his mind.”

Hearing this, Anna could only laugh bitterly.

After a while, the hot pot was ready, and the crowd sat at the table

Where there was Chuxue, there would be laughter.

Yulin sat across from Anna, watching her laugh so happily, but he was not happy.

“She hasn’t said a word to me since I walked in. Couldn’t she know that I was angry?” he thought. Then he drank one glass after another. By the time the crowd noticed it, he had already drunk a bottle of red wine.

Finding that the bottle of red wine she brought was finished by him, Chuxue shouted. “Hey, you don’t waste my wine.”

Yulin burped. “Don’t you take wine to drink?”

“Do you call that drink? You’re wasting my wine. Besides, what will we drink when you’ve drunk all the wine?”

“Well, just buy another bottle. It’s not a big deal.” said Yulin. “Eat your food, shut your mouth.”

Chuxue wanted to say something else, but she changed her mind when she saw Anna’s slightly worried look. She smiled and walked over to Anna. “Anna, let’s cheers, to your new home.”

Anna clinked her glass against Chuxue’s. “As long as you like it here, welcome you to come here anytime.”

“Really? I like this place a lot, honest. I want to come here often.”

“I’m glad you like it here.”

“You are very hospitable, unlike some guy.” said Chuxue, and then she sighed, “He is uninvited and is still angry now.”

Obviously, Chuxue was alluding to Yulin as the one who came uninvited.

Yulin then wondered why Chuxue was targeting him today although he hadn’t messed with her recently.

He was ready to talk to her. When he ran towards her, he was dragged aside by Zhao Nangong.

“Zhao, what’s wrong with your girlfriend? If she messes with me again, I’ll ……” Yulin said to Zhao.

“Chuxue just loves to joke around, don’t get mad at her. But today you are really not gentlemanly.” Zhao interrupted.

“What’s wrong with me?”

“Why are you angry with Anna? She didn’t do something wrong.”

“I’m not mad at her. It’s just that she ignored me recently, so I just get a little angry.” said Yulin. “And you guys should leave quickly after dinner, don’t disturb me and Anna alone.”

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